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  1. Ok, sorry then. I thought it was about not wanting to get into convoluted systems. I also dislike time limits. Atelier Totori was my first Atelier, but the times were fairly lenient in that one (I remember having to waste like a whole year because I was done with all I had to do to get to the next section). I wouldn't even touch Rorona if the times are that strict. Zestiria's skill system isn't THAT bad once you understand the easy way to get the skills that you want where you want them (and that's not something you would care about while still playing through the story). But it is not just the skills. The battle system has a lot of little rules you have to learn and keep in mind, and your party members have the worst AI ever (they never block anything. Good thing is that there is an easy, free way to ressurrect and they use it right away every time). One main point that gets annoying is that there is a skill grid of 5x10 and you can get bonus skills for stacking, lining at least 2 adjacent skills or completing a whole column of 5. But since gear has 1 skill specific to it and up to 3 random ones, it is not the easiest thing to keep a bonus skill whenever you get new gear. So the simple act of finding a new, statwise better, piece of gear most of the time doesn't result in just equipping it. So whenever you want to change something you have to look around how you can keep the bonus skills or how to replace it with something new that you can get with those new 3 pieces of gear you found. For example, I had a few characters with the first column completed, which gave them +20 all stats (and that's a lot in the beginning), so when I found something new I couldn't equip it because losing that +20 to everything was a net loss. For that reasom I didn't get to change equipment for like half the game, lol. The skill grid lets you easily find if you have a piece of gear with a certain skill, but you still need to play around with it to make new combinations that will overall improve what you had. A lot of people simply ignore everything and just go with whatever happens, but I'm incapable of that. I always need to understand the systems I'm working with and take advantage of them, that's how I enjoy my RPGs. On Conception 2: I forgot you said PS3 and PS4. My bad.
  2. I wanted to add a bit more on the Tales of games. Tales of Zestiria is not difficult, at all, but the skill system requires a little bit of thought. From your comments about Atelier Rorona it seems you don't want to put much effort into the systems, so I'd say you should avoid that one. Plus, it hasn't much in terms of bishoujo. Edna is pretty as fuck, and Lailah is nice, too, but that's about it. You don't spend much time with Alisha. ToX, ToX2 and ToB are fairly easy to complete. ToG has a bit more missables with all its titles. I see Conception 1 mentioned but not 2. Dunno how the trophies are because I played that one on 3DS, but it is a bit of a visual novel and a dungeon crawler. The girls are very pretty. The first 2 Hatsune Miku games are pretty easy, too. And about Dead or Alive Xtreme 3's price... it has been high since forever. Dunno if it will ever go down. I can see it going out of stock before ever getting a price drop. Plus, there is a new version coming out soon with some censorship, which means you shouldn't support it! Never buy censored shit. The same goes for Senran Kagura Burst Renewal. Buy the others, not that one.
  3. inFamous Second Son Game Difficulty: 4 Platinum Difficulty: 4 Time to Platinum: 20 hours Thoughts on the game This was my first PS4 game. My frist trophy earned for it is the exact date of when I bought my console. At that time I really didn't need a PS4 yet because there were no games I was interested in, but since I was in the US I bought one. It is much cheaper there than it is here in Argentina. Still, I already knew that Tales of Zestiria and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 were coming out in the near future, so there were a few games I was interested in. But, since I needed one game to try the console out to make sure it worked before coming back to my country, I had to buy something. This game was decent enough looking, and since I like Prototype I guess it was a decent choice (not to mention that it was $40, so I bought my PS4, this game and an extra controller for $500). I came back to the hotel and played it for a bit, probably about 2 hours. It was okay, but I was very underwhelmed. After all, it was my introduction to the "next" generation. I was playing Fantasy Life on 3DS at the time, so after seeing the console worked fine I continued to play that game during my trip and when I came back home I never touched this game again, until now. You play as some dude called Delsin Rowe, who becomes a conduit soon after beginning the game. A conduit is a person that can utilize some kind of energy, but Delsin seems to be the only one that can absorb new powers from people, which he doesn't know he can do until he touches a guy with smoke powers. To the creators credit, I really like the creative "energy" sources used. Instead of the normal thing like fire, ice or wind, the powers are based on Smoke, Neon and Video (there is also Concrete, but it is used by enemies for most of the game and you only unlock it during the final boss, and to be honest, it sucks). There is also a Paper power, but that's more of a side thing. I never unlocked it because the game wanted me to register on some shit online to access it and I didn't give enough shits. The first thing I noticed is that it really shows how much of an early PS4 exclusive it is. It uses the touch pad for some silly things for "immersion". This is the first and only game I played where the touch pad and gyroscope are used as game mechanics instead of just some side thing or menu control. You have to swipe on the touch pad in different directions to open doors or raise up objects, or touch it to interact with some objects or absorb energy, and the gyroscope is used to use the controller as an aerosol spray can. The controller speaker