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  1. brilliant thank you didnt show up till about an hour very strange
  2. does anyone know when this meant to be coming out?
  3. forbidden siren primal bridge contrustor gta 3 gta vice city last of us 2 slender the arrival bubsy the wollies strike back
  4. rayman origins is shutting online servers 6th September same for toy soldiers and far cry blood dragon
  5. guess the whole series is on ps4 aside from the pizza sim game (fnaf 6)
  6. grid autosport has been delisted in Europe from the ps3
  7. gears of war 3 mgs 4 sonic 06 (cried laughing with that)
  8. Space age sailor goes from port to port, seeking out desperate ladies / men / blue things with whom to dock his ship. Bloodthirsty teens force local wildlife to conduct animal fight club.
  9. spiderman darksider gensis
  10. I wonder if it be an rpg again or back to how the other games were
  12. Samsung galaxy s8
  13. Very random game to come out lol shame theres no plat but still looks an easy 100%
  14. If i dont like a character i always try to kill them of and only save the good characters , eg i kept connor alive in Detroit but killed marcus off as didnt like him
  15. July gonna be getting busy then if this is true