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  1. No they have not said anything, but it might be better to get the trophies as soon as possible since they are focusing more on their other game and we didn't have a new Event update which is a bad sign. Hopefully since they do not have a lot of active games, they might keep the servers open longer but you never know with MP games.
  2. I was actually in the mood of getting a MP platinum, but after Fall Guys and Games of Glory I'm tired of being under the pressure because of the servers or difficulty spike over time... Can't trust MP games anymore, still afraid that I will not get my Firewall ZH platinum before the servers get closed so I'll avoid myself more stress and focus on my actual games.
  3. Did you ever went on your way and asked them? Making a friendship out of it? Did that ever inspired you to actually try and platinum those UR games yourself? Tbh a lot of profiles that have somewhat of the same skill as mine or a bigger one always inspired me to challenge myself: If that person did it, I can't see a reason why I wouldn't be able to! 😤
  4. No! Omg of course there is love for you here! Plus of helping me, felt less lonely to have a friend going through the same hellish hunt! Oh my bad, I received the mail that day and when I checked on the forum It didn't see the game (Probably missed it)
  5. RIP. The hunt was worth it.
  6. It is official, Games of Glory is closing March 26th 2021! Was a very grindy game, glad I'm done with it thanks to @ScepticW Good luck for the others!
  7. Hey! Need some help for the trophies, I can trade, currently I'm missing: -Thermal, Burnout or Nitrous and Ion Rocket boost -Shark topper -A certified Item (veteran if possible) And some help to collecte the 150 Items. Just add me
  8. Why? You think there is a way to use your Playstation account on your mobile?
  9. Oh Thanks a lot!
  10. So I decided to finally play this game now that it's free, but apparently since the update its not the same. Jumped expecting that the actual Psnprofiles guide is updated but its not. Is it the same difficulty now? The same time to needed to earn the trophies? I don't even want to jump on the DLCs and check them... Anyone has a link to an updated guide? Would really appreciate it.
  11. Yep deleting save files won't work since it's about your online account. Meh, as quick as you can be, it's not like you can speedrun it. Just make sure that your console is not buggy and be reactive. And if the download failed message did not appear its okay, still counts, as long as you did not get through the movie with your Internet connection on it should be fine.
  12. Yeah around that, or you can just wait another date with bigger rewards. C:
  13. So, considering how grindy the trophy is, I decided to make here a guide on how to use the glitch( Already mentioned in other topics) But mostly to notify about special events rewards. The glitch of the trophy is about using rewards given by the game and multiply them, the problem is, once you are online the reward is taken and you cannot glitch it, therefor we will use this topic to give constant update on big rewards coming with their dates, since they are completely random. How does the glitch work step by step: -Check the reward of the day by looking in this topic or connecting with a secondary account -Start the game with your internet connection on -Go to offline lobby -Once in it, go back to title and get to the online lobby -On the loading screen, wait to see a big blue circle, the second you see it: - Hit the Playstation button -> Go to Settings -> Network -> Uncheck Connect to the Inernet -> Go back to the game - Click Ok and go back to the offline Lobby, and your Zeni should go up -Now go back to title screen, connect back to the internet go the online lobby and re-do the same thing. *Current Rewards: 12/24/2020 -If you didn't connect the last 4 days, you should get 1,600,000 Zenis - Starting from 23rd December, you will get daily 100,000 for a total of 1,400,000 Zenis ( Not Stackable) -Until 1/6/2021, Playing 24 Ranked matches will get you a total of 300,00 Zenis that will be given from 1/8/2021 ***** You can find current and next rewards by checking the Information on the Lobby**** Be free to notify upcoming big rewards and the state of the glitch here if things change, so it can be easily found, thanks and good luck hunters!
  14. So.. Other than the platinum complain, how many hours are we looking to if we want to get the 100%?
  15. Well if you say so, I'll definitely give it a go! Thanks!