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  1. Sometimes it crashes, not in a really annoying way unless you dont save your game.
  2. Just recently one of the developers have confirmed they're working on a new update on the game. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198275174657/posthistory/
  3. IT'S BACK!
  4. Ah I see, this trophy is frustrating and all. Thank you for your time to reply and help on this trophy.
  5. I've watched a playthrough of this on Youtube back then, Looks great and I'm glad it's coming to the PS4. Hopefully it will have some difficult trophies and quite curious what the price is going to be.😁
  6. So apparently I followed a guide on Youtube in order to get this trophy, I followed exactly what was shown in the video step by step. I ate all different types of foods (Fruits/Vegetables, Rotten, Cooked/Uncooked, Drinks,etc). I did this 3 times in a row recently and I haven't got the trophy as yet. Is it glitched? Anyone else has experienced this problem before?
  7. I haven't use that since 2009, last game was Battlefield Bad Company 2.
  8. Last time I played Terrorist Hunt it actually unlocked for me, doesn't have to be done in Casual/Ranked.
  9. You can simply make an boosting/cooperative session in 'Gaming Sessions'. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions Top right corner and you'll see 'Create Session'
  10. There's no way you can delete trophies, the only option is to hide them
  11. Depending on people who are anticipated for a game to come out in the nearer future (Example - Red Dead Redemption 2, like I am). there's different types of people.
  12. Yes, if a new game came out and it has mulitplayer trophies.... you can definitely earn it without creating a session at a certain time to get a group of people to cooperate. 😉
  13. Battlefield 4 (PS4, not the DLC'S), I spent great amount of hours into multiplayer on this game and currently over level 100 because on how fun it was. Dying Light was definitely obtainable just by joining random lobbies, great gameplay, story could've been better, graphics is great, co-op was fun. Far Cry 4 was way too easy to achieve a few years ago. Rainbow Six Siege is easy but I never plat it as yet because of how grindy a few trophies are 😩. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS3) reach level 50 even though the multiplayer is dead due to how impossible is to get the platinum solo 8 years later after the game came out. Could imagine the other AC games as well on the PS3 platform. EDIT: this game is worst for me to boost with other people.
  14. I am not really familiar with the controllers hardware and what to do/how to fix it, but I suggest you should get a friend who is good at fixing electronic devices and have him take a look at it. But since I am frustrated on having worn out controllers that I could barely play with, I am saving my money to buy a Xim Apex adapter for my PS4 which allows me to play Mouse & Keyboard on PS4.