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  1. It feels slow and clunky, it wasn't much fun to fight things due to this. I got to the point where you get the main gimmick of the system, Armatization, and it didn't do much for it. It also didn't help that at the time I still had Xillia 2 to play which has an awesome battle system, super fast and responsive. Still, that was one play session on a single day and I haven't gone back to it since. If you don't plan to play the Vita outside of your house I'd recommend you get a PS TV instead. Vita games look great on TV and with a PS4 controller you can do the touchscreen stuff with the touch pad. I played Tales of Hearts R on it and it's graphics reminded me of playing Tales of Symphonia back on Gamecube. On my little Platinum summaries I plan on sharing thoughts on specific trophies and also add a video of the Plat popping =).
  2. Yeah, we definitely share taste in games. I don't completely dislike Racing as I do other sports (I could play a few races in a game like Need for Speed) but unless its something like Mario Kart it doesn't hold my attention for more than a few minutes. I only played Zestiria for a few hours, but the little I played of it's battle system I didn't like. That's why I haven't gonna back to it yet, but someday I will have to since I want to have all Tales of platinums. Judging by your trophy list I'm gonna guess you don't have a PS4, but when you do you should definitely try out Tales of Berseria, is one of the best. I don't rush most games so updates will be slow, but I'm really looking forward to sharing my experiences and keeping a log of it for myself, too. I don't know how many games you have on your backlog but if it isn't too big it doesn't take that long. I had all my backlog already in an Excel file so it was even faster for me. PS: Estuve tentado en escribirte todo en español pero para que los demas tambien puedan entender era mejor que lo haga asi =p. Si algun dia creas tu lista pasa a dejar el link si queres!
  3. I have been seeing some of these checklists and I thought it could be fun to have a little space to write down what I think about a game I just completed. I'm the kind of person who rather plays fewer games for a longer period of time than lots of little things here and there. I saw from a lot of other lists that I'm much more reserved when it comes to wanting to play something. If I had the time I know I would play many more games but even then I still do like to do a few other things to spice up in variety and not burn out on gaming. I do play mostly on PS4 and Switch, so I will also add my other platforms backlogs here. I mostly play RPGs but I do also like Adventure, Platforming, Action and Fighting (in that order). My most disliked genre would be realistic Sports (I make that distinction because I do like games like Mario Tennis, for example). Favorite series would go to Zelda and Tales of. I already played and finished the Tales of games in this list (except for Zestiria), but I have yet to get the Platinums. Currently Playing PS4 / PS3 Other Platforms
  4. Well, that's yet another reason not to buy a pro instead of a basic model. I have my launch PS4 still and never had a single problem.
  5. If it reads vertical but not horizontal I will make a guess that the disc isn't completely flat (at a 180° degree angle) so the reflection of the lens doesn't bounce back correctly. While in vertical gravity does the little that is left to make it a 90° angle. Otherwise I have no idea why it reads in one position and not in the other. The DVD doesn't matter because that should be done by a different lens.
  6. Go into Overlimit level 3 or 4, hit the enemy with an arte, hold the normal attack button (or was it the arte button? Can't remember, in most games its the attack button) You can use OL during a combo to extend it and then do the Mystic Arte before it ends.
  7. People say Rogue Legacy is hard and I haven't seen it in the other replies, so there you go! It's a great game so I always recommend it when I see the chance =)
  8. Don't worry, you will get the trophies but will be unable to sync until the release date. This happened to me when I got Final Fantasy XV 1 week early. I wasn't able to sync until November 29th but I have timestamps from back to November 22nd.
  9. It was something around 35-45 hours for me. I used the trophy guide and some of the cheats (3x speed, no encounters and god mode when just farming to not waste time healing). It was my first time playing it so I got stuck not knowing what to do several times.
  10. You need the other person to be out of the initial rank. If the losing player is at about 100k you get 6500bp. Then when you outrank him it goes down to 2300 but then it stays like that for a few morw ranks.
  11. Good of them to fix it relatively soon. If it hasn't changed yet I remember that EA did shit for those with issues unlocking the level 50 trophy in Battlecrap 2.
  12. I'll be doing that one and finishing Tales of Xillia 2 in the coming months. I was waiting until I bought my recording PC, I wanted to start recording my "way to Platinum" =p
  13. What a stupid requirement... it should just be cummulative. It's just begging for people to grief. You know there will be the troll that gets it and just leaves.
  14. Its nice to have in case my PS4 breaks, I wouldn't need to buy another one. Still, as you said, current non-Nintendo consoles are just cheap PCs. There is no reason the new hardware can't run the old games, just like PCs do natively (unless its a VERY old game, which needs to slow down the processors and other little things. I'm talking MS-DOS games)
  15. I'm from Argentina and of course I pick Argentina =)