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  1. Hey, it should become more active as we finally get Tales of Arise. Assuming that @sundrew is alright, of course =p. Hopefully I can get a PS5 by then. Might as well play the best possible version if we are gonna get these so spaced out from now on.
  2. We have talked about this a few times in this thread. But just to let @AJ_Radio know: Here in Argentina an N64 game used to cost anywhere from $120 to $150 (in USD). Adjusted for inflation that would now be a range from $195 to $245. Meanwhile you could get pirated copies of PS1 games in any videogame store for about $1 ($1.63 adjusting for inflation =P). Buying an N64 game was unheard of at the time, lol. I had about 4 games on N64, then the rest I played was rented. Meanwhile on my PS1 I had like 70 games no problem. The same repeated again with PS2 vs Gamecube, sadly. Although prices for legit games were not as outrageous anymore. Nowadays legit copies of PS4 games in Argentina cost about $65-70, so about the same price that in the US because that's with sales tax included here. On top of that I'm a working single adult so I can buy all the shit I couldn't as a kid, lol. I'm sure you completed many more PS3 games than I did, so you would know better than me. Isn't it better than requirements were lowered a bit? Looking at games like Star Ocean The Last Hope or White Knight Chronicles scares me, lol. I think there is are good middle ground examples already. Bloodborne did a great job making the list cover optional bosses and areas. In terms of collectables it only asks for all weapons, which are worth finding because they are all unique and worth a look anyway (different from Dark Souls where weapons just follow a few archetypes). Watching all endings (which can be done with save backups, too). It mostly tours you through the whole game so that you don't miss anything important (the Chalice Dungeons are the lowest point of that tour, though). Then there are long ass games like Dragon Quest XI which instead of killing the player asking for 100% of everything only asks for about 70%. As far as I remember it only asks 100% of costumes, which is also something that has a noticeable change instead of just yet another armor with bigger numbers. On top of that all missable chests and stuff ger relocated if you missed them in a dungeon that becomes inaccessible due to story events. Having no missables in a game that takes 150 hours to beat is very thoughtful, lol. I really dislike this practice, too. I also can't understand how people can enjoy getting those piss easy plats that take 5 minutes. What's the value in them when you didn't have to put any effort to achieve it? I'm fine with easy platinums as long as the game is worth playing, though. I wouldn't put something like Spider-Man or Sly Cooper in the same boat just because their platinums are very easy.
  3. I think this may be the difference between people like me rating it 4/10 and others ranging from 6 to 8/10. I also got that accessory right after finishing Normal (after grinding to level 50 and maxing some Materia to be more precise). Had no trouble with the simulator battles either. For the hard fight I just saved both Tifa's and Cloud's Limit Breaks and bursted down Ifrit before he got to do anything, and of course use manaward when the countdown got down to 1. Gave that the accessory to Cloud, equipped Hardedge and an Initiative materia (or whatever the one that gives you full ATB at the start of battle was called), and every normal battle ended instantly. Either Triple Slash the group if it was just some small enemies, or Limit Break the big enemy and Triple Slash the survivors. For bosses all I did was switch around which element I was gonna absorb. That way I could ignore part of the mechanics of the fight (like absorbing Thunder against Reno or absorbing Fire against the Crab Warden). It was easier than Normal.
  4. Yeah, it was a pretty bad time. The good thing is that they didn't take any games, which are more expensive and easier to carry than the old consoles they took too, like my N64 and PS1. I did lose 2 games that really hurt, though. One was Tales of Vesperia (it was inside the PS3 since I was playing it at the time. Japanese copy that cost like $80 back then), and Tales of Symphonia for GC (complete in box. I had some cash inside it. I told one of the dudes that the cash was there but the piece of shit took the whole game instead of taking out the cash . After that I never kept cash inside a game's case ever again. I did buy new copies of those games and all the systems again. Ah, I see. So it started because it was Colorado's population and then other zombie games followed it as a joke by one upping each other adding 1 more every time, lol. I was probably missing some mechanic or something. I mean, I started playing on Hard after almost 12 years and I just rushed the game.
  5. Yo! I was checking your trophy list and I saw you play Genshin Impact, or at least played it. Are you still playing? Cause I am, lol.

    Tell me your UID (either here or via PM if you don't want to make it public) so I can add you.

