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  1. I didn't check the list but in Spyro 2 there is a map load storage glitch that allows you to be in the state of the Speedway stages (unlimited super flight and super charge) in other stages. With it you can clip through the bottom of the map into the gate thing that gives you the permanent super flame. However, I believe this still requires beating the final boss to access that Dragon Fair or whatever it is.
  2. Why play strategy games if you don't want to plan ahead? It's like if I wanted to play an action game but I only do it if I can stop and take my time mid battle. I also don't remember much "planning ahead" in Valkyria Chronicles. On topic, so many games had already been mentioned... from the Tales games I'd say only Berseria is easy to platinum.
  3. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Game Difficulty: 1/10 Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 Time to Platinum: 8 hours Thoughts on the game I don't remember these games being so short. I dunno, I feel like as a kid I spent way more time in each stage. I didn't remember that much about this one but my foggy memory had a few signs of the first 2 hubs, nothing of the third. The obvious reason why these games feel shorter now is that Sparx being able to point to that one gem that you didn't see saves a shitton of wasted time. It is especially important in this one because green gems can easily blend with the grass. I don't have much to say about this game. It felt worse than Spyro 1 in every single aspect. There is much less personality everywhere due to the lack of something like the dragons talking to you every time you save one. Those were also the moments in which Spyro's adorable animations and comments shined. In this one Spyro barely gets to talk. There is a good amount of variety in stage themes, but these being so varied and completely disjointed form the world hub they are in makes them less memorable as well. The way gems are spread in levels also feels kinda random. Overall the level design was uninspired. New skills being unlocked after visiting some areas just add back tracking. It is not that much time wasted, but it's time wasted nonetheless. Most of the abilities are underutilized anyway so they should just have introduced the new skill in the first level that required it. In general the game feels smaller. There seems to be less of everything. When I finished Spyro 1 I was really looking forward to playing more. This one on the other hand left me with a "meh" feeling. Hopefully it picks up again for the third one, which I may have never played, I'm not completely sure. Thoughts on the Platinum Even easier and faster than the first one. None of the trophy requirements are challenging. There is one that could have been it, but it is actually a "Skill Point" and not a trophy. It involves beating the second boss without getting hit (which can be cheesed after finishing the game thanks to the permanent upgraded flame attack). Still, these Skill Points are not needed for any trophy and all they do is unlock the image gallery (I did them anyway, though). After finishing the game there is this last area with some mini games to play for tokens to unlock a theather but for whatever reason nothing of that is needed for the platinum. Due to this I didn't feel compelled to complete any of that D=. The only reason I rated this a 2/10 is because there are some kinda annoying trophies in a few levels that may require 2 hands. These are also two of this Super Charge areas that I can see people with slow reflexes having trouble with.
  4. For me it didn't show on the cleared file either, but after reloading that file and saving again it went to 100%
  5. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Game Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 Time to Platinum: 23 hours Thoughts on the game This is the third game I supported on Kickstarter and the first I dedicate time to. After not even wanting to check Mighty No.9 and only played Yooka-Laylee for like 3 hours I get an interesting game. I checked the Kickstarter to see some information and turns out this was initially slated for March 2017... Damn it got delayed, I didn't even realize how long it's been. In that time I got around to play the main inspiration for this game, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I know this is a spiritual successor, but it feels exactly like SotN. There are a few areas that feel ripped right from that game, lol (for example the Underground Waterway, which has this cave corridor to the left with toads and that ends in a Waterfall with an item behind it). Miriam controls just like Alucard. Fluent movement, responsive jumps. The mechanic I was most happy to see still here was jump cancelling to bypass endlag on attacks. Even after the graphics overhaul the game still looks just okay. SotN with it's sprites looks better =/. However, that is not my biggest issue. The game performs pretty badly. It chugs on big areas or when too much stuff is going on (the biggest example is a boss called Valefor. He has an attack with stacks of poker chips that tanks the game almost to a halt). When you get into a new area if you attack something too quickly the game just freezes for a few seconds. And this is on PS4, people on Switch can't even play. Even of PS4 I have seen reports of the game crashing on getting locked up on inifinite loading screens. It suffices to say that the game still