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  1. Just looking to trade anything for the trophy. I don't care what it is.
  2. It took me a while, I was well into the 40+ wins range when during a twitch stream on a saturday morning the first 5 matches i played I won. I kept getting 3-4 in a row then losing to bad luck on Hex-a-gone. My wins were hex-a-gone, Royal Fumble, Hex-a-gone, Royal Fumble, Hex-a-gone. It is pretty simple to get to the finals. you just have to keep trying. if you are constantly making it to the end, or getting a lot of wins you will do it eventually. If I had to guess Saturday morning was just easier because all the kids were awake and playing already.
  3. Been a bit. got 4 since last time. #157 Bragging RightsUnlock all other trophies. 30.18% Uncommon Really straight forward and easy to do. Game was pretty fun with a friend all be it pretty short. #158 Platinum TrophyUnlocked when all trophies collected. 20.13% Uncommon Really great game. Playing the series backwards. 3, 2, then 1 when it is released remastered. #159 Living LegendObtain all trophies. 40.93% Uncommon What a great game this is. Combat, Story, visuals. Awesome. Worth playing, and not too grindy in endgame. #160 Fairy TailAcquired all trophies. 34.32% Uncommon Fun game, though it felt a bit lazy at some points. The end game grind does take a bit, but it is never all that hard.
  4. G.O.A.T. Earn all of The Show™ 19 Trophies. Very Proud. Was a long year and then some of working on the last online PVP trophy. only .30% achieved
  5. #154 Gnasty's DemiseCollect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies Completion time 1 Day 7 Hours #155 Ripto's RemorseCollect all trophies in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Completion time 1 Day 1 Hour #156 Party like it's 2024Win all trophies in Spyro 3 Completion time 1 Day 6 Hours
  6. #153 ConquerorEarn all Trophies. Now I enjoy all the far cry games I have played. This one was a little weird, as a direct sequel to Far Cry 5. It did not do as much as I would have hoped. The villains are boring and rarely in the game it feels like. Probably about 4 cut scenes or so. Really pretty short Plat and very easy.
  7. Metal Gear Solid 4
  8. #152 One True KingAwarded for achieving 100% completion. I think in total my play time was just over 80 hours. Perhaps right under that. The game itself was very fun, It never seemed very grind heavy as long as you stayed on top of everything. Took less than a year to do as I took breaks every now and then. Just mark another off my list.
  9. #150 Predator: Hunting Grounds Ultimate HunterUnlocked after all other trophies are unlocked This was such an insane grind. The 1000 Claims as predator, even with a full lobby you can only get 7 max per game. Compounded when taking turns with others to do this you are looking at barely 100 every two hours or so. It was a long painful grind. Thanks to those in the group for sticking with it. The base game itself is fun, though I still prefer Friday that 13th over this one. If you are iffy on going for the platinum, just know the grind is unreasonably painful to do. Though being in the top 20 to finish this is pretty cool I suppose. $151 Days Gone One PercenterGo above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone Days Gone is an interesting game. It is not amazing, but it is enjoyable. A slow burn of a story, which is made even slower if you just ride your motorcycle everywhere. The Story is pretty decent, though I found myself liking some of the side characters more than I did Deacon. Not that he was a bad character, he just felt kind of one note. Overall a really easy platinum to get, If you do all side quests and work towards getting level 3 with the camps before the end of the game, then post game grind is not bad.
  10. Persona 5 Royal. Working on the original Persona 5. Just don't think I would buy a whole new game to play it again.
  11. WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 Something I will never play so why not
  12. #149 MLB THE SHOW 19 G.O.A.T.Earn all of The Show™ 19 Trophies. 88 Achievers .29% Ultra Rare This game took me 1 year, 1 weeks, and 1 day to platinum. During that time It was constant highs and lows from playing Diamond Dynasty. I was enjoying DD so much that early on as I lost I would play more games and just lose even more. I deleted MLB 19 at least 4 separate times. Having given up hope that I would ever get the 800 rank needed in DD to get the "Welcome to the chip" trophy. However, since MLB 20 came out I have been doing better in DD. So I was giving it one last push. Finally I was at rank 787. Needing 13 points. I match up against a player. Take the lead 2-0 top of the first inning. Bottom of the first he gets 5 runs. Second inning he gets 2 more runs. 2-7 in the third I felt defeated, but kept playing. in the top of the 6th I get 3 runs. 5-7. Top of the 9th inning, my last chance. I get one run on and hit a 2 run Home Run. The game is 7-7 the other player quit. The game loads and I get 14 points. reaching 801. The struggle was real. This is such a hard trophy to earn if you are just average like I feel that I am. 8/10 difficulty 6/10 Enjoyment I am glad this is over. I feel very proud for getting this though.
  13. Final Fantasy XIII Don't like that game, so not gonna happen
  14. Yeah I think my highest is 660 something or other. Just the other day I went from 615 down to 485. So working back up. I think I am like 530 now. I hope all the really good people are Day 1 adopters of MLB20.
  15. seems almost as grind heavy as the first. Still working on the first one as is. So I will wait till I am done with 1 and 2 is on a sale