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  1. This plat is extremely easy even for people who don't play fighting games. This game system is very simple to understand so it's also a good introduction into fighting games. The Hard RPG mode playthrough will require setting up some stuff in the beginning to have extra damage, but other than that is a breeze (and you don't even have to do it if you get lucky and randomly get the sword you need to get for the trophy). Online you only need to win 1 single match. Before getting to play people you have to play 5 matches against bots and then 2 against people. If you win one of those 2 you are already done with the online. I did this on Steam, so I don't have it on my list here (didn't feel like paying for PS+ just for 1 trophy). EDIT: Forgot to aswer the DLC part. There is only character DLC, and I don't think they will add anything else other than characters. The DLC is not needed for anything, althought I'd recommend Narmaya just because she is the best =P (not as beginner friendly, though)
  2. Yeah. There's no harder platinum that the ones for games that are boring as shit. Lost Sphear didn't look boring, though. If it did I wouldn't have even tried it at all. The thing is that simple and straightforward games are usually short. It doesn't matter if its only like 5 or 10 hours. But when the thing goes over 20 hours it is a drag. I bet it was even worse for a walking simulator... something like that would put me to sleep...
  3. Lost Sphear Game Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Platinum: 38 hours Thoughts on the game I've had this one lingering around for a while. It looked like something I would enjoy because of the setting and the simple graphics. Sadly, it only looked good... To be fair, it's a functioning game. Everything works and there are plenty of systems going around for the RPG player. However, there may be a bit too many things for its own good. To begin with, there are 8 characters, which means that most of them get barely any exposure during the story. The only ones that have some significance are the main 2 (Kanata and Lumina) and to a, lesser extent, Van. The other 5 add very little to the tale. I feel like they should have limited it to just 4. Everyone has their own special things they can bring to combat, of which 80% go to waste because of how specific or useless they are. All those resources spent in stuff like that could have been used to polish other areas and the other characters. This game was a rare case where I ended up not caring anymore so I lowered the difficulty just to blast through everything. It's not like it was difficult on normal, but the difficulty did spike hard during 2 specific bosses. One of them uses lots of status effects at a point in the game where you don't have an effective way to deal with it, and the other had massive dodge rate, making me miss 75% of my attacks. I did still read the dialog, though. The game takes itself way too seriously. All the way through I had this feeling like they were trying really hard to tell an epic tale filled with tragedy and sadness. Suffices to say that it fell flat. At about half of the game I just wanted it to end... It has 2 endings (you simply choose at the end which one you want). Both end pretty bad. Thoughts on the Platinum Thankfully the Platinum doens't ask for much. There are so many more things that they could have required to make this one hell of a slog, but they didn't. The most boring part I'd say was using all of the Paradigm Drives. This requires having almost all of the skills for the characters and doing them in combat. It takes like 1 and a half hour to do once you have all the skills, but it's still boring nonetheless. Several trophies have wrong descriptions, too. Like the one that requires eating 100 different foods when there aren't even 100 different ones. What it really wants is simply eating 100 of any food. If it wasn't for the fact that the Platinum was this simple I would have dropped it at the moment I mentioned before...
