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  1. I need only 9 cards. Any help would be appreciated! SHL Lulea Hockey Liiga Jyvaskyla JYP Kuopio KalPa Lahti Pelicans Extraliga ledniho hokeje HC Energie Karlovy Vary HC Kometa Brno Mountfield HK HC Skoda Plzen National League Rapperswil-Jona Lakers
  2. X-2 is one of my favorite FF games...
  3. my cutoff for a game is minimum of 80%... I play alot of sports games that are harder games to plat than most of the trophy hunters here have done though....
  4. This mode stinks and basically forces you to spend $ on TP or grind hard.
  5. Penance without using Yojimbo in Final Fantasy X.
  6. This was me randomly getting it...
  7. I'd love it if PSN Profiles made all stacking irrelevant on their site. I haven't stacked a single game personally and have done my best to completely avoid doing so. The fact that people have more plats from shovelware and from stacking 1 game 10 times than I do total is laughable. They put no effort in and reap the rewards for it.
  8. Prince of Persia Sands of Time.... as well as The Forgotten Sands. Probably easy games to Plat but just haven't gotten into the series at all.
  9. I'd like to nominate every Final Fantasy game ever. Love the games but there's countless hours of post story grind in every single game.
  10. I'd suggest the borderlands series but in my own personal opinion if you don't have four people its not as fun
  11. Just start a hot slot machine and stick your controller holding x somewhere and watch tv and in an hour or so you'll have it without playing.
  12. Yea like I had said in the post before yours I only said PS4 controller because I know the xmb works with it and the converter I use.
  13. better off buying a converter and using your ps4 controller with your ps3 tbh.
  14. good to know thank you. Sounds dumb but thinking I had to have duplicate trophies for the same game bothered me abit. Happy to know I can avoid it
  15. Just to confirm I can plat this without playing 358/days? I would prefer not to stack it as I already beat it on PS3 and am not a fan of "trophy stacking"