is also used for "immersion". Some sounds come out from it, like the phone ringing or the one time listening to an enemy helmet audio. The story is very simple. The reason for Delsin to want to go out and fight the owner of Concrete powers (who's name is Augustine), is because he needs that power to help his buddies who had concrete stuck to their bodies. Although, the main mechanic of the story is being able to be good about it or evil. You can try to expose Augustine's plan to make people fear and discriminate conduits so she can then act as the savior by catching them, or you can just say fuck everything and make people understand by force that you are also people and deserve your own freedom, which of course means just outright killing Augustine. She says she wants to "protect" conduits by keeping them locked up where they are safe from awful normal people, but we can all agree that being locked up in a place to be forgotten is worse than dying. You have to play it twice for all the trophies, so I was gonna have to play each side regardless. I'm gonna lie, while there are some shitty choices that have to be made during the evil playthrough, (and the fact that it ends horribly) I liked the game more during the evil side. I especially found it funny that you barely get some sexual tension with the female character when being good, but when you do the same mission as evil you actually get to bang the chick, which kinda makes it feel like evil karma yield better results. The graphics are okay, but the city feels very small. A lot of the time I wouid look at the map, start moving in a direction I wanted to go only to realize not too long after starting my travel that I have already gone past the place I wanted to go. Going from one side to the other takes not time at all. It also has fast travel but I found it useless: You have to clear a district from the DUP (some special police force specialized in fighting conduits) to unlock it for that section of the map, but you can only fast travel while standing on the marked spot, it can't be done from the map screen. Since the map is so small I ended up only using it twice on my first playthrough (on the second I didn't even unlock any fast travel points because I ignored most things and never completed a disctrict). I think the thing I didn't like that much at first is that the combat is mostly done at range, unlike Protorypes more melee focused battles. I am not into shooters, so targetting with the right stick is not something I usually do. There are some melee attacks in this game but the options are very limited. This time around I got a bit better at aiming and got through without any issue, although I would still use as many close range abilities as I could. Traversal through the city starts a bit limited with the Smoke powers because you can only go up buildings by climbing kinda slowly or finding an exhaust vent around it and going through to the the roof as smoke. Later on with Neon you can run up walls, and then with Video you can practically fly. This brings me to a few issues I had with the powers: First, there is a severe case of power creep with each power. The new power is always more convenient and useful that the previous one; and second, you cannot freely switch between them, you can only use the last power you absorb energy for. This second part is what also makes it so you rarely want to use the older powers when you unlock new ones. Having to drop the convenience of movement of Video for the more precise aiming of Neon or the AoE grenade of Smoke made it not worth the time. It menas having to go out of the way to absorb the other energy for just this one thing you want to do. Because of this I always stuck to the newest power unless some mission required switching, which there are a few of. Anyway, overall I liked Prototype's way to handle powers much better (which was just picking them of off a quick menu that slows down the game for a bit). Thoughts on the Platinum The usual "go around the city completing each marked thing" sort of deal. The only non-marked collectable becomes marked after destroying the base of the DUP in each district, so everything can be found by just looking at the map. The need for 2 playthoughs makes the story choices for themselves, so there is not much you would need a guide for. Speaking of which, the guide for this game here in PSNProfiles sucks ass. It is very clear that the standards were way lower back in 2014. There are a few "challenge" trophies that required doing some specific things to unlock, like killing 3 coughing enemies at once with a Comet Drop, or killing 10 enemies with Ammunition Crates. These are the ones that a guide poiting you to a good place to do them could help, but the guide here has barely any effort put in giving advice for anything, so I ended up finding my own, much better, ways to do these. The "advice" given by the guide creator is usually not even the best way to do any of these. Playing the game on Expert felt pretty much the same as playing on Normal. All that I noticed change was the map not showing the location of enemies, but I read that you also have less health. I can imagine that being true, but I died fewer times on Expert than I did on Normal, so I guess my experience with the game outwheighed the difficulty increase. The Media Corner This time I was a bit more lazy with this so I just made a cut with the whole final boss sequence, followed by the evil ending, then the credits, and finally the platinum popping after you gain back control. Since it is the evil ending you can kinda see why it ends like shit, even without really knowing much of what the story is about. All you need to know to realize why it is a bad ending is that Delsin finally gets the powers required to cure the people who are essentially his family, so he goes back to heal them. Not a fan of the final boss, though. You are given the shittiest power and have to learn to use it right there. The first part of the fight using Video is much more entertaining to watch. Platinum Pop. Finishing the game on Expert and with Evil Karma as the last few trophies.
