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  1. Trophy-wise it's extremelly unoptimized since it's meant for the Steam achievements, so it will tell you to do way more than you need to. It was never meant to optimize the time spent playing, it was meant as a simple to follow guide with few words and pictures, which is way better than having to slog through a complete walkthrough. This way you get to play the game yourself while having a helper telling you when to stop for a missable (and some non-missables as well, I guess).
  2. This. People have this misconception that you need to go through extremes and make the game harder when in reality it is much easier this way. It does take a bit of initial preparation, though. I'd say that you don't even need to grind AP on the beach since you can do that with Seifer in the first mission. There you can level up the starting GFs and get free AP. After that you can Junction and unjunction Curagas to HP so that you put yourself in yellow HP to spam Limit Breaks. Play some Triple Triad, card mod for some Meltdowns and Breaks (for the required battles against humans) stuff and you are free to destroy everything. Shit like 10k kills, level 100, max gald, those can go to hell since it's pointless padding for sure. Getting all the cards I feel should have been a trophy, though.
  3. I don't know, man, it's weird. I got the same feeling I got when I played Sonic Mania, which is that the game looks like I remember it looking. You know this image in your mind that you have of something you haven't seen in 10 or 20 years, you remember it looking better that it really does, so when you get to the newer version/game it feels like it looks the same as you remember, but in reality it looks much better. When I first played Sonic Mania I was like "damn, this looks just like Sonic 3", but then I went back and played Sonic 3 and realized how much worse it looked. That is exactly what I felt with FF VIII Remastered. I've heard the menues work at like 16 FPS or something shitty like that but I can't complain since it felt like it worked just as usual. I didn't get dropped inputs or anything. What really took a hit are the CG cutscenes. Holy shit does the resolution change make the difference, lol.
  4. Lol, yeah, I just started playing and I laughed at the fact that Shiva (who is pretty much just as naked in the vagina area) had no changes whatsoever. That baffles me even more. A summon like Shiva who actually does get used a bit in the beginning and it's unmissable is unchanged, but some missable one that is terrible so no one summons her gets censored. I can't really tell what the thought process here was.
  5. Is this gonna be the least played game on PSNP ever? Terrible, boring ass game. No platinum. $19.99 price. Seems like a recipe for failure. The worst part is that is not even stupid or funny bad like My Name is Mayo, it is just plain bad.
  6. If they get to be oversensitive about little things like that, then we also get to do it. What needs to stop is not this minority of people who do not play games getting offended, what needs to stops is companies censorig their stuff because of them. At the end of the day that's what makes people so angry, changes made for other people who were not gonna buy the game regardless of the censorship (who are also like 0.5% of people). And of course it doesn't change anything gameplay-wise (I mean, who the fuck summons Siren, lol), but as I already mentioned, that has nothing to do with the issue we have with it.
  7. Each section has it's own title. As far as I can see it makes mentions of each thing in each section. For example it says "Ifrit GF + Ifrit Card", so it's not gonna just say "This GF Card" if it's also about obtaining the GF. It's in chronological order so you can follow as you play.
  8. You could filter that yourself or wait for a PS4 specific guide. Basically you only need to do the CC members quest, PuPu, Obel Lake and gather all Timber Maniacs magazines, so you could just copy and paste those parts. Other than that you need all GF. The drawable ones you only get 2 chances. Also, a lot of things become inaccessible after finishing Disc 3 (which is the last boss before entering the final dungeon), so it's best to do everything you want before heading into the final dungeon.
  9. Not bad, but it seems to have more than the text needed and while reading through it I had a hard time understanding some points, even when I already know a lot about the game. My recommendation is: It comes with screenshots so it's easier to see what the guide explains.
  10. Yes, you can eventually max out stats with Devour if you really want to, but it is true that not leveling until getting all the Stat Bonus skills helps in making that faster. I remember that Cactuar comes with all 5 of these (although you can only equip 4 at a time) and then I would guess Cerberus has Speed Bonus, either him or Bahamut. Still, junctioning Triple to Speed and equipping a Speed +??% and/or Auto-Haste should be enough.
  11. If you don't want to waste your time reading a thorough guide you can follow this one that only lists missables and in chronologial order: I will be following that to make sure I don't miss cards (which are not needed for a trophy but I want to get them anyway).
  12. I doubt anyone can normally find Bahamut... that shit was good old cryptic bs, lol.
  13. If you don't want so much uneeded information you can use this missables guide. It only lists missables as you go through. It is meant for the Steam version so it still includes more than you need, but is much more to the point. Even though low level finish is not a trophy anymore I will still do it that way. I already finished it 3 times before, so doing it in a different way will be more interesting. Something I never did was completing the card list, so i will be doing that as well =p.
  14. Not necessarily. When FF XV came out I got my copy 1 week early but I couldn't sync my trophies until the game came out.
  15. Oh no! I was expecting the Steam achievements... this is so much easier D=. I was getting ready for a cool ass level 7 run but there is no much point now. I will probably do it that way anyway since it's technically faster (especially for Omega Weapon, unless they reverted it back to how it was on PS1), but not having a trophy for finishing it at initial level kinda sucks =(. Welp, I will still enjoy the crap out of it. I would at least have wanted it to require all cards.