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  1. I have something similar in Ranked lobbies. When a race ends, I don't get put back into the lobby but get shown a blank screen with a couple of numbers and letters in the top left corner. It's a pain having to reboot the game each time I want to do another race. Codemasters have usually been pretty good at addressing stuff like this in the past and the game hasn't been out for a full week yet, so I have full faith in them fixing it. I just hope there's not too much EA in the new structure!
  2. Seems like it could vary quite wildly depending on where you are. My copy from Amazon UK was delivered this morning.
  3. Just done this in the middle of chapter 5. I fast travelled to the viewpoint in the south of Kephallonia, went north along the mountain ridge for a bit, and killed the first goat I came across. The eye dropped when I looted the corpse and the trophy a few seconds later. Hope this helps, and good luck with your trophy hunting.
  4. Dirt 4 Platinum. Last trophy was for 25 online events completed. Lost count; missed the plat popping and carried on for an extra hour before realising.
  5. I have the platinum trophies for Absolution and Go as well as 100% in Hitman (2016). That gives me Hitman rank and New School Hitman special award.