  4. @Honor_Hand Doing two quick games after a long JRPG makes it seem like I played a lot, yeah. Plus, with the game I'm currently playing, this is the most trophies I have ever gotten in a single month. I have to cover myself because when Smash comes out I won't have time for anything else =p. Yes, I did enjoy my time with Zestiria. You do need to be in the mindset for it, though. I think playing Berseria first definitely helped a lot because it made curiosity a driving force, and you don't get spoiled about anything. Although I think it would be best played with 2 players, because the AI is the worst Tales AI I have ever seen... they ruined my Grade earnings in so many battles... Spyro is actually super simple fun. For us completionists, it actually is a better game than it would be for someone just playing casually. Finding everything in every level and seeing than nice "100%" come out for each one certainly keeps a completionist happy. I don't remember Spyro toys from McDonald's o.o, but I bet that must have been a VERY crappy game is they included it in a happy meal. I would imagine it was something akin to a Game & Watch game. Now that you mention Castlevania Lords of Shadows, it reminded me that I did also play Mirror of Fate on 3DS. It was a mix between a metroidvania and the PS3 Lords of Shadow action games. It was not that bad, and the final boss was awesome. I also have both Lords of Shadow games for PS3, but I doubt I will ever play them. You may be the first one that says something good about them xD. AVGN is the classic of online shows. Kinda like how we have classic anime we watched as kids, like Dragon Ball, AVGN is the classic of the internet. Anyone who plays games can enjoy his stuff, especially those who grew up on the NES/SNES era.
  5. I remember I found out about AVGN due to some teaser video on Youtube of the Silver Surfer episode. It was at the time when Youtube still had the 10 minute limit, so a lot of people used to put a part of a video in there to link to their website for the full thing. I laughed so hard at the "ye die, die, die, die, die, die, DIE!" part that I had to check what the dude was about. After finishing Symphony of the Night I felt I wanted the GBA and DS games, which are in that style. I have all the DS ones but never played them (except for Order of Ecclesia, of course), so having a collection of those with a bunch of trophies would be awesome.
  6. Heck yeah. That is why I did this one for the 40th plat, to keep it in the milestones section ;). Rondo of Blood doesn't have that much content, I don't see how they could add enough trophies to be worth a Platinum other than by adding small miscellaneous trophies.
