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  1. Bahamut is indeed harder than most other boss fights, but it's just one boss fight. If you manage to beat that you get to ignore strategies for other bosses and can mostly burst them down with limit breaks. For example for the Reno and Rude fight I had elemental lightning on armor and fought Reno normally. When Rude joined I bursted down Reno with limit breaks, essencially making the battle free since the hardest part is dealing with both of them at the same time. It will still require some skill regardless. I can see it getting extremelly annoying when having to repeat a boss fight with all the cutscenes and stuff. If you persevere you will undoubtely eventually get it, but that may not be worth the effort if you are not having fun. Maybe try this as sort of a last ditch effort: Go to the simulator and try to get the accessory. Try a few times and if you can get it you will surely be able to beat the rest of the game. If not, you quit. You will have to beat that for the platinum anyway, so might as well do it now when you can make use of the reward.
  2. You don't need any special materia setup for most things. I went through all of hard mode with the same materia for every fight, except for switching around what element I have linked to my Elemental materia to increase damage output and get to ignore some attacks. If you haven't yet you should go get the Gotterdamerung first. I got that before starting the hard mode and annihilated most bosses in like 1 to 2 minutes. The rest is playing the game, you are not gonna get to just mash buttons. Dodge, block and abuse how OP Cloud's counter attack skill is. For me it was easier than my initial playthrough on normal thanks to all the high level materia and accessories.
  3. My lord... this is so fast and snappy, especially compared to the abomination that the official store is right now. I will definitely be using this to look up for games to buy from now on. At least with that I avoid as many steps on the official site as possible. The only thing that may be a little harder to navigate is the DLCs. With just it's title and no icon I find it less intuitive since I can't tell at a glance what the DLC is. Although at the same time I can see that being a deliberate choice as to reduce the amount of data needed to load to show the page. Since this site also sends notofications when something is on sale I may switch over from using psprices for that as well. I didn't check if there was a graph with info on previous sales, though. That info is kinda useful to kinda guess when the next sale may be.
  4. Yup. The censorship is so bad that they even changed the name because it wasn't the same game anymore.
  5. The amount of people who replied to this topic without realizing that OP was joking is staggering...
  6. I'd say wait patiently. That's what I'm doing at least. If it's anything like other Musou games you will want to know what does what. It's important when deciding which skill to upgrade or what passive to inherit to a new weapon. Meanwhile you could play Persona 5 Dancing.
  7. It's the same list as before except for the few Vergil trophies and requiring Bloody Palace for the Platinum. While I had a lot of fun getting this plat on PS4 I have to admit that it was a bit stressful at points. I don't want to do all the S-ranks again. They could have made this list easier tbh. Kinda like how Persona 5 Royal is made so much more simple, which is a good thing for those who already got the harder version of the platinum. Anyway, I will either play this when it comes as DLC for PC, or maybe in an alt account just to go through with Vergil (and maybe replay the base game casually).
  8. It's not about the ampunt of quests you do, but you need to finish a specific one, "The Spirit of Mordor". After I finished that one a Vendetta mission was already on the map, even before the game told me that Vendetta missions were now available. If none show up you can advance time in a tower. This resolves red quests on the map and spawns new ones. Other players DO NOT need to be in your friend list.
  9. Wow. I randomly decided to check the guide for this game because this game came back to my mind. I've had it for like 2 years. Imagine my surprise when I was met with this. Thankfully the online trophy seems really easy to get, and with the influx of players like me trying to get it out of the way there should be more of those vendetta missions lying around.
  10. Well, I was only able to get MC to 65 and the main DPS of the other team to 65 (who's using a 3* weapon). Then I had 3 ascended 60s and 3 ascended 40s to complete the teams. I was able to beat 8-3 no problem. The 7th floor was actually harder than the 8th. Of course leveling helps, but what gives you the most stats is the weapon and artifacts.
  11. The amount of mora you can buy from sigils is a drop in the bucket tbh. Today I will ascend my characters to phase 4. The ascension alone costs 80k, but I also need to raise them from 55 to 60, so that's another 85k each. I'm not sure how much talents will cost, but level 4 was 25k each, so I expect at least 50k from there. I've been keeping my main 4 on par with each other but I don't think I will be able anymore. It's time to simply focus on the main dps of the team =/. The worst part about these costs is that if I happen to get a cool new character (like Beidou or Razor) I can't even use them unless I stop everything else and get them up on par with the rest. I should be able to finish up the Spiral Abyss at least...
  12. Hey. I just saw the last reply on the Tales of Berseria topic.

    I checked your lists to see how far along you were and I was surprised to find out that you didn't end up playing it that much, despite the good comments from your reply.


