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  1. Guide of the Year - Devil May Cry 5 Did this on an Alt account and due to being my first go at a DMC game I was exceptionally lost but this guide was thoughtful and extremely useful and because of it I'll be going back to play the older titles in the near future Walkthrough- Persona 5 For how massive this game is and the foresight it takes to build such a detailed breakdown is note worthy Original Content - Hollow Knight Tons of helpful tips and tricks maps builds and everything in between
  2. Copanele your game is BioShock Infinite PS3 this may be a blessing or a curse best of luck to you.
  3. Yup nothing has worked for me unfortunately And suggestions not yet posed
  4. Hahahahahahaha
  5. Play it safe for sure
  6. I had the same issue so reloaded the save right before I discovered the last location and the trophy popped. Hope it helps
  7. I can verify that this does work.
  8. Add me if you want to knock this out Badwolf760
  9. Can the multiplayer be boosted
  10. . I went on a 30 kill streak once end with a 43 K/E streak and i tend to suck at multiplayer. Sometimes you just get lucky.