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  1. Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Game Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 Time to Platinum: 7 hours Thoughts on the game I would put this one in between Spyro 1 and 2. It's much better than 2 but not as enjoyable as 1. There is much nore variety in gameplay thanks to several mini-games (like skateboarding) and 4 other playable characters (+1 more if we count Sparx stages), each with their own specific gameplay quirks. The stages are a bit less linear and have more hidden passageways housing part of the collectables. This time around Spyro carries over all the moves learned from 2, so no need to relearn that. All new stuff is left for the new characters. From the get go I could tell I never played this one. I don't have any memories from anything that happens. I did kinda feel like I've seen Bianca (a bunny sorceress in-training) before but that must have been in some video on Youtube analysing the games. It seems the developers of the original took into account complaints over the difficulty because this one is not completely free. The main patgs are always easy, but when you explore around you actually may need to put some effort to beat the challenges. The flying and skateboarding races are especially difficult. Not super hard, but a 5/10 at least. This one can get a bit buggy, though. For example: I broke a rolling boulder and even while broken it still hit me. It only happened that one time. While going through the tutorial stage for Agent 9 (the monkey) I broke the targets of the first section before talking to the NPC. When it was time to talk to him to advance to the next section he wasn't talking. Sometimes Sparx doesn't feel like picking up gems There are probably more but those came to mind. Spyro does get to talk a bit more than in Spyro 2, but it's still way less than in Spyro 1. This is very important to me because I love how he animates and talks =( Overall I found this one also enjoyable like Spyro 1. The worst aspect pertains to the Platinum, so... Thoughts on the Platinum Why the heck doesn't this one require 100% completion? It only needs 100 eggs and like 6000 gems. The one time it would have been somewhat of a challenging Platinum they decided to not ask the player to do everything. I was originally going to complete it but I don't feel compelled to put the effort to beat some of the harder challenges when I get nothing to show for it. It's kinda the same feeling I get from beating Celeste's B and C sides without using Assist Mode. So, yeah, they dropped the ball on this one =(
  2. I have been seeing some of these checklists and I thought it could be fun to have a little space to write down what I think about a game I just completed. I'm the kind of person who rather plays fewer games for a longer period of time than lots of little things here and there. I saw from a lot of other lists that I'm much more reserved when it comes to wanting to play something. If I had the time I know I would play many more games but even then I still do like to do a few other things to spice up in variety and not burn out on gaming. I do play mostly on PS4 and Switch, so I will also add my other platforms backlogs here. I mostly play JRPGs but I do also like Adventure, Platforming, Action and Fighting (in that order). My most disliked genre would be realistic Sports (I make that distinction because I do like games like Mario Tennis, for example). Favorite series would go to Zelda and Tales of. Currently playing: on PC (too lazy to grind the trophies) DLC Currently playing with a friend: PS4 / PS3 Other Platforms Games completed since the creation of this topic (click for my thoughts): 2019 Digimon World: Next Order - January 21st Bloodborne - March 17th Devil May Cry 5 - March 31st Dark Souls: Remastered - April 11th Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - May 15th Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - May 25th God of War - June 10th Tales of Symphonia - June 12th Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey - June 22nd Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - June 27th Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - July 1st Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization - July 26th Dragon Quest IV - July 30th Tales of Innocence R - July 30th Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below - August 9th Dragon Quest I & II - August 14th Yooka-Laylee - August 24th Dragon Quest III - September 16th Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Golden Deer) - October 6th Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash - October 10th The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) - October 19th Dragon Quest VI - November 14th Assassin's Creed Odyssey - November 18th MediEvil - November 25th Luigi's Mansion 3 - November 29th Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - December 4th 2018
  3. Yeah, these games a very fun, especially for those who grew up playing platformers. I didn't play them at the time (I didn't have an SNES) so I took the chance with this collection. According to what I wrote at the time in my journal thread I ranked them: X4 > X > X3 >>>>> X2. It seems I didn't like X2 too much, lol. It was a fun ride. Getting to know awesome classic games like these is always an interesting time. Not looking forward to the other 4, though. Especially X7 and X8.
