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  1. all the hives are always too high power so i cant even level up my guys that are low, any suggestions?
  2. if i marry my co-op partner can i get the trophy full house and the 5th stardrop for the 13 hearts?
  3. Thank you man, works for EU too, claimed it in the UK
  4. How do people do this, it seems like they have full control of their gun with 360 spin and aiming. I want that haha
  5. Its fine thank you for the response, unfortunately dont own my ps4 anymore, may be able to borrow one but thank you for the response its a shame wanted to finish all 3 stacks of this
  6. I'm wanting to go back and clean up the ps4 list but I am unable to download on the ps5 and is forcing the ps5 stack on me is their any way I can still earn the ps4 stack trophies on the ps5
  7. Also the best gun for headshots
  8. Is there a better way as they have seemed to have changed the damage of the melee kills and it’s like 10 smacks now for a kill
  9. Can anyone with a lot of knowledge about unobtainables please let me know what games exactly I can’t do I know a few but there may be some I am not aware of thank you
  10. would love to be in this, thank you for doing this!
  11. I did they gave ran out of ps4 codes they said
  12. I think I missed the promo but if anyone requested and got a spare code I would appreacte a dm on psn I do have a NA code for the game rogue company if anyone is willing to help me out
  13. if you would like a eu code for the game just DM my psn and I'll send you one over, it's eu only tho sorry
  14. I was wondering if there was a better build for getting trophies in this game I am deciding to start over again this time with a build of a character and was wondering what is the best route to go for trophies
  15. yeah man I got it in my library, thank you for the clarification