  7. Castlevania Requiem - Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood Game Difficulty: SotN: 3, RoB: 5 Platinum Difficulty: 5 Time to Platinum: 15 hours Thoughts on the game Another pair of classic games I never played. I never knew about Castlevania as a kid, though. I never saw the first 3 games anywhere. I think I didn't hear anything about it until the N64, which is notorious for having the worst game in the series. But even though I saw that one in game stores, I don't remember ever seeing Symphony of the Night. It wasn't untill AVGN that I got introduced to these games. By the time I started watching AVGN he only had a video for Castlevania 2, the series of videos on the other games came much later, but since I now knew about them I decided to check around. It was like that that I played my first one, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for DS. I'm not gonna lie, I got that one because it was the newest at the time, and because it had a sexy chick with bare back dress. So, technically, I started with the SotN style of games. Then, one day, AVGN made videos of the other games and he mentioned how good SotN was. I always had it in my mind but never got around to it. And, as usual, a version with trophies is what finally wins me over and decides for me it is about time to play these games. The first thing anyone should notice is that it doesn't say anything about this being a "collection". As such, there is no extra content or anything. The menu to pick one game to play is ugly as fuck, too. So, overall, it is a very low budget pack. Not sure about which version of Rondo of Blood it is, but the version of Symphony of the Night is the PSP version, which sucks a bit because it has a new localization and voice acting D=. It changes the infamous lines and voice acting, making it less funny. The Platinum is called "A misserable little pile of secret" but that line is not in this version... I played Rondo of Blood first to get it out of the way. In the beginning it was a little hard. Richter is super slow, has almost no movement options other than his little backflip which is not terribly useful. The first stage was enough to know that it wasn't gonna be that easy, but then on Stage 2 you get to rescue Maria. At the time I didn't know much so I continued playing until I run out of lives in Stage 4. Then I saw the option to switch to Maria. I tried her out and holy shit, screw Richter! She has a faster walking speed, double jump, two different slides, can attack instantly without stopping her movement and cam deal several hits per attack, and has a special attack that deals massive damage to most enemies and bosses. As soon as I started playing as her everything became so much easier. She is a little more frail that Richter, but makes up for it with everything else. From there I didn't touch Richter until all I had left was beating Dracula as him. Rondo of Blood has some fantastic version of classics like Vampire Killer and Bloody Tears, as well as some other good songs, and that's pretty much all that it is better in than Symphony of the Night. It took me 2 and a half hours to do everything in it. Now, moving on to the main course, Symphony of the Night. As I mentioned before, I'm more familiar with this style, on top of being quite experienced with Metroid games, so I enjoyed this one much more. Right from the start I saw why so many people really like this game. Exploring the castle, finding new abilities and key items to unlock new paths, with nothing guiding you other than your own experience through. It reminded me of Super Metroid a lot. I should have been taking notes while playing because some times I would forget exactly where I saw something that I could now progress through. Exploring around is overall a great experience but I would have liked if at least the save rooms were marked from the start. Sometimes I would past right by one for not checking every out from a room, making me fear dying somewhere and losing a lot of progress. I didn't die at all during the normal castle, except for this one time when I run into an enemy that killed me in 2 hits without me having any chance to know he was gonna hit that hard... and that was in a section where I did miss a save point, so I lost a good chunk of progress for it. I love all the equipment and upgrades you can find. Getting gear with better stats and special abilities is one thing I like about RPGs, so having all that in here is awesome. Finding a hidden room with a sick new sword or a special armor always made me eager to keep exploring. Now that mentioned special abilities, there a lot the game never tells you about. Some swords have special skills that have command inputs, like quarter circle forward and attack, but nowhere you can see that. Most of the time I would find by complete accident if what I was using had a special skill. The game is overall very easy. Bosses don't do much damage and you can always grind for some levels if you need to. This is true at least for the normal castle, which gates your progress by requiring different abilities, like transforming into a Wolf or a Bat. This changes for the Inverted Castle. Since you already have all the traversal abilities you can go anywhere, even straight to the final boss. This is cool and all, but the areas are not balanced to account for that freedom. You can go in a direction and everything is cool, but make the wrong turn and an enemy can deal over half your health in one hit. This happened several times while exploring the Inverted Castle, forcing me to check other areas first. This could have been solved with some kind of system that could balance the enemies according to your level, or maybe how much of the map you uncovered. The same happened with the bosses. Sometimes I would run into a boss and it would deal 1 damage, then I would go in the wrong direction and find a boss that has a magic spell that covers the half of the floor and traps you under it, dealing consecutive hit and killing you right away -.