    1. Honor_Hand


      @AndresLionheart Yeah, I still play it regularly. Currently stuck at AR 55. I try to do my dailies most of the time and I've been focused mostly on upgrading my characters lately.


      Yo, no problem. Here's my UID: 608524322 ;)

    2. AndresLionheart


      We are all stuck at AR 55. They made it so people can't max AR level for a whiiiiiiile.


      Ok, I will add you tonight when I log in before bed to spend resin =).

    3. Honor_Hand


      @AndresLionheart Haha, I'm hoping a new update finally allows us to go further than that. Like, either change the required amount to level up in that range and add more levels and rewards or make quests give more XP. But yeah, me and everyone I know who is still playing this game, we've been all stuck on AR 55 for a while now. xxD


      Awesome. :D

  6. Yeah, I should have mentioned that as well. A few times I had to leave the mission area, only to then come back and have to sit through the explanation again... I kinda got a little lazy with the third game only because it appearently actually requires some skill due to some challenge missions. It's good to know that Sly 3 is more like Sly 2, though.
  7. Prototype Game Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum Difficulty: 8/10 Time to Platinum: 40 hours Thoughts on the game With a real time of 11 years, 9 months and 3 days, this is now my slowest Platinum! That should actually be a milestone for the profiles here. I played this one about one month after it originally released. It was a time when I didn't have much money, so I couldn't afford many games. I was really looking forward to playing this one because it looked so fucking cool! Running around, jumping and gliding across a city as a super powered dude never looked as good. Going back into it I can now see how bad the framerate was, and the graphics are rough, too. I didn't even remember this was an Activision game. It's kinda weird booting the game up, seeing the Activision logo, but then see that is a complete game without a single microtransaction (which were either not a thing that existed yet, or not as common). Another thing I noticed is that it only got a minor patch once. When I installed the game it downloaded patch 1.01, which based on the number I would say it was a minor patch probably to fix some spelling error or a minor glitch. I can't say much about the story because I skipped cutscenes this time around. I do remember the main plot twist, but that's about it. Moving around is still fun, albeit with some weird control choices. Combat is way worse than I remembered. Dodging has no iframes and moves don't flow together well. The city is smaller than I remember, too. For some reason I thought it was bigger than just Manhattan. I'm struggling for words here. I don't have much to say about the game. Now about that Platinum... Thoughts on the Platinum One of my reasons to come back to this platinum was the fact that I already had most of it done from my casual years. One of the most difficult parts of it is getting platinum scores in every single event. Apparently I did all that from one day to the next considering the time between when I got all the Golds and when I got all the Platinums (you have to get all golds first before the platinums are unlocked). With that being said, I cannot say much of the other miscellaneous trophies because I don't remember when I got them. What I had pending to do was finishing the game on Hard difficulty (which is unlocked after finishing the game once), killing 53596 infected and collecting all 200 landmarks. These 200 landmarks are the reason I didn't finish the plat back then. I wanted to do them on my current 100% normal playthrough but since I had already gathered a bunch, checking back each area to see which I was missing was more difficult than simply starting over, since checking for something you may have already gotten from a map could mean you actually miss it when rechecking due to altitudes not taken into account on a flat map. I don't think there were video guides at that point yet. Remember that I played this only 1 month after it released. Getting all 200 landmarks while doing the Hard playthrough is a good idea because it gives some very useful Evolution Points right off the bat to make it slighlty easier. Anyway, with a video guide ready I popped the disc in and- It has to install? Weird, I don't remember ever deleting anything on this console. After installing I go in, select new game and- Why isn't Hard an option? I check my saves and then it hit me... This was NOT the same PS3 I played the game on for the first time. That one was stolen in 2009, along with all my other consoles. So, now that meant I would have to beat the game on Easy or Normal just to unlock hard. That already killed my enthusiasm for finishing this plat. Thankfully I got the idea of trying if someone elses save would unlock Hard. I download a finished game save on Normal and checked if it did work. While I couldn't load the save because it belongs to another user, it did unlock Hard! That was a relief. Since I had already gotten the first playthrough trophies legitimately I can use that save to unlock Hard, but if you haven't done a playthrough first don't do this because your trophies will be out of order. Anyway, I peacefully followed the video guide to collect all 200 landmarks and then proceeded to breeze through the game, or at least I would like to say it was a fun and enjoying "breeze". You see, Hard difficulty is fine for like half of the game, it's challenging but nothing terrible. For the second half though... holy fucking shit. It's not hard, it's just plain fucking annoying to play! Enemies pile on you, interrupting your attacks all the time. Military units have godlike accuracy. There are probably many more enemies than usual. On later missions it becomes a clusterfuck. Good news is that there is a very simple to execute glitch that makes you invulnerable. The only bad thing with this glitch is that it goes away if you fail a mission and have to restart from a checkpoint. While you cannot fail missions by dying, you can still fail on missions that have other objectives, like protecting a structure or having to weaken something but not kill it (don't be like me, read mission objectives before pulling off your screen clearing attack, lol). If you fail you have to exit the mission