  4. Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Game Difficulty: 2/10 Platinum Difficulty: 1/10 Time to Platinum: 20 hours Thoughts on the game Time for shutting-off the brain and satisfying that guilty pleasure. Easy weeb trash after a long RPG is really good for palette cleansing. I was actually surprised to find out that with this I have actually played and completed all Senran Kagura games since Peach Ball is not on PS4 for some reason (which I believe has to do with censorship on Soyny's platform). Anyway, in terms of gameplay I'm happy to announce that this one does go back to the more responsive, fast paced gameplay from Shinovi Versus. Estival Versus was so shit... I don't remember if this was a gameplay mechanic before but in this one you can cancel attacks with your guard. Why is this a big deal? Because the enemy attacks are telegraphed, letting you parry them with blocks. This becomes increasingly important when fighting other girls that usually try to break off from your combos with their attacks. It also builds so much meter for specials that is all around OP as fuck. With that mechanic in-between battles it became much more entertaining. Having to pay attention for once is a good thing. Also they kinda streamlined everything a bit to make it more fast paced. Sometimes breaking clothes doesn't go into the lil' cutscene so the battle isn't stopped all the time to watch the same thing over and over again. There is also this Burst bar that acts as a super mode where you get infinite Aerial Raves and a gigantic attack boost. Pairing that with a level 3 special is devastating. On top of that it ends in an AoE special that is also very strong. Another good step forward is that for the first time the cutscenes have the girls actually looking at each other standing in an actual place! It used to be that they would just be standing there looking to the front which made cutscenes so boring. Because of this I did sit through and pay attention to the story. On every other game I skipped everything due to the boring, low budget presentation. Don't get me wrong, it is still pretty low budget since all that changed is where they are standing. The animations are still the same, the locations are mostly the same, etc. There is also a LOT of story presented through still backgrounds with text detailing everything like if it was a book. This is the next part they need to put some more budget into I think. Having to imagine what the heck is going on based on what I'm being told is for book-readers. If I wanted to imagine things I would read a book. I'm a dumb player of videogames, you can't expect me to have imagination! Of course I'm joking. I understand that these games don't make sell that much so they cannot afford to spend in cinematography and cutscenes. It would be nice, though... One curious aspect of these "not-as-low-budget" cutscenes is that they made my PS4 fan spin at speeds I haven't heard before... I played God of War, Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, none of those made my PS4 do any extra noise, but for some reason this game does. I guess it is not well optimized. Another point in favor of this theory is that it crashed twice when I tried to start a mission in Franctic Mode (the girl strips to her underwear right away for massive attack increase at the cost of all their defense) So how's the story? Let's say it had more depth than I have expected. It's nothing amazing but at least all the characters have their backstory and reasons for wanting to be a shinobi. They are all mostly sad tales as is usual from most anime. Orphans, crazy parents, being poor, being adopted and having a brother that hates you because he think you took his rightful place, etc. Good thing is that since this is a remake of the first game there are way fewer characters to get to know. That sounds like a bad thing, right? But that was one of the things I didn't like about the newer games. There are SOOOOO many characters that all of them end up blending together. With so many they cannot put as much care into each one because they have to many. That's why I liked the cast from Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni more. Fewer characters, more time spent on developing them. What I think may be new is the "evil" story. It's the story mode for the oppossing school. I initially thought this was gonna be the same story from the other point of view but it is actually the same story told in a different way. It changes certain story beats to better suit them for playing as the other side, basically telling a non-canon version of the events. The final boss for them is also whatever compared to the final boss of the "good" school. I used to main Asuka in these but this time I switched camp. I was won over by Ikaruga. Not just due to her looks (which I like, although Yomi got very close to beating her there) but because her playstyle was the most fun. Her attacks chain into each other fluidly, and she does the cool samurai shit of slashing so fast that the attacks happen after she is done doing them. Who I completely hated playing as was Mirai... holy shit what a clunky-ass character. Here are some images for reference Ikaruga and Yomi art from this game (top). The image below is something I happened to see while looking for that other art. It has nothing to do with this game, I just found it too good to not share... It's actually 2 different images put together. The edit is not that great, but dang do they look good. Overall the game is very easy on Normal difficulty, so I bet it's probably a cakewalk on easy. There are also these Secret Growth Medicines that help with leveling up. They are very easy to find and increase levels very fast. This makes overleveling quite easy, which in term makes the game even more braindead if that's what you want. Personally I only used a few when I was going into the Free Missions (the only mode you can choose which girl to play as) because Ikaruga barely had any fights during the story. She was level 5, so I upped her to level 20. From there she naturally got to max level (50) by the time I only had 1 more missions to go, so it worked out really well. I was pleasantly surprised with this game. I wasn't gonna buy it due to the removal of a mode to please Sony. The mode taken out was not the issue, the issue is giving away to the complaints of people who are not even the target audience. I hate that shit. I ended up buying it because it was heavily discounted. I know the Switch and Steam versions are uncensored, but without the trophies I don't feel compelled enough to play these games. I like the fanservice but that alone isn't enough for me. I hope that going into the next game some bigger changes happen, because up to this point they have been reusing way too much from previous games. It goes back to the very first Vita game... It's time for a new engine, hopefully one with more detailed... animations. Thoughts on the Platinum What can I say... it's even easier than any other Senran Kagura game. This time around there is no grind involved. In previous games you had to grind some money to buy everything on the shop, or maybe grind to level up characters. This time there isn't anything of that sort, which is good. Grinding for the sake of grinding is never a thing I want to do, it doesn't add anything of value, only time loss. As I said before, I only got Ikaruga to level 20 through the medicines I randomly picked up without noticing and from there she got to 50 by herself, which is all you need in terms of levels. I played with a list of where there secret documents are so I wouldn't need to waste time exploring the same areas over and over or having to redo missions. That's pretty much the only thing you have to be aware of while playing, and maybe the 100 parries, but unless you are playing the game in mega easy (or are just plain bad at it) it should happen naturally. I had over 300 parries naturally when I was done with the Platinum.
