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  1. Very annoying but i can wait just like i can for last of us 2
  2. 10 second ninja Adventure cap Alienation Apb reloaded Armello Bridge contructor Bubsy Clockwork tales Coffin dodgers Doom 2016 Hitman 2 Infinte warfare Killzone shadow fall Mafia 3 Mass effect Nubla Orc slayer Prey South park fractured but whole Thats u Elder scrolls online Thief This war of mine Twin robots We happy few Yooka yaylee Order 1866
  3. Greatest of great deliveries plat trophy Delivering is what i do complete prologue bronze Rebuild amercia complete episode 1 bronze Hidden trophy x18 Everyday delivery complete a standing order bronze Deliveries drone complete 36 standing order bronze Birth of a legend complete 10 premuin deliveries with an evaluation of legend bronze Growth of a legend gold trophy complete 20 premuin deliveries with an evaluation of legend A helping hand bronze trophy issue your first supply request The automation revoloution bronze trophy Complete a standred order with a drone Apprentice builder bronze trophy Build your first structure ( sign ladders and climbing anchor) bronze trophy Master builder bronze trophy Build at least one of every structure A new day for the uca bronze trophy Connect your first new affliate to the uca Hidden trophy Well connected bronze trophy Reach level 3 connection with a facility. Best loved silver trophy Reach the max connection level with all faclitties. Like and be liked bronze trophy Give your first like Hidden trophy Hidden trophy Giver of gifts bronze trophy Make your first dononation of weapons equpiment etc Chiral craftet bronze trophy Recyle chiral crystals for the first time Hidden trophy Hidden trophy Hidden trophy The post guides the present bronze trophy. Read 100 mail The past guides the present bronze trophy Read 100 interviews Hidden trophy Childminder bronze Reach max connection level with bb A baby blessing bronze Get a like from bb Prominter porter bronze Grade 10 reached in any delivery evaluation catergory Hidden trophy Catcher crusher bronze Defeat a crusher Snooze n soothe bronze Heal by sleeping the first time Boots are porters best friend bronze Changed footwear for the first time Hooked on delivering? Bronze Deliver 700 items of cargo Pumped porter bronze Deliver 3000 kg of cargo Well traveled bronze Travel 80km and complete an order. Hidden trophy Rest in pieces bronze In a bt area cut an cord for the first time without the bt noticing Any porter in the storm bronze Trade with enough porter for the first time Hidden trophy A shout in the dark bronze Send a shoutout for the first time and have it returned Public service porter bronze Dispose of a chiralum contamined cargo in the crater lake for the first time Trail blazer bronze Upgrade all types of stucture to max level I couldnt hold it in bronze Pee outside first time. All roads lead to uca bronze Complete your first road Soothing sounds bronze Use the music player 1st time Building bridges bronze Reach bridge link grade 1 Homo faber bronze Fabracted all weapons and eqiupment
  4. Coming 3rd december
  6. Thank ya
  7. Everytime i press the eject button the disk refuses to come out what should i do ?
  8. What do u guys prefare buying games on disc or games from psn ?
  9. Toy story 4 and spiderman homecoming
  11. Endgame
  12. I hope so
  13. Anything u have u have to play more than twice