- Still, even with all that I eventually cleared everything without that many issues. The spritework is really nice. There are a lot of big enemies that you barely get to see fully because they are way bigger than the screen, lol. The music not so much. It isn't bad but, except for the song in the first area, it is forgettable. One last thing to mention is that I would have loved finding out about the Inverted Castle, and how the game keeps going, back in the day. Since there was a trophy, first went over and "finished" the game to get the bad ending. At this point I already had found 2 rings that had inscriptions with hints about equipping both of them in a special room. With that you can get special glasses that allow to see what is really up with the final boss, which then opens up the Inverted Castle. I can imagine being a kid and finding out that there was way more to the game... I would have been mind blown. I bet that is one of the reasons a lot of people love this game. Thoughts on the Platinum Just like I did when I played, let's first get Rondo of Blood out of the way. It is super standard. Play every stage and rescue every character, with like 2 miscellaneous trophies here and there. Symphony of the Night requires a full completion of the map, which is good because that also kinda completes the enemy list on it's own. Completing the map is cool and all until you are missing 1 or 2 squares. Although I was comparing my map to a complete one, it still took me about 30 minutes to find out where I was missing rooms, even when I took a screenshot and compared both maps by alt tabbing between the two. On top of that there are a lot of optional bosses to beat, which have their own trophies. Most of this bosses are very easy, except for Galamoth, which is probably the hardest boss. There are ways to cheese it, and it's way easier after you find a circlet that let's you absorb electric damage, but when I first found him I was not ready at all. I threw myself at him a few times but there was no way I was gonna beat him with the gear I had at the time. There is a trick with the Shield Rod + Alucard's Shield that lets your destroy anything in seconds while you heal off the damage, but I didn't use that for anything. Some of these bosses are references to older games, and even though I haven't played that many games in the series, I could still recognize a bunch of them. I bet fans of the series loved that shit, too. There is a trophy for getting a Crissaegrim, a sword that is OP as fuck and can be found early into the Inverted Castle. I didn't realize about this earlier, but I would recommend people to make that the first thing to do when getting to the second half of the game. The thing is very fun to use and makes you a complete monster. It drops from some little ghosts called Schmoo in the Library area. They are very easy to kill and can be farmed by leaving and reentering a room in which one spawns right by the door. It was kinda funny when I got mine because I found an area like that and I expected to be there for a while, but the thing dropped on the 5th ghost I killed, lol. Other than that we are left with one trophy that is kinda weird to complete: Finishing the game as Richter, which is probably the hardest trophy, not because of the final boss, but because you have to get to him first. You can simply go straight to the end. It felt weird just ignoring everything and making a bee-line for the end of the inverted castle. Richter is super frail and he cannot use items or equipment, but he makes up for all that by having lots of abilities that deal massive damage. Carrying Holy Water to do the Item Crash for Hydra Storm is a must. It kills pretty much anything, but costs 15 hearts, so you can't just spam it. Still, I enjoyed using my knowledge from completing the map to find a fast and somewhat safe 1way to get to the final boss. It took me 45 minutes and I died like 4 times. The Media Corner Since finishing the game is a requirement to play as Richter and to buy the Duplicator, an item that has a trophy for just buying it, I couldn't leave the final boss as the last trophy. So, the closest thing I could do was leaving the final boss as Richter for the platinum pop. I would have uploaded the whole run for that but it's not very nice looking, so there is no point in wasting anyone's time with that shit. I also added my fight with the hardest boss, Galamoth, because I think he kinda glitched. Popping the Platinum. The boss is actually only the first 20 seconds, the rest are the credits =p Destroying the Final Boss as Alucard because that's what happens when you explore everything... Galamoth. I think he glitched or something, it was a bit weird how this went.
  8. I see. I checked some other games with missed timestamps so that makes quite the mess. But since you are not one of those horrible people who bought trophies from the trophy shop in Nier Automata, I'm gonna be on your side =p.
  9. It is very weird that both your Transformer games have missing timestamps and are almost 1 year apart from each other. How comes you didn't have a PSN account for neither? Plus, right before those games are others with all the timestamps, did you happen to start on a new console in both cases?