  5. That's why there isn't a single 1/10 or 10/10 here, huh? I agree that on Metacritic people do not get how it works and give 10s just to offset 1s, but over here I have never seen binary ratings.
  6. Like I mention in my thread where I talk about games I complete, I rate it a 4/10 until you beat the Pride & Joy mission. After that playing on Hard is like a 3/10. I actually had an easier time through Hard than I did on my first time on Normal, because of that accessory, the wide variety of materias at my disposal for exploiting bosses and due to player experience, of course. I also never got a game over. You can get the accessory right after beating the game by going straight into Chapter 17 (although you should probably first grind to level 50 while maxing some materia. It only takes like 30 minutes of grinding). You don't even have to start the chapter on hard (not like it matters that much since there is only a single fight before the VR station).
  7. Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Difficulty: 3/10 (on Normal) Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Platinum: 72 hours Thoughts on the game Not my most anticipated game, but something I felt like I had to play. I actually was on the fence before starting it because I was coming off completing another JRPG (Tales of Vesperia) and I didn't want to spend a long time on my next game. I wanted to play Trials of Mana but I couldn't get a physical copy yet, so in the ended I played this. To be completely honest, I didn't get too invested. The graphics and music are great, combat is fun, and the voice acting is phenomenal. The characterization is top notch as well, everyone does feel like someone who could actually exist. It's especially apparent for characters who didn't have much development in the original, like Biggs, Wedge and Jessie. So, if all of that is so good, how did it not get as invested? I'm actually not sure myself. Back when I played Final Fantasy XV, I remember loving every second of it (except chapter 13, of course). That goes triple for when I played Dragon Quest XI. It may be that the lack of exploration and most of the main characters arcs do not happen in Midgar, so I didn't get a chance to care for them as much as I did with those other games. There are plenty of great moments, both funny and sad, but without a world to explore is harder for me to get into it. (... I guess I found out which my reasons were, lol.) From the beginning I knew I was not gonna be able to love this game because I knew it was always the Midgar section. They did a fairly good job expanding a bit, but plenty of areas can feel like padding. In terms of combat I was happy to find out that I guess I was kinda good at it? I mean, initially I was just rolling with it. Later when I read other people's comments and how some were having a hard time or having to lower it to Easy I realized I understood it better than I expected. I didn't lose a single battle, and I was never put in a tough situation where I was scrambling for my life. I wasn't doing anything that special, I was simply keeping an eye on HP and abusing the fact that the AI targets the player 95% of the time. When my controlled character was hurt badly or put in a bad spot I would simply switch to someone else and the enemies would leave my other character alone, lol. It's a pretty fun combat as long as the enemies aren't in the air. Of course you can use one of the ranged characters for flying enemies, but how the melee people are so bad at aerial combat I don't know... especially when aerial combat was so much fun in FFXV. Now, to spoil the story and what I think it's going on: Thoughts on the Platinum Before even starting the game I read lots of comments from people saying that Hard difficulty was really hard because of this, this and that. I was extremely baffled when I actually got to it and it was actually easier than when I played the first time through on normal. Regular enemies were getting one shot and bosses were taking me like 3 times less time to beat. I didn't even get wiped a single time in either difficulty. I even had only one character die in battle a single time (and it was because the boss in question had a new mechanic that blocked defensive spells like healing, so I didn't go into the battle with abilities to heal so I didn't need magic. Even with that this death happened very close to the end of the fight and it was immediately solved by reviving him since the thing that blocks the defensive spells is removed on death) I serious don't know what the heck people are doing. With 2 HP Ups per character (only one on Barret because he is a beast) you never have to fear being killed fast by anything. Being unable to use items to restore MP was also never an issue. My MP was always really high from barely using it (since regular enemies were getting one shot) and because MP regeneration during battle is still a thing). I was originally not going to get this Platinum because people mad Hard mode sound like a complete drag due to how hard it was. Good thing I tried for myself so be sure... Other than the boredom of going through the game again on Hard there is this one event