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  1. #82 | 36 Fragments of Midnight (VITA/EU Stack) Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 3/10 Estimated time to plat: 0,5 - 1 hour Platinum Midnight Become a master collector. After a lot of thinkin' I've pushed myself into buying a PS Vita. You can consider this post as a test plat for this gaming console..πŸ˜… Because this game is a piece of junk. Very poor port for VITA version. Not really a lot to talk about here. I've completed it on PS4 before, so I knew from the start what have I just done. But after previous Very hard platinums I've decided to step on a break. Well, not really 😝 I'm now tryin' to focus on beating KZ: Shadow Fall on Elite Difficulty...
  2. #81 | Claire Difficulty: 3/10 (w/o guide 5/10) Enjoyment: 6/10 Estimated time to plat: 2-4 hours Completionist Acquire all trophies. First of all I want to talk about glitches.. This game have a LOT of them. But... I was able to bite through it and enjoyed the horror atmosphere. On the one hand this game is hella glitchy but on the other hand - Game has a lot to offer. Narrative was decent not something new but I personally like multiple endings type of games. Gameplay was boring but.. It's an indie.. so I was not expecting a miracle for 4.99€/3.99Β£. Normally you will be able to finish game just under 2 hours.. But I decided to enjoy the storyline. So it took me about 4 hours to finish.😁 Also I've updated my 2019 Trophy Goals πŸ† (check signature spoiler)
  3. Thanks for the follow :) !

  4. #80 & 100% | Horizon Zero Dawn Difficulty (100%): 4.5/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Estimated time to 100%: 55-60 hours All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. Yet another masterpiece πŸ‘ & Yet another crush! πŸ’– - Pure Gold! - In my collection. This game have had me for the whole time, I did every single quest & errand that this game has to offer, started on Easy to enjoy it. And I must say, I'm glad that I decided to plat this game as the last one before reaching my last 2018 goal (check my signature)! There was only one tiny thing that really pissed me off - Route markers! - Oh god those were awful. But I got used to it after some time. Frozen Wilds DLC was very good and I really liked that when I completed DLC - Aratak stand beside me in the final battle! New Game + on Ultra Hard was not as bad as I expected it to be. I was able to finish it just under 5 hour, while speedrunnin' and skipping dialogues. I will definitively play this game atleast one more time after some time. 10/10 - FULLY RECOMMENDING! πŸ‘ Also I really hate my platinum screenshot! This game deserves better one!
  5. #79 | 2064: Read Only Memories Difficulty: 4/10 (w/ Guide) Enjoyment: 7/10 Estimated time to Plat: 12+ hours (with skips) Plasteel and Silica Unlock all other trophies. Overall very decent, Point-and-click & Adventure type game, don't get fooled by trophy difficulty poll on playstationtrophies, this game is much more harder and skill dependant than u think. The reasons are: 1. Threat Neutralized which is insanely luck and skill based trophy, u can spend over 2 hours just tryin' to get that one. 2nd. Minor bugs that can ruin your Iron ROM run. Game never crashed so I was a little bit surprised. But about story - Very cool and not so boring as I predicted on the start. If u follow guide u are safe, without guide this is I would say 5-6/10 difficulty. Be very careful if you try to go for this one! ✌️ Next & πŸ’―% β†’ Horizon Zero Dawn
  6. ...It (PSN: 0.1% | PSNProfiles: 2.24%) Earn three stars on all Survival stages on the Crushing setting. (...It was PAIN!)
  7. #78 | Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Estimated time to Plat: 40 hours BFA Unlock Everything. First of all, this game is so freakin' awesome, one of the best RPGs I have ever played, but man.... That remaster failed me, so many bugs, constant game crashes, just after a while I've found what caused those crashes (Damage Indicator have to be off to avoid errors). Back to the game - Nephilim | Death a.k.a. Kinslayer, for me the best protagonist in Darksiders series. I mean I enjoyed the first game back on PC more than this game, but If I have to compare War vs. Death - it would be clear choice for me. Boss fights were hella challenging on Deathinitive difficulty but when you learn the patterns It's manageable. Collectibles were pain in the ass as always . Story was very good and funny at the same time, mainly at the end. THQ knows how to do a good RPG but as I said: "Do not remaster games If you don't plan on fixing common bugs, errors from the original one!" After all I can recommend it but I also recommend to start on easier difficulty 'cause when you start as me on Deathinitive and you haven't played it before. U will be screwed. Several times! Great game! Rage included!