altogether, losing your checkpoint, and go to reactivate the glitch. Even when I couldn't take damage some fights were still annoying as shit. With so much shit flying around you still get interrupted all the time. Hard mode is not fun in any way. For last I had the trophy for killing 53596 infected (dunno if this is a random number or it means something). Since I didn't do any optional content my kill count was at like 2000... Grinding kills is not that bad, though. There is an event called Rolling Thunder. You are given the strongest type of tank and have to kill a bunch of infected for 2 minutes. After a few attempts I optimized the shit out of that event. My route was start the event by killing the stuff around the area while I point my tank's front to the south. Then I would go south while shotting behind me (then tank is going toward the screen). I did it this way because the tank's strongest attack has a shitton of recoil, which normally slows you down, but if you shoot behind you it actually pushes you, letting you cover more ground. Shooting back also means that enemies that come from the sides trying to follow the tank get themselves on the line of fire. I also go south because there is an infected area to that direction (if you didn't destroy the hive), that means more basic infected pedestrians. Now here is the other trick. The event is 2 minutes long, so after 1 minute of driving straight I would turn around the tank and go back the way I came (again, with the tank's front pointing forward, in this case, north. This is because when the tank is going forward it goes faster than in reverse). By doing this I would end up around the same place where I started. Enemies respawn along the way, so that's not an issue. The good thing about ending where you started is that the game doesn't need to load when you press on the event result screen to try again. As I said, I optimized the shit out of that event. One last point to keep in mind is that not all the infected you kill in the event gives you points for it. That's fine because you don't care about the points, just the kill count. So killing everything is worth it. With that strategy I got the 52000 or so kills I was missing in 2 hours. While Hard was not fun to play, I'm glad I came back to finish this one. Not only because it's nice to see games at 100%, but also because it was 4 new Ultra Rares =P.
  8. Sly 2: Band of Thieves Game Difficulty: 2/10 Platinum Difficulty: 1/10 Time to Platinum: 13 hours Thoughts on the game An improvement in every way. I've kinda speedrunning these PS3 games lately, so it's only been a week since I played Sly 1. While Sly 1 felt more like a Crash game with its corridor-style levels. Sly 2 takes a more open approach, which garners it its own identity. Now you explore a single big area with a few sub areas, doing missions that all culminate in a heist-like mission. The mechanics utilized in the mission are then put to the test in the final one. Pretty simple and effective design philosophy. This mission style also makes it so you actually do more thieve-like things. In the previous game being a thief was bringing nothing to important to the gameplay. Sly could have been a pirate and nothing would have changed. In this one the main objective is stealing things. The other 2 characters also take a more important role. Although Murray has a completely different personality. He used to be dumb and shy, now he is still kinda dumb but is confident in his strength and what he does. Many of the problems I had with the first game are solved or at least improved upon. You can now equip special abilities to the shoulder buttons (except R1 because that one is reserver for sprinting and gliding). That's 3 abilities you can have easy access to. On top of that abilities are more useful altogether. For example I kept the Smoke Bombs the whole game because it was so useful to be able to easily get out of enemies sight, not only to run away, but also to stealth kill the bigger ones in front of their faces. There is also a health bar and no lives. Being able to take several hits without having to worry about dying so easily makes it less frustrating. Not having lives is the more modern approach, too. Movement as Sly is still the best part, although I feel like the auto-aiming the game does to easily jump to small surfaces was less reliable. Several times it made me go to places below me that I couldn't even see. This port overall seemed a bit more rushed. Some details were not taken into account when switching the game to 16:9. Screen transitions use an overlay that doesn't fill the whole screen. You can see the edges on both sides which the overlay fails to cover. Then there was this one scene where Murray is supposed to be entering a building through a window while the camera pans to the right, but since there is a bigger field of view now you can see how Murray is just standing there by the window. The game story is divided in 8 areas, most of which were fun to explore. The ones that were a bit frustrating are Episode 4 and 5. My problem with those is that there is a lot of verticality while not having enough ways to easily climb. This ends up in a lot of walking around trying to find a tube or something you can climb on to then walk over a wire to the are you actually wanted to go. The fluidity of the gameplay is this game's strongest suit. Letting them player utilize that fluidity should always be a priority. Thoughts on the Platinum Another short and simple one. This time around you only need to collect the clue bottles in one of the 8 areas. I still collected them in all 8 because it was fun to find them thanks to the sound the bottles make. Having 1500 coins on hand is easy too. The guide here said to destroy everything and steal from every enemy. I found it much more efficient to only steal from enemies that had items in their pockets and to steal items in each area that have to be carried over to the base. These items are worth A LOT. Is not worth wasting time pickpocketing everyone and going out of the way to destroy object. As long as you prioritize buying only the upgrades that are required for trophies you will not need to go out and grind for money. There are plenty more upgrades that are very expensive, so looking up the trophies to check which to buy is important. Kinda sucks that these have the same Platinum icon. At least put a "2" on the icon D=.
