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  1. i think the worst would be anthem, not done too many bad collectible games but randomised sometimes it would be a pain running the same path 15 odd times to get one collectible to spawn
  2. I went with standard AR, Borris, Hovercraft and armour plates, Smoke is an easy gadget but takes some time.
  3. Separate games, you can get a ribbon T3 once each game and still earn the trophy
  4. do you think it would work with setting hp to max and giving them nothing and then defend an obj with it?
  5. Yup i managed to get it on that mode i had trouble on conquest but breakthrough worked thank you!
  6. Yeah normal ones man i was trying to get my T1 stuff and they didn't progress anything
  7. Bot matches no longer work unfortunatly
  8. ohhh the built in one with the tank??
  9. I think some games when i go for these trophies that i should of gotten it but im struggling getting the turret and heal with the gun, any tips on them and any other trophy?
  10. Nope got it now, i found one in portal PS4! Thank you <33
  11. Don't show up for me, thank you anyway!
  12. On the store it says just announced for the ps4 game The tomorrow Children https://ibb.co/X4SxwTF
  13. Is no one playing this game?, no servers no quick play nothing it was completely dead, any suggestions?
  14. all the hives are always too high power so i cant even level up my guys that are low, any suggestions?
  15. if i marry my co-op partner can i get the trophy full house and the 5th stardrop for the 13 hearts?