needed a few more months to be completely ready. Not only that, there are a bunch of stretch goals that have yet to be implemented and are supposed to come out on August, so we will see if they bring the game to an acceptable state by then. Enough about that, how does the game play? Well, I'm happy to say that is a Metroidvania through and through. There is a big map to explore with little to no guidance, so it's up to you to remember things that you could not access (or use some map markers, I guess) to later come back and see if that's the next place to go. There is a character in the starting area that will share some advice about the next objective but it is sometimes so vague that it doesn't even help at all. I really like the shard system. Basically, whenever you kill an enemy there is a chance to get a shard that gives new abilities or passives. Only one of each type can be equipped at a time. These can be upgraded by getting repeats and by using alchemy. Most types of shards just get stronger effects, but passive shards can also become a permanent passive when fully improved through alchemy. This makes it so you can become a monster by maxing passives that affect your current build. On top of that there is the equipment. There is a lot of variaty in weapon types, each with their own style of play. I ended up maining Katanas, mostly because I just like them but also because they really benefit from jump cancelling (fast startup on attacks but long ending lag). Throughout the game you can find bookshelves that containt info on the story and, more importantly, special weapon techniques. These work like in SotN, with special button inputs like quarter circle forward or forward back forward motions. Those made me like Katanas even more because they have the usual badass quick slash through enemies that is so fast that they feel it moments later. Normally these are specific to each weapon but after several uses are mastered and become available for any weapon in that category. One curious feeling I had is that since this uses the same characters from the 8-bit style spin-off, Curse of the Moon, I felt like I was playing a reboot from an NES game, even though CotM came out only a year ago. Seeing the transition of those little simple sprites into their fully 3D models gave me that same feeling The music is fine, I say it's in line with SotN. Still, I dunno what is with me but I tend to not be able to enjoy music in these games. I think it may be because I'm too focused in what I'm doing so I don't have time to enjoy what I'm hearing. There are a few secrets here and there, and a bit too many points taken from SotN. I won't say because of spoilers but some parts in the progression through the game are EXACTLY like SotN, like too exactly. At least there wasn't an inverted castle... Anyway, overall I like this beginning. I hope in the future more creative liberties are taken so we can get a fully new game. For now I'm done but I will be back to check the roguelike dungeon, I feel that the shard and weapon systems are perfect for some randomized playthroughs. Thoughts on the Platinum 100% Item List... yeah... haven't seen one of those in a while. Nowadays most games only ask for like 80 or 90%, but here you need everything. There is a lot of going around getting materials with drop rates from 1 to 12% (most of them around 6 to 8%). This may look awful but it is not that bad because the Luck stat affects drop chances quite a bit. Before doing any of this I prepared a full set focusing on Luck, which let me get it over 100. I dunno exactly how much that increases the rates, but something with 2% drop rate would appear every 10 kills or so, so I'm gonna throw a fake number and say that 100 Luck means 5 times the drop chances =P (which is made up and especially false because I was also using a ring that said it increased item drops). The rest of the completion is good fun. If it wasn't for the grind to get 100% of the item list I would actually get this Platinum again in another account. Be wary that there are 2 missable trophies regarding bad endings! I randomly came across a comment that mentioned this before getting to that point, but I think I would have at least realized about one of them because it works pretty much like SotN. The Media Corner Just like with SotN, I completed everything else before heading into the final boss. This means I am waaaaay stronger than I should be. Popping the Platinum. I was so fricking strong from maximizing my build while I completed everything else that I destroy these bosses. I triple checked the map to be completely sure I didn't miss a room somewhere. My final stats. I actually had a better head piece that would put me over 400 Atk but I didn't use it because I didn't like how it looked with everything else. Yes, there is some customization.
  6. Un misionero =o, que grande! Me gusta encontrar a gente del interior por estos lugares =p.

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      Debo ser el unico Misionero en psnprofiles 😂 ademas soy de Leo igual que vos jaja 👌 Un saludo!

  7. I haven't used a DS3 since I learned I can use DS4 wirelessly on PS3. DS4s are so much more comfortable. Not having Sixaxis or rumble doesn't matter to me. To open the XMB I just keep a DS3 around, although most of time I only open it just to turn off the console. I do have 4 DS3 from back in the day, but if I was in your situation I would just use the fake controller just for XMB and forget about it.
