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  1. Thank you everyone, for all your sweet comments! I am currently enjoying my honeymoon in Cancun with my wife.. and tbh I really miss my PS4 lol Again, thanks all. Look forward to staying in touch with all of you eventually down the road.
  2. And it shall be updated, as you say. And thank you for the premium offer haha It truly is the thought that counts, and I definitely receive it as sincere. Best wishes to you and your family as well. Our brief conversation on this thread has given me some greater insight about what's in store for me, and I look forward to my married life. Take care of yourself, good sir!
  3. Thanks man. I appreciate the genuine advice. My wife and I consider one of our strengths to definitely be our open channel of communication with each other. We may not always agree on things together, but when we disagree, we try to understand each other as best we can and figure it out together, one way or another. As far having kids are concerned, it's somewhat complicated. I'm a very family-oriented, traditional individual, so I always dreamt of having a son and a daughter. My wife, on the other hand, naturally doesn't "like" kids and is okay with having them or not having them. And after being a relationship for so long, we basically influenced each other's thoughts and now our attitudes are swapped. We both even consider the possibility of not having kids at all, but the idea is just so mind-boggling to myself and everyone around me. Like you said, it's our decision. I just don't want to have kids solely because we feel it's "the right thing to do". Not to affected by what society tells us, but what we really feel will make us happy. And based on my experience, having a family brings out about happiness. It has its ups and downs, of course, but yeah... very complicated. And thanks for wishes everyone! It means a lot.
  4. You sir, are my new senpai haha My wife and I are actually in the middle of a dilemma right now. Whether or not we should try to have a "honeymoon baby" or give it a few months... but I don't want her to have a rough time during labor and everyone's been saying we should at least have our first right away. Not sure how many babies we want in the long run though.. Thanks for the advice! Any tips are appreciated lol
  5. LOL Yes.. here's hoping the update is still "good" news. Thank you for your comment!
  6. I just want Ned to come back to life somehow.... LORD EDDARD STARK! Honor at its finest.
  7. Currently, I'm working on Wolfenstein New Order, then I'll probably go for Ratchet & Clank or pick up the Batman Telltale game (Season One) for a quick and easy plat.
  8. Dying Light! Let's play together sometime. Something about that game makes me want a partner. lol
  9. Hi guys, I'm a Korean-American over here in the states and I just wanted to share with the community a bit of personal news. Just wanted to declare that I got married last Sunday to a wife who willingly accepts me for who I am, including the fact that I love video games. A woman who never nags at me when I play video games in my free time... ah, that's a dream come true. It even makes me want to spend more time with her. REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY at its finest. Tells me to play more video games, I'm grateful and feel bad, then I go to her and end up shutting off my PS4. lol But I shall never abandon the trophy hunter's code... Here's a video from my reception. I prepared a dance for her. Please enjoy! And smash that like button for me. That would be awesome. My sincerest wish on such a happy day, is that all of you here at PSNP may find happiness too, whether it be in the solace of video games or finding the one you love, or find comfort with your families. Best wishes to you all!
  10. Sure man. It's always a pleasure trying to get fellow gamers to get into Nioh. First and foremost, I sincerely believe that in this day and age where the gaming industry is struck with so much controversy regarding DLC management and microtransactions (I'M LOOKING AT YOU CAPCOM!), Nioh seriously did everything right from the marketing end. Of course, other games have done it correctly as well. But I just think considering how high-quality the game is and how much they've worked on it to improve it constantly and really cater to the fans, Nioh kept it simple: standard edition & deluxe edition. Deluxe edition is chalk full of additional content that is released every few months with the last DLC coming out very soon. Just the mere idea of microtransactions pisses me off especially when I spend the full $60-80 on the initial game, and Nioh has made me proud to be a fan of the game. Team Ninja YOU DID GOOD! As far as the game itself, Nioh is obviously compared to the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series. But as an avid supporter of the Eastern themed games (JRPGS, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai games, etc.), Nioh did everything it could to combine the two realms. The solid gameplay and replayability of the Dark Souls games, and the Samurai-themed dark setting that is reminiscent of the Onimusha series - if anyone remembers that legend. As a relatively new but pretty obsessive trophy hunter, I find myself often just breezing through games and never touching it again after I platinum or 100% complete it. But Nioh is one of VERY FEW GAMES nowadays that I still go back to (ahem... I haven't completed it yet since it has several difficult trophies that might take a while longer). But regardless! I personally consider it one of the greatest games of all time. And I'm sure its legacy will be remembered in the years/decades to come. If you or anyone else ever decides to pick up Nioh, PM me on PSN and I'd love to play some co op with you! If you need help or just a partner that you wanna slash demons with, I'm always down to play that game. WHENEVER.
  11. Anyone hear any updates on the PS4 version? Really looking forward to playing this soon. Hopefully more post-alpha/beta content on release for consoles. EDIT: Crap... should've posted in Unreleased subforum.
  12. My next purchases will most likely be: Horizon Zero Dawn (yeah.. can't believe I don't have it yet) Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Gundam Versus (September!) Dissidia NT
  13. I recommend getting Nioh. I'll help you out if you have any trouble. But that game... is WORTH EVERY PENNY.
  14. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix (hard copy) One Piece: Burning Blood (digital)