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  1. The MantisJoin the crew A Long Time Ago Discover the Bogano Vault
  2. Casino RookiePlay all casino gambling games.
  3. Interweaving PathsCompleted the map of an area. Look, Lia!Changed costumes. Ultimate Class Cauldron!! Performed advanced Synthesis for the first time. Waterspout ChallengerBuilt a ship that can cross a waterspout. A Gift From MomWore the clothes your mother sent from home.
  4. Up Close and PersonalKill 50 enemies using the Chainsaw Argent Fiend Fully upgrade Health, Armor, and Ammo capacity on a single campaign run. Hot SwapperAcquire all weapon mods Outnumbered? No ProblemDefeat the Hell Guards OverclockedFully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories on a single campaign run. Juicin' it upKill 150 enemies while using Power Ups Every Nook and CrannyFind all Collectibles Knee-Deep in the DeadComplete the campaign on 'I'm Too Young to Die', 'Hurt Me Plenty', 'Ultra Violence', or 'Nightmare'. Who's Next?Defeat the Spider Mastermind
  5. Master in TrainingHave one of your apprentices win the Rookie Tournament in "Fighter Maker." ReunitedClear Part 2 of the story. Table Tennis ProSmash the ball three times in one match. The Circle is CompleteEarn all Runes Shoot it Until it DiesDefeat the Cyberdemon
  6. Chest QuestOpened every treasure chest. Conqueror of NightmaresCompleted the game on nightmare difficulty. A Flash of LightMastered Trails of Cold Steel III and earned every trophy.
  7. #46: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III A Flash of LightMastered Trails of Cold Steel III and earned every trophy. Absolutely adore these games, adore the franchise and all its quirks. It's weird, it's fun and sometimes infuriating but I never put one of these games down having felt bored. So with that said the platinum was not close to being a bother to pick up as I enjoyed every step on the way. There are no actual challenges for it either, nightmare mode for the NG+ run means only start to bite towards the end but by that point all the items saved up can be used booze at a party, everyone get some! Can't wait until I can plat the next title and have all the platinums. The wait I know will be worth it!
  8. Food Warrior!Completely filled the recipe section in the notebook.
  9. Revelation SeekerAcquire three Revelations. The Plot ThickensClear Part 1 of the story. School DirectoryCompletely filled the character section in the notebook.
  10. Boiled TurkeyAchieve a turkey in bowling. Way of the Key MasterOpen five coin lockers. Shogi Promotion Achieve a promotion in shogi. Substory Novice Complete or finish four substories.
  11. 50.46% slooowly getting closer to 50%
  12. Full ScholarshipAcquired over a million mira. Monsterology 101Completely filled the battle section in the notebook. For Whom the Bell Tolls Completed the final chapter.
  13. Run of the MilliumForged a strong bond with Millium. Faculty Romance Forged a strong bond with Towa. Reinford Groupie Forged a strong bond with Alisa. Aaaaaaaaand every other trophy of this sort. All 17 of them Teach a Man to Fish...Completely filled the fish section in the notebook. (All 25 types of fish + Rod Lv. Max) Teacher of the YearAchieved instructor rank S. Radiant HeimdallrCompleted Chapter 4. Instructor Rean QUARTZ-erGathered all 28 varieties of master quartz. The Ultimate AcademyAchieved an academy grade of Prestigious. Extra Curricular Activities Completed all quests, both at the branch campus and during field exercises. Walking Library Completely filled the books section in the notebook.
  14. The World is a BattlefieldWon 600 battles. Landscape LegendTook all landscape photos and reported them to Vivi.
  15. Links Awakening Raised any two characters to Link Level 5. Beat 'Em to the Punch Initiated 300 advantage encounters (including double and triple advantage). King of GamesCompletely filled the cards section in the notebook.