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  1. #139 NieR: Automata Final Words Thank you for playing Not the biggest fan, Borrowed it from a friend so felt obligated to get it out of the way pretty quick. 9S is a more interesting character than 2B or A2.
  2. Persona 4 Golden. something I will never play.
  3. You're right, this seems too easy really. As others have pointed out, beside 1 or 2 which we don't have a full grasp on yet. It almost feels like it is not a real list. not character specific trophies, no 1 level challenges.
  4. #134 A New Story of Swords and Souls Obtain all trophies. I realized all I had left in this game to do was the Libra story mode. As long as you cloud save right before the last fight, it isn't so bad. The 30 rifts are a bit annoying, especially some with really stupid enemies(at least at my skill level). However, The worst trophy is easily winning online matches. Because of the way it works, Also I suck at fighting games, it just took me so long to do. Finally finished it though.
  5. well now I am glad I never bought Dark Siders 3.
  6. Not pretty 8,990 UNEARNED TROPHIES I am staying above 50% completion. There are a number of games I have to go back and finish. A lot of DLC i will never complete. Also plenty of game I started, and have no intention of trying to 100%. most recent example. MLB the show 19. fuck that pvp trophy. I suck to much to get that.
  7. What a hard list to make. I am sure I could think of 10 of my favorite series/single games. In no particular order. Resident Evil (series) Life is Strange (single game) Uncharted (Series) Tekken (series) Assassin's Creed (Series) Metal Gear Solid (series) BioShock (series) Souls/Borne (series((Demon's souls, dark souls 1-3, bloodborne))) Kingdom Hearts (series) Borderlands (series) so hard to narrow a list down. I could add a bunch of other games to this. or things I have played and beat multiple times. Just not easy to limit to just 10.
  8. I really want that shirt, hat, nesting dolls, and statue. However, can I really bring myself to spend $250 on that. Collectively I have beat: Walking Dead S1: 3 times Walking Dead S2: 3 times Walking Dead S3: 2 times Michonne: 1 time Walking Dead S4: 1 time. Sure I don't have to play the game, but If I buy it I might as well get the very easy platinum for it, but that is such a grind.
  9. Finished the other night. Nothing is missable. You can go back to every island except one that is purely story driven with no real exploration. Just play the game, and then post story be ready to sit around for the breeding, or the 6000 hearts for the last two island unlocks.
  10. I will nab both, but never touch Wipe Out. Racing games are not for me. Sniper Elite 4 I do look forward to getting to play though.
  11. the text is the absolute worst. any time I am just stuck there watching the screen really breaks the flow of the game, and has a few times, just caused me to stop playing, because the momentum I had was just killed in its tracks. I have beat the story at this point, now it seems to mostly be a massive grind to get the last few islands unlocked, which I guess are from the level of your character.
  12. Call of Duty WWII is my rarest. and it was tough, just because I hate Zombies. so that was not enjoyable. second is Dead Rising 2. Which though not hard, Is an absolute brain numbing journey to get all the kills for it.
  13. I have played the Resident evil series a number of times through. Have bought them re-released most times they came out. Same with the Uncharted series. Played both Destroy all humans on ps2 and again when released on ps4. will probably get the remaster. Borderlands 1 & 2 I have completed on ps3 and ps4. Ratchet & clank series I am going through again slowly on ps3 after having played them on ps2 way back in the day.