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  1. Sergen in these days I and many other people that want to be careful use VPN, I use it pretty much on everything I do if it's console or PC. But I don't understand why am I not showin' up on those leaderboards. I knew about that in-game option, but I didn't wanted to risk of getting banned.
  2. Yes, indeed.
  3. I didn't boosted with anyone, I am mainly a solo-type person, I was playing on Japanese servers and I was using VPN for that 'cuz I heard that those servers are much more easier to boost, I was wondering too why I won't show up on any leaderboards, but as long as trophies were poppin' I did not gave a damn about it, before I decided to plat all KZ I heard about bugs in KZ2 multiplayer. And after all. I would not be able to find any pleasure nor proud in trophy hunting If I was, as you're saying "editing" my own trophy list.
  4. SaVerr2609 WipEout HD the guy who flagged me claims, that you are unable to finish from zone 50 to 75 with my time 7 mins 3 seconds, but that's not true, just for an example this guy: managed to do it in 4 mins 21 seconds... and also i used airbrakers after reaching 55th I paused the game cuz I remember my hands were sweaty AF... This accusation is pointless..
  5. #73 | Lords of The Fallen Difficulty: 6.5/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 (due to minor glitches and BUGS!) Estimated time to (100%): 35-40 hours Lords and Judges Unlock all trophies. OH MY LORD! This game must be one of the most buggiest I've ever finished. I have had few times when i rage quited because in this game mobs are more powerful than bosses, mainly those little golems (a.k.a. fast as f*ck bois) & spellcasters... Overall decent game with a very good story, but those 3 playthroughs nearly drove me insane. The most annoying BUG was a game breaking bug on NG++ that happend (luckily) at the start of the game, during the first Boss called First Warden so I've must started all over again on NG without all my gear & weapons. Be cautious! MAJOR BUG ON NG++ (my video) Also very good OST... yet again
  6. Already tried. No luck.
  7. Any suggestions? I really don't want to start a new game... I'm literally missing 4 trophies one of them is for collecting 12 special weapons and i miss only 2... f*ck.
  8. #72 | Wolfenstein: The New Order Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Estimated time to platinum: 20-25+ hours Wolfenstein Master Collect all trophies. Very good comeback after all these years, last time (if I remember correctly) I played back in 2005 Wolfenstein 3D. One of my first game I have finished and be back in the skin of a famous Captian Blazkowicz is a honor. But overall, good game with a nice and smooth story (Those sex scenes though! ) with decent mechanics & gameplay. 8/10 I do not know but I got this feelin' that no soundtrack could possibly tear me apart from inside&out. But this one was "Il Magnific!"
  9. #70 | Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered Difficulty: 3.5/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Estimated time to platinum: 25-30 hours Platinum Trophy I've becomed a MASTER ASSASSIN! All AC Games completed on 100% so far!!! This one was honestly one of my favourite 'cuz of the whole point of view from different side of a thing... Templars had a valid point in this game and overall I'm not disappointed. Good one! Fully recommendin'. Shay was a bad-ass though. WHEN SOMEONE SAYS ASSASSIN'S CREED... EVERYONE MUST HAVE THIS MELODY IN THEIR HEADS
  10. #69 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 1 000 000/10 Estimated time to platinum: 150+ hours Legend I've becomed a real Big Boss... Honestly I can't fully express my feelings about this game... I'm literally in love with it (& with Quiet ofc) and 💔 at the same time. I've enjoyed every single minute of the game and I still can't believe that is over already... Definitely one of my Top 5 games I've ever played. Much respect to Hideo. Already pre-ordered Death Stranding... E: When I first heard this song I cried... 😭
  11. Outlast 2 3rd. playthrough w/ all recordings & under 4 hours. Prophet Finish the game without hiding in a barrel or closet. Asahel Finish the game under 4 hours. The Apostle Paul Complete all recordings.
  12. SaVerr2609 Killzone 2 I don't even know what CFW means. Not to mention that I'm fully legit player, I don't need to cheat/modify my trophies, I'm playing games for joy, not for respect I'm using this site only cuz of a great community, well I've been wrong, again. And you can't see my stats cuz of my policy that I've set through my Account Privacy settings. I don't understand how can people such a lowkeys, you can't earn the platinum, so you're pissed on other people. Hope your life gets better. Im asking for removing this flag. Peace.
  13. Outlast 2 Preacher Finish the game in Nightmare mode. Since now is the time for real fun. Have to exercise every single, chapter to be able to platinum this game. This is gonna be a helluva ride! Sanctified Finish the game in Hard Mode. Ordination Collect all documents. The Road to Damascus Complete 30 recordings. I'm not sure why but I collected all 105 collectibles, but trophy The Apostle Paul did not unlocked. [GLITCHED ON VER. 1.04] Them That Hath Ears Use the microphone for 20 minutes. Proper Penance Crawl for 500 meters. Thoroughly Baptized Spend 10 minutes underwater.
  14. WipEout® HD Transcendence Earn all the trophies in the game (excluding additional content trophies). Thanks to God I earned this. Gameplay/framerate was surprisingly fine. Those controls are different story. Beat Zico (You bet your ass I do - ugly MF) Equal or beat the lap time of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap, Venom using the Piranha. Arcade Perfect Finish 1st on all 16 Wipeout HD tracks in Phantom class Racebox races on Elite difficulty. You can check your 'Arcade Perfect' progress in the Statistics screen. Elite Campaign Legend Obtain a gold medal for every cell in the original Wipeout HD Race Campaign on Elite difficulty. WipEout® Disciple Obtain 100,000 loyalty points for any team. Bling Brigade Finish an eight player online race with all players using ships that are displaying Campaign Skins.