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  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Game Difficulty: 8/10 Platinum Difficulty: 7/10 Time to Platinum: 45 hours Thoughts on the game After Devil May Cry 5 and Dark Souls platinums I should have played something easy to chill for a bit and not have to think much. The problem was that Sekiro had already come out and I wanted to play it on par with my friend, so the relaxing game went to shit. Sekiro is a game that starts really hard, way harder than Bloodborne or Dark Souls, mostly because there are more mechanics to the combat. It all started okay, I was able to play through the tutorial and a good chunk of the beginning parts without dying at all (although I was being extremely cautious). Then, at a place called Hirata State, I found the first competent mini-boss, a spear wielding dude. It was at this point when the game wants you to utilize one of the 3 main countering abilities, the Mikiri Counter, which is used to avoid thrust attacks and step on the enemy's spear or blade. I only died once to that dude but that was because another 4 times I run away to heal and restore my healing items, so those could be counted as deaths as well. This means 5 "deaths" to a starting mini-boss, way more deaths than most Dark Souls or Bloodborne ACTUAL BOSSES. That set the mood and let me know that I was in for a sweet ride. To explain the mechanics a bit, this game is about quick combat that wants you to constantly be clashing swords with your opponent. To encourage this stamina is gone, but blindly attacking will only get you through the most basic of basic grunts, the grunt above that one can already deflect your attacks and counter attack you. There are 2 ways to kill people, lowering their HP to 0, or more commonly, breaking their posture for a fatal Deathblow. To facilitate this the defensive moves come into play. The most used one is Deflecting attacks, basically parrying by pressing defense (L1) with the correct timing, which reduces posture damage taken, damages enemy posture and a lot of the time makes the enemy stop attacking allowing to attack back. Then comes the defensive maneuvers against unblockable attacks, like Sweeps and Thrusts. Sweeps cannot be blocked or deflected so the solution is jumping over the attack and pressing the jump again to deliver an aerial kick. Thrusts cannot be blocked, although they can be deflected, but the better option is the previously mentioned Mikiri Counter which stops the attack on the spot and generates a ton of posture damage. There are also Grabs... this suck because you can only dodge or run away, there is not a specific counter for them. All this together is a lot during the first hours. I would often press the wrong counter because I couldn't react fast enough. I looked back at my gameplay from the beginning and I can't even watch it... I was so bad... STILL! I kept at it and a few more hours in I was getting more comfortable. By the second samurai type mini-boss it was already clicking. Fighting that dude I understood that just like in a fighting game there are "turns". You can wail on the defending enemy to damage their posture but as soon as they deflect your turn is done and you should prepare to defend. This means deflecting their attack to take offensive turn again. Of course it gets more complicated than that since different enemies react a little different, like getting to do 2 attacks even though you deflect their first one, or doing a slow move with super armor so you still need to defend. All of those come with tells to always let the player know how to react. On top of having a sword you also get ninja tools that are attached to the prosthetic arm. I didn't use most of them but I read they open up some cheese strategies. My most used one was the Shuriken. It allowed me to keep the pressure going when enemies jumps away from me (thanks to a skill that allows for a very fast post-throw attack to close the gap). Other than that I used the Firecrackers to stun or interrupt a few bosses. By the time I reached the first actual boss I was more than ready and comfortably beat him on the first try. From there on it was, mostly, smooth sailing. The boss that seems to be the first tall wall for most players to overcome I beat on my 2nd try, and the final boss that people ragequit over or take weeks to beat I got down on my 5th attempt, I was pretty happy with myself when I found out about other people struggles. On the topic of bosses, the ones I liked the most are the human sized ones because I'm more into the "duel" feeling I get from those. Going face to face, pressuring the opponent to break their posture. I liked all of those. There are also several ones against creatures, which were nice to break the pace of the usual boss, except for an optional one at the very end of the game. That one was just... annoying. It felt like a Bloodborne reject dumped in this game that is not made to dodge around big enemies. Anyway, the main reason I was interested in this game was because the combat looked awesome, and indeed it does. There is a lot of throat slicing and ninja action. For some reason I never got tired of hearing the sound of clashing swords or dudes getting Deathblown. I also loved that most main bosses get a unique final deathblow animation that was always a treat to see. I love when attacks have this "weight" to them and sound effects to emphasize that, which was the one thing that Dark Souls was completely missing. The maps are overall smaller than previous FromSoft titles and Idols (this game version of bonfires) are eeeeverywhere. Sometimes you can find one, go down a few stairs or the side of a