  4. Luigi's Mansion 3 Game Difficulty: 3/10 Completion Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Complete: 14 hours A step in the right direction but still a long way to capture the immersion of the first one. That's how I would summarize my experience with this game. The original Luigi's Mansion on Gamecube, while short, gave this feeling of being trapped in a mansion filled with mysteries. Luigi's Mansion 2 then broke everything by splitting each place in chunks and having Professor E. Gadd be an annoying asshole worse than Navi. Luigi's Mansion 3 tries to go back to somewhere closer to the original but lands somewhere in between, with a tendency towards LM2. While you aren't interrupted and pulled away after every main objective, every floor of the hotel still is pretty much its own self contained area. You don't get a key in the 7th floor that finally opens a door in the 2nd, so you don't get the same feeling of exploration. This makes it feel more like LM2. One extremelly good change is being able to turn off the professor's annoying hints. It's enabled by default so I got to see some of the hints. Holy shit is he annoying. I knew what to do but I was exploring around for money. In the span of like 5 minutes he talked to me twice to say the same thing!!! I obviously turned it off afterward but I can see people going the whole game with that, not realizing it can be turned off in the options. The gameplay loop consists in exploring each floor to find the missing elevator buttons to reach other floors. You are technically saving Mario, Peach and 3 Toads but it's not something brought back or mentioned that much during the game. In terms of animations this game is the complete opposite of Pokémon. While in Pokémon everything is static and robotic or simply does not animate at all, here every character oozes personality. Luigi getting scared and walking around all tense or all of the ghosts goofing off and being assholes to each other, everything has it's corresponding charming animation. Even something that's is gonna be used a single time was given attention. For example this boss fight with dancing ghosts (check out Luigi's sweet moves as well): Dem ghosts got the moves! The areas are varied thanks to the hotel giving place to a lot of different options. There are even areas that have nothing to do with a hotel (like pirates and Egypt). My problem lies in that some floors feel underdeveloped. The pirate floor for example has 3 rooms with very little in them. You are sent again to B2 during that floor to find an upgrade, so you end up replaying in the B2 theme (sewer) instead of enjoying the pirate theme. One thing that made me sigh was the stupid cat that steals your elevator buttons. The first time it was cute, but the second time it felt like padding. Basically the cat run around the Hotel and you have to chase him down. Not only does he go from room to room, he can also go up and down floors... Not only are some area themes underdeveloped, there is also an upgrade that is barely used. I'm talking about the Super Suction. With it you can get a very powerful suction but you need to be connected to a specific type of power outlet. These mechanic is used like 3 times (and one of those is just for an optional gem). And what do you do with this power? You just destroy some walls... I was convinced it was gonna be used for the final boss since it looks very powerful and shit, but nope. I really don't get why they even bothered with it if it was gonna be used in this trivial way. Boss ghosts were improved a lot over the crap in LM2. There are way more and they all are their own little puzzle, just like portrait ghosts from LM1. What was made worse were the upgrades. In LM2, money was used to upgrade the Poltergust (that's the vacuum Luigi uses). This time around money is only used to buy some very boring items: one that shows the location of a gem, one that shows the location of a Boo, and one that lets you come back to life when defeated. I kept grabbing money just in case something extra opened after finishing the game, but nothing happened... As I mentioned in the opening line, it's a good step forward from LM2. I hope the next one centers more around exploration of an intricately connected area, though. Thoughts on the completion There are 6 Gems and 1 Boo per floor. Finding some gems can be tricky. The Boos are pretty much free if you get one of those items that shows their location (since the goo in Luigi's vacuum vibrates when close to a Boo). There is no reward for collecting all the gems and capturing all Boos. It does not affect the rank at end, and it could even harm it. The final rank is based on the amount of money in hand, not the money and other things collected. So by spending money in the items that show you the location of Boos and such you are actually hurting the ranking to gain nothing... That's quite a shitty system, tbh. Other than that there are in-game achievements that, as always, are not as enticing without them being tied to an overarching system. The online co-op multiplayer mode can be fun, but only if at least 3 out of the 4 aren't idiots. It's possible to carry a team, but luck is needed, a shitton of it... The Media Corner Final Boss. Isn't that a cute lil' hug? I've never seen them be this close before, lol.
