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  1. Title. Years ago, borrowed my brothers Adventure time tags and used them, played the level for the 1000 hours it felt like it took, no trophy for completing. ended up never going back to it until today, tried playing just the last chapter, and redoing it completey, but the trophy for finishing the Adventure Time level (name is in the title) just won’t pop under any circumstance. Any help?
  2. I actually ended up trying one random thing, deleting all the 0% trophy lists. Had a few games I’ve got installed but yet to play, and I saw one person on a random thread deep in another thread on a random website say about it. Something to do with syncing, idk. Anyway, lo and behold I loaded up Perils of Baking and it was fine. Unsure if it was a 1 off, a coincidence, or it’s gonna do it again but since Christmas 2014 this is the first time I’d even HEARD of this error let alone experienced it
  3. Yeah, so just bought this game, 99p I think. Loaded it up, started to show the dev name or whatever and got an error I’ve never seen. “(Insert Name) will be logged out now - NP-32091-5” And then as you can guess, it logs me out. Never happened before with any game in my 6 years + on PS4. It also won’t sync the game on my trophies list, but it tries to, and so it gets stuck on a certain % while loading. Any tips?
  4. So, I’m up to the chapter involving the new controls of R1 to dodge and Square to use the ability. When I get down to the tram/whatever it is and hold square to go back to the fishing port, my game crashes. Every single time without fail. Anyone else had this and hopefully solved it or?
  5. So, I’m pretty confused. This game is available to download for me on the store as I just found out while looking through the latest deals, it said purchased so I assumed it was a random old PS+ game from when I first got my PS4 and I claimed some PS3/Vita cross buy type games. Turns out, there’s no option to purchase, meaning it wasn’t PS+, and in fact I own it. It’s never been in my library and it even says I rated it. There’s next to no chance I could have bought something accidentally so I have absolutely no idea what’s the case, anyone know? Anyone have the same thing happen?
  6. Game is £4.49 and I’m thinking of getting it, but I’d like to know if the servers are up, and if so, are they active? I know they released a new game recently so I’m unsure if that has an effect on this game, positively or negatively?
  7. Imagine being that guy lol besides the real simulation football game is New Star
  8. I think I’m around level 40, and I need the trophy for level 50 as my last trophy for platinum. Had it in that situation for a while now, and I’ve got too big of a backlog to bother playing the DLC yet so that isn’t in the question. Any help?
  9. Hey, so basically for me on their applicable stages, Dr.Mitt aka Doc from BTTF and Foxy aka Gillian Anderson in X Files just aren’t spawning anywhere. They are the last 2 I need and even though I’m sure I’ve found them before, they aren’t in my wheel, so when going to get them by eventually getting to their stages (Magic under the ocean and then the bowling stage) they aren’t anywhere at all. What do I do?
  10. I hated PUBG when I tried it on NOW and SF will be fun for a while before I get sick of being unable to play my favourite characters in the franchise (Akuma, Blanka, and soon Dan) but it’s 2 games I don’t own I guess. Was going to pick up Days Gone soon so may aswell order it now and play that this month!
  11. I actually read this as Wodern Marfare pronounced the same lmao
  12. Ah yes, Street Fighter is for children, I forgot about that
  13. Jumping into this after not playing it for years and after playing MW2 Remastered. Does the glitch used in the trophy guide by StayPationt still work? I noticed the game is currently on 1.15 but in that video where he talks about older glitches being patched, he says the “current” patch is 1.07. So I’m wondering if it still works all those updates after, or if I have to pain myself with playing it legitimately like a normal person? Thanks
  14. Really struggling with this game at the moment. Giving up soon as my EA Access runs out tomorrow, and I’m not renewing, but this game is between 2 platinums in my trophy list so I want ONE trophy to separate them - yes, I know, it’s OCD okay haha anyway: I’m attempting to make takedowns for the 5 in a match trophy, they just don’t seem to do anything, my fighter just does a little punch instead, and when I try to clinch for the KO from a clinch trophy, it literally doesn’t do anything, he just stands there? Anything blatantly obvious I’m missing? Never played UFC before and only played it because it was new on a trial😅
  15. Come on man, stop. We don’t need people acting like this towards everyone that gets it that isn’t you. Just please, stop.