mountain and find another one. Stealth is also a big part in exploration. Maps and enemy placement are designed for the keen ninja to find ways to go around completely undetected and kill everyone. Stopping for a bit to find out how to solve this "puzzle" was a fun thing to do. Of course you can also run in, kill a dude using stealth and then fight the other enemies, or run away until they forget you exist and kill the next one, but that is on the player to decide. Running past everything is also super easy thanks to infinite sprinting and the grappling hook, since very few enemies can follow you along tall areas. The areas also loop on themselves but this isn't that big of a deal since Idols are everywhere and you can warp between them from the very beginning. The story is way more straight forward than any other FromSoft game. It is told up front through dialog. Item descriptions with lore are still a thing but are mostly used for little tidbits of side things not talked much in the main story. I've seen a lot of comments about this game not having customization and such. Personally I do not mind because going around with a sword is what I would normally do anyway but people that like to keep distance and cast magic are out of luck on this one. I feel most of the people that liked to play as mages in other games are also the ones that have the hardest time getting the hang of the combat. I always played these games up close and personal so I guess that helped me a bit to quickly get it. On a final note: I'm on the camp that likes that there isn't co-op. It is not because I don't want people to play together, but because I like that people do not get an easy way out of a challenge, their either learn and overcome said challenge or quit. Reading the tales of people stuck on bosses fills my evil soul. I'm sorry =(. Thoughts on the Platinum This list is pretty similar to Bloodborne. It doesn't ask for much, just to experience everything the game has to offer. Having 4 endings could have made it a chore, but good old save backups fix that for the lazy player like me who wants the platinum but also wants to move to the next game in a reasonable time frame. After most things are done the final trophy for everyone is more than likely gonna be acquiring every skill. Since I only played 2 playthroughs (avoiding almost everything on the 2nd one to rush to end game) I was still missing a bunch. With the most efficient way I could find to grind it took me a little under 3 hours to get the 41 points I needed. Not too bad really. There is also a trophy for using the Resurrection mechanic for the first time. I wanted some bragging rights on my list so I decided to avoid using it for the whole platinum. Because of this I left it as the last trophy =P. To be honest, using it wouldn't have helped me that much anyway. I can recall like 2 times where it could have saved me 10 or so minutes since when I died during bosses it was usually because I run out of healing. Coming back to life with half health wouldn't have done that much. The Media Corner Since I popped the plat with a stupid trophy that video is not interesting (I killed myself by self poisoning in a safe area just for the lolz), so I will leave the dreaded final boss down here. This was my 5th attempt so I was still learning the fight. It is not clean at all but it came out fairly nice anyway (except for the beginning of phase 2.... I was so out of rhythm at that point for some reason...). The killing blow was really cool, too. And now I can finally go and play something chill to relax! Onward to the next game!
  2. I don't get how you got to gather 1 million orbs so soon in comparison to the 1000 enemies killed, especially considering you repeated the missions that can be played with differenet characters on your first playthrough. I got 1000 enemies like 4 mission in while I was cleaning up collectables after the first playthrough, so dunno how you managed about 4 playthroughs without getting the kills. Buying all skills that early can be done by buying red orbs/certain skills with real money, so that's completely possible.
  3. I agree with this so much! The moment she left and Rose joined my first thought was: "thank god low ass resonance Alisha is finally gone". Seriously, she was so useless and was holding Sorey back. Then she proceeded to fuck up everything she did on her own. I think the only reason some people like her over Rose is because of the thigh fetish. On the DLC: yes, it's terrible. The dungeon goes on and on. It takes forever to find the right way because it is very confusing to navigate. I only played the DLC because it had several Silver trophies tied to it (plus the items and skits in it counts toward the main game % without increasing the total pool).
  4. Eeeeh, maybe? Farming any skill should be just equal since you can increase the odds with the normin. I didn't farm anywhere in the game except for the post-game area, so I only know about the drops there. The point of doing it like that is that you can get any equipment piece type in that same area and all of them are the best ones stat-wise. Farming Linwurm is better because it is useful for the final boss. While collecting a 16 stack of Lindwurm for Sorey I ended up with several other pieces with 3 Lindwurms that I could stick to the other characters. All that made the empowered final boss a joke (I think I said this before, but I'm not sure if I said it to you). What's the problem with the final boss? Just drop the difficulty and destroy his ass. If your problem is the second form you can stand to the right an almost no attacks can hit you. Here is my kill on Chaos if it helps you with anything.