  9. @Honor_Hand Hey! It's been a while indeed. I like doing these in a thread because it seems to be easier to organize them. I can keep editing the first post and link to each individual game write-up. I'm actually subbed to your thread and I have most other notifications turned off, so I only see your status updates if I manually check your profile. It's definitely more fun when someone reads them and comments, that's for sure. The art direction is is stronger suit. It gives the game its own identity. As far as I know there aren't other games that do this. I can see why, though. It's defintely much more costly to make a game like this instead of using good ol' cel-shading on 3D models. This is also why enemies are recycled so much, too. I'm fine with enemy recolors but they also use recolors of secondary characters as regular enemies, like the ninja girl that hangs out with the baker dude. Those should not be reused as regular enemies. So it wasn't my PS3 or something lagging on some battles then, it was the game. I had some battles go to like 15 fps or something, which sucks even more because it eats your inputs on the dropped frames. It was so hard to dodge, lol. It was also a time I was kinda getting into ecchi games, so that was another reason to check this one out. Since I was skipping all the text just to get the platinum I only got to read some lines here and there, but I remember the protagonist was so lame. In terms of music... other than the battle theme I don't remember it from 7 years ago. I actually played the game with low volume while I listened to several podcasts, lol. They do pull off the style graphic style quite nice, though. It kinda fucks up a bit when the camera does a fast cut to other angles, but most of the time it looks convincing. It's kinda funny that I'm crapping on the horny protag from Time and Eternity but here I am salivating over Angela from Trials of Mana xD. You should try them both out. Nothing midblowing but fun games nonetheless. I was especially surprised by Trials of Mana. It's a SNES RPG with modern graphics. Ys VIII was really fun on the first playthrough, but the second playthrough on Nightmare was kind of a slog. Without the magic and mystery of exploring the island it becomes less enjoyable. I will try to check your profile more often to see what you are up to. As for me I'm in sort of a PS3 mood right now. The upcoming closure of the store got me thinking on games I still wanted to play and/or finish.
