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  1. That would be great if you could man
  2. and eat this haha sorry
  3. Anyone got general infomation on some of these, maybe a easy method or a farm looking at the wheres my parka trophy, any help on any trophies will be thankful The specific ones that i may need infomation or guide on is the Wheres my parka, Vip Express, I know about arrows of daybreak, works the same
  4. when can we play this?
  5. Yeah sorry man but no reply, yeah it would be really easy
  6. can i earn the solo trophies in the solo free for all mode?
  7. Will there ever be more trophies added to this game?
  8. Nether am i and yeah the only trophy not earned is the battle royale
  9. How can i sign up
  10. Its gunna be a grind lol and the games enjoyable as play it with my brother
  11. Thank you so much!
  12. Will do thanks Oh thats a shame and thanks you for this information
  13. Yea ive seen that ,looks really easy ,might just try it
  14. Ive went thought the store and actually found the free to play section in the jap store ,and im wondering is there any with easy plats that i can get in a couple of hours ,could you please include a picture or the trophy list as i have no idea what most of its says ,thanks you in advanced Oh and this is ps4
  15. There was a week premium so i have to decent tanks ,i regulary play with one person and we have alot of fun ,i watched a few beginner guides ,but some trophy are just unclear or as you say,which i totally agree is skill dependet ,damn getting that one trophy ,the grind is on