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  1. @Honor_Hand Nintendo usually makes their games for everyone. The main parts of their games are easy to moderate, and then completing everything nets you some harder challenges, like the Darker Side of the Moon in Super Mario Odyssey when you collect 500 Moons (You only need like 100 to finish the story) or the Bonus Chapter in Captain Toad that has remixed levels with some changes to make it more difficult. Breath of the Wild is probably their one game that doesn't try to be for everyone, you can easily die in that one even when just starting. Definitely give Spider-Man a try whenever you get a PS4. As you can see from most of the games in my list, I'm not the kind of person that plays these games and I still enjoyed it a lot, so that speaks for the fun factor of the game. Now back to Dragon Quest XI that I'm also having a great time with =D. This one is gonna take a while to Platinum, though, as it's normal with long ass JRPGs.
  2. Marvel's Spider-Man Game Difficulty: 3 Platinum Difficulty: 3 Time to Platinum: 27 hours Thoughts on the game I don't really follow any superhero but I like Marvel's ones (can't say the same for DC). If I had to rank them I would put Iron Man first and then Spider-Man, but when talking about games, I think Spider-Man has the most potential of the two. Flying around is fine, but swinging around is much more interesting. And it all comes from the swinging. I wasn't gonna get this game for now, but I watched someone play for 50 minutes, and just from the opening moments when it goes from the first cutscene into the swinging I felt like I wanted to play. As open world standards go today, this game certainly doesn't do anything new, but what it does it does it so well that its shortcomings are forgotten because moving around and fighting guys is so fun. The main aspects of the game are the swinging and the battling. Like I said like a million times already, swinging around the city feels so good that a lot of the times I didn't want to use the fast travel because I wanted to cover all that distance as Spider-Man would. On top of swinging you can also zip to points and jump off from them, do air dashes by pulling youself with a quick zip and other maneuvers that help to move around in any situation. For combat it utilizes the spider sense to telegraph attacks and be able to avoid pretty much anything. Combat maneuvers are simple to pull off and look great in motion. Webbing and throwing enemies around, stickying them to walls, yanking them around, throwing different objects in the area, zipping to enemies with a punch, dodging under them, and much more. There are different types of enemies with each one having some type of attack they are weak to, like shield guys requiring to dodge under them to get around the shield or double whip guys being immune to anything that is or goes into air combat. There is also stealth which is fun but is extremelly weighted toward the player. Enemies have incredibly low fields of vision and the UI tells you when it is safe to stealth attack an enemy without anyone else seeing. There are all kinds of activities around the city, like collecting Peter's old backpacks, taking pictures of places, stopping random crimes, dismantling enemy bases and lots more. On top of that there are some side missions that give other varied tasks to accomplish. Some of these are repeated a bit too much, like the Crimes, but most of them have their own twists to make it a little different than the rest. Graphics are great. Even on my base PS4 it runs perfectly. The draw distance shows the whole map and everything looked clean both while static and in motion. Character models and voice acting are also great. While watching cutscenes I felt like I was watching small portions of a movie due to the good animations, lip synching and voice acting. Overall I'm pleased with the game. It reminded me of how much fun I had moving around and collecting stuff in the Prototype games. I still don't know about the DLC, though. If it has trophies I will probably play it, if it doesn't I will think about it. Thoughts on the Platinum It doesn't ask to complete everything, just enough. What would be the most difficult task is not required as long as you don't waste too many Challenge Tokens in stuff that isn't the Suits. I'm talking about the Taskmaster Challenges that can be completed with 3 different ranks, with the best rank actually requiring playing well to achieve. The trophies only ask for a silver rank once in each type of challenge, so it's actually no problem. While playing the game I was completing anything that was on my way so I wouldn't have so much to complete after beating the story. When I was done I only had left a few things on each district but a bunch of random Crimes that I was still missing. These happen randomly while moving through the district, so all you can do is swing around until the police calls. This meant about 1 or 2 more hours just going around finding those after completing all the other side activities, so not THAT much of a problem. Still, I thank Insomniac Games for not turning the Benchmarks into trophies. These track a lot of different stats like distance swinged and times punching a dude. The last objective of each category is so high that it could have added like 20 hours of mindlessly doing the same thing over and over again for no reason. This could be a great first Platinum for those who normally don't care about that stuff. So if you have a friend that is playing this, challenge him to get the Platinum =p. The Media Corner This game doens't lend itself too well to leaving something interesting for the last Trophy, so here is some uneventful fight with some dudes along with some swinging and a final look at the city from a high point. Popping the Platinum
  3. No. No adult in their right mind would ever think the inappropriate things that happens in a game applies to real life. If anyone thinks like that then they have a bigger problem that came from somewhere else, not because a game made it look like it was an okay thing to do. Now, minors can be influenced by media like this, but that's why these games are rated M, because they are suitable only for 17+. I have seen kids play GTA and other violent games who think being violent is alright, but that's on their idiot parents for being complete morons. So, yeah, if people can't draw the line between games and real life they have a much bigger problem. @Mr_McNight is that in your avatar someone cosplaying Honoka in one of Marie Rose's swimsuits? Good shit
  4. I always go out of my way to try to push criminals off buildings. I usually don't look how they fall but I checked one the other day and it magically gravitated to a wall and got stickied to it, lol. Still, I love to finish off enemies by slamming them while sticky so it makes it look like they got incapacitated. I'm not a Spider-Man fan either, but this game caught my attention.
