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  1. Really like what you do. Keep up the quality work. I'd consider doing this in conjunction with a YouTube presence
  2. I just unlocked all the base game buildings including the Eiffel Tower. No luck what building are now required for the plat or which are not that list may be shorter.
  3. Guide of the Year - Devil May Cry 5 Did this on an Alt account and due to being my first go at a DMC game I was exceptionally lost but this guide was thoughtful and extremely useful and because of it I'll be going back to play the older titles in the near future Walkthrough- Persona 5 For how massive this game is and the foresight it takes to build such a detailed breakdown is note worthy Original Content - Hollow Knight Tons of helpful tips and tricks maps builds and everything in between
  4. Copanele your game is BioShock Infinite PS3 this may be a blessing or a curse best of luck to you.
  5. Yup nothing has worked for me unfortunately And suggestions not yet posed
  6. Hahahahahahaha
  7. Play it safe for sure
  8. I had the same issue so reloaded the save right before I discovered the last location and the trophy popped. Hope it helps
  9. I can verify that this does work.
  10. Add me if you want to knock this out Badwolf760
  11. Can the multiplayer be boosted
  12. . I went on a 30 kill streak once end with a 43 K/E streak and i tend to suck at multiplayer. Sometimes you just get lucky.