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  1. Evil Genius was removed from the catalogue very very quickly, unsure why though I’d assume it was like Shadow Warrior in that it’s “Now” end date passed. You’ve been extremely extremely unlucky unfortunately
  2. This just helped me emphatically. Thank you so much.
  3. If the person enjoys that, let them. You don’t have to use anything like that. It’s your enjoyment that matters, not others.
  4. Nice to see. I love accessibility settings, they’re optional and if they make a game easier or dead easy for trophies etc oh well. If you don’t like using them, don’t. If you do, do, whether that be disability, or trophy hunting or whatever else. Just enjoy what you enjoy, how you enjoy it, and embrace the fact others can enjoy it more freely now.
  5. The large majority of my challenge in game have reset. The claimed and completed ones have stayed that way, and 2 of the normal ones, but the rest (eg kill 100 enemies with a katana) have gone down to 0 again. Is there any way around this or am I going to have to grind those all again?
  6. No, just something that works.
  7. I can’t believe this got made. The guide here is excellent but a guide obviously can’t physically teach you how to deal with the terrible controls. Imagine being a QTE game… and still managing to f it up? The hold and release holding on to things part, I cannot understand what I’m supposed to do as per the games instructions? All they had to do was make this Doritos Crash Course with Ninja Warrior branding. Definitely a regret purchase, if anyone has any amazing tips on how to do pretty much anything in this game please let me know. TL;DR if you want this game, trust me, no you don’t. it’s bad.
  8. Adding a new message to this for additional information for anyone thinking about buying: on PS5, it does have the “you may experience unexpected game behaviour” warning, haven’t seen any evidence of why this warning exists yet but just worth pointing out.
  9. I can’t believe everyone is saying how easy this is and a 2/10. Very hard is absolutely awful. Are there any tips or exploits? No matter what I get destroyed. I’m a fighting game veteran, but for games like Tekken and MK, not smash bros and it’s ripoffs.
  10. Amazon US has it cheap, and for a very very reasonable shipping cost to the UK. I’m wondering if this game will work on my PS5? (Or 4 if that makes a difference). I know games aren’t region locked, however, as this is a game that only released in NA, would this be one of the possible grey areas where it wouldn’t work? Has anyone from outside NA, preferably UK/EU tried this before? Thanks!
  11. No, your team is your team, the Seasons in FIFA are to do with the game cycle (think like battle passes), TOTS is just team of the _insert league here_ season, cards are separate and are always yours to keep, the exception being loan cards
  12. Updated information: dualshock4 does NOT work on this game. I bought a fake controller that works well for very cheap from Amazon if anyone has a similar situation to me with games like this that aren’t compatible with DS4. as for difficulty, some seem easier than using a move, some harder, but the drawing a circle one seems nearly impossible for me. Using the left stick to draw just isn’t very functional so I’m not sure if this is “realistically possible” using a fake controller (AKA, one with loose, cheap sticks)
  13. So I’ve beaten the tree boss, and spoken to a potion woman. She puts me into a mini game, there’s a load of ingredients and then customers come and ask for things… in Indonesian? There are no prompts, hints, or anything. They just say some Indonesian words (I play in English) and I’m somehow supposed to figure out what to do? Any help? not a fan of this game at all and now I’ve gotten to this part and it’s just made me hate it.
  14. Who knows if this will even get replied to with such an obscure game, but I want it, and don’t have a move controller. I read a trophy guide that said it’s a 3/10 WITH the move and it makes it considerably easier. so, just how much harder is it using a DualShock? and on top of that, is a DualShock 4 even remotely compatible? The only DS3 I have has a broken L1 as I got it preowned. thanks!!
  15. Yep exactly what I did eventually. I was able to platinum it eventually, the levels don’t necessarily get more difficult luckily, just longer or more tactical. I sucked towards the end but still managed the plat!