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  1. Initially I wasn't planning on recording that run, but my friend wanted to see me do that solo run and I figured I might as well play it in man mode for the bragging rights, lol. Yooka-Laylee is okay. It feels like an old school 3D collect-a-thon but something didn't click with me so far. I will go back to finish it at some point, but I would rather play Banjo-Kazooie. Different from this game where I like it more than Castlevania 3. It may just be that overall Banjo-Kazooie is a better game than Castlevania 3, so it's more difficult for a new game to beat it. About the code, I think I fucked up. The 2 codes I have can be seen on the same page so I expected to have used the first one for myself, but appearently I used the second one and the first was the one I should have posted here, lol. Since you basically claimed it (which I expected it to be you anyway) I'll send you the correct one via PM. You should be able to claim it from PS Store website anyway.
  2. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Game Difficulty: 5 (in Veteran Difficulty) Completion Difficulty: 4 Time to Complete: 10 hours Thoughts on the game I'm a backer for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and I didn't even remember we met some stretch goal that gave us this awesome throwback to the NES Castlevania games. When I first saw it I thought it was just a spinoff game that had nothing to do with the main title, but after finishing it it seems like a prologue to what's coming. I'm not following the development of the game too closely because I want to be as blind as possible when I get to play it, so I don't read much of the update emails I get from the developers. This game looks and sounds exactly like how an HD NES game would look if we never got any more advancements in technology (other than HD, I guess). Every sprite, song and sound effect brings me back to when I was a small 4 years-old boy getting into games. In other words, I loved the presentation. Gameplay-wise it is basically NES Castlevania, but there are a bunch of split paths that require different characters and/or abilities to get through. On a first playthrough, getting all the characters and switching between them to utilize all their strengths gives the game much more thought that what any of the NES games had, which is a perfect improvement over the old formula. It is farily short but there are a few different endings and an specific extra mode that changes the final stage and boss. This extra final boss was awesome to beat, too. All in all, this little game gives me high hopes for Ritual of the Night to be the first great game I backed (my others were Mighty No. Shit and Yooka-Laylee). Thoughts on the completion Every trophy can get obtained while playing on Casual Difficulty. In this difficulty enemies deal less damage and bosses have less health, you have infinite lives, more Weapon Points (used to activate secondary weapons) and taking damage doesn't cause kncokback, so you can't die from being thrown into a pit! I did my first run on Veteran to experience the game as it should have been, but then I completed several of the extra endings on Casual just to breeze through the game, except for the Bad Ending which I also did on Veteran because I was gonna record it and I didn't want to play in pussy mode on camera =P (I would add it at the end of this but is a 1 hour long video and I don't have time to upload it right now). The only trophy that could have caused trouble would have been the Boss Rush Mode because the items and heals are very limited, but there are a bunch of cheats to make it stupid easy which, of course, do not block the trophy from being obtained. A Special Announcement I wasn't gonna write about this game but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Also, have an extra code that I figured I had give to someone in some way. Please let me know if you get it so I can edit this and not make other people waste time trying to claim it. Claimed
  3. That's their standard practice, make the old expansion "free" when it's about to become obsolete. What is new is the fact that now you don't even need to pay $5 for the base game and all old expansions, just $40 for the current.
  4. Yo jugue muchisimo al Commandos y el Commandos 2 =D. Hace poco hubo una oferta en Steam con los 3 mas la expansion del primero por monedas, asi que algun dia de estos los volvere a jugar por un rato. For a JRPG is pretty light on dialogue and cutscenes, that's why it doesn't take that long. It also takes less time because battles are in real time and easy to avoid if needed. The thing with length of the storyline is that you have to stop at certain points to farm some stuff. So both my final time and platinum time would be equal. If I had to make a guess on how long it takes if you just want to finish it, I'd say about 18 hours. The same stands true for other great JRPGs of the time, like Chrono Trigger, which clocks at about 12 hours to finish. For what I played from Phantasia (like 10 hours) I'd say that is actually a much longer one. It's actually not that expensive of a game on SNES, at least not if it's the cartridge only. The problem with buying SNES games is that there are a lot of reproduction carts that work just like the original game, but are not original. Still, this PS4 version makes it a lot less punishing if you die because it auto saves all the time. Back in the SNES version if you were in a dungeon for an hour and died to the boss, you had to do the entire dungeon again from your last save (which was usually at an Inn).