  5. You should actually tackle the Sweet 16 in the post-game area. The best equipment pieces can be farmed there, including the Lindwurm Ring, which you can get in the way to Sweet 16 to get a piece with 4 of the same skill. The part that matters about the E-skills is that you need a line of 10 for a trophy. Knowing how to manipulate equipment to fill the gaps helps a lot for figuring out a way to get the whole line. What you do is utilize the fact the blue skills (which signifies they are locked) are treated as empty for the purposes of fusion. So with a bunch of the same equipment but with different skills you can first combine 2 to get a blue skill and then combine that piece with the one that has the skill you want so it replaces the blue skill. It is a very useful trick since combining skills is a mess and you are never sure what each combination would get you. It can sound confusing at first, but is actually very simple.
  6. He only requires 1 deathblow to kill now, so with Firecrackers it's free. I didn't have that when I fought him so I just stood away to bait him into doing the very preditable charge attack. Parrying that makes him stop, which gives enough time to land 2 hits and retreat so that he goes into charging again.
  7. You don't need to go back anywhere, there are games that are still games. From the top of my head: Spider-Man, God of War, Horizon, Dragon Quest XI, Devil May Cry 5, Bloodborne, Sekiro, just to mention big budget games, there are plenty of smaller titles without any of this bs. Speak with your wallets =)
  8. It seems most of the people who got bored due to the lack of options are those who used to play with magic and ranged weapons in Dark Souls. While I haven't played it yet I know I will have no problem with just using a single katama because that's the sort of weapon I would pick anyway, lol. I never play NG+ on souls games either. I only go as far as I need to to finish trophies and that's it. I have so many other games that I want to play and plat that I never feel compelled to replay games after I'm done with the trophies.
  9. What I meant is that it just adds an inconvenience that you have to dump stats on (I think it's 105 agility for comparable iframes to a DS1 fast roll?). It is also not that clear to the player that it is giving you iframes and faster item usage, which leads to the common misconception of clunkiness.
  10. The unlocked taunts should count. The bought red orbs do not count for the 1m orbs, though. Super Costumes are worthless for the platinum because they reduce your score by 80%, making getting an S rank impossible. It takes about 30 minutes to get 3 million orbs. With that information you can decide yourself if it is worth to buy the taunts or not.
  11. @MMDE I think the problem with DS2 is that on the first few areas enemies tend to come in groups of 3-5 and ambushes are used too often. I bet a lot of the people who complain about that stuff never kept playing. The later areas dial that back too much, making them empty on top of being uninteresting. Bosses are complete ass (at least as far as I've seen), but most bosses on DS1 are ass too, so I can see it pulling off a few decent bosses at some point. And finally, the new stats add nothing more than some annoyance. I'm talking about stuff like Vigor and Adaptability. Adaptabilty especially seems completely unnecessary and is the main cause of comments about item use being very slow and rolls sucking ass. But hey, at least they added a % below the equipment load!
  12. I don't think this is the thread for that. You should ask in the corresponding forum. But for a quick answer, it doesn't matter. It only matters after beating the game on your second playthrough when you do the Sweet 16 trophy. At that point you go into the post game area and stack a bunch of Lindwurm for that trophy and to destroy the empowered final boss later. Other than that I always went with whatever I got. The only E skill I kept throughout the whole game in the 2nd playthrough was the 4 in a line one on the Red skills for Sorey (+1 attack on level up) and the same for Lailah (for who I got lucky and got to stack it twice) but for arte attack since I usually Armatized with her. With our combined stats I could get maxed attack and arte attack while Armitized.
  13. DSP is not a good example. On Dark Souls he only got up to Blighttown and then got carrid by 2 people the rest of the game. Then for Bloodborne he grinded and was overleveled for more than half of the game. Later for the "redepmtion" playthrough he ragequit on Ludwig I think? I don't remember what happened with that one. But I agree with the Hack n' slash games. Without going too far, Devil May Cry 5 is harder to platinum than Bloodborne or Dark Souls. Ninja Gaiden is definitely harder.