battle that people have a lot of issues with. I'm obviously talking about the VR Simulation Mission against the summons. I got it done on my first try with almost just my regular set up. The "hard" battle against Bahamut and Ifrit became a regular fight against Bahamut because I simply bursted down Ifrit with Limit Breaks before he got to do anything. Bahamut can also use Megaflare for 9999 damage but that is easily mitigated to 5000 damage with the Manaward spell. It was pretty funny to find out the struggles of other people though. It was similar to the feeling of people having trouble with bosses in Souls games. I'm a bad person, so I like to read about the suffering of others =D. Anyway, the other kind of annoying part is getting all the dresses because it requires an extra playthough of Chapter 9, but that is done pretty fast on Easy. The Media Corner Here is my fight against the final boss. I left the trophy for finishing every chapter on Hard for last so that I could pop it with this final fight. Spoilers in the videos, of course Popping the Platinum by beating the last boss on Hard. This thumbnail is a mockup because the real screenshot would be in a boring menu.
  8. I dunno, seems more complicated than just playing normally tbh. What I did was play with mostly just my regular setup and burst Ifrit with Tifa's and Cloud's Limit Breaks. It definitely makes it much longer, but is way safer as well. With that strat everything can go to shit if you mess up a single time. You can easily tank Megaflares with Manaward and fully heal everyone right after with a magnified Curaga (from Aerith with about 450 matk). The whole gauntlet ended up taking about 30 minutes, with most of that time probably spent on Leviathan's dumb fly phase. Getting this strategy right, on top of having to grind a lot of the materia used that I normally wouldn't use, would have taken more time. Regardless of all that, it's a very creative way of doing it, and it looks sick af.
  9. Hmm... Hard mode seems like the opposite of what I like in a hard mode in RPGs. When I finish a game that let's me carry over my stuff to the next playthrough I like going through utilizing all my tools. For example, I played all of the Tales of games. In these you always start with simple 3 basic attack combos into a skill. Later into the game you unlock more skills to chain together but your TP (the MP in Tales) is too low to do long combos frequently, so you have to conserve it. Later into the game, when you get a bigger TP pool and abilities to regenerate TP in combat more efficiently the posibilities of doing crazy shit increases exponentially. When starting a NG+ you get to keep all of that and can go crazy from the very beginning, setting the difficulty up so that enemies have way higher stats, but since you have all your tools unlocked, dealing with the crazy damage is the name of the game. Starting over only to be forced to use FEWER tools seems like it defeats the whole purpose of going through again... It makes it more annoying (and boring) than difficult. I feel like they should only disable the use of items during combat...
  10. The Messenger Game Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Complete: 11 hours (Time to Platinum: 9 hours) Thoughts on the game Since this first came out on Switch and PC I wanted to play it but I wanted to wait till the PS4 version for the trophies. I had actually forgotten that I wanted to play it until I saw it on sale a few weeks ago. What an amazing game! On the outside you may see it as another one of those retro-style platformers, but it's so much more than that. The music is freaking amazing and the dialog is incredibly funny. The main point in its favor though is the gameplay. Oh god, the gameplay is so smooth! (at least if you are good at this kind of games, I guess). It all starts with the one central mechanic to the movement which is introduced right away at the start: Cloudstep. Whenever you hit something while airborne you get to execute an aerial jump. This can be chained an infinite amount of times as long as you have something to hit (enemies, projectiles, candles, etc.). It starts simple enough but later it gets incorporated with other unlockable abilities which give the gameplay a flow I couldn't get enough off. I don't want to share too much on what those other abilities are because I liked discovering everything so much that I don't want to ruin it for others. Just let me tell you that going through an area chaining together jumps between enemies feels awesome! The artstyle is also sublime. It perfectly pulls off the retro look. Both areas and their bosses have really nice designs. Finding out what would come next was a joy. And I haven't mentioned the music again still. THE MUSIC! I couldn't ask anything else from each one of the songs. All of them fit the style perfectly and had me bobbing my head to the rhythm. I never laughed so many times to the dialog in a game (at least not for good reasons). The Shopkeeper is especially guilty for making me laugh so often with his witty and sassy dialog. He is always making fun of the messenger with his remarks, and the exchanges between them are just