  5. I can't talk in terms of each game quality because I didn't play GoW. What I can say is that since the first time I saw GoW I had no interest. The game overall looked boring. Combat looked slow and simple, the I didn't like the look of the very close camera (whoch I guess is to hide Atreus teleporting around to catch up to you for context sensitive actions), I don't care for the dynamic father-son, and other than pretty graphics (which is the last thing I care about in a game) I didn't see much. I wasn't gonna get Spider-Man either, but I saw someone play and the moment the initial cutscene goes into swinging I already felt like wanting to try it out. I kept watching for like 50 more minutes and the very next day I bought the game. Keep in mind I'm someone who enjoyed the moving around and comoleting objectives in the Prototype games, and this makes me feel just like that, but with cooler movement and funnier dialogue. In other words, I think Spider-Man is an easier sell just by showing some gameplay, while GoW can be deeper so it does't show as well.
  6. If your problem is the time in the last update not being a round number, then edit the HTML to delete that and save it locally (assuming you are on a PC). Otherwise I dunno... don't look at the number? I don't even remember the last time I saw it was there. Different from the rank number that is very prominent, the last update time is out of the way.
  7. You can disable them later, although you can't reactivate them if you do, so you are never gonna "ruin" a savefile or get stuck because of it.
  8. Yeah... and they already have it pretty much made because of the Steam version. I so want a reason to finally collect all cards in that game, plus I haven't played it in several years.
  9. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Game Difficulty: 2 Completion Difficulty: 5 Time to Complete: 10 hours Thoughts on the game I have had this one in the backlog since it came out for Wii U. I bought it on release but for whatever reason I didn't play it back then. Then, I postponed it time and time again, eventually never playing it. When it came out for Switch I finally got into playing it for real. It was indeed a cute little puzzle game. There are a lot of different mechanics to keep every puzzle fresh from the other, even when the main mechanic is just walking and moving the camera around. From simple stuff hidden from plain sight, to switches, invisible floors, rotating stages, platform that move by touch, chain reactions, action puzzles, multiple toads, minecart riding, running fast, "stealth", and more, every stage brings something new or iterates or the easier version. It was a nice experience to lay back and enjoy. The graphics are colorful and round, everything looks so cute, and Toad with its silly screams only adds to that. Still, it certainly is on the short side. The difficulty only comes in a bit when trying to complete each stage to 100% (collecting 3 gems and doing a special objective) and it is not that much more diffcult for that. It mostly challenges solving simple puzzles with the few tools at hand. There are 2 bosses that are repeated like 3 times each with increasing levels of difficulty, so having a few more would have helped there a lot. I didn't mind it, but it seems that they could have done so much more. In a game like this, creativity is what fuels it, and seeing the same enemy so many times hurts it a bit. Not to mention that you only really ever hit one of those 2 bosses, since the other one is basically just an obstacle course in which when you are done he is beaten in a single hit. In the end, I'm not sure how I feel about this game. In one hand I really liked solving it's puzzles and I would have liked more levels, but on the other hand the short length doesn't allow me to recommend this game for full price. It seems that a lot of these Nintendo games have a lot of creativity in them, but such creativity becomes a victim of the current market standards. That's why most of the time creative endeavors come from indies, a side of gaming that usually is on the much cheaper side. Thoughts on the completion As I mentioned before, each stage has 3 gems and a special objective, only a few gems are required to progress through the game and a lot are required for the post-game content. There are some Super Mario Odyssey stages (these were Super Mario 3D World stages on Wii U), some earlier stage remixes with the objective of gathering 3 other toads that can't get hit or you die, and more stage remixes in which now you are constantly being chased by a mummy clone of yourself that mimics your moves. After those, the final challenge is unlocked, a 50 floor endurance maze with the mummy clone pressuring you. After 10 floors it becomes 2 mummies, after 20 floors they become 3, and finally, after 35 floors they become 4. On top of that, after every one of those breaks, the amount of other enemies increases and it becomes a complete mess. After floor 35 going the wrong way more than usually ends up in getting hit. Get hit twice and it's back to start. There are a few mushrooms to recover this hit, but I haven't seen them after floor 35. It is not that difficult, but a whole run can take 15-20 minutes, so dying close to the end can feel like a pain. The 5 in the completion difficulty comes from this one and only level, if it wasn't for it I would have put the completion difficulty at 2 or 3. The Media Corner My one, and only, needed attempt at this final stage and boss =P Next, I will be taking a week off from work to peacefully play Dragon Quest XI without any distractions. Full on days and nights of JRPG goodness for a full week, something I love doing =D! Starting on September 15th.