  14. I feel that any build in Dark Souls is fine. I went for a light equipment build to 2 hand a weapon and dodge everything because I wanted to play it more like Bloodborne. Good thing I did because I later watched some gameplay using a shield and damn did it look boring. The Castlevania games were fun. It was my first time playing those. I ended up liking Symphony of the Night so much that I played through it again 2 more times, although not to completion. In Mega Man 11 I can see two trophies giving people trouble. The easier of those would be beating Dr. Light's Trial. This is an endurance round through a series of stages with the bosses from Wily's castle every 10th floor. Still, I bet most people have the most trouble with the infamous boss on Floor 10. The other one is the speedrun. This could be really hard but is mitigated severely by the fact that you can save between stages, so you only need to practice one stage at a time. The limit is one hour and it took me 47 minutes, iirc. I'm not looking forward to X Collection 2, lol. I have to start that one some day I'm in the mood for some bs. You have seen me here and there on topics about difficulty. I'm completely against trophy whore games. I do play some weeb games with simple platinums here and there (except visual novels, which I'm actually fine with if the player doesn't skip everything just for the plat), but at least those can be considered games and I don't play them solely for the plat. I really dislike the way trophy whore games destroy the meaning of a plat...
  15. Dark Souls: Remastered Game Difficulty: 7/10 Platinum Difficulty: 7/10 Time to Platinum: 40 hours Thoughts on the game Damn the platinum image is terrible for this one... it doesn't even have transparency. Anyway, this game was a gift from my friend Hache. He's been playing Dark Souls 2 lately and watching his gameplay made me want to try out this game. Originally I wasn't going to get this platinum because it required 2 and a half playthoughs and finding a bunch of items here and there, with several being missable due to character sidequests. The guide here in PSNP has a walkthrough to not miss anything. At first I thought it would spoil the game if I used it but it actually isn't as specific, so it's okay to follow it. Since I played Bloodborne first I had a lot of bias toward it, however I'm not taking points away from this game since I understand it is way older. I always heard of how well designed the areas in this game are, but to me it didn't feel like it. Places like Blighttown and Sen's Fortress are horrible, and places like Tomb of Giants, Duke's Archives, The Depths and New Londo Ruins all have their share of things that I feel are terrible design choices. Blighttown is an awful series of little planks of wood and ladders, that alone isn't the problem, the problem are the stupid dudes in the dark that you cannot see at all until they shoot you. They are everywhere, have a fast shooting rate and their darts inflict the strongest poison in the game, a poison so strong that it eats your health and cannot be healed with normal poison antidotes. They could poison me with 2 darts, which could be my fault for not having poison resist, but not being able to heal that super strong poison normally seems more annoying than it should. I only got poisoned by them once and happened to have one single strong antidote that some tree dude dropped only once ever (I went through the are with the tree dudes several times and I have only seen that strong antidote drop once. They do drop the regular antidote very often, though). Sen's Fortress has traps that you can see if you look for the tiles in the ground, but you can easily get surprised by dudes throwing electric spears from the darkness above while you are focused trying to avoid gigantic axes swinging around while you walk over an extremelly narrow path. Traps you cannot see coming are fine as long as it doesn't mean instant death, so having the first one of those dudes that throws those electric spears appear when you are walking on that narrow path is terrible design. Tomb of Giants is badly designed because it requires a light source in a game with very limited choices. There are 3 light sources. One is a special helm that drops in an area you won't find normally. Another is a rare drop from non-respawning enemies in the area before the Tomb (there is a lootable one, but it is inside the Tomb, so it's unlikely you can find it without knowing it's there). And the last one is a magic spell sold by a really difficult to find NPC (on top of that it requires 14 Int to cast, so if you are not using an Int character you need to waste stats on it). The good design choice would be to ensure the player gets one of those items the non-respawning enemies if all are killed, or have some kind of cheap, but less effective, light source for anyone to use. Duke's Archives is fine overall, but it's filled with the annoyance of enemies shooting projectiles at you. I don't find that challenging, I just find it annoying. In The Depths everything is very samey looking, so it is too easy to get lost. Also, it is filled with very narrow hallways that make fighting things annoying, not challenging. New Londo Ruins is not bad, but for some unholy reason they decided to not put any bonfires around. Thankfully I beat the boss there on my first try, but just thinking about the run back annoyed me, lol. I could probably think of some more things, but those are the most important. Someone could say I'm too easy to annoy or that I'm not man enough to deal with the bullshit, but I'm sorry, if I feel something is badly designed I'm allowed to criticize it as such. While playing Bloodborne I read comments of a lot of people that played Dark Souls first that had a hard time with Bloodborne because it has no