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  1. Oh, thanks! I wasn't expecting it to count =D. I'll be sure to complete this again whenever I can finally get a PS5 (hopefully by the time Final Fantasy XVI comes out).
  2. Even though it wasn't done on Playstation consoles I wanted to leave note that I completed Tales of Arise! I didn't want to play the crappier version on PS4 when I have a newly built mosnter PC, so I will have to hold on doing the platinum until I get a PS5 in like... 2 years or so when it becomes readily available at any store for its real price. It took 66 hours and the proof of completion can be seen on my Steam account achievements. The easiest Tales to complete by far. Only requiring 100% of sidequests, and almost 100% of weapons (100/103, which after getting the specific end game materials for everyone's best weapon you should have more than enough other materials to get at least 100). Getting to level 100 was also way faster than I expected. By the time I was done with all sidequests my characters were almost at level 95.
  3. At first they wanted me to use DHL, but fuck that. I don't know how expensive it is to Venezuela, but to Argentina the shipping cost that was $10 with SAL would go to like $80. Yeah, you get it in like 5 days, but I'm in no rush to get my plastic that will sit on a shelf and look pretty. This other method that was 500yen more is the next step after SAL. I know it is a bit more expensive but cmon... they can't be earning so little on the figure that they can't afford to take the hit. What was surprising though is that the package got here in 1 week. I wasn't expecting it for at least a month. On the other hand, Play-Asia always comes through. One time they gave me a full refund for an order that was taking so long to be delivered that it was considered lost. I eventually got that one delivered, but I'm a good boy so I rejected it so that it would be sent back. A month ago they did the same again for a game. They refunded me the $60 before it was sent back to them. Then another time they sent me the wrong game, so to fix that they allowed me to keep this game and sent me what I asked for originally at no additional cost. Maybe Play-Asia has spoiled me too much, lol. On the Steam prices thing: is not only Steam, I checked Microsoft's store and the prices there are also very competitive to what Steam offers, not to mention Gamepass. This price difference made me feel like a fool for allowing Sony not to do regional pricing like the other companies (even Nintendo does it, albeit to a lesser extent). I have never bought a full price digital game on PSN Store, but even at 50% off it is still more expensive than full price elsewhere, lol.
  4. Aren't those anime titty figures nice... There is one of the places where I'm gonna save lots of money from. I'm out of the anime figure market. In the end I never got the Chocola figure I told you about that one time. After holding my money for over a year, Amiami wanted like 500yen more for the shipping or some shit. It's not much but that's not how a business like this works. I paid the order in full when money had more value, it's on them to fulfill the order that was already fully paid. I also had a Dawn figure (the pokemon trainer) on hold, so I ended up getting a refund from the other order and paying the extra 500yen for this order from there. So the lost more than they gained, on top of losing a customer. Inflation hit the prices of figures hard for me, so I can't justify the plastic anymore. The other place where I'm gonna get money back to justify this PC is on game prices. Steam is so much cheaper than PSN. Guilty Gear Strive with the season pass was 1400 pesos (including taxes. That's about US$8.25), on the other hand it's like US$80 on PSN, lol. Not all companies are as nice as ArcSys, but even in the worst cases the cost is still way lower. For example Tales of Arise is 4000 pesos on steam (plus taxes that's 6600 pesos), the game store I buy my PS4 games from will sell it at 9500 pesos. Yeah, it's all digital, but I stopped caring about collecting lately. When putting costs into perspective I care more about saving some money nowadays. I will probably still buy a phyical copy of Tales of Arise for collecting purposes, but that's only because it's Tales, if it was anything else I wouldn't.