  10. The Power Pellet effect is reduced for each stage you beat. That keeps going until it becomes completely ineffective. So, do it the first stage. Loop around until they are all close together and then go for it. I haven't played Pac-man since I was like 5, but I remember doing that stuff.
  11. @Honor_Hand It does include all 8 games, but it comes in 2 discs with 2 different platinums. My guess is that since these are sold separately in Japan they didn't want to compile a third build of the game with a menu giving access to each set of games, so they just put it in 2 discs instead. Seems like printing an extra disc is cheaper than developing a menu. Of course, the other collection is much less appealing. I will platinum it at some point, but I'm not looking forward to playing X7 and 8. I will have to go in with the mindset of those being terrible games and expect to just laugh at how bad they are. And if worst comes to worst and the level design is so trash that it's filled with cheap stuff, I can always use Rookie Hunter mode and blast through it, lol. I also want to play the NES ones. I had the first collection since it released and the other day I bought the second collection to have for whenever I feel like playing it. These may not have platinums, but the first collection has a bunch of easy Ultra Rares, lol. Wasn't the PC version of X kind of trash, though? I remember there was a PC version of one of the games that was really bad, but I think it was the first NES game.
  12. How many you ask? Enough to not want to do it.
  13. I actually was gonna reply to the dude saying that that felt like something AVGN would say. It is actually very well known in the gaming community.
  14. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 Game Difficulty: 6 (In Rookie Hunter Mode: -10. Yes, Negative Ten) Platinum Difficulty: 3 Time to Platinum: 25 hours Thoughts on the game From the first 4 X games I did play X4 as Zero once a few years ago in a Gamecube collection, and even though I have seen a bit of the first game from some videos, I was pretty much blind. Not to mention that I barely remember anything from X4, only how the last boss looked and that Magma Dragoon did Hadoukens and Shoryukens. Since this is a collection we have to talk about each game individually and what the collection has for extras. I obviously had no biases due to nostalgia, so I will say in advance that my best to worst goes: X4 > X > X3 >>>>> X2. With that out of the way, let's start with this in order of release: X: The classic one that most people know and remember fondly. I expected a good run and gun game and that's what I got. The difficulty is fair and I had a good time with all the stages, except for the beginning of Sigma Stage 1... There is a set of small moving platforms without any ground below and flying enemies being annoying. It wouldn't be so bad wasn't it for the fact that since there is no other ground around it's difficult to know if a platform is moving or not. You standing in a moving platform, and they stopping for 2 seconds when they are about to move back makes it really tricky to gauge how far to jump. This one has the best music, though. Favorite goes to Storm Eagle Stage... such a rocking tune! Then Spark Mandrill Stage (Ready to be played right below along the video). X2: Ugh, I can't put my finger on exactly what I felt with this one, but it had something that I just didn't click with me. What I can say is that I pretty much forgot everything about it right after playing it. Stages, music, I barely remember the bosses. Trying to remember I can say there was an Alligator, some fish that protected itself with a bubble that was weak to Alligator's weapon and... that's about it. It may be that I played this one on a saturday night while drinking some beers, so that may have affected my ability to recall some stuff, but still, for that too happen the game has to be very forgettable. I finished it all in that one sitting, and I can remember being frustrated at some platform that has to be maneuvered around floors by jumping on it to change its direction. That platform was also required to find the Shoryuken technique, which is a pain in the ass because on the way there are instant death spikes all over the place, and you have to also be at full health when reaching the place for the ability capsule to appear. The first time I got there I was missing like 2 pegs of health so I had to do the platform thing all over again! All the collectables are hidden in very cryptic places, making it almost impossible to find without a guide. The game overall is the most difficult of the 4, but for whatever reason it has the easiest final boss. It deals very little damage and the 2nd form is a joke. X3: This one is fine, it's like the middle road. It's serviceable. It does the Mega Man X thing okay enough to be fun to play. It can feel a tad bit hard in the beginning, but after one boss it stabilizes. This one had a really nice feature. It it an upgrade for the helmet that shows all the collectables