  5. Secret of Mana Game Difficulty: 4 Platinum Difficulty: 4 Time to Platinum: 28 hours Thoughts on the game If anyone is interested, in the spoiler tag you can find a cut I made of the last portion of the final boss along with the credits where me and my friend share our thoughts. It's in spanish, specifically argentinean spanish, so if you can't understand or dislike the accent, you have been warned =P. I'll be uploading the full playthrough, too. I didn't play the SNES version back in the day (I didn't have a SNES because I had a Genesis and then I went straight to the N64), but I did play it a few years ago with this same friend that now played the PS4 version with me. We got to about the halfway point of the game and then lost interest. Still, just with what we played we could see why it was one of the classics from the SNES era. Multiplayer action RPGs are not something you find every day. It took us a little over 4 months to finish it along with the Platinum because we could only play on some weekends when we both were available. We started during patch 1.00, when the game had a lot of crashes that were just recently fixed on patch 1.03, which came out 3 weeks ago. By this point we were almost done with the game, so it was a bit annoying. The game auto saves every time you change rooms so each crash is not devastating, but it is bothersome regardless. During our time we experienced about 7 crashes. Game mechanics were made a little faster so it is definitely an improvement over the SNES version. Before you had to wait for the enemy to completely stand up before attacking again, but now that window was made wider so that it is faster to pile on damage on each enemy. The graphics may not be top notch but get the job done with its cartoony style and vibrant colors. The updated music is good, too, but for those who have nostalgia ears there is also a choice to have the original music. I played as the girl (Primm, who we called Andy, a shorter version of my name mostly used for girls that are called Andrea), who has healing and other defensive spells, and my friend played as the main character (Randy, who we called Hache, my friend's nickname). During the beginning, boss fights were a bit boring because there aren't many options in battle, but after getting my healing spells and some buffs I had more fun keeping the party alive =) There was this one boss we had a little trouble with because he would just keep healing. We lost twice there and during the third attempt, without doing much different, we killed it because it just didn't feel like healing. I don't know what was up with that thing. The other part that sucks is the second to last dungeon, Pure Land. It's very long and the enemies there deal a lot of damage. Even with some very good rare gear we farmed before and being overleveled, those thing could still wipe us if we weren't careful. On the other hand, the bosses in that dungeon died like nothing. We got lost a few times, even when the game includes a guide that tells you in a few words where to go next. One time we went to the completely wrong place, the Fire Temple, a higher level dungeon that was kicking our asses, because we were looking for the Fire Spirit. It turned out the Fire Spirit was in the Ice Area... I don't recall exactly but I'm pretty sure with got stuck and made that exact same mistake when we played the SNES version. Thoughts on the Platinum Everything is fun and games until the stupid Eggplant Man in Underground City. There are a few pieces of equipment that can only be obtained as rare drops from certain enemies. Most of those pieces I got in 10 to 20 minutes of farming, but the Wizard Ring (drop from Eggplant Man) took me over 2 hours! Because of that I also ended up overleveled as hell, which made several parts of the game extremely easy. There are also 3 pieces of equipment that are missable because they are rare drops from enemies exclusive to Pure Land, the most annoying dungeon. There are a lot of trees blocking the view and enemies hit very hard. Screw you, Griffin Hands!! The other annoying part is getting the last weapon orbs to upgrade all weapons to level 9. Most of the orbs are obtained as boss drops or from chests in dungeons and some houses, but even if you don't miss any (we found all) you still have to farm at least 1 for each weapon orb plus an extra one for the Axe and the Gloves. That's 10 orbs that have to be farmed in the last dungeon. Just like with the equipment, it can take from 10 to 20 minutes each. Still, all this farming doesn't sound like much, but since I was playing it with a friend, we could only do so much every time he came over. If possible I would farm on my own time, but sometimes we would be at points where progressing on the game would make some equipment more difficult to farm or just outright impossible. Due to this a lot of our shared time was lost having to farm, which ended up making this platinum take me over 4 months to complete. The Media Corner The last boss can almost only be damaged by the Mana Sword. Since the battle took a while I just cut to his last cycle of his attacks to show what the fight is about. After that, I also cut the credits to get to when the Platinum pops because the credits take like 12 minutes to finish. Popping the Platinum
  6. You may want to gives this video a watch if you are interested in this franchise: It helped me find out that I don't want to play any of them except maybe for 4 Goddesses Online.