shields. It seems dodging is too hard, so the go to strategy for a lot of people was just hiding behind a shield and counter attacking. Because of that I wanted to play Dark Souls without a shield. I went for a low load build for the fastest roll and used the ring that improves the fast rool even further. Good thing I did that... I watched some people fight bosses with shield and damn it looks boring as fuck. In term of boss fight I was disappointed almost all the time. The only ones I liked were Smough and Ornstein, Sif and Gwyn. The rest are just terrible disappointments. I felt especially bad for Gaping Dragon and Seath. They have great designs but are waaaaay to easy to beat. And that goes for most of the bosses, great looking creatures with terribly simple mechanics. Some are also in terrible arenas, like the Capra Demon and his 2 by 3 room... I killed almost all the bosses without dying. The few deaths go to: 2 to Taurus Demon. I got stuck twice between him and the wall for dodging into him when he jump attacked. 1 to Iron Golem. I didn't realize there were no walls around (i thought there were little walls around, high enough to not fall off) so I rolled out and killed myself, lol. 1 to Nito. I got to his fight with 1 Estus left, which got wasted because you take a 40% hit in fall damage to get to his arena... 1 to Ceaseless Discharge. I went to that place early so he killed me in one hit. I then came back and cheesed him by staying in a hallway between the mountains and baiting him to attack with his arm. 1 to Quelaag. I got one shot by a very slow sword attack. Next attempt I just stood back and only attacked when the spider part barfed lava. 5 to Bed of Chaos. After I understood the "fight" I kept missing the branch in the hole, lol. 10 to Smough and Ornstein. I was leaving Ornstein second, who has a much harder second form than Smough (who is fucking free if left for last... All he gets is some electricity which only matters on his butt stomp attack). Dodging the 2 of them on the first phase wasn't that easy and then I would get to phase 2 where I could die to 2 attacks if I was at full health, problem is that I never reached that part with full health, lol. After 3 deaths to Ornstein's second form I learned all his moves and I killed him without getting hit. The other 7 deaths were before phase 2. And that's it. The rest I killed on the first try. I didn't play the DLC, though. Killing things is fun, but it feels less fun than in Bloodborne. Animations are much simpler and hits have almost no weight to them, so it doesn't feel as satisfying to hit things. Still, as I said before, I'm not taking points away from the game for things like that. Music was mostly just alright. The boss music for some of the early bosses was laughable, though. It felt like a song for a boss in a beat'em up... I always thought of Dragon's Crown when I got to those bosses, lol. I did like the song against the final boss. Let's just say it surprised me. One last thing I wanted to complain about is not being able to teleport to any bonfire after unlocking that ability. It is an inconvenience for no good reason. I understand this type of games were meant to echo the difficulty of old games on the NES, but inconvenience doesn't always mean difficulty. Overall I liked this game, but not that much. And that's not because of people hyping it all the time, I simply don't find it as good as people say. Thoughts on the Platinum Pointless extra playthoughs are pointless. As I mentioned before, I didn't want to get this plat because it seemed like too much of a hassle. I was also not gonna get it yet since I didn't feel like playing the whole thing again right away, I was gonna wait a bit. What ended up motivating me to finish it was that while looking which were the required bosses, I found out about a way to skip a bunch of the game and go straight to the final boss. Thanks to this I got the souls from the bosses I needed, which are all right before the part previous to the skip. This saved me soooo much time going though some shitty areas I didn't want to see again, lol. Basically the skip let's you bypass the door that blocks the way to the final boss. Normally you need to beat this 4 Lords scattered around the game, but by warping from the fire in front of the door to Firelink and closing the game as soon as FireLink appears on screen the game puts you past the door when you load back in. I have no idea how that works, lol. Getting the maximum upgrade of each type is very easy to complete thanks to backups. Just gather the minimum materials for one of the upgrade types and then revert back to recover the materials after the trophy pops. Getting all spells, miracles and pyromancies takes more effort and a good bunch are missable so it is better to just follow a walkthrough for those. One miracle that sucked to get was this one that requires joining a covenant that only allows people with Faith of 25 or higher (this requirement can be lowered by helping people in co-op but I was not gonna pay $10 for PS+ and then have to wait to find people to help). Since my Faith was 11 and I didn't want to waste 14 levels on that shit I just farmed enough souls for 14 levels, went there, backed up the save file, leveled my Faith to 25, joined the thing, got the miracles, popped the trophy and reverted back to get my sweet souls and put them on more useful stats. Yeah, a lot of cheesing via backups, but that's what happens when you game has a bunch of collectable trophies that cannot be completed in a single playthrough. No media this time because I dind't feel like recording this game. I was gonna take a screenshot of my character because he looked like a damn Shadow of Yharnam from Bloodborne, but I forgot, lol. Also, the platinum popped by forging one last weapon, so that also wasn't interesting.