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  1. I’m saddened by this. I ADORED this game. I only put in 55 hours on the PS5 version and got the Plat, but every second I played was so so fun. Will go back to try and continue the PS4 stack as the game deserves it. Such a shame but not surprising unfortunately. Surprised Rocket Arena is still alive though
  2. This release gives me a lot of hope for Bust A Move / Puzzle Bobble. Nothing would be better than Bust A Move 4 though.
  3. Just logged on and the game has an update file - while I’m not going for this method, after seeing the update file I’d say testing is necessary to confirm it still works after the latest patch for future informations sake
  4. Given there’s no physical PS5 version, does the PS4 disc give an upgrade or not?
  5. I’ve never been able to do this since release. Really annoying seeing other people do it but I can’t. If I claim it, it’s gone
  6. Thank you! I’ll give that a try. Been on 97% since! UPDATE: after a lucky laser spawn in endless I did it. 3 endless matches is all it took. Platinum achieved. Thank you so much!
  7. Can’t seem to be able to pop it. True Achievements & Steam are the only real guides available, but their advice is to do it in endless mode - whereas the PS release and it’s trophy have it set specially for defence mode. It seems incredibly luck based given you have to hope for regular zombies being in a line and being weak enough to kill, so I’m wondering if there are any ways into causing that to happen or any other tips on this trophy? Really frustrating me, last one for platinum!
  8. Question about the version on PS+. In the catalogue, both hovering over it and the product page, it lists it as a demo, and says “download demo”. I’ve launched it - the trophy list comes up. Is the “demo” listing a mistake? Is this version the full game mislabelled? It seems as though every character is available bar 2. If this IS the full game, is it still platinumable? I’ve read a few comments and posts here and there about throw downs not working and not being boostable. TL;DR - on the PS+ Catalogue, is this the full game and can I go from 0% to 100% & platinum using said version?
  9. Could you tell me about the XP boost you bought? Is that bought with whatever the currency in this (online) game is called? also, when getting to and/or beyond Level 55, do you have enough currency to buy every ability & ranged weapon required for All Rounder?
  10. Hi, with the game coming out on PS+ Extra last month and the influx of players, myself included, the multiplayer seems more doable, boosting and otherwise. But among trophy guides and forums, there’s some conflicting information about what’s best and when and how much etc. The purpose of this thread is I hope people with the know-how can explain exactly what to do to finish all the multiplayer trophies, in its current state, and dumb it down to simplicity if possible; Black Flag online for dummies! I’d like to know how to begin the approach, what is needed to boost and how many people and how does it need to be boosted, the current best ways for XP etc! Thanks!
  11. Thank you! Didn’t quote the comment as it would load the entire last message. I saw on Psnprofiles on someone’s YouTube video, when viewing a profile it automatically showed to the right Difficulty /10 and Hours required for almost every game - trophy guide or not. For me, it only shows the difficulty, play throughs and hours, as per the trophy guide, but in small print below the game name and only if I’ve clicked on the game’s trophy list beforehand. Is this a PSNP+ thing or something else?
  12. Hi! I’ve installed it and started to go through the PSNP+ settings, the site reloaded and the psnp+ functionality just… stops. I’m very new to stuff like this and it’s very confusing I won’t lie! I’m on iOS if it changes anything
  13. Going to pick this up soon and I’m wondering if there’s a free upgrade to the ps5 version. Both PS4 and PS5 discs are the same price so I’m just wondering if it’ll be beneficial to buy the ps4 version or if there’s no upgrade! Google seems to have conflicting results
  14. Yeah I played Tekken 1 and 2 on PS1, then Tag and 4 on PS2 religiously. Even on higher difficulties. Just for some reason the HD version and myself don’t get on Depends on the game. Tekken 7 for example I play on the highest difficulty. I wouldn’t say that playing some games on lower difficulty would correlate exactly to struggling on harder difficulties as it all depends on the game itself. MK has notoriously difficult TUTORIALS. It’s all contextual. as for everyone else’s tips I’ll take them on board and try some new things and give high difficulty arcade, survival & time attack some more goes.
  15. summer of 2022 and here I am stuck with a game from many many years ago, on ps3, from a franchise I adore, that the PlayStation trophies. Org gave a 2/10. Some people even gave it a 1/10. ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s because I’m playing the promo version or what, but this game is excruciatingly hard. I’ve played Tekken since I learned how games work. Tag included. I have played pro players worse than the regular AI in this game, it’s insane. It’s completely broken. The ps trophies site’s guide is also ridiculous. It’s condescending and makes it seem so easy and all you have to do is spam moves like Paul’s unblockable - which obviously, given the AI in this game, is a terrible idea as they just back away or hit you before you pull it off. And that’s round one of Time Attack, never mind Very Hard arcade! I just don’t understand how it’s so easy. How it’s apparently a trivial 1/10, maybe a 2/10, is insanity. I need serious advice with this game. Practice mode/literal practicing can only do so much when the AI is so horrendously overpowered even on any difficulty above normal. TL;DR: the AI in this game sucks, and the PlayStationtrophies guide isn’t good. Help?