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  1. Bloodborne Game Difficulty: 6/10 Platinum Difficulty: 7/10 Time to Platinum: 50 hours Thoughts on the game Aaah... the first Soulsborne game of this guy, a genre I was always mildly interested in but never gave it a go. I had this game for a long time because I once found it for $20 and decided to buy it since I heard only good things about it. Last year on my birthday gathering we were talking about Dark Souls, I mentioned I had Bloodborne and one of my friends immediately asked me if we could play it (he had gotten into the genre not that long ago with Dark Souls). Next time he came over we started it. We did record the whole thing, which I'm in the midst of uploading. If anyone wants to check it here is the playlist to the whole playthrough (should be all published by the end of May). As always, it has us talking in spanish. I have a bunch of experience in fast paced action games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta but that didn't help much with this game. I had heard it was hard but I also know most people who complain about difficulty in games tend to just be terrible. Starting out I had a pretty easy time with the area, although we got lost and couldn't found the first shortcut. I died to the first boss and went back to square one. I was a bit annoyed by this, but minutes later we found this shortcut and never had much trouble again. Killing things feels really good. Movement and attacks have a really nice "weight" to them, so any encounter with a strong foe is a fun experience. That is at least when you understand the nuance of combat, especially the aggressive one found in Bloodborne. In the beginning I would play defensively by dodging back and trying to counter attack, but that is not how you do it in here. What the good hunter does is take the risk and try to utilize the iframes from dodge animations to move through attacks, ending in a more favorable position to punish. This "dance" style of battle feels great when you learn to read enemies movements, which at first feel random but in reality there are always small tells for the player to anticipate what to do. Using the firearm to parry enemies to open them up for visceral attacks is something we didn't do for a while. It feels awesome to land viscerals on enemies, too. I wish someone told me that from the start, though, since Father Gascoigne, the first required boss, really punishes the player for acting defensive. We ended up cheesing him with ranged items but he did kill us 7 times (I died 4 times and my friend 3, who then killed him on his 4th attempt), this ties him with another one for the most times we died to a boss, with the other being the last boss from the DLC, Orphan of Kos, considered one of the hardest bosses in the whole genre. This comparison can tell you how much of a test this first required boss is. I do think such a difficult boss for a beginner is there for a reason, though. I think it is so that someone who cannot beat him doesn't waste his time with the rest of the game, as a sign that it is gonna be too much for them. In other words, he is the Gatekeeper of this game. Another thing I would hear about these games is "that feeling", the one you get after overcoming a tough fight. Sadly, I didn't experience that. The closest I got to that was with this previously mentioned Orphan of Kos, which took me 4 attempts (with other 4 attempts by my friend, who didn't do that well). All that was on the span of 45 minutes, not even close to the time I have spent to kill some bosses in Mythic difficulty in World of Warcraft, with some taking over 250 attempts... I've read horror stories from other players who got stuck for days or weeks on some bosses we killed first try or in 30 minutes, so something tells me some players don't really learn the nuance of combat and just go at it until they get lucky or something. Curious about how other people play I did watch a few playthroughs which showed me that I wasn't so wrong. They would spam dodges, panic a lot when their health was getting low, forget half of the things they could do or just tunnel vision on something and stop paying attention to the rest. Still, I find it pretty entertaining to watch new players fail and learn. What did made me feel great a lot of times was finding new shortcuts back to the lanterns. There is nothing shittier than exploring an area for an hour to then die before opening that one door that can make the trip back a thing of 1 minute. The map design is one of the best aspects (except for Forbidden Woods, fuck that shitty ass open area filled with poisonous snakes). It is designed in a way to connect everything, and each area has its own little details to use as guide for someone who can create a mental map. That is a skill I didn't know was a skill. While playing with my friend I would always have to guide him because his capacity to have a mental map is almost non-existant. Even in common areas we traversed several times he would still sometimes make the wrong turn. The bosses are one of the best parts of this game. They have awesome designs, ranging from badass hunters, like Father Gascoigne and Lady Maria, to grotesque... things, like The One Reborn and Ebrietas. And all of them are accompanied with amazing music tracks, turned even more amazing due to the fact that most of the game has no music, making each boss fight feel even better. The DLC bosses especially have some of the best tracks. But, better than talking about each boss it would be better to show, so I will add a boss compilation with live commentary (in spanish) of our first kills. My favorite boss was probably Ludwig, the Holy Blade. Graphics are almost all grey and brown, but it goes great with the depressing tone the whole world has. There is