  7. I'm not far off from my objective, all I have left to plat is Zestiria and Symphonia (not counting the Japan only Tales of Innocence). This means that yes, I have played Graces f and gotten the platinum. It was back when I still wasn't using guides. I did all that stuff playing and researching on my own on forums and databases. It was quite the trip. Lately I've seen a lot of people didn't like that one but I actually remember having a great time. I like most of the character designs, Sophie and Hubert were kinda bland, though. I intended in doing a whole playthrough soloing bosses, but by that third playthrough I had been playing the game for over a month and I was kinda wanting to move on to something else. I did record 2 of the bosses, though! Here is one that shows one of the things I loved about this game: being able to use Mystic Artes based on the combo count and even being allow to combo AFTER them (switching stances was super cool, too) My favorites would be: 1) Symphonia (nostalgia on top of being good) 2) Vesperia 3) Xillia
  8. You should try it. Sometimes I feel even more compelled to finish up a game because I want to write out my thought about it. I'm so hyped for Vesperia! I already got the Plat on the PS3 version and also got 1000/1000 on a friend's Xbox 360. But this time I get to finally experience the full version in english. I'll be recording a full playthrough with a friend just like how I'm doing with Secret of Mana. I'm on the same boat as you with Zestiria. I got bored 2 or 3 hours in, so I'm not that qualified to say much about it. As it stands, it's the worst one yet, even bellow Legendia. With my obviously extended knowledge of it in my mind, I wouldn't recommend it. I will still play it, though, because I have the objective of getting every Tales of platinum. I mean, I always thought it would be nice to have an achievement system, but I never felt the lack of it until this game. When I played Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odissey and even Splatoon 2, I never thought of any of that. Super Smash Bros. has in-game challenges that help with doing specific stuff with specific characters, which helps a lot, but I still didn't finish those (I have like 6 left out of like 140) because I don't get to keep a record of said completion unless I boot up the game on Wii U. Still, I would never complain about Smash because there is always so much to do for single player. In the end, I'm most likely in the wrong here for expecting much single player content for a competitive game. Although still there it doesn't have much to do. The online multiplayer is barren as well, even without considering the lack of objectives.
