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  1. https://www.(URL not allowed)/n20070/alan-wake-remastered-playstation-trophies
  2. Mine don't charge proply and the stick always drifts
  4. Will the ground zeros servers shutting down stop the save transfer to phantom pain or not?
  5. https://www.(URL not allowed)/game/Lost-Judgment-PS4/trophies?secrets=1
  6. Anyone know if u can transfer save and auto pop trophys?
  7. Would be cool if it was true as I've never played a Tony hawks game
  8. Doe anyone know if the trophys will autopop from the ps4 version or do u have to start from scratch?
  9. I wonder if any of the cut stuff from San andreas or 3 will be included in the game like the darkel missions or the mission looking for big smoke or the truth is out there mission from San andreas or they could actully sort out ryder story and not leave plot holes in the story as there friends with the actor again not kill him off as they had no ideas for his character as he decided to leave as he wasn't paided enough
  11. Will do
  12. Does anyone have the trophy list and ask the mods to please add it onto here
  13. I wish they remaster bully make a sequel remaster gta 4 red dead redemption vice City and liberty city story's and all 3 max Payne games and re make the first two gta games from the ground up
  15. So it's actually coming to ps4 but will any one play it?