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  1. Thanks for the tips buddy! I was actually struggling, when I tried to hit the ball, the headset moves a little bit which made me skip it. With your advice I did storm 5-0 on hard the first try. This should be added to the guide. :I
  2. Hey got a question! Since you build your Railjack inside the clan, would leaving the clan or getting banned make your restart your construction (or) the completed Railjack all over again?
  3. They still didn't release it on Android right?
  4. Damn! Happy to be about to get the platinum... Started playing the game again just one week ago, been lucky af. x) Good luck for those that will try to finish it before the 9th!
  5. Yes, sure, but why can't he have the #1 Chun Li player AND best disable Chun Li player? Meaningless things as physical abilities? Really? So if I cut off your arms right now you would still have the same skill at gaming? Don't say stupid things pleased. Before you mentioned this, I didn't even know that the #1 Chun Li was a phiscally disabled person, because I'm not interested in the Street Fighter world. Even if I have no physical problem I already feel inspired, so imagine how a disable person would feel? I'm sorry but people are different, you have to accept it. Either it's your color, gender or origin you go through a different life and experience, so at the end people love to have inspirations, a person who they can identify to. We are all treated differently, I'll believe you if you say you don't, but the world isn't about you, so the best thing is to treat people all the same yes, but also to share their achievements and show the world that anyone can achieve the top. It would be completely lying to yourself if you think that people are not treated differently because of who they are, but the fact is closing your eyes from our differences instead of celebrating them is just a delusional thing. Don't get me wrong, I would refer to the #1 Chun Li as the #1 Chun Li player, but I would certainly not consider that he did the same efforts as a person who doesn't' have a physical disability did. The Twitch isn't a different topic, you see, it's because of the shitpromotion that I got tired, and wanted to have a little faith in humanity and see that in our generation not all the females are doing the same things, again, it was personal. And seriously, no one uses gamer girl unironically, that's been a meme for months, it was obvious AF. And for the stalking, it was my bad because I used the same word by laziness, but know what? Add it to your bingo card, it's free. Was fun chatting with you, but I have other things to do, and other accounts to stalk, see you around in another topic. :]]
  6. Omg why are you all getting so triggered by this? Why does it matter to you if I want to know? Is it possible to look for something without people assuming stuff ffs?zs Would you have the same reaction if I asked who is the 1# Handicaped trophy hunter? (...Actually I think I would love to know that too) I just asked because I was curious,I spend a lot of time on the site watching trophies of people because it's fun to see what others are capable of. Even if I used "stalk" to answer the other, in reality I just took one look at her profile to see what was there and never went back, can't believe the time I'm wasting answering this moral teacher wanna be. And for the 'REAL gamer girls' it was mostly said ironically, but whatever, guess that your big brain can't process that. And to contradict your last argument, go take a look on Instagram or Twitch: most of the girls that have the skill of a goose in gaming, but are a pro at showing their body are ending up being recommended and swallowing up all the real gaming community. There's a difference between playing less video games, and using them to promote yourself, which I hate.
  7. What weird stuff? God it's crazy how susceptible and paranoid people are nowadays. You know not all guys have a twisted mind like yours. Yes, we stalk here, that's one of this site mains reasons to exist, to see other people's achievement, if they don't want to they can just put it in private,. As a trophy hunter I love to see what other people other than myself achieved. And for the bad stigma thing, putting a light to show that actual good and true female gamers exists out there is nothing but a good.
  8. Why? You want one? c:
  9. Doesn't really. It's just curiosity. Yes, we all do love gaming, but trophies are kinda here to express peoples tastes and make us see how diverse they can be. As to the personal view, I'm curious about this because lately all the "gamer" girls that I met are just mostly casual or grind one of 4 games. Where trophy hunting encourages diversity in games, I just thought it would be interesting to see what the number one plays, but again, that's more personal. Thanks!
  10. So as I have been looking at the Leaderboard lately, I just now noticed that the player ikemenzi (ranked second), is considered as the first on the most played games. And that made me wonder, we have number one hunter in the world, in each country, in games played, but we still don't have our #1 trophy huntress! The one that represents all of our REAL gamer girls out there. (or maybe I didn't search well enough) So who is she? Made me really curious.