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  1. I wonder if it be an rpg again or back to how the other games were
  3. Samsung galaxy s8
  4. Very random game to come out lol shame theres no plat but still looks an easy 100%
  5. If i dont like a character i always try to kill them of and only save the good characters , eg i kept connor alive in Detroit but killed marcus off as didnt like him
  6. July gonna be getting busy then if this is true
  7. This game is so repetitive do the same 4 /5 side missions to get a new bout ten minutes story mission. Makes me wonder if they will even consider a just cause 5 to end up the story especially with how the last dlc ends..
  8. The 4th one is the most boring one repetitive side missions to unlock the next story mission
  9. Thephoenixshow Ps4 Dont really play multiplayer games. Accept friends requests ? Sometimes
  10. Last film i watched was scott pilgrim vs the world
  11. Haha that's brilliant 😂
  12. Cut the abby stuff and play the whole second half as tommy and what he was doin before finding ellie again
  13. Great enough bloody delay
  14. Ps1 Ps2 Xbox 360 Ps3 Ps4 Psp vita Psp Xbox one Xbox Sega mega drive Snes Nes N64 Gamecube Wii Wii u Nintendo switch Game boy Game boy color Game bpy advance Ds Ds lite 3ds 2ds
  15. Theres a volume two planned according to ps4 trophies .org