  8. #77 | Ratchet & Clank (PS4) Difficulty: 3.5/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Estimated time to Plat: 20-25 hours The Hero of Heroes Collect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank. For me the, the best Ratchet & Clank in entire franchise, played it back in 2004 when I was a kid. Very nostalgic and very well done remake of first game. I enjoyed every single second of this game and If someone says to me that this game is for a little kids, I have to tell you. U'RE WRONG!!! Trophies are decent except for those hoverboard ones, I find a pretty hard time doing Faster than a Speeding Amoeboid. Oh, and one more thing (SPOILER ALERT!)
  9. #76 | Burly Men at Sea Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Estimated time to Plat: 2 hours Ye've Done It β€œThis day, you reach the end of a story,” she continues, β€œand the last of its paths.” Very decent and unique indie game from my perspective I enjoyed it. Endings were a nice bonus to all of the atmosphere after a long time, I've enjoyed 2D genre game. Very surprised, and It's free this month, so I don't see why not to go for it. Easy plat. Very nice. πŸ‘Œ
  10. #75 & 100% | Far Cry 5 Difficulty: 3/10 (DLCs 5/10) Enjoyment: 8/10 Estimated time to 100%: 40-50 hours We Always Had Faith In You Obtain all the trophies. Honestly, this wasn't that bad at all. After Primal finally some decent FC, still not catchin' up to FC3, but still, DLCs were decent, main game was dope except for that Admiral fishing I almost broke my controller thanks to that f*cker one thing I don't get why they added trophy where u need almost 5k zombie kills. πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ Ubi finally a decent FC. Oh, and one more thing... F*CK OFF NG+ u can't stop me! And don't forget, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU!
  11. Sergen in these days I and many other people that want to be careful use VPN, I use it pretty much on everything I do if it's console or PC. But I don't understand why am I not showin' up on those leaderboards. I knew about that in-game option, but I didn't wanted to risk of getting banned.
  12. Yes, indeed.
  13. I didn't boosted with anyone, I am mainly a solo-type person, I was playing on Japanese servers and I was using VPN for that 'cuz I heard that those servers are much more easier to boost, I was wondering too why I won't show up on any leaderboards, but as long as trophies were poppin' I did not gave a damn about it, before I decided to plat all KZ I heard about bugs in KZ2 multiplayer. And after all. I would not be able to find any pleasure nor proud in trophy hunting If I was, as you're saying "editing" my own trophy list.
  14. SaVerr2609 WipEout HD the guy who flagged me claims, that you are unable to finish from zone 50 to 75 with my time 7 mins 3 seconds, but that's not true, just for an example this guy: managed to do it in 4 mins 21 seconds... and also i used airbrakers after reaching 55th I paused the game cuz I remember my hands were sweaty AF... This accusation is pointless..
  15. #73 | Lords of The Fallen Difficulty: 6.5/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 (due to minor glitches and BUGS!) Estimated time to (100%): 35-40 hours Lords and Judges Unlock all trophies. OH MY LORD! This game must be one of the most buggiest I've ever finished. I have had few times when i rage quited because in this game mobs are more powerful than bosses, mainly those little golems (a.k.a. fast as f*ck bois) & spellcasters... Overall decent game with a very good story, but those 3 playthroughs nearly drove me insane. The most annoying BUG was a game breaking bug on NG++ that happend (luckily) at the start of the game, during the first Boss called First Warden so I've must started all over again on NG without all my gear & weapons. Be cautious! MAJOR BUG ON NG++ (my video) Also very good OST... yet again