death and despair everywhere, and the player knows nothing of why anything that happens happens. The main story has almost no exposition or explanations, most of these are left for the player to find out by finding notes and reading item descriptions, something we really didn't do that much. I'm sure the lore is intricate and shit, but I'm not the type of player to go out of his way to read that kind of thing. In the end, I did like this game a lot, so much that I actually also played a lot of it again with another character to try out another weapon. In this second run through the game I destroyed almost every single boss on the first try, only dying to 2 of them once or twice, proof that the experience as a player is worth much more than the experience points in the game. I will for sure be trying out the Dark Souls series, and the soon to release Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, at some point. Thoughts on the Platinum Knowing this is a "hard" game anyone would expect a hard plat, but nope, it is actually extremely straight forward with very few missable. One is very easy to miss but can be gotten in NG+ in 5 minutes, and the other could lock you out of an ending but is VERY difficult to fuck up. All 3 endings can be done in a single playthrough thanks to back up saves. The trophy most commonly seen as the hardest one requires doing a bunch of extra dungeons called Chalice Dungeons. There is a specific route to do the bare minimum, which is 7 dungeons. It is not that bad until one called Defiled Pthumeru, which cuts the player HP in half. This means a bad move could spell death. People hyped this one a lot too, but we ended up finishing it in 1 hour and 10 minutes. The dungeons overall aren't that bad but become very boring because they all utilize the same few preset rooms and take longer than needed because of the need to explore for materials to create them. Beers and a friend are recommended to avoid boredom. There are a bunch of optional areas with some of the best bosses in the base game, so going for the platinum enhances this game. The Media Corner As mentioned before I will attach a compilation of almost all the bosses. The ones I cut are those from Chalice Dungeons that were too weak or repeats from either the main game or other Chalice Dungeons. The only important repeat is one from Defiled Pthumeru and the final boss because we both killed it once for different endings. In the spoiler tag I will add timestamps along with some insight on our experience. Popping the Platinum by destroying the true final boss for the last ending A compilation our first kills of most of the bosses (with spanish commentary. More info on each boss in the spoiler tag below)
  2. So then why us as humans distinguish accomplished athletes with trophies? Isn't the point to acknowledge they did something better than their peers? Well, we do a digital thing and get digital trophies for it. There are those of us who like rare trophies, as there are others who prioritize trophy count. I don't care about basic trophies, since those are just like participation awards, but if I'm gonna attempt a crazy hard challenge I want to have something to show for it. It's really not a hard concept to understand. I'm all in for means to help players who lack the skills to see everything a game has to offer, but trophies should be left as a way to reward those who go out of their way to complete all kinds of challenges in an even playing field.
  3. I understand how you feel. I also think Assist Modes and such should lock trophies. Trophies are meant to aknowledge an achievement and are completely optional, so giving the same trophy that someone got with effort to someone that just watched kinda devalues it. For example, Celeste would have a very challenging and rewarding Platinum, but since anyone can get it with assist mode it kills the motivation to do it for real. The way it is I can say I'm the football world champion because I watched France play.
  4. Well... I just only finished the game on DH (which is the normal difficulty). Early on I thought it wasn't gonna be that hard to not get hit for the HaH S ranks, but SoS difficulty enemies actually fight back and have more moves. Still, I believe eventually the community will come up with cheese strategies for each missions to make this easier. Nero and Dante have a lot of options, so there should be something in there if people try out things enough. Dante already has a bunch of cheeses with Dr. Faust and King Cerberus to fight at a distance and stay safe. Nero's loadout with up to 8 different arms could easily get you an effective arm for each situation. V doesn't have that many options, but you can stay safe thanks to the familiars fighting for you at a distance. I feel like skill is gonna play more of a factor for DMD, while cheese is gonna be the strategy for HaH. Long story short, play the game for fun, try to learn how to effectively use your characters (read the skill list! Some things are not told to you straight on the in-game tutorial, like how Dante's Cavalier weapon is used effectively). After you finish it on DH, or H, see if you want to keep going. There is no shame on not getting the plat, but there is shame on missing on an awesome game because you are scared of the plat.
  5. That's a good idea. Having a bunch of Ragtimes to break could be really useful when not wanting to get hit. I can see it being harder without knowing about clashing, but they are still leagues easier than the motherfucking Blitzes in DMC4. Those guys have electric armor, always move around really fast and come out from those fast movements with attacks that have different timings. Furies always take the exact same time to appear with their attacks, making it much easier to time dodges or counter attacks.