of a stage when starting it, and also shows what has already been collected in the stage select screen. The one thing of note on this one is the final form of the final boss. It's a pain in the ass. It's big and moves slowly, but leaves little room to move around and has some attacks that are either very hard to avoid or deal absurds amounts of damage, or BOTH! There is this missile attack he does when you are behind him that shoots 4 missiles, either 1 by 1 or all 4 at the same time, and those deal about 1/4 of a fully upgraded health bar with the defensive upgrade that halves damage. If that wasn't enough, his hitbox is miniscule! It can only be hit on its tiny head and only with charged X-Busters. It took me a while to find out where to hit it because if you aim straight at its head the shot gets deflected by his chest or shoulder, so where you actually want to aim is to about his forehead or right at his ugly bald top of the head. Definitely the boss that took me the longest to get right. X4: We get into the PS1 territory, so the graphics get a very nice upgrade. On top of this, Zero is finally fully playable, with his own set of abilities and cutscenes. This means that the game is basically double the length of the older ones. Every stage feels different, as if each one tries to test you in a completely different aspect. They are also divided in sections, so if all lives are lost you can continue from the latest section, instead of having to do the whoooole thing again. X's Buster got buffed as fuck. Its charged shot got a huge boost in damage and charge speed, making it a bit too good. If that wasn't enough, there are 2 arm upgrades that improve it. The better one allows for an even stronger charged shot that leaves some kind of black hole energy kinda thing on the impact zone which keeps dealing damage. With that X becomes a complete beast, and for me that I like going around with my buster charged all the time, I got to rip apart everything. I think the developers knew it was that good because the helm upgrade gives infinite weapon energy when using regular shots with bosses' weapons to try to make them more attractive, and even then I kept using the X-Buster because it was more powerful. Just from the first playthough I could recall where all the secrets were and who were all the bosses, something that I have a harder time with the other games. The collectables are in places that any normal person could find, so that probably helped with being able to remember the locations. On Zero's side, the game is a bit harder because of having a shorter range and most bosses not getting stunned by their weaknesses. It also doens't help that he doesn't get an armor upgrade, so he cannot reduce damage taken. I still liked playing as him more because it feels more badass to go around killing robots with a green light sword (purple after beating a certain boss). Having abilities that can be accessed at all times with button commands instead of changeable weapons is also a plus. All have their own uses, making the boss weapons much more appealing than with X. The final boss can be intimidating on a first try because it has 3 forms and there are only 2 sub tanks in X4, but with 3 deaths I figured it out and then it became easy enough. This one also has anime cutscenes, infamous for their bad voice acting. I actually found it amusing. Zero's "What am I fighting foooooor!?" has to be the better known one, but Iris earns the prize for the worst voice acting I ever heard. Yes, even worse than early Resident Evil. I'll also mention that the ending is simple but it makes a point about X and Zero's friendship that made me feel more interested in their struggles and what could happen on the next game (aside from the massive drop in quality, I guess). Collection: There are a bunch of illustrations to look, music to listen and extras including old ads for the game and an anime short detailing some story. The emulation (or whatever the games run on) can fuck up when playing the SNES games. If you go to the PS Home too much or pause the games using the collection menu (accessed with the touch pad) eventually a lot of screen tearing starts to happen. The only solution I found was quitting the whole thing altogether and starting it back again. There are also boss challenges that pit X against 2 bosses at the same time. It's done in the SNES type of graphics so a lot of bosses had to be kinda demastered from the newer games. It goes without saying that it is a complete clusterfuck of attacks. I basically just put it on easy and breezed through it. I can see the appeal in the leaderboards, but I'm not interested. The last thing to address is Rookie Hunter mode... hoo boy... Basically, it makes the game easier, but it goes waaaaay overboard with making it easier. Normal enemies deal so little damage that the game can't even show how little they did! After getting hit like 10 times I finally saw 1 peg being substracted from the health bar... Spikes that are usually instant death only deal damage. Bosses