  9. Mario Tennis Aces Game Difficulty: 3 Time to Complete: 5 hours Thoughts on the game Since this is not a game on a Sony platform this will be a bit different, still, I wanted to put my thoughts out because with this game I realized how much some games can benefit from having some kind of achievement system. Mario Tennis hasn't been that good since Power Tour on GBA and Power Tennis on Gamecube. The mechanics here are great and the hitting the ball back and forth feels nice and responsive. The fighting-style gameplay with a meter for defensive and offensive maneuvers gives it a lot more depth when playing against good opponents. So, right off the bat it has the bases covered when it comes to the gameplay, the problem comes with having stuff to do. Like most other recent competitive games, the focus is put on online play. While this is fine for most people, I'm not the kind of player to spend much time playing against randoms when I don't have any outstanding objective to go for, While playing online, all you can do is just random matches for some ranking that doesn't matter because you are not paired against players of your same rank. It's reset each month and it's filled with people that can play over 2000 matches in a week (the game came out June 22nd and for the June rankings the player in first had like 2300 matches...). The reward for playing at least one match is a new character that you would otherwise get the following month if you didn't play... so it is barely a reward. The single player can be completed in about 4 hours. I had my fair share of fun in it, tackling the challenges and bosses it offers, but it's really short and has 0 replayability. This brings me to my point of how an achievement system would really benefit this game. By having some kind of "Play/Win X amount of matches in Standard/Simple" it would give some kind of objective for the online play. The single player could offer challenges, like beating some of the minigames under specific conditions (without missing a ball, in a certain amount of time, while only using a certain type of shot, by performing a special secret task during the match) or play the whole adventure with some kind of handicap, like not getting any of the extra rackets. There are so many little challenges that could have given the 4 hours of playtime a lot of replayability. But without a little notification and a Jpeg to keep as a memento of said task, there is no incentive to try any of that. When I talk about an achievement system I mean an overarching one, just like how it works on PSN. Having in-game achievements that cannot be checked from anywhere else other than the game itself is the same as nothing. You could say that I should play games on PS systems if I want that, but that doesn't allow me to play Mario Tennis or Zelda, so it's not a solution. All I'm saying is that this basic functionality could add a lot for very little. All in all, I like the game feel and the single player, but at its length I can't recommend it to anyone unless it goes for $20 or less. The Media Corner Beating the final boss (this was in my 2nd try. On the first one I did the last special shot with 0 seconds left and it caused the game over right as I hit the ball, lol)
  10. Cmon, man. The dude is just trying to help. He even made a video for it. Not everyone can (or wants to) play games on hard from the start. You could also have added your input in less of an asshole way, like just mentioning the game can be started in Hard, without the elitist comment on top of it.
  11. Yeah, it's definitely worth your time. The story is good and it even made me shed a few tears at one point. In battles you become a monster when all moves are available. Stacking Break Soul and finishing it up with a Mystic Arte for extremely increased damage feels really good. Zestiria is, without a doubt, the worst entry in the series (so far is the only main modern Tales I haven't finished). So don't worry about bashing Zesty, we all agree it sucks. If you care about the Platinum, keep in mind that there is a grind at the end. Getting every title to at least level 2 takes quiety a bit of time.
  12. 1- I played the whole game on hard from the get go, fighting only what was in my way (because killing stuff is super fun in this one because the fighting flows very nicely compared to clunky ass Zestiria) and I only had trouble in one specific boss close to the end that used high level spells and would kill my party members easily, still beat him first try, though. I never really paid attention to my level. 2- There is an Ex dungeon with several bosses. Endgame gear is made from combining endgame equipment if you really want to get everything to +10 or whatever the last gear improvement was. There are also some cool optional bosses as rewards for sidequests, especially a certain fight that I won't spoil what is 3- No, you obtain skills from quests, bosses and using pieces of equipment for several battles. None of that bullshit chance of getting such skills stacked and RNG crap. The equipment is dropped or bought (can't remember if it can be created but I remember improving items with materials). Some can have random skills but you don't need any specific one for a trophy.
  13. If you don't mind sharing: why? Did something happen to your old account or you just wanted a new start?
  14. Usar tu propio save para obtener trophies rapidamente es razon de flag porque es indistinguible de aquel que usa el save de otra persona. Si usas una blank account en una PS4 que ya se habia conectado a internet alguna vez las timestamps serian corectas de todas formas, asi que eso no es excusa. Cambiar de consola sin hacer el sync es indistingible de usar el save de alguien mas, asi que es la misma situacion.
  15. It changes everytime you sleep at an Inn or heal at a green save point. For what I can tell it affects chances to steal and chances to apply debuff effects attached to artes and skills. It may affect drop rate, but that doesn't matter because stacking Item Finder skills can get you to 100% drop rate. Also, it probably affects Crit chance but thats another thing that is affected waaay more by stacking crit chance skills. I don't think it affects monster catching rate. If you want to improve that, get a monstet with the Sync skill Gaze of Temptation. I got this platinum not too long ago and I can tell you I didn't pay attention to the Luck stat at all, lol