  5. Lol! I noticed that too. It didn't last long xD. So I spent about US$2000, with $1000 of those being the graphics card. However, that kind of specs cost around $3000 over here. Graphics cards are still somewhat expensive, but the prices are coming down. The card I wanted was actually the 3060ti, which is a lot cheaper and it's only 10% less powerful than this one, but there weren't any in stock. I kinda over spent but this processor (Ryzen 7 5800x) gives me leeway to one day being able to upgrade the graphics card if I need to. There is this thing called bottleneck between the processor and graphics card. You want that to be below 10%. This combination gives me about 5% GPU bottleneck (which means the graphics card is slightly weakerthan what the processor would prefer), so I have up to 15% to the other side still =p. I did go overboard for sure. I actually found where to unlock the fps on FF XIV and I was getting 190fps. I couldn't tell the difference between 120 and 165 so I just left it capped at 120fps. If you want to play at 1080p60fps, you could de it with $700 if the GPUs for that range ever come down to their real price. You also save on the high refresh rate monitor, which can cost about triple of a regular one (mine cost $285). A friend plays on a 1660 Super (which is a budget high performing GPU) and he gets 60fps on Genshin Impact (capped), 89fps on New World (lowest graphics settings). He was trying FF XIV yesterday but I haven't spoken with him on how it performed and if he liked the game. If you are looking at budget GPUs, always check the xx60 models. The ones that end on 60 are usually the ones that have the best ratio between price and performance. The 70s are a little step above, then the 80 cost about triple for another 10-20% more performance, and another triple of the cost for the 90s which also improve like 10% on the previous cards.
  6. So... I built a PC. I wanted to leave an update here because this also means that I will be less active on my Sony consoles. With all the pricing bs and lack of compelling games on PS5 I started to check on prices for PC parts. I remembered that a friend of mine was working on building PCs so I asked him for prices. He has a supplier who of course sells stuff at wholesale prices, and since he is my friend he sold me the parts for no additional cost. So, what did I build? Here are the specs: Asus Prime x570-P AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 32GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070ti 1TB NVMe AIO watercooling and a 750w power supply. Asus VG248QG Monitor (24", 165hz) All this means I'm pretty much switching to PC for multiplatform games. This includes Tales of Arise which was gonna be my 100 platinum. I still need one more platinum before I can get the 100th, but now I don't know what it's gonna be. After that I will more likely be taking a long break from completing games. Probably for several years until PS5s can be purchased at their real price. I always wanted to try out games at more than 60fps, that was one of the reasons to go for this. So far I've tried: Devil May Cry V (165fps) Final Fantasy XIV (120fps, I think. I didn't check the graphics options but the monitor set itself to 120hz) Divinity: Original Sin 2 (165fps) Aside from that I'm still playing Genshin Impact which now runs at the max it can (it's locked at 60fps, sadly), and I was able to play Sekiro at max settings (another game locked at 60fps). Since I could now play Sekiro without frame drops or slow down I decided to try out the Gauntlets of Strength. I first had to finish the game again to unlock the bad ending bosses, so that's all the practice I had before going into the gauntlets. So far I've been really happy with this thing. There aren't any new games I want to play until Tales of Arise releases in September (which I hope is not locked at 60), this lul in game releases gives me some time to play some of these PC I've been unable to play, though. Not completing games is also gonna open some more time to try out more games. With this I close my update: To show some of the smoothness, here is my one and only attempt at the Sekiro boss gauntlet that includes every single boss: This is every single boss. Timestamps below:
  7. So I've been playing more on PC lately. With all the shit Sony is doing and the stupid price the PS5 is at right now are kinda moving me away from Playstation. On top of this I'm very close to reaching 100 Platinums, at which point I may or may not take a break from completing games. All I know for now is that Tales of Arise is gonna be the 100th Platinum, then I'll see how I feel after that. Let's do a fast one for two games I completed on PC not long ago. Cuphead Game Difficulty: 4/10 Completion Difficulty: 5/10 Time to Complete: 10 hours I actually played this one co-op with a friend around the time it released originaly on PC. I wasn't intending to complete it fully but I was breezing through the game so fast that I kinda self imposed a rule: I would only consider a boss cleared if I got the maximum grade I could. Which in Regular difficulty is A+. You only need A- for the achievements. Since my experience with the game was from co-op I couldn't believe how much easier it is in single player. Enemies have so much lower health, and having 1 less character moving and shooting makes everything more visible. Parrying is also much much easier on single player because the other player doesn't mess with your timing when they parry. Anyway, long story short, after finishing the game I tried a few bosses on Expert, saw they were pretty fun and not that much more difficult, so I went for a fast clear. This time I didn't care about my grade, though. Getting all S Ranks on Expert is actually pretty difficult. This is one I maaaaay redo on PS4 when it goes down to 50% off. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Game Difficulty: 4/10 Completion Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Complete: 21 hours (New numbers based on having plenty of experience from my original playthrough) Yep, I did this one again (click here for original post). I have been waiting for it to finally go to 50% off on PC. It's always been discounted to 35%, but now the time finally came. What can I say... this game is still a lot of fun. No other game yet has given me such a great combat system for 1v1 encounters. This time around I barely died and could breeze through pretty much everything. I also allowed myself to use resurrections, so I was free to make dangerous moves in battle if I wanted too. On my original post I mentioned that reviving wouldn't have helped me much, but now using it I can see how much easier it makes the game when you don't have the pressure of making a wrong move and just dying. To go along with this I also recorded the final boss as I did when I wrote my original post. Sadly my computer is almost there with the specs, so there are points when I suffer framerate issues and some slowdown. The poor thing is like 13 years old, it does fine for how old it is. I would like to build a new one but the stupid graphic card prices discourage me from doing so. I could spare the money, but I cannot allow myself to support asshole practices of scalping. Anyway, here is the new final boss kill: Here you can see my poor computer trying to keep up. The worst part is that the slowdown messes up with the parry timing, something very important in this game. The last phase was pretty lame, though. For being the biggest, most accomplished warrior in all of Ashina he did do a very poor job when against the ropes...
  8. It was much easier than I anticipated. You can't spam dodges or parries but the enemies telegraph all of their attacks, so after being hit a few times you learn their timing. Exploration is just fine. Each area is pretty much self contained with a main patg that goes back into a main hallway to open several shortcuta back, and some side areas with optional things. Some areas are connected to adjacent areas but most of the time that is also just for some extra stuff. My point is that you won't get lost or have to come back to an area for a required thing, kinda like how is usual in Symphony of the Night or Super Metroid. It lends itself to fast-paced gameplay due to being able to spam attacks and cancel into dodges or parries. Not THAT fast because you can't spam dodges like you would spam slides in Mega Man, but fast enough, lol. Death's Gambit I've heard the name but I don't even know how it looks. I remember it was released around the time Dead Cells was and people were comparing them. That's why I assumed it was a rogue-like, not a metroidvania.
  9. Thanks =). It was a very fun game indeed. I was surprised to still find some odd control scheme choices that I've seen back when I watched my friend play the demo before the game released, but overall it plays really well. And technically I'm not even done with it. Through updates there was a new area added and a NG+ mode which appearently also houses some new content. There are no trophies for that but I still want to play, but I've kinda busy playing Guilty Gear Strive on PC D=. I also want to start the next thing, lol. I'm very close to getting to 100 plats =p.