  6. Oh really? For some reason I was imagining I would be needing DMD numbers or even higher, especially since people were hyping up so much the fact that you NEED to not die once. This makes HaH hella easier to S rank now. Still, that won't help for stupid mission 08 and 10... It feels like enemies give less style points on those. I can play mission 10 really well and still be short on points, but then I go to mission 11, get smacked left and right, and still get an S rank. The balance seems really off... And on another note: damn you guys hyped up the Furies. I read about them over here before meeting them, so when the first appeared I was kinda scared. They have like 3 fucking attacks which are extremelly telegraphed. Dante can beat them with 0 skill needed, Nero does require a bit of timing (I stand fairly close and then I use an Ex back + attack (grounded) when they do the subtle dagger movement right before rushing in. Clashes every time, allowing a few hits into a Buster for some sick moves and free style. Alternate between the ground and air versions or the style won't increase)
  7. Easy. Just back up your save every now and then and revert back if you die. If all endings are based on death count it will be very easy to get then all in a single playthrough. If 25 is the limit for the best ending then this won't be difficult, even without save scumming. That is if the difficulty is comparable to Bloodborne. On a second playthrough I did just for fun I died like 10 times.
  8. I wanted to keep it consistent between characters to have an easier time with shared mechanics. I was gonna have Devil Trigger on when I got to start playing as V, but then I remembered I was gonna need that button to switch weapons with Dante, so I kept it for character specific actions. Same happened with the D-pad, since I knew Dante was gonna need it for style changes. I also think it helps to have constant hold actions in different hands. Like for example to have targeting and gun on different hands so it doesn't get confusing when you need to release one or the other.
  9. Since DMC 4, in which Nero has a beastly charged shot, I've been using for ranged weapons. I also use for melee attacks so that I have easy access to in case I need to dodge or enemy step. This also helps with V so that I can easily charge with either summon while using the other independently. I keep most of the other actions where they are. to target, for Exceed and so on. For Nero ended up with Break Away, and all Devil Triggers ended up on .
  10. So I'm actually hurting my score for using Exceeds correctly with Nero and keeping up the heat with Dante's Balrog? I guess I will sit there and royal block forever with Dante to keep the SSS on mission 10 so that I get a bunch of points, lol. Although that kinda explains why I always get a shitton of points with V... it always takes me forever to kill stuff but Nightmare brings the combo style to S almost by himself. Since it takes me longer to kill with V I earn more points... this is kinda stupid, though.
  11. I didn't ress, I went back to the checkpoint. I think what could have made it is that there is no penalty for dying, you only lose the 1.2x bonus for not dying. And since the time taken is not a factor (only affects the speed clear red orb bonus) the extra time taken didn't matter. Is a cool fight. The thing I'm missing from 4 are those Devil Buster super attacks and secrets. I haven't tried the replacement Devil Buster arm that I just got last mission, but since it does the same animation on normal enemies that it did in 4, I'm hoping on bosses it has special attacks.
  12. This Angel dude? =P. Playing as Nero in this game brought back so many memories from 10 years ago, lol. I wish there was a list of points requirements per mission and difficulty or some breakdown on what each of these bonuses mean. I'm slowly playing this and I still don't understand what is getting me the S ranks. So far I'm on mission 07 and have gotten S first try on all except the prologue. What got me wondering the logistics was mission 05 (the one with V against the horse knight). I got B in both area ranks and then took forever to kill the boss (didn't die, I just was slow at killing him. I'm still getting used to V). Got an S anyway. Then I also died to the boss in Mission 02 and still got the S rank.
  13. I just started playing today and it seems the S rank requirements are pretty lenient. I just finished Mission 02 in which I actually died to the boss like a complete moron. I'm not a pussy so I restarted from the checkpoint, beat the boss and still got an S rank. My per area ranks were S, A and A. This makes me believe that if you beat the mission in Hell and Hell while doing decent combos you should get the S rank, even if all 3 golden orbs are used.
  14. That Powerpyx guide only says you have to not get hit and not die for the 2.2x multiplier so that you can S-rank doing shit D-tier combos. I wonder how important those multipliers are when playing the game correctly. I remember that in DMC4 while playing on DMD I could get hit a lot (almost dying) and I would still get an S-rank
  15. Do you really want to play on Human or Devil Hunter? I wanted to start in Son of Sparda at the very least to reduce on the boring easy playthroughs, but if I will have to do it anyway might as well start on piss easy =/. There is nothing wrong with giving the same rank and clear for all the lower difficulties. They could just lock DMD until SoS is cleared if they don't want people to skip that much or feel compelled to bash their heads against a harder difficulty just because they can (which is still probably gonna be the case in terms of unlocking difficulties).