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  1. I platted it too lol, don't know why I thought it has no trophy 😅
  2. Folklore Assassin's Creed Eternal Sonata The Orange Box Ratchet ToD, QfB and Nexus.
  3. Mini Fulgur Anjanath is a nightmare for me. I've measured 70 of them, killed 13 that seems the same or even smaller than Abyss video, and nothing. Theses crown quests are just bullshit...
  4. Some UR platinum @realm722 , nice 👌. But In choose Dead Cells 🤩
  5. Tales of Zestiria, Gz m8 😁👍
  6. Some nice platinums @Power_Granger 👌 I choose Batman Arkham Knight. Didn't have enough faith for Riddler enigms 😅
  7. Nice VS fighters list @FLiiXxSz 😁👍 I choose Street Fighter V.
  8. Another great profile @Warpedsavior , I choose Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 🤩
  9. Wow @SlimSanta94, your profile is amazing ! I choose Overwatch 👍
  10. PowerPyx, Brian from PS4T and GamingWithAbyss.
  11. Ahem... I chose the "Beat Zico" trophy 😂
  12. The Last of Us 👍
  13. Final Fantasy XIII The only one I didn't plat in the Fabula Nova Crystalis, accessories brrrr 😖
  14. 90 points for Gold trophy 😋