  10. Blasphemous Game Difficulty: 5/10 Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 Time to Platinum: 18 hours Thoughts on the game A friend recommended me this one a long time ago after playing it on release. I played lots a metroidvanias. The different thing this one does is that it makes the combat and difficulty more souls-like, or at least it tries. Since people usually site this one as a souls-like but in 2D I was expecting it to be much harder and tense than it actually is. It may be that I have lots of experience with 2D platforming and action games, though. Anyway, the game uses the beginning up to the first town as a tutorial. Right off the bat I was hooked with the gameplay because, while simple, it was fun to execute its mechanics. Whenever I'm given a parry and a dodge I always try out if I can cancel my attack animations with those defensive maneuvers. In this game you can. Being able to cancel out into defensive actions allows me to go ham on offense and immediately cancel into defense, a simple system that I really enjoy in action games. With no stamina bar and having attacks that can be cancelled like that it's hard to call this a souls-like, to be honest. All of that is not bad, though, just different than what I was expecting. To be fair I actually prefer it this way, so more in this game's favor in my eyes =). The exploration part of the metroidvania is also kinda not there all the way. Normally when I think metroidvanias I think about getting upgrades that then allow me to explore deeper. There are no mobility upgrades in this game. No double jump, no air dash. So whenever you reach an area you already know that you are gonna be able to explore all that's needed for the critical path. There are some inaccessible portions that may require relics that give immunity to miasma, that react to some red thingies that form platforms, or one that sprouts branches out of some spots, but all of that is optional stuff. In terms of RPG mechanics, customizations, builds, and stuff of that sort, there are various menus with different kind of equipables of varying use. None felt especially powerful so I don't know what to think about it. I mostly used stuff that increased mobility and offensive capabilities. The problem is that the effects are so small that it's hard to care about them. The spells on the other hand start simple and small, but later on when you get the end game ones they make you feel like much more of a badass. The pixel art is beautiful. It doesn't try to look smooth and realistic like something akin to Ori and the Blind Forest, pixels are purposely marked so that you can see them on the character and environments. Characters are detailed and nicely animated, while the environments are rich and engrossing. The background details in some areas are especially nice, like those on Wall of the Holy Prohibitions. Music is something that kinda takes a back seat. For most of my time I don't remember it coming up that much. The only time that I got kinda into it was in the Library because it added a lot to the ambiance of that place. Bosses are varied in size, shapes and style of fights. Contrary to what I usually feel about bosses in games like Dark Souls, in this game there isn't a single boss that I think it's a waste or I wouldn't want to fight again (maybe with the exception of some serpent thing with a scorpion sting for tail, that one was kinda meh). The second to last fight was especially fun. After mentioning the areas, enemies and bosses I have to mention the how weird and creepy a lot of these creatures are. I can't believe this shit is based on some religious stuff. All the deformed creatures, some creepy baby stuff, malformed things with multiple faces, some kid that burst out of a buffalo, sometimes it was difficult to discern friend from foe, lol. What's also based on religious stuff is the story and setting. And to be completely honest, I have no fucking idea what anyone was even talking about in this game. Whenever someone spoke I got so lost that it all started to feel like gibberish, or some sort of fever dream. There are also some corpses that you can listen on to with the aid of an item. Some give hints to solve puzzles, but a lot also just say some more shit that felt like complete bs to me, lol. Even when so many patches have been applied some jank is still left. I ran into 3 or 4 bugs that soflocked my game and sometimes the controls felt unresponsive (mainly in very close range fight). These happened only on some odd occasions, so it doesn't ruin the game or anything of that sort. With all that said I really enjoyed my time with this game. Right from the beginning when I first saw the graphics and had a taste of the combat I knew I was gonna like it. I also was expecting it to be hard but ended up being just right in terms of difficulty. While lacking some of the traditions of a metroidvania, it is still a game that can be wholly enjoyed by anyone who likes the genre. Thoughts on the Platinum No gonna lie, with so many missables I actually decided to play while following few directions found in the roadmap of the .org guide. It tells the general direction to go and what to do as to be able to 100% complete the game on the first playthrough, without spoiling anything or telling you were