  10. What I don't understand is why the hell developers don't implement measures to make disconnects at least a bit more fair. Why is it so hard to give the win to the player who stayed on the match and the loss to the disconnecting one? You could argue it's unfair for the one that disconnects because it could be an actual disconnect, then why not just give the disconnecting player 1 free disconnect every 24 hours for their safety? This way they can stop playing after a real disconnect if it is because their connection is unstable that day. That while still giving the points to the player that stayed regardless of the disconnecting player having that 1 protected disconnect. I didn't have many disconnects in my time with DBFZ, and when it happened it made me feel good because I was during matches I completely destroyed my opponent, so I knew he was probably raging hard, lol.
  11. Hmmm... i just did this yesterday in 2 hours 30 minutes. At first I thought it was gonna be a little annoying because jumping and immediately attacking with Richter was dropping the attack input sometimes. Then I rescued Maria and finally run out of lives in stage 4. At this point I switched to her and, holy shit, I destroyed everything. Being able to attack while moving, faster walking speed, double jump, slide, and that OP move that ate most bosses super fast. From there I never looked back. She is a little more frail than Richter, but that doesn't matter when you have so many moves. I didn't play as Richter again until all I had left was beating Dracula as him. Going back to him at that point also confirmed how much better Maria was. As her I beat Dracula without taking damage. As Richter I died twice -.-
  12. For sure. I only do simple typing from my phone while working. If I want to make it pretty and add lots of images and formatting I do it on my PC at home.
  13. Oh mah gerd, so many games at the same time. We are so different in the way we tackle games, lol. At most I do 3 games at a time (2 by myself and 1 with a friend). If I tried doing something like that I would hurt my brain trying to keep track of everything 😆 I'm not gonna expect you to do this for the games already completed, but it could be cool to add at least a small summary of your experience with each completed game.
  14. But the way you play does show what kind of gamer you are, and this even applies to specific games as well. In Street Fighter V, if you play Ibuki you most likely are a hyper aggresive player, if you like Guile, you are probably one of those assholes who down backs and plays very defensively, lol. See how I just judged a Guile player? That guy is free to play as he wants, but that's the life of a defensive type player. The big difference here is that we are not playing against each other, but even if I see a Guile played against someone else I'm not gonna like it, but he doesn't have to give a shit, he shouldn't give a shit. The thing with low completion is what it shows at first glance. Having a million games has nothing to do with completion, btw. It doesn't add to your % until you get at least 1 trophy. An average completion of 10% makes someone think that you usually play a game for a short time until you start something different, which is basically what a casual does. You could have 3000 games on your list with the most complex 300 platinums and still be at 10% so people will still see your profile as a casual's. But that's how it goes when you have sooo many games that were barely played. It is like when someone reviews a game, writing a very thorough analysis, but everyone just skips to the number because screw reading the details. If I added all my games to my list I would probably drop to like 20% completion. You are just the odd case of someone who changed focus a bit too late into their account. If you see my older games you'll see a lot of incomplete stuff, which is from before I cared about trophies that much (also, back then platinums were not handed out for free like 80% of games nowadays). I would never "bully" someone for it, though. I would never bully anyone for anything thar they like to do. But that's humans... there are a lot of people who will look for the smallest thing to feel superior to someone else.
  15. Anime fighters are not even meant for fighting sticks. If you were experienced just as much in both I would still recommend the normal controller. You get several shortcuts for combined buttons thanks to the Ls and Rs, and with only 4 attack buttons everything is right there on the face buttons. I consider the combos in this game more akin to a rhythm game than a fighting game (I have experience in this and the KoF series). Except for the very advanced combos, which aren't needed at all for the level of play for the trophies, you follow a consistent rhythm per hit. One day, to try my theory, I did one of the extended combos with Cell while not looking at the screen and I pulled it off first try, lol. If you want to get into the technical stuff, there are turorials from people like rooflemonger, TGNanime, Behrudy, Dotodoya. If not, you can get through by just learning the bases of defense and the basic combo extension with the regular aerial Down + Heavy style characters (characters that hit up during an aerial Down + H, which is the case for most, especially Saiyans). Farming the Zeni took me about 55 hours. It was the worst grind of my life. I did it in the span of like 2 months while listening to weekly podcasts. If you have any specific questions later, PM me and I will help you out.