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  1. when can we play this?
  2. can i earn the solo trophies in the solo free for all mode?
  3. Yeah sorry man but no reply, yeah it would be really easy
  4. Will there ever be more trophies added to this game?
  5. Has anyone got a guide in the works or videos to help me gonna try get this of my backlog just any help will do ,like how long will this take lol
  6. Nether am i and yeah the only trophy not earned is the battle royale
  7. How can i sign up
  8. Its gunna be a grind lol and the games enjoyable as play it with my brother
  9. Thank you so much!
  10. Hey duo to my lack of interest to trophies in the past i have a few games unobtainable or just damn grindy like world of tanks and the tommorow children Can people check my account to see if i should just create a new account or just keep going on backlog ,except world of tanks as that game is soo boring Thanks ,also if it is backlog please include a game you think i should try 100% and ill get back to you with it ,Once again thanks for your help
  11. Will do thanks Oh thats a shame and thanks you for this information
  12. Ive went thought the store and actually found the free to play section in the jap store ,and im wondering is there any with easy plats that i can get in a couple of hours ,could you please include a picture or the trophy list as i have no idea what most of its says ,thanks you in advanced Oh and this is ps4
  13. Yea ive seen that ,looks really easy ,might just try it
  14. There was a week premium so i have to decent tanks ,i regulary play with one person and we have alot of fun ,i watched a few beginner guides ,but some trophy are just unclear or as you say,which i totally agree is skill dependet ,damn getting that one trophy ,the grind is on
  15. Hahaha Thanks
  16. Im gunna stick ,im getting close completing a few games ,trying to get over 50% by 2019
  17. Thanks
  18. It looks bad ,i just like not hiding my games for people
  19. Alright better than the long grind may as well get it over with
  20. RIght so im level 22 and i play on the hardest difficulty how long do you think it would take?
  21. Thank you! Ok Thanks
  22. Ghost recon wildlands
  23. Probably fallout played them on pc loved them cant wait to play them on ps
  24. The Game looks like fun, but maybe grindy but achievable