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  1. I’m playing as Mage. Seems like it’s the easiest character but I’m still struggling
  2. Man this game is tricky. I don’t know what it is about this game that I find tough exactly, I just find myself losing damage and eventually dying way more than I should in a game like this. I usually give up on games like this after a few tries (by games like this I mean games where you can be prone to dying over and over) but I just can’t put my controller down, which is very rare for me, i just wonder what I’m doing wrong, anyone got any tips?
  3. hey everyone. basically my tv is kind of old now, and I'm looking to get a 4k uhd tv or whatever, but I'm a bit worried about some things. for one, I have loads of dvds rather than blu rays, are dvds watchable on a ps4 on a 4k TV? I know they are playable but I mean like, does it look okay? tried googling it but every article or forum contradicts itself and given this is psnprofiles where I'm sure people have tried this themselves, thought I'd ask. Also, I have a ps4 slim I think, and not a Pro, will my games still look better on the 4k tv instead of my current one? I'm sure I'm being stupid with some of this but with so many conflicting and contradictory articles everywhere I thought I'd ask on here.
  4. Not sure how it works if it's streamed but I can definitely confirm if the game is installed from PS Now it works
  5. PS+

    wow I didn't even know that was delisted. I got it a while ago and I'm downloading as we speak so should be good! thanks guys!!
  6. PS+

    I used to have the disc version of this before I sold it, but with there being a ps+ version available and the servers shutting down soon, I may give it another go. Can I earn trophies on the free version?
  7. Is this only available in North America? Obviously I know it's American Ninja Warrior and in the UK we have our own version, but I highly doubt we're going to get anything like this😂 This game is genuinely right up my street so I'd love to get it, but I'm unsure if it's NA Only. Also, regardless of whether it is NA or not, is it on disc or just digital? Thanks
  8. I've just discovered this exists and I can't find anything about it anywhere... is it like any other games?😅😂
  9. I know this is late to the party but the topic just came up and I wanted to chime in. The only "easy" plats I have have been free, for example Burly Men At Sea (PS+) or SkyScrappers (PSNow - admittedly this game is great fun). That said, a huge amount of my Platinums are Lego games and Telltale games, but since Lego Star Wars 1 on PS2 and The Walking Dead/Wolf Among Us on 360, I have LOVED these games, so while they are easy, they are not at all easy for the sake of easy plats but I love them and they happen to be easy. I have way too many games to play nevermind plat to focus on platting every single game i get, so the easier (or my personal term, lazier or more chilled out) games will be played amongst other games, like I'm currently directly going for GTAV and sort of going for the Overwatch plat (but that one is just alongside my enjoyment of the game) As for what other people do, I don't care. I love seeing everyone's trophy lists regardless of whether it's full of Slyde and Jack n Jill and that Prairie game, or if it has plats like Super Meat Boy or GTA4. I can't personally see what enjoyment you get spending £1 on Slyde but each to their own.
  10. I loved Modern Warfare Remastered... shame I love it because I Own it though🙄 Unless The Witness is easy with a guide, if it even has a platinum that is, then it's a terrible month for me. For some reason I felt like RE7 Biohazard was going to be it😅
  11. yeah no i think its just because it's completely broken regardless😂 Nero plat screenshot is now one of my favourites just because it's ridiculous😂
  12. if you have OCD with this kinda thing or just want to do it without messing about with that then...
  13. Just an FYI RE this game... I was planning to pop the Gnocchi trophy at lunchtime on Thursday (it's almost 3am on that Thursday), so I went on NERO to check exactly how to do it incase of time constraints because I wanted to pop it naturally and not fiddling with the settings, I went into the restaraunt and there was the Gnocchi, at 2:26AM... trophy popped and that's the platinum. basically moral of the story is... not lunchtime but I got it legitimately! The best bit is that the game crashed so my plat screenshot is a ps4 crashed application screen😂
  14. So I got the DefinitiveEdition on disc a little while back, and i used the code it came with obviously. Saw it was coming out on Ps+ so I sold the disc as I wasn't having the mooost fun with the game, so may aswell get some money back. I'm downloading the ps+ version now and it'll take a while so I'm wondering, with the fact I have the Definitive Edition content "owned" and also downloaded, will my ps+ hitman just be the same as my definitive edition disc or will some content somehow differ? sorry if this is worded horribly. it's 3:45am😅
  15. carrying on the Rockstar theme... GTA 3