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  1. really likes darksiders... with reason of course
  2. #126- Yakuza 0 It took me a month and 3 weeks, but it was well worth, completely fell in love with this series. I'll be going for Yakuza Kiwami next.
  3. #125- MediEvil Such a nostalgic game. really loved re-playing this awesome game!!
  4. #123-Wizards Tourney Quick and easy platinum. Free on PLUS for Portugal and Spain.
  5. #122- Divinity: Original Sin 2 didn't enjoy it as much as the first one. Love the 4.20% rarity though.
  6. #121- Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition Quite proud of this one. Now to the second one.
  7. #120- Sniper Elite 4
  8. #119- Batman Arkham City