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  1. Same thing happend to me. The update with the new Operation Oracle happend when i was a couple missions into the game, but I'm not sure if i do have to uninstall the patch or play through the whole game again with it
  2. After the latest patch on BO4 I have been doing some of the Main Quest runs and what happens to me on IX is when you are getting the Gladiator to throw his axe on the piece of wood, the charcoal wont drop at all and I've been trying for about 5 minutes to get the gladiator to hit the piece of wood from every angle. I made sure I did every steps and even double checked to see if I didn't miss anything. I tried 3 times and still nothing. I checked comments on a YouTube video and I see other people who can't get it to work either.
  3. For real? Bloody hell this is the last time I buy a Treyarch game. I'm actually impressed they managed to fix 1 out of the 2 trophies (MP 101)
  4. It might take several days before Treyarch will fix it or even several months but I have a strong feeling they will fix it eventually like they did with MP 101 and the errors occurring in the game. Even though players have tried everything to get this trophy leading to no solutions so there ain't anything we can do atm. What i am unsure about are if the players who already prestiged 25 weapons will get the trophy pop when loading the game or they have to redo the grind.
  5. Did you get it from supply drop or supply crate?
  6. I tried replaying 3 different tutorials and yet the trophy didnt pop for me I dont know why?
  7. Hey guys! I just want to show you how you can beat the boss fight since i have been experienced it to be the toughest and the most frustrating boss fight in this game and so many has failed it and not many had done it. So if this strategy work or doesn't work please leave a comment and if there has been any updates that might have patched or changed the layout please let everyone know so first of all I'm gonna start With the setup. First of all Easter eggs CAN NOT be done on Casual Difficulty. Only Normal and above. Recommended Players: 3 (2 also work fine) Special Weapon: Scepter of Ra (This weapon can revive downed teammates by shooting on them without losing their perks and also slows the Blightfathers down) Perks: Stamin Up, Dying Wish, Quick Revive and Timeslip (Modifier) Elixirs: Undead Man Walking, Nowhere But Here, (What you input as Your 2 last isn't necessary but Join The Party and Kill Joy will be a good Choice) No Talismans Needed Loadout: Player 1: Kraken (Fire Upgrade) and Hades + Homonculus Player 2 Kraken (Fire Upgrade) and Hades + Homonculus Player 3 Kraken (Fire Upgrade) and Hellion Salvo (Very useful against the eye boss) Alright so now that I've been through the setup then It's time for the boss fight: Make sure that you have full ammo Stock and Your special weapon and Your Shield is ready. First Phase: Very Simple, just kill all zombies and blightfathers With the Kraken and run clockwise around the deck. (Dont forget to throw homonculus as they will be very handy) Pick up the Carpenter and Max Ammo after you get the white vision in each phase. Second Phase: This is where it starts to get more hectic as Your Whole team will get teleported to the Engine room and what You gonna do is run up to the corner upstairs at the top left once you spawn in. Each player cover each side where they spawn in and make sure to Call out when a blightfathers is incoming. Third Phase: This takes Place in the State Rooms and this is where you're starting to shoot the eye boss and this section is very tricky cause of the small corridors. Your team need to run to the room thats right by the Max Ammo and Carpenter and afterwards the Eye will begin to shoot his beam on each side and when the Eye does that you have to damage him by peeking out the room (Hellion Salvo will save the day here) While the player With the rocket launcher is shooting the Eye, the other players has to protect him when he shoots against the beam. Make sure to use Your Homonculus wisely. Fourth Phase: This takes Place on the Promenade Starboard Deck and my strategy here was to let the player With the Hellion Salvo shoot the eye boss as it will only take 2-3 shoots for the eye to teleport. This phase should og very quick as long as the other players protect the one With the Hellion Salvo. Fifth and Last Phase: Alright so have now come to the last and the most difficult phase as the majority has failed this part so thats why i wanna cover this at most. At this point you gotta do enough damage to the eye boss until the eye will begin to cry. Once the eye starts crying ALL players have to damage the eye in a short time and if it isn't done quick enough then it will end Your game. Make sure that each player will use their Undead Man Walking because there are 3 wipes that the boss will perform and make sure that one player is using their Homonculus right before it starts. This is why Dying Wish is super important in this boss fight. Make sure the player With Hellion Salvo spam their shots in a safe position. If this worked for you guys then please let me know and this is my very first EE Boss strategy guide I make a forum about.
  8. Alright, so what i've been experiencing through the last couple of days attempting these easter eggs on IX/Voyage Of Despair is that the game either crashes With a blue screen included and also that the game kicks me straight back into the menu. I just wanna give a fair warning to everyone that is going for the Easter Eggs that this can happend whenever you are doing easter eggs and I'm sure that too many has been experiencing this and I pray for Treyarch to fix this. It happend once going for IX and twice (today) on Voyage of Despair. Please leave a comment Down below and share Your thoughts about this. Thanks.
  9. Is the EE doable on Casual?