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  1. Isu Bloodline Completely fill the Knowledge Sequence. Gathering Full StrengthCollect all the Keeper's Insights in Episode 3. 1 Versus 100Defeat the Hekatonchires. Hephaistos's ApprenticeForge the 3 Legendary Weapons. Your Own MedicineKill 10 Isu Soldiers with the Blessing of Kronos enhancement.
  2. Old Flames Burn Brighter Complete Old Flames Burn Brighter
  3. People Watcher Initiate 3 battles using first-person mode.
  4. Chiaroscuro Start any drawing in Episode 4 Archivist Find all optional collectibles in Episode 4 Romans 3:23 Finish Episode 4
  5. Power Driver Hit a 350-yard drive during a tournament in golf. Pole Position Defeat Joji Kazama in Chapter 10. The End of Ambition Defeat Mine in Chapter 12. Thank You! Complete the game. Substory Fan Complete 30 substories. Fat Cat Spend 300,000 yen in one visit to a hostess club.
  6. With Family Like Mine... Defeat Tamashiro in Chapter 3. Substory Dabbler Complete 10 substories. Key Collector Open a total of 10 lockers in Kamurocho and Downtown Ryukyu. Heat Action Pro Finish 10 battles with Heat Actions. Blogging Debut Have your first Revelation. Compulsive Vandal Break 30 weapons picked up in battle. The Dust Settles Defeat Hasebe in Chapter 4. Right Up My Alley Defeat the man in black in Chapter 5. King of Pleasure Defeat Kanda in Chapter 6.
  7. Mad Dog Tamed Defeat Majima in Chapter 1. Snake Charmer Defeat Rikiya in Chapter 2.
  8. Trails in the Couch Played for over 100 hours. Field Guide to Erebonian Wildlife Completely filled the monster guide. Crown of Fortitude Completed the game on hard or nightmare difficulty. Crown of Nightmares Completed the game on nightmare difficulty. Hot for Teacher Forged a strong bond with Sara. Cold Steel Conqueror Mastered Trails of Cold Steel and earned every trophy.
  9. #45 -THE LEGEND OF HEROES: TRAILS OF COLD STEEL Cold Steel Conqueror Mastered Trails of Cold Steel and earned every trophy. After having earned the platinum for the sequel it was a no-brainer to come back and get this one. The games offer some really enjoyable platinums to hunt so it was once again really worth the time getting this one. Getting to re-visit the characters that made me fall for this series and see things in a new light is always a fun experience. The platinum don't really have any make or break trophies. Proper planning and some vigilance and the platinum is as doable as any out there. With this platinum I am now completely ready and waiting for Cold Steel 3 to get over here. Until then, time to never stop listening to the OST!
  10. More Like Rean QUARTZ-er Gathered all 28 varieties of master quartz. Neithardt Would Be Proud Won 1000 battles. Noblesse Oblige Forged a strong bond with Jusis. Music to My Ears Forged a strong bond with Elliot. Equal Opportunity Forged a strong bond with Machias. Bad Crowmance Forged a strong bond with Crow. Here With You To Knight Forged a strong bond with Laura.
  11. International Bank of Rean Acquired over a million mira. Social Note-working Completed all of the character profiles in the notebook. Lake Lord Caught all varieties of fish.
  12. Victory! Get on the F1 podium for the first time
  13. Atelier Makeover Used Atelier Making to redecorate.
  14. Letter of Recommendation Obtained a letter of recommendation. TUTORIAL Complete all tutorials. Can't Touch This! Canceled enemy arts and crafts 100 times.
  15. SQUADRON LEADER Prevent the SOLG from crashing into the capital. NEEDLE’S EYE Earn the highest rating in all landing and refuelling missions. RAZGRIZ Complete all missions. A Dream-like Power Met Sophie and Plachta. Sightseeing Spot, Found! Discovered a landmark. No Tricks Up My Sleeve Set up your Atelier for the first time.