  8. If you need any more flags, his Tales of Graces f list is also fucked. He comea back after 3 months and gets a bunch of 50-100 title trophies for every character. Seems he played the game normally at first but then decided to use a savefile to pop those trophies (it's funny because that could be my savefile that I uploaded to gamefaqs back in the day when I was naive and didn't think about people using those to pop trophies)
  9. Hi. Yeh, it's been a while. After a few plats I thought something could have happened to you so I checked your profile to see you latest activity, lol. I mean, maybe you died or Maduro decided to censor the whole internet by disabling it in the country or something, lol. Good to see neither of those things happened. Doing that Symphonia plat does take some special mental state, for sure. I don't know what happened to me but I got into this Tales mood that made me finally want to go through the game. That walkthrough helped a lot with condensing all the sidequests along with the main story in one place. My usual problem with games like Symphonia is the annoyance of having to check a bunch of different sources a bunch of times because the information is not in chronological order. Now that I think about it, I should have taken notes of the order in which I was completing things for a simple point to point guide for those concerned about getting lost and missing something... damn, that would have been so useful, lol. Of course we all love weeb trash! I just wasn't sure if I was getting the point across that I simply like calling it weeb trash, I found the term funny xD. I enjoyed my time with Totori. Since it was the first one I played it felt like a different take on RPGs. At the time I remember I was unsure about having a limited amount of time to play, but I quickly got very efficient at the game and went through it without any issues. I really liked completing small tasks for the adventurer points, it actually made it feel like I was working for a real license. That game also had this feeling of wanting to know what was further away from the town, making earning those license upgrades that much sweeter. The cast of characters in that one was more developed, too, if I remember correctly. Also, I'm sorry for making fun of people running out of time =P. Although, the time in Totori was more strict (and I've heard is even stricter in previous games).
  10. Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey Game Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Platinum: 49 hours I haven't played one of these since Atelier Totori back in 2013. This would be the second one I play in the millions of these games, although I did play Atelier Meruru for a few hours (I did end up dropping it because I started it way too soon after finishing Totori). These games are nothing to write home about. In essence all they are is low budget weeb trash. The crafting is cool an allows for varied creations, but all these games are pretty much the same. A cast filled with moe characters with the player controlling a cute girl starting to learn alchemy because of X or Y reason. It sounds like I'm bashing the game for it but that's not it. I knew head on what I was getting into and I got what I expected. This is what these games do and why they sell to whatever small amount of people that buy them. A niche that has lived quite long (I think since the PS2?). I mean, I like weeb trash, that's why I play things like this, Senran Kagura and Neptunia. Anyway, the game starts with this girl that lives in a town inside a big cave. She has never been able to go outside of the cave so her dream is to be able to. The course of history changes when Sophie, the alchemist form the previous game, visits the town and teaches Firis alchemy. From here starts something I liked, the fact that you are not allowed to go out of this place for the following hour or so of game. That made the event of leaving the place also important for the player. From there you are given 360 days to get 3 out of the 5 letters of recommendations from licensed alchemists to be allowed to take the exam to become a fully fledged alchemist. The time is extremelly lenient. You only need 3 letters of recommendation but I got all 5 and I still had 182 days left. I used about 60 days to craft some good shit for the exam (since you need to win an important battle for the only missable trophy, or play the game again in a NG+ of sorts... no thanks). After the exam there is no more time limit so you get to do the other half of the game without having to mind wasting time. I didn't have any problem with the time limit, but not seeing the counter below the clock made me feel relieved anyway. What I found funny is that while looking for some info I read about people who were running out of time while not even close to the exam, or getting to the exam with Firis only at level 2... like how... I sometimes don't understand how people can play games like this so wrong, lol. The worst part about this game is how unimportant most of the characters are. The only characters, other than Firis, that get any importance are Liane (Firis' older sister) and Sophie, the other 6 characters that join the party feel like whatever. I mean, I understand the budget at hand, but why add so many then? Worst part is you can't even have all of them on the group at the same time, 3 are left out, so why not just simply cut 3 characters and put some more time on to the others? This is the first game to adopt an Open World of sorts, and I have to say I like it more like this. The disjointed areas I remember from Totori felt really artifitial. In this game you get a portable Atelier, so no need to go back to a town or to the house every night! (you don't even need to sleep =P). Along the journey you meet a bunch of characters, so