    You did say you were busy, though. Hopefully it has something to do with not having enough time to dedicate to an RPG and not because of something regarding the game itself. I say this mostly because I don't like making people waste their money, lol.

    1. its_ArchroniX


      Hi! Don't you worry. So far I'm loving the game but I've been busy with work lately and in the time I have I play some other games as well. Berseria is a big game and a long grind to the end so I don't want to rush it or skip through cutscenes without knowing what's going on.


      So I'll definitely get into it when I'm ready for it. 😁

  13. I can't say for certain but how you perform in the domain seems to affect the drop rates. I haven't done many materials ones but I was doing some for artifacts. At the beginning I was taking like 3:20 to finish it and got like 1 purple in 5 runs. Then I switched MC to wind and I was finishing it in about 2:30. Those times I always got a purple, except during the one in which 1 chatacter died.
  14. My thoughts exactly. I usually only watch reveal trailers and then I avoid any coverage if I already know I want to play the game. When you play enough games you can tell if you are going to like something or not from just those few seconds of trailer.
  15. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Game Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 Time to Platinum: 12 hours Thoughts on the game Hasn't been that long, huh? Suffices to say that with how good the music in Persona 5 is I was gonna want to play this one. It was 74% off so it doesn't get much better than that. Compared to Persona 4: Dancing All Night, this one is a much lower budget game. There isn't a story, which isn't all that bad since in P4D it got in the way sooo much with cutscenes that were way too long. There are, however, conversations between characters called Social Ranks, similar to those of the actual Persona 5 game. Most of what the characters talk isn't too important because it doesn't really show a new facet of them or develop anything further, it's mostly just for fun. At least everything is fully voiced. The game teases some sort of story with The Twins telling you that they have an older sister who has a guest that she thinks it's the best of the best and you have to learn to dance better to show them that what they think it's not true. All that is just BS though. The supposed older sister and his guest never appear and nothing comes from it. In the end it's just about the friends we made along the way, I guess... What kinda bummed me out a little bit is that there aren't that many songs. I feel like I was done unlocking songs too fast. There are some remixes and some of the original tracks, and some songs are in both their regular version and remixed version. The remixed versions are mostly not better than any of the originals, though. They aren't bad but I couldn't help to think that I would much rather be hearing, and playing, the original versions. Sometimes I would end up missing a few notes because I would get too into the song, moving my hands and body around to the beat, lol. The UI tries to emulate that of the original game. You can tell it's not the real thing but they did a decent job. The character models I'm pretty sure are the same, although Makoto and Ryuji looked a little off to me. They all get all their costumes from P5 and it's DLC, along their new "dancing" one. Everyone looks great, especially the girls. Sadly you don't get to enjoy the costumes much because of the need to switch around constantly to unlock more of Ann's Social Ranks. How the game is played is identical to P4D. The outer half of both the D-pad and the face buttons are used to hit the notes, as well as the sticks (or the oddly turned off by default L1 and R1) for scratches. This system worked well on the small screen of the Vita since the notes come out from the middle and go toward the edges of screen, making it intuitive when the screen is in-between the buttons, but on a TV it doesn't work as fine. You will have to shift around your head/eyes to catch everything. A lot of the time I got some notes which would slip my sight by camouflaging with the background. I had to get farther away from the TV to get a better view of everything. My biggest complaint (even though it wasn't a problem in my case because I have a good-ass TV with great response time) is that this game commits one deadly sin of rhythm games: It's lag calibration, or lack thereof, is atrocious. You can change it but manually, there isn't a way to calibrate it like in every other rhythm game in existance that is not exclusive to portable consoles. A few important songs get a whole "music video clip" like treatment with what looks like edited scenes and such. Most other songs just have the characters dancing in some area of the original game. The dances are unique for each song but are impossible to appreciate when the screen is filled with stuff to press, lol. There is a replay feature for those who want to check the dances, though. And that's about it... There isn't that much to this game. The attempt at an antagonist ends in smoke, so it's all just about dancing for the heck of it. Not a bad reason, but a wasted opportunity. Thoughts on the Platinum Pfff... they could have made this so much more demanding... There are lots of support modifiers that already made all difficulties piss easy, so I don't get why they ask almost nothing from Hard and just 1 thing from All Night (the hardest difficulty). Except for a few select things everything can be completed by just playing on Easy and then like half of Normal. Ann and Makoto's Social Ranks can be a little bit annoying to unlock due to having to constantly change outfits and accessories respectively. And that's about it for the Plat =/ After finishing the Plat I went along and played the songs I liked the most on All Night. Here are the ones I had the most fun with. The chorus in this one is fire! This recording in particular was especially cool because this was actually my first time playing this song in this difficulty. The only one I did well on my first attempt. One of my favorites Hype boss song is hype