  10. Time and Eternity Game Difficulty: 2/10 Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Platinum: 45 hours Thoughts on the game Would you look at that. Another abandoned game that I decided to finally go back and finish. I actually played this one in 2014, stopping right at the final boss. Why did I stop? I can only guess but I would guess it was because I had to go and grind to level 70 for a trophy because levels don't carry into NG+. I wasn't as hardcore into trophies back then. I would actually just play games casually and then check trophies when I was done (or almost done) with the story. As such I also wasn't as accepting of grinding, so I dropped the game before even finishing it. That also means I picked up the game right at the door of the final boss. Coming back to a game after 7 years sucks. I didn't remember shit about the battle system, yet I had to face the final boss. Thankfully after having to grind to level 70 I was so strong that the final boss was dealing 0 damage with their weaker, faster attacks. After finishing the game I had to go into NG+ and finish it again for a different ending that is only possible in NG+. Through this playthrough I skipped all scenes so I can only slightly recall what the story was about. It was something about a dude marrying a cute girl but being interrupted, and killed, right there in the wedding. The girl has time powers so she goes back in time before the wedding to try and change history by dealing with the assassins beforehand. You deal with them but then something else happens in the wedding, requiring another turning back in time to deal with this other issue that also ended up interrupting the wedding and killing the husband. This cycle repeats, and will keep repeating, due to... something I don't remember because I skipped the story. Something about a Mobius Loop. Before the 5th attempt at the wedding you can finally deal with the loop and can get married with the girl. That was obviously a gross generalization of how the story goes. The girl also has another personality or something that takes over half of the time. The original girl is called Toki, the other one is Towa. I don't remember why this is a thing. The game never takes itself seriously, so any antics it pulls are accepted. Now, why did I ever even get interested in this game? Well... the idea of putting 2D anime animations in a 3D game was fairly interesting. They do pull it somewhat well, too. It was a time when I was looking into new things because it was the "brown" era of videogames. All those drab and depressing art styles made me want to look into new things. There are some ecchi elements but it's pretty tame. The girls are nothing to write home about, especially considering current standards. Even a game like Atelier Ryza has sexier characters. Doing this playthrough after 7 years got me thinking how I actually got to stand up with this shit of a game, though. Maps are bigger that they seem for no good reason other than to pad playtime. If you go too fast you fall behind in levels extremely quickly. I noticed all this things because I had to do this NG+ for the extra ending. I don't understand how I put up with such a boring game for over 30 hours back in 2014. My old save had 33 hours played, where I completed every sidequest and shit. My NG+ playthrough on Easy ended up at 9 hours, which is fine, but the fucking boss of chapter 3 was 1 shotting me with its first, attack, which is unavoidable. I ended up being able to power through by using a magic resist buffing ability before she did this attack (which she thankfully only does once). Still, that was the hardest fucking fight I had in this game. From what I could notice by skipping dialog I could see that there isn't much to actually see. It's very juvenile. The protagonist is a horny dude who was about to marry a cute anime girl, and he has no shame in showing how horny for her he is. It reminded me of how simple minded I was when I was like 15. As such, it feels like a 15 years old wrote all of it. The idea of the time loop wedding that cannot happen is interesting, but everything else around it falls completely flat. Wasn't for the fact that I had already finished some annoying trophies back in 2014 I wouldn't have gone back to finish this game. I would definitely NOT recommend it. Especially when... Thoughts on the Platinum Goddamn fucking RNG, man...Most trophies are not an issue, but the stupid BRONZE trophy that requires acquiring every type of meal sucks!! How does it work? When you leave home after doing some main/sidequests you have a chance that the current girl gives you a meal. She can give you any of 3 possible types of meals depending on her Love stat. There are actually 4 meals per love bracket, with 3 different brackets. There is a shitty meal, a normal meal, and a character specific meal. Since there are 2 girls, that makes it 4 meals per bracket. The problem arises when the chances of getting the girl specific meal is low as shit. The brackets go from 0-49 Love, 50-99 Love, and 100+ Love. If the Love stat goes higher when you are still missing meals then you miss the trophy. The chances of the girl actually even giving a meal are never 100%. So, you do some main/sidequests, and after returning home save and hope for the best. If you don't get a meal you need you can keep reloading the save to try to get something different. It doesn't sound so bad but the chances of getting the girl specific meals are very low. For the first bracket of meals I spent 40 minutes reloading to get Toki's meal, and 1 hour and fucking 10 minutes to get Towa's meal. For the second bracket I don't know if the chances are much higher or I got exceedingly lucky. I got Towa's meal within 4 reloads, and Toki's meal in like 10 reloads. For the final bracket I already had Towa's meal from my first playthrough, and I got Toki's meal in like 5 reloads. Again, I dunno if I got super lucky on the last 2 brackets or if the chances just fucking suck for the first bracket. Other than that it is a fairly simple platinum. For the NG+ playthrough I was trying to do as little as possible so I was like 10-15 levels below the recommended level. It wasn't much of an issue except during the beginning of chapter 2 and the final boss of chapter 3 as mentioned before.