many that you forget half of them right away because, unless you are looking everywhere (which you can't when a time limit is looming over), you will never see them again. From all the random events that happened I wanted to make note of this one in which Sophie and Plachta (the other important character from the previous game) were arguing about Liane's age. They come to the Atelier to ask that, to which Liane says she is 18. What is important here is that since she is the older sister I only then started wondering about Firis' age. Compared to other Atelier protagonists she seemed older (although her VA was pretty terrible trying to sound super young) and, while short, she still had a more developed body (for once, she has boobs). This is how she looks like, btw: So, I looked up her age because I got curious... Turns out she is 15? Like... thanks, Japan, that's a very well developed 15 years old, I guess. All the characters are pretty one note. Liane is the classic older sister obsessed with her cute younger sister to the point it just feels she wants to fuck her. Sophie is the messy teacher. Oskar is obsessed with flowers. Revy is obsessed with becoming stronger by finding ancient treasures. Angriff is obsessed with money (although for good reason). Kald is obsessed with recording history. Drossel is obsessed with dolls. Yes, a lot of obsessed people, so you get my point =P. The battles in this game are weird... Due to how alchemy works, this game can be as difficult or as easy as your ability with making equipment gets. The problem with this is that the balancing can be all over the place. In my experience all my fights were completely binary, I either destroyed the boss and it had no chance at all, or I was doing misserable amounts of damage and getting one shot. There are a lot of abilities and items but only a few were important because of this blancing. I never had to heal or revive someone, I never had to choose items wisely or use buffs (I used some buffs but I knew they weren't necessary). I dunno how they could fix that, though. In closing, I enjoyed my journey, but it was nothing I can recommend. Another game I will for sure never play again. Thoughts on the Platinum It has 10 endings, but all can be achieved one right after the other. Different from something like Atelier Totori, you can unlock every character ending without one voiding the other, you simply get to choose at the end from all the ones that you have unlocked (including the true ending which is unlocked by fulfilling the requirements of all other endings). The part that I thank the most is not requiring to beat any of the highest level bosses and only asking for 80% of data completion. If this game asked for 100% of everything I bet the plat would be Ultra Rare. There are a lot of things to get, fight and create, but the game gets to a point in which you don't want to synthetize any more items... especially the good ones. With how the alchemy system works it is possible to create some sick equipment and usable items that can demolish everything, but that takes time and some planning, things I was not willing to offer at the point close to the end. The Media Corner I popped the platinum with the True Ending, but the pop happens upon making the decision instead of when the scene happens, so that's very uninteresting, so let's just show some random things. This is how Firis looks in a Hotspring. Some boss that I think may be a recurrent character in the series? Not sure about that. After this fight you get a quest to refight her a few days later, which I guess would be a harder fight. This is a good example of how my fights went. Keep in mind my equipment wasn't even that good. I only made a few OP accessories, all the weapons and armors were found or dropped by bosses.
  11. On Devil May Cry 5 he has the trophy for finishing every mission in every difficulty with an S-rank but he doesn't have the trophy for finishing the game in Hell and Hell.
  12. I wasn't talking about the graphics when I said it didn't age well, it's more about how the game is laid out. A bunch of times I got lost because indications where not clear enough. The materia system is cool but is to me is a case where it is too much freedom. Random encounters would have made it annoying as well because of their frequency, but the PS4 version cheats fix that (along being really slow at points, which is fixed with the 3x speed). Basically stuff that has been streamlined over the years for an overall better experience. I would never judge such an old game on the graphics. Super Mario 64 looks like crap, too, but that doesn't make it any less fun.
  13. Lol, it's so funny how different opinioms can be. VIII is my favorite one and XV is second xD. Although I feel IX could easily overtake XV if I play it fully. I'm haven't played a lot of them, though. From the usually well received ones I still have to play VI. I didn't care much for VII, although I played it for the first time like 2 years ago and it has aged poorly. For me the worst one is XIII. Well, maybe not worse than II, but around there.
  14. Why exactly? Because the cheater makes a public dispute, lies, and then gets destroyed by other people for it? Oh, btw, he also used a save for Nier Automata since he accessed the Trophy shop before finishing the game (endings C or D).
  15. Since FF9 and 7 came out on PSN with trophy support I've wanted the same thing for FF8. It is my favorite FF but I never fully completed it (I always miss cards), so I wanted it on PSN to have the incentive to finally get to it. Not only that but is actually a remaster with better models =D. I was watching the event live for the FF7R stuff but I cannot express how hyped I got the intant I heard Liberi Fatali right after the "what fans have been waiting for so long" or whatever it said.