barely do any damage as well, about 1 peg every 3 hits or so. I understand these games are not the easiest thing in the world and that the mode is meant for players that are not that good to be able to beat it, but at some point it becomes insulting even for them. Not to mention that I think part of the appeal and longevity of these games is getting better after failing a few times. Being able to just walk forward and win doesn't feel right. Thoughts on the Platinum Well, while we are in the "Rookie Hunter" rant I'll say that almost every trophy can be obtained in that mode. The only requirement in normal mode is beating each game once. You can play the whole thing on easy and then switch to normal for the final boss stage, and for X, X2 and X3 there are passwords to go straight to the end, so technically a lot of collecting stuff and overall playing can be avoided for the first 3. X4 was a PS1 game, so it saves in a file instead of using passwords, so no cheating for this one! The only trophy that could be prove difficult is beating X3 in normal mode. The same would apply to X4, but you can punch in a cheat in that one that gives X an Ultimate Armor that allows him to use a super powerful attack that can normally only be done once an infinite amount of times. Obviously, I played every game in normal and as it was meant to, collected all the upgrades and finished them. After that I would use passwords to do the miscellaneous stuff that was missable. X4 only has on trophy that I'm not completely sure if it's missable, which is shooting a full charged shot with every weapon, including the 2 types of X-Buster upgrades. You can switch between the arm upgrades when you get to the place that has the ability capsules, but I'm not sure if those still show up after finishing the stage. I'll guess they do, but I can't say for sure. The only trophy that slightly annoyed me was beating Bit and Byte in X3 with only the Mega Buster, not because of the difficulty, they are easy, but because they can appear randomly in any stage. So, when I had to go back to that I had to beat stages in a new playthrough until they decided to appear. The Media Corner On top of the usual platinum pop video, for which I left finishing X4 as Zero for the last trophy, I also compiled my first kill of each Final Boss. More info below the video. Popping the Platinum X: 2nd attempt. On the first one I didn't want to waste sub tanks and I died to the second form. The doge also hit me right away so I couldn't cheese it with Hadoukens. On the second attempt I was doing the final form for the first time, so I kinda get destroyed until I find my flow. X2: 1st attempt. This boss is a joke. On a second attempt I could have probably had done it without a single sub tank. Both forms don't do much damage, but at least the music is cool. X3: I lost count, but I guess that was the 5th attempt. In my first one I wasted all my sub tanks like a dumb dumb, so for the next few I was doomed from the start. After losing all my lives I filled the sub tanks and tested one more time before going at it for real. You can see that I was still trying to figure out where the fuck to hit it. I knew I had to hit it on the head with charged X-Busters, but I just couldn't aim correctly until I found where to actually aim. X4 as X: 4th attempt. Again, I wasted my sub tanks (only 2 in this game) in my first attempt like a double dumb dumb, so the next few lives were lost early into the final form because I was still finding a groove for the 2nd form. It wasn't until I played as Zero that I figured out to force him into throwing the scythe on the wall to avoid him from using that very annoying attack with electricty on the ground and boomerang things going all over the place. On the kill I was just figuring out how to avoid some of the 3rd form attacks (both the fire and electric attacks). X4 as Zero: 3rd attempt. The 2nd form was a mess until I figured out what I mentioned before with X. Until that I was actually dying to that form, lol. The Gunner part of the 3rd form is weak to Ryuenjin (the fire sword I use against the 1st form), I tried it the first time I got to that but it was getting me hit, so I just decided to use Kuenbu (the spinning jumping attack) instead. This one was very slow because I was being very cautious. For the deformed part of the 3rd form I stand where I stand because it is the safest thing to do until I know which of his 2 attacks he is gonna use. Storm Eagle Stage Music! Holy shit, that 16-fucking Bit guitar! ...and Spark Mandrill Stage Music! Oh my feels for old games music.
  15. Because people read disclaimers... I remember when I played Hearthstone and some crd got nerfed. When you next logged in the game a pop up that occupied the whole screen came up and told you which cards changed and how, all with nice drawings and pretty much no text. People still went into games and tried to play the cards in the old way... it was actually pretty funny to see them waste cards in their "combo" to then realize they couldn't attack.