the non-missable stuff is. By following that you can go through and finish the game, then pick it up right before the final boss to go explore all that's left (and there is A LOT left after that). The 2 trophies that I guess most people are gonna be afraid of are beating all bosses without using the healing flask and finish up to the mid way point of the game in under 3 hours. About the no healing on boss fights: For me personally it made the fights more enjoyable. I would have probably one shot every boss if I could heal (with the exception of the second to last), but thanks to being limited on health I had to try most fights at least twice. There are lots of health upgrades and defense boosting equipables that can make the health bar last quite a long time. The exception boss I mentioned actually beat me like 5 times. It was a really fun fight, though! The video at the end contains a bit of the fight at the 15:49 mark. As for the "speedrun"... I actually ended with a time of 1 hour 19 minutes, so not even half of the 3 hours given. I didn't die a single time and I wasn't that fast on my exploration. I went to areas I didn't need to and picked up some items here and there. The time is very generous. If you are having trouble with a boss you can always back up the save file and restore it if you die a few times. There are a few things that are very easily missable, and missing one single thing means you cannot achieve 100% on that playthrough, which would mean you have to start over from the beginning because the trophy for 100% completion requires everything done in one singular playthrough. Although it's not exactly 100%... My save file shows 99.95% so I guess some hidden square of the map may not be needed. Because of that I recommend following the roadmap of the guide in .org, unless you don't mind replaying the whole game. The one thing that I would add that the guide doesn't tell you to do is to mark on the map which corpses you talked to. You need to talk to all 33 corpses but the game doesn't keep track, so when the moment to clean up comes you will have to check every single one again just to be sure if you don't mark it (the game provides markers that you can place on your map). I have to say that the clean up was super fun. There are lots of unique things to find out and areas that are completely optional. Before starting your clean up though I would recommend to donate 20k souls to the church. This unlocks a feature to teleport between the save statues that are spread all over the game world. This helps immensely with going back to areas to get all the stuff. The beginning of the speedrun playthrough (up until the first real boss), some boss fight bits from my first playthrough, and at the end two instances of bugs that soflocked the game. It was recorded with the PS4 built-in feature, so the quality isn't the best and the framerate is lowered to 30fps.
  11. Ooh, that's awesome. Glad to hear I can just casually play the game at 60fps instead of having to redo all trophies.
  12. You need to get a character to level 30. I'm unsure if that can be done offline. Regardless, on the Beta I got to level 30 in like 10 matches (I won about half of them), so still pretty easy. This list is very easy. Doing it on PC though due to the free online play.
  13. I'm of the camp that thinks you should always use the weapon you are comfortable with because you can react faster when you know how your weapon behaves. Switching weapon so late into the game isn't gonna help him that much. For example I did this in my 5th attempt with Ludwig's Holy Blade. My only advice for OP is to stop right before 50% HP and land a visceral while Orphan is still in his first phase. This let's you go into 2nd phase with a chunk of damage already dealt. Then it's just dodge and land a hit, or dodge and heal. I would normally just heal while I was beside him after a dodge. Panic healing is always bad.
  14. Was that the one from the library that drops from the mages? It was such a pain... only 2 spawn and if you don't kill them fast enough they teleport away and you have to spin those stupid slow ass stairs to get them -.- That was way worse than any item in this game. The only thing that comes close are the Eagle Eggs.
  15. For the Forlorn Necklaces I had no luck in Northern Plains. After more than an hour I had 0. Went to the top of the Lost Shrine and got the 3 I needed (along with the 30% item drop rate word) in like 40 minutes. I don't know what being old has to do with the time zone manipulation. It is actually a very simple process. Set it to the earliest one (-11 I think) and plant the 9 peach seeds leaving the in-betweens. Save the game and now go plant the 6 pink seeds in the spaces left (you do it this way because you get a chance per adjacent peach seed, so you only need to plant 6, making the process faster). Now go leave the area to the east, change the time zone to the furthest one (+12 i think) and go check your flowers. If there is a white, you are done. If there isn't you change the timezone back to -11 and load your game to try replanting the pink seeds. By doing that I actually got 3 white flowers at the same time on me second try, lol. I was actually getting ready for the long ride because someone said it took them like 160ish tries o.o