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  1. Can you still achieve the platinum by playing on only story mode?
  2. So I did a little test. I unlocked a new truck to buy. I had 66% done for the own all usa trucks and 55% of owning all vehicles. I sold a truck I already owned and it stayed the same. Then I left that one sold and bought the newly unlocked truck and the percentages still went up. Now the USA truck trophy is 68% and overall trucks at 57%. So I believe you don't have to own all at the same time.
  3. Thank you everyone for replying. I found out that when I went to one garage it moved my vehicle to another bay. I didn't notice until I hit L1 and I found it.
  4. Has anyone experienced vehicles disappearing from the garage? I recovered a scout truck to the garage then went to the map to get another vehicle and when I went back my scout was gone. Vehicle store still says I own one but cannot find it on any map or in my garage. Thanks for any help.
  5. Well I'm at year 2090, not sure on how many hours in. Hopefully it'll pop for me soon.
  6. Can someone tell me how long or what year they got to in order to unlock the 1001 nights trophy?
  7. Awesome. thanks.
  8. Does anyone know if I have to get all the building in one map setting or all 4 types of maps?