  5. MediEvil Game Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Platinum: 12 hours Thoughts on the game This was an interesting trip. I played the original back when it released in 1998. I remember really enjoying it but I only played it that one time... Playing it again over 20 years later was an experience. I still remember the day I got the game. I was sick so I wasn't going to school. I was bored as fuck when a friend of my mom came over for their usual chat about whatever. She came over to me and out of nowhere handed me the game. I was so happy! My mom knew I really wanted that game because I talked to her about it and we would normally see it on a TV program I watched at the time called Nivel X. A long time has gone by but somehow I still did remember things here and there. Whenever I reached one of those points I would be like "oh, right... this thing". That happened plenty of times. The first thing that felt extremely different is the length of the game. I feel like it took me weeks to finish back then but it is actually very short. I may have gotten stuck at different points due to my lack of english knowledge or maybe I just sucked and had to repeat levels often. I would joke about it being the loading screens but I think the ones in the remake are longer somehow, lol. Starting out it felt off... I was getting hit a lot by regular ass enemies and I couldn't get the hang of it. There is no real combat mechanics, you just wail your weapon and try to move away from enemies. Some have strategies that makes them easier to deal with, like moving out of the way of charging enemies and then hit them in the back when they stumble. Levels are short (if you know what to do) and bosses are easy. The thing that brings the annoyance up a bit is that if you die you have to start the whole level again. There are no checkpoints. I only died a single time during my playthrough but that one single time annoyed me a bit, lol. The other archaic design choice with this lack of checkpoints is that you need to finish the levels for anything you got to count. So if you happen to forget something in a level you need to play the whoooole thing through. I did say the levels are short but it's still a stupid design choice. The performance is all over the place. You can lock the fps at 30. I left it unlocked just to see how it changed and holy shit... it's so unstable. Not only the fps is unstable, the game crashed once for who knows why. I was coming down from a tree in the level called Enchanted Forest and it just froze. Along with the performance I also have to say that the graphics aren't that good either. Comparing this to Spyro or Crash remakes you can tell this didn't have the same level of budget. It's especially noticeable in the pre-rendered cutscenes, the resolution (or maybe it's the bitrate) is terrible. The only new content is not too good. To me it felt like padding because they knew the game was very short. What happens is that on one of the last levels you open a chest that frees some Lost Souls. These are spread around the main 19 levels (there are 2 more that are just the tutorial and the final boss). When you found one it gives you a hint of where it wants you to take it to then do some sort of veeeery small task. This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that you can't leave the level after finding the soul, you need to finish the thing! And since it wants you to take it to some other level it means you will end up doing some levels 2 extra times... The one thing that is good about this is the reward. It surprised me, so to not possibly ruin someone else's surprise I will talk about it in the spoiler tag: Thoughts on the Platinum It would have been a fun plat even with the Lost Souls but there is one tiny problem... there is a trophy that fucking sucks because it seems to glitch for the majority of people. It should be as simple as dying to 7 different ways. The problem starts right away from the fact that nobody is exactly sure which ones are unique other than the obvious ones. Is lava the same as fire? Is a zombie the same as a bat? Is drowning in water the same as drowning im a poison swamp? Is a cannonball the same as a windmill? Who knows!! It goes without saying that it did indeed glitch for me too. After reading different sources, and with no clear answer, I retried some of the earlier deaths and it finally popped the second time I died to a rolling boulder. I posted my whole ordeal in the MediEvil forums, so I will copy that over here for the record: Other than that there are a few weird and fun miscellaneous ones that require previous knowledge to complete, but nothing out of the ordinary. If it wasn't for the Lost Souls this platinum would be half as long. The Media