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  1. You don't understand do you? Just because one person earned it out of thousand others means that the trophy is NOT broken? From what I have seen on Discord, a lot did the F-in legitway and didn't get it, but, that one guy got it so whatever right? I will also repeat this as many times as I have to, YOU don't decide what people can complain about, and the way 100% comp ended up in this shitty position is non of your business. And finally, to use your own argument: If you hate it, stop reading. This is f**** pathetic to read.
  2. So.. Other than the platinum complain, how many hours are we looking to if we want to get the 100%?
  3. Well if you say so, I'll definitely give it a go! Thanks!
  4. Mah men you shouldn't worry about that, you got a lit profile. Typically the kind of profile that I like to see: Polyvalent, hard games, RPGs, no stack, no play to plat, famous games and hidden gems. Also you really got some balls going for the Wolfenstein II! I'm really to scared of it messing with my future 100% completion. Exactly, there is no "better way" to hunt or play, we have different standards, reasons and just want to find people that share the same ideas and have fun talking about it, dass it. Edit: Gotta say you have an amazing trophy list, it's really inspiring. I'll definitely take notes and go for some rare ones.
  5. Damn, blocking? Why? I mean I get it if it's a Fortnite PFP, or the psn ID is: gamer-girl1232.. But maybe you can meet cool people that are not great hunters nah? Unless you are not intrested in this ofc. Well, I mostly look into people I find on game sessions, and on forums (If I find their post interesting, just want to have a better idea of the personality) Oh interesting! Around how many cheaters you got so far? Very smart use! Plus, you'll have a better idea of how hard/long the trophy hunt for that game will be, when you compare in general. Oh.. Why? Being in a trophy community and not sharing your trophies, nor looking at others? It's a pure personal satisfaction huh? I'm really curious about why hiding tho.. If it's okay for you to share. :I "Most humans"? Hm... I mean to achieve your own accomplishments, don't you compare with others to set the goals? Like to do better, get advice ect? I find other people "accomplishments" very interesting, in a way it can help you to get to yours quicker, to know what is waiting for you and set even bigger ones! That's why constantly keeping an eye out is important. Buuuut that's just an opinion.. an internet guy opinion. LMAO YOU PICKY! But I understand. What you describe up here is the kind of account I want to have, but you know not all hunters are old, maybe new ones are coming and wanting to get to this level, It's still cool to take a look at their journey. But yeah, with this many hunters you have to right to see what you want, just saying that sometimes you should give a chance to everything in life, things are not always the way they look. Tell me, since there is so many stack hunters why do this? You know they usually stack easy games, because of that, even when I see stacked games I have the reaction to leave. They all look the same and it wouldn't tell me much about their real tastes. As to you, I see that you stack for pure fun, but doesn't bother you that it might.. "pollute" your list ? It can be very missleading.
  6. For me personally trophies are just a way to see someone's interests and their way of hunting. It's just fun to see what are some people struggling with, what is their biggest achievement ect... Trophies are just like clothes, they don't tell everything but you can have an idea of the personality, and I find it so interesting to see how diverse our community is. I usually look first at the completion %, rarest trophies, first trophy and finally the game list. (I usually get bored really quick when I see stacked games, because it just makes the idea of discovering the hunter's game's diversity so exhausting) How about you? Do you look at other peoples list? Why and what exactly? Really curious.
  7. When I came it wasnt here but I can guarantee you are not dreaming. In every topic about this trophy, there's that same guy that always come to wrigh the exact sentence that you mentioned. As to OT, I kinda want to do the same, but if the new way is still hard and luck based, I'm afraid regretting this one. :I
  8. Uhm.. I did. Tho my post is still up, at least for me.
  9. Sadly, the chances are really low. I had several times when I ignored kudos going up and nothing. Actually, you would just be careful for nothing (As you don't care as much for the first win ) I'm in the exact sitation as you, currently on my way to the 100th win and still nothing. Countless of 4 and 3 streak, and kudos go up despite leaving early. The worst in all of this, is that the game is becoming harder and harder, people are getting better, but the glitch is still as shitty. I think that people come to forget something when it comes to luck: You can be unaffected, where only your skill will get you there; you can be lucky where even if you play like shit you'll manage to make it.. And finally our case, where you are so unlucky, your skill won't be enough. I'm completely lost, I don't know if I should accept my faith as I always been unlucky in general, and wait for the dev to release an "easier" way to get this, or keep grinding in the cost of my sanity. Anyways, good luck to you buddy.
  10. Do they have some way to double the xp or something atm?
  11. Because some start a game expecting a certain difficulty to be doable, and when they get too much stressed, they don't want to finish the hunt but they still want the trophies so... I have some lame trophies to do, but I really don't want to because its too boring or frustrating, so I can very easily understand the appeal. But I feel like if I do it I'll be cheating myself. I want to have a perfect 100% account with some legit good/hard games, but I do it mostly for my personal satisfaction.
  12. Actually lost two 4win streak because of some Aholes grabbing me. Not gonna lie, if I wasn't going for the Infallible trophy I would've had a lot of fun with this mechanic, and even if I'm mad, I still can laught about the situation. And let's be honest for a sec, usually the ones who grab are the ones who lose first. I try not to grab anyone for now because Karma is strong in this game, but once the platinum done I will be annoying af! C:
  13. Yeah I kinda thought that out, but I guess since the game has just launched that it might be a possiblilty ( It's a basic online game rule, but could've been forgotten), at least I strongly hoped so considering how hard this trophy is. ;; Aha sorry mate.
  14. Damn. TT Thanks !
  15. So actually when you close the game before the end of a round, you don't get any xp whatsoever, it MIGHT be because the game doesn't count it... So maybe we can try close the game everytime we don't get a win until the 5th win. Give it a try and leave some feedback pls, thanks! :I Edit: As precised just under, it doesn't work. Guess that as another solution we can just play a team of 4, the other 3 would have to sacrifice themselves by holding enemy players from getting to the finish line. Of course, doesn't make it any easier, I guess it just balance a little bit more between Skill and luck. Maybe in the futur we will see modes or updates that will make it easier since it will be a constant in-dev game like Fortnite and others. Good luck! o/