  11. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Game Difficulty: 2/10 Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 Time to Platinum: 6 hours Thoughts on the game The upcoming closure of PS3, Vita and PSP stores got me thinking about games I had yet to buy for PS3. There are a few I had in mind but I was still waiting for some sort of sale. Sales for these old games rarely happen, and when they happened they are usually garbage sales. Like the first fucking Hatsune Miku game being only 10% off every now and then . This looked like a competent 3D platformer that happened in an era when I was kinda away from the genre. With easy plats attached to them I wanted to eventually try them out. It is a mix between Crash and Spyro design, but with more refined movement options. Actions flow well one into the other, and the platforming precision is there, especially later into the game when more of the main abilities are unlocked. The non-main abilities unlocked by opening the vaults in each stage feel pretty worthless, though. I mostly only used the very first one here and there. My main issue isn't that they are not that important, the issue is that they are all executed with the Triangle button. You have to switch between them with and , and that is not fun. If you give me abilities that barely matter I can't be arsed to switch between them to use them, I will just use the one selected. With the exception of , all the other shoulder buttons do nothing (or at least nothing important because I never pressed them)... would it have been too much to ask to put the Slow-mo on and the Fast-mo on ? Maybe use + a face button for the melee moves? I like the cartoony look it has, along with the cartoony sound effects. Walking and running around makes this very distinct cartoon sneaking step sound effect too, lol. On the voice acting I'm kinda neutral. I'm not sure if it's the voice direction or the actors but all of them have a very discernible flaw. Sly always sounds a bit too disinterested, Bentley sounds like someone acting like a nerd, etc. Difficulty is low, yet it doesn't go without some weird spikes. These spikes don't happen exactly due to honest difficulty but mostly from dying in one hit. The power-ups that allow for extra hits are quite hard to come by. After dying several times on the same place the game starts you off with 1 extra hit, but that should have been the standard in my opinion. Bosses have several phases, and dying at any point means restarting the whole thing. This is especially annoying on the final boss. It has 3 phases, and the final one is very easy to take a hit. It is a fun little game, albeit too short. That's not an issue now that it comes in a collection with other 2 games (although I guess it's not gonna be a thing for long since it's not on PS4). I would have been a little disappointed if I got this on PS2 as a full priced game. Not like that could have ever happened for me since everything PS2 related was pirated down here. Thoughts on the Platinum I mean... it took 6 hours, there isn't much to say tbh. I did the whole thing in one sitting. For the last world with collectables I was somewhat following a guide with the locations because those are actually hidden. That did cut possible replaying of stages. I've heard the time trials are kinda hard, though. These are not required for the platinum, so I didn't even bother, lol. I bet that could have added like 4 more hours of playtime.
  12. Thank you. I've been kinda slacking on this lately, though. In the beginning I used to record video for everything and I would write on more detail. Now I kinda do it a bit faster and shorter, if I even do it. I like doing it because it leaves my thoughts somewhere where I can din them later. Reading on stuff I played 2 years ago is kinda fun, and it's only gonna get better the longer I keep going. It's even more fun when someone comments about it, but as you mentioned, that rarely happens.
  13. Persona 5 Strikers Game Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Platinum: 63 hours Thoughts on the game The final piece (at the time of writing) in the Persona 5 universe. I played many musou games before, although this one is quite different. Instead of the traditional battlefield filled with enemies and capturing bases, this game is more of an action RPG. You explore a dungeon-like area, with some light puzzle solving. Enemy groups are represented with a character walking around, and when battle is initiated a horde of enemies appear (around 50 or so) and a quick musou battle happens. When the enemies are defeated it goes back to exploring the dungeon. So, essentially, a regular Persona RPG but with musou combat. There is a LOT of story content. Almost all of the main story scenes are voiced, too. The story happens during summer vacation, which is 6 months after the events of Persona 5 original, NOT Royal. This is important to mention because Kasumi, the new playable character added in Royal, doesn't exist. Also, Royal goes like 3 more months after the end of OG Persona 5. Poor Kasumi... The story follows a similar structure to that of the original game. It's a bit more simple, though. It also feels like stuff happens too fast. This is because while the days are still a thing, there is no time management. The flow of days always happens in a set way. With no "downtime" in-between story events there isn't any time for anything to sink in. You don't get time to feel anything for the antagonists because they are gone in no time. This really takes away from the impact the story could have. Don't get me wrong, it was still an interesting plot to follow, it just lacked that punch at the end of each chapter. Gameplay-wise this game takes EVERYTHING from the