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  1. Talking specifically about the zombies mode, whats it like as of now? Servers still up? People still play it? Found my disc and after seeing the trophy guide as 4/10 20 Hours I want to go for it but I’ve never once played any COD Zombies mode, nevermind this one. I see you can skip a lot of it joining someone’s Tier 4 map or whatever, is this still possible?
  2. Renting this game and it’s delivered tomorrow so this is incredibly helpful, thank you. Like many people I ALWAYS play with subtitles, what a strange glitch.
  3. On FIFA 21, it was D or above
  4. “May” have to grind for fut champs points - after seeing pros, YouTubers etc after a week of playing barely have any points with it being their job, looks like it WILL be a grind unless EA change it/patch it
  5. Before I watch, are any of the trophies missable? Unsure on whether to get the game if I NEED to watch a guide to make sure I get everything, but if nothings missable I can use the guide to mop up
  6. why are you like this lmao just play what you enjoy and have others enjoy what they like. this isn’t the thread for your moaning
  7. It used to be hugely easier So, after reading some replies and watching some videos, I’ve come back to this and I’m positive my game is bugged. The reason I was failing was no matter what height, or distance, it wasn’t high enough (as well as how far I pushed the stick/d-pad, or how long I held X). Deleted it and redownloaded, that is fixed, but now the swing function doesn’t work. Any tips? New save file maybe? EDIT: while I can’t confirm how easy the game ends up, I can confirm after deleting it and the save files and reinstalling it seems to have been fixed. It’s not perfect, but it works. Still might be tricky but like I say, it works.
  8. Guides aren’t helpful anymore, as they patched the game. While it might not have been bad in the first place (idk), they’ve made it so you have to do it all in one without damage or dying or whatever rather than just specific bosses or whatever it was previously. The game itself doesn’t work too well anyway so add to that the insane difficulty rise, it’s pain
  9. who hurt you to the point genres get called cancerous and you’re glad peoples work dies off in a month lmao
  10. Doubt many people are active with this game but anyway: So, somehow, despite “making sure” I was getting 3 cookies for every screen, I missed ONE after completeing the game. Trouble is, unlike game overs it doesn’t seem to track it, unless I’m wrong? Is there a way to know which screen I’m missing the cookie in or do I just have to go through chapters and find out?
  11. 1) Are quick matches boostable? Because the online for this game is horrendous against randoms. Everyone seems to spam the chat and run down the clock. 2) Do stacks matter at all? As in, I saw that on someone who messaged me’s profile, this game didn’t come up as a mutual game, instead it was just after which suggests a different stack. Would that change anything between us playing or? thankssss
  12. Think I have a PS Now 7 day trial available. I don’t see any guides anywhere at the moment (to be fair it hasn’t even been out a month yet) so I’m wondering is it easy enough to smash out in a week? Are there any big hurdles ie the online?
  13. Seriously though. This game is ridiculous. I can appreciate a game that’s difficult, because it’s meant to be difficult, or a game that’s tricky to master. This however is just bad. The gameplay itself is shocking, you need precision for certain jumps but even then sometimes you’ll get “hit” despite the enemy being further away, stuff like that. Do not buy this game. I know a lot of people will have bought it for either an easy seeming plat, platformer, or both, especially as at the time of writing it’s 99p, but it’s really poorly made and to add to that the trophies are actually insane. Wish I’d looked into this game properly before buying. Only £1 and it feels like I’ve wasted a fortune. Cant not recommend this game enough, so so so many other platformers out there that work. Not happy
  14. This game is actually really fun. Does seem pretty easy as long as you firstly play through on normal to get upgrades for a hard play through. 30p or so? Definitely worth it
  15. Title. Years ago, borrowed my brothers Adventure time tags and used them, played the level for the 1000 hours it felt like it took, no trophy for completing. ended up never going back to it until today, tried playing just the last chapter, and redoing it completey, but the trophy for finishing the Adventure Time level (name is in the title) just won’t pop under any circumstance. Any help?