hilarious. He also can tell you several stories throughout the course of the game, some are just for fun but others are a bit more deep... There is a lot more that could be discussed about this game, with a lot of that being surprises that should be experienced first hand, so, I will just stop here. Is it perfect? Actually, no. There is one problem it has that could have been easily avoided, and that is backtracking for collectables. At some point in the game you get to warp back to previous levels, but only at specific spots and not to all of them. Instead of this they could have easily let the player teleport to any shop (which are plentiful). This wouldn't do any harm and would make this game completely perfect. Thoughts on the Platinum and 100% Just like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, backtracking for collectables can get a little annoying due to the few warp points available. Good thing is that there is an upgrade that can be bought that shows the location of all collectables, making it much easier to get them as you go along. It still means a lot of backtracking because you don't get it early enough, lol. Some of these collectables can offer good platforming challenges, which are always welcomed in a game with such fun movement options. The one trophy about going through an area that is pitch black without the light that lets you see can get a bit annoying. I probably died like 10 times trying to navigate the area with a video of someone that did have the light. Then there is this one trophy about beating the 4th boss without dying a single time on the way there. This is not that bad because at any point you can pause and quit back to the title screen. Reloading your file puts you right at the last checkpoint with full health. So, if you are about to die to a boss, simply quit out and retry. There are a few botomless pits on the way but nothing too bad. And then again, you can also quit out if you are about to fall. Regardless of all that, I actually got to finish the trophy without needing to quit at all (although I did sit in a few areas farming enemies to recover my health, lol). Finally, we have the DLC. I'd say it's slightly harder than the end game areas from the main game, but still not that hard because of the plentiful checkpoints. I know a lot of people tend to ignore DLC because it's not require to platinum, but I would recommend to play this one because it's definitely worth the time for the variety and suprises it brings to the table.
  11. Thabks for answering. Then something doesn't add up. You don't get the corresponding titles for completing those lists right away, you need to go to certain places: -For the monsters list you need to go to Nova's Caravan, which at that point in the game should be in Triet Desert. If Zelos was the last enemy you would be stuck in the Tower for quite some time before you can go back to Sylvarant for the title. You get it 10 seconds after completing the list. -For the item list you need to got back to Koton in Hakonesia Peak. If Zelos's Locket was the last item I'm unsure if you can go back to Sylvarant right away, but even if you could it would take about a minute to reach that place. You also get this like 10 seconds after. There is only one item that would let you have a time difference like that, although I'm not gonna tell you which one it is, lol.
  12. I have a my suspicions about the Tales of Symphonia list. Do you remember which was the last item you obtained to complete the item list and which was the last monster you beat to complete the monster list? I know this is a dispute for another game but he has no need to answer these questions from a nobody if I make the privately.
  13. At 5 minutes per run it's pretty much equally as slow as the old method. That took 50-55 hours of grinding. If you can lower the time a bit it would be faster. One thing that certainly shortens the grind for free is Z Unions. I also have this game on PC were I hadn't logged in for like a year. It accumulated my weekly earnings from the union and gave me over 1 million when I looged in. That's still not gonna give you the Plat for free since it's gonna take 20 years that way, but it does help, lol.
  14. Playing FF7 now is way different that it was back then. IMO it did age poorly. I played it for the first time a few years ago and while battles and story are nice, the rest of the game feels very old... In terms of Tales I have plenty to share. As you can see from my trophies I have Platinumed all of them. If you want to start with one I'd say the first Xillia on PS3. The battle system is simple to understand and gives lots of freedom to do cool shit. The Platinum is fairly easy to obtain, even without a guide. If you don't feel like going to PS3 then Berseria is a really good one on PS4. The Platinum on this one is a bit annoying, though, as it requires quite a bit of grinding to get every Title to Rank 2. I wish I could give an unbiased recommendation about Symphonia but I can't. I really love it and even after 4 playthroughs for my Platinum I could still keep playing it, lol.
  15. He also got "helped" with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3