Persona 5 regular turn-based battle system but puts it in an action game. Some stuff works, some other doesn't. For example, hitting enemy weaknesses is still very important because it allows the party to pull off very powerful All-out attacks. The problem is that when everything is moving fast it doesn't feel as good to stop all the action to check up on an enemy weakness and use the corresponding attack. I kinda solved this by making a build based on Criticals. Criticals can also cause the same effect as hitting an enemy weakness but are normally a bit less effective in that. There is a passive skill that greatly increases the effect of Criticals on the enemy "down gauge" (when this gauge is depleted, they fall down, allowing the use of an all-out attack). With that passive, coupled with a crit chance accessory, high Agility and an Agility buff, I was dealing crits all the time, destroying the enemy down gauges. With that I could mostly just wail on enemies and watch stuff die =D. The music remixes are great. I was kinda disappointed with the remixes in Persona 5 Dancing, but here I have no complaints. Blooming Villain especially sounded fucking amazing. It's an already hype song made even more hype. With menues made in the same style and all the original voice actors back I couldn't help but smile. It hasn't been that long since I played Persona 5 Royal, yet I still felt like I missed the crew. It really does feel like a new chapter in the same game, albeit with a different battle system. In this they did a really good job. Thoughts on the Platinum With only one missable it is fairly straight forward. This missable is also not that easy to miss as long as you are completing all requests along the way. The problem arises with grinding to Bond Level 99. By the end of the game I was at level 55 or something like that. The option without going into NG+ is a tedious and boring as shit grind of a strong enemy from a repeatable request. If done that way it would take from 15 to 20 hours of grinding... It's fucking unbearable. Thankfully there is a much better option in NG+. It does require a little bit of set up to go into Merciless difficulty with a team that makes it a breeze, but when that is ready it's smooth sailing toward the grinding spot. The set up is the creation of a Persona with maxed out stats that can then inherit those max stats toward any Persona of your choosing. It's done through a fusion loop and the use of increased stats using Persona Points obtained from fighting, fusing and deleting Personas. It takes about an hour of fusing and increasing stats, but when all that is set up you can creater any amount of Personas with maxed stats, so long as you don't fuck it up and lose your Persona with the potential to inherit those stats. Make a Yoshitsune with all the crit stuff I mentioned before, any healer Persona, and a Lucifer with Ice stuff after starting NG+ and you are set to destroy everything. The spot is on the second dungeon, so there is a bit of game that has to be replayed. With cutscenes skipping though you can get really fast. Getting back to there is well worth it. This enemy gives about triple the amount of Bond Exp as that other one in the first playthrough. On top of that the fight is easier, even on the Merciless difficulty it is easier than the other guy on Easy. It was still about a 9 hour experience from the beginning of NG+ until I was at Bond level 99, so I'd guess that I was grinding for 7.5 to 8 hours. I didn't mind it that much because the fight is so mindless that I could just relax and listen to a few podcasts.
  14. I would also like to add my vote for the Merciless Snake King farm instead of that awful Metatron. At first I was too lazy and thought there was a lot of planning to get that Lucifer with all the Ice stuff, but turns out most things come from Black Frost and one other thing form Alice, so it's super easy to set up. On top of that I added Rebel Soul (which Lucifer learns naturally), Soul Thief (recover SP when causing an ailment. I had a skill card for that one) and Ailment Boost. From my other Personas I had a Yoshitsune that, among other things, had Heat Riser. The rest of the team should be Ann and Yusuke, since both use the weakness of the boss, and for last I put in Wolf just to use Debilitate, so anyone with Debilitate can work. All that combined made this fight on Merciless EASIER than Metatron on easy. Not only that, it's much less annoying (since there is no need to accept/report a request) and gives triple the Bond Exp. The fight is also shorter than Metatron, too. Playing on Merciless up to that point was very easy with a maxed out Yoshitsune, Lucifer and a Sarasvati for healing. Party members died here and there but they are not really needed. Maxing out Personas is also really fast with that thing to pass on increased stats from one Persona to the next (it's like an hour to set up the first maxed out stats Persona, but from there onwards you can get anything you want instantly). In short, go for that Merciless Snake King if you care about your mental health...
  15. I also took quite some time to get this one, mostly because I couldn't get arsed to check weaknesses and stuff so I built my character with all Crit stuff and the passive that greatly reduces enemy knockdown gauge with crits. I didn't know this was a trophy, I checked the list when I was in the final dungeon, lol. I would also mostly always use the when I wanted a spell. Appearently you can only get it to count once per enemy. It may also be only one per enemy type in each enemy group. It may also be that you need to do the spell from the menu. I wasn't sure so I started hitting enemies with the spell directly from the menu until it finally unlocked.