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  1. I’ve read nothing is missable, but, I failed the Taskmaster challenge after half, and then failed after doing all of them and now I’m not sure what to do? Any help would be great
  2. Thanks for the advice. I platinumed this a couple months ago but for new players this advice will definitely come in handy.
  3. Damn nothing on my end still
  4. Just got on and there’s no Bill related trophies. Anyone know if they will be added? Xbox got them.
  5. Dauntless ad is ruining the site. Comes up on the screen on every single page (except for when you reply to topics on the forums), doesn’t always let you get rid of it, pops up and blocks the screen etc. 00:20 AM GMT 23/07/19 (though it happens every single time I’m on the site, for the last 3 days) iPhone UK Safari all pages except forum replies description above
  6. Well this thread was just awful to read. This is amazing news!
  7. Nothing wrong with ads as a principle, but when the same dauntless ad pops up, fills the entire screen to the point you can’t get rid of it, and pops up on every single page bar this exact one, it’s annoying to say the least. What can I do? Site is unusable in this state for me
  8. I was doing exactly that. It popped randomly so I do think it is bugged
  9. Depends on what you mean ‘bad’. Like in what way? And boosting is very difficult in this game. If you’re about to start it just play it naturally. I’m on my way to platinum slowly but surely and it just helps to play the game instead of worrying about x person being in y lobby etc.
  10. So this is definitely bugged for me. I main the Trapper in terms of killer and have done for a little while now, and I actively use traps, and have definitely done more than 10 trapped survivors. That’s individual survivors aswell, not the same survivors trapped over and over in the same game.
  11. Ah I see. Old thread didn’t see it. To be fair, mine was more a bug with it not popping as opposed to not knowing how to do it like OP.
  12. I mean title speaks for itself really. Done more than 10. Followed every rule, trick, whatever to do it. No replays, all featured, etc etc. Trophy just won’t Pop.
  13. Ah. I see😂😂 Yeah to be fair I only enjoyed Far Cry 3s multiplayer back when I had a 360. I’ll only play the multiplayer for trophies then ahah. What are the servers like? Does anyone actually play or?😅
  14. Got a rental site sending me Far Cry 5, and I know the servers are up but how are they? As someone who’s played plenty of far cry on 2 generations of consoles, I know full well how dead the servers get😂 So yeah, how are the servers? Active enough?