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  1. Call of Duty WWII is my rarest. and it was tough, just because I hate Zombies. so that was not enjoyable. second is Dead Rising 2. Which though not hard, Is an absolute brain numbing journey to get all the kills for it.
  2. I have played the Resident evil series a number of times through. Have bought them re-released most times they came out. Same with the Uncharted series. Played both Destroy all humans on ps2 and again when released on ps4. will probably get the remaster. Borderlands 1 & 2 I have completed on ps3 and ps4. Ratchet & clank series I am going through again slowly on ps3 after having played them on ps2 way back in the day.
  3. Level 38 Borderlands 2 (Ps4) Destroyed the Destroyer Killed the Vault Boss
  4. Nothing that impressive. ARK: Survival Evolved 3.02% 1 week 5 hours 47 mins. my most rare Call of Duty WWII 1.72% 4 weeks 4 hours 33 mins.
  5. I got 4 of them god of war 1 (ps3) god of war 2 (ps3) god of war 3 (ps3) God of War (ps4)
  6. Where does this get me? Batman: Arkham Asylum (Ps3) Plat Batman: Arkham Knight (Ps4) Plat Batman: Arkham Asylum (ps4) Plat TellTale Batman (ps4) plat TellTale Batman: The Enemy Within (Ps4) Plat
  7. Since Watch Dogs 2 seems to be your most recent thing and It is really easy. Might as well just do that. though I would also suggest going back and doing FF15, one of the easiest FF you can do.
  8. been a while since I have posted in here. But I will keep it short with just the most recent. #131 & #132 For both Ps4 and Ps3 Platinum difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Estimate) Enjoyment rating: 7.5/10 So I played the ps3 version of BL2 years ago. in fact it took me 6 years, 8 months to get the platinum for it. I was only able to pull this off because of the chance DLC allowing for new characters at level 30. Then just cross saved and moved them to the ps3 to get the character specific trophies. The Cross save, saved me so much time as a bunch popped just after hitting certain objectives. and running through story bits again while way over leveled was a cake walk. FUCK Jimmy Jenkins. I enjoy borderlands, so now having ps3 and ps4 platinums for BL1 and BL2. I might just commit to getting the ps4 platinum for the Pre-sequel. We will see.
  9. A lot I would take. But I will pick Witcher 3. didn't really get into the game. maybe one day I will go back and get it. since we went at the same time. I would take FFX-2. what an awful game lol
  10. All About the Errands Awarded for completing 50 errands. Bought Ni No Kuni 2 on the Days of Play sale. I never played the first one, and was just looking for an RPG to get into. Enjoying the hell out of it so far. about 20 hours in. Looking forward to Ni No Kuni Remaster so I can play the first one.
  11. Exactly what I was going to say.
  12. I would take Fallout 4. Just to be finished with it. I am close, but the thoughts of going back and doing the stupid build a settlement nonsense is what keeps me away.
  13. Seems accurate. I even just went and looked back. last update on my account was the beginning of May. seems on par. I know their site went through an overhaul a while ago. and honestly has been pretty terrible after that. I can view passes, but not details to see how many trophies I have till i finish the pass and what not.