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  1. would love to be in this, thank you for doing this!
  2. I did they gave ran out of ps4 codes they said
  3. I think I missed the promo but if anyone requested and got a spare code I would appreacte a dm on psn I do have a NA code for the game rogue company if anyone is willing to help me out
  4. if you would like a eu code for the game just DM my psn and I'll send you one over, it's eu only tho sorry
  5. I was wondering if there was a better build for getting trophies in this game I am deciding to start over again this time with a build of a character and was wondering what is the best route to go for trophies
  6. yeah man I got it in my library, thank you for the clarification
  7. it's already in my library? I see it on the store but can't download it
  8. it comes out today, it showed in the new games for ps4 uk store but I can't download it I am wondering what time is this releases
  9. That would be great if you could man
  10. and eat this haha sorry
  11. Anyone got general infomation on some of these, maybe a easy method or a farm looking at the wheres my parka trophy, any help on any trophies will be thankful The specific ones that i may need infomation or guide on is the Wheres my parka, Vip Express, I know about arrows of daybreak, works the same
  12. when can we play this?
  13. Yeah sorry man but no reply, yeah it would be really easy
  14. can i earn the solo trophies in the solo free for all mode?
  15. Will there ever be more trophies added to this game?