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  1. Peak KiryuRaised all stats to a natural 300.
  2. - #50 Ghost of Tsushima Enjoyed this game greatly so was always going to get the platinum no matter how difficult it would be but this isnt a difficult platinum to get but a very enjoyable one for sure. Gameplay alone makes it worth putting in the effort to get the trophy and I dont mind seeing the beautiful views either!
  3. - #49: Valkyria Chronicles 4 I love this game so much so was always going to earn the platinum at some point. It's an easy platinum and for the most part also quite fun as many trophies you do some progress towards while playing through the game. Only one really require a fair bit of grinding and I put it off for so long but finally got around to just putting in those hours and get that final trophy and finally earn the platinum. Good times all around when playing the game!
  4. End of the LineWin the final showdown against Shirakawa in Shinada's Side Story. King of CochinWin the Cochin Cup Classic for the first time.
  5. #48 Persona 5 Royal Royal is an improvement on an already incredible game so was an absolute blast playing through it and revisit old places and characters while visiting new. As for difficulty I'd say there is none. There's no difficult trophy that could get in the way and there's plenty of time to get all the trophies and then some. Was nice to not have to really think that much on how I played
  6. A Bond Between DancersSettle things with Akari at the Dance Battle Summit.
  7. Akiyama the HoarderEarn 1,000,000 yen playing as Akiyama.
  8. Tanimura the GamblerAcquire 10,000 casino points playing as Tanimura.
  9. Analysis CompleteEliminate Thirteen Darknesses in the datascape.
  10. Start AnalysisEliminate One Darkness in the datascape.
  11. Behind the CurtainClear KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ Re Mind.
  12. Captain Two-ferSuccessfully hit two panels at once at the batting center. A Detective's End Clear Part 3 of the story. Substory HelperComplete or finish twenty substories. Hat Trick Achieve a hat trick in darts.
  13. I have the power!End a round with a score of over 300. There's no place like home...Complete the main story line for Rivia. Burn After ReadingRead all spymaster letters. Return of the QueenFinish the Thronebreaker campaign.
  14. Through the Fourth Wall Find an Easter Egg.
  15. Gvaern IchaerDefeat Gernichora. One Big Happy FamilyOwn at least one copy of each non-Reynard, non-Gascon unit. Witcher to the RescueComplete the main story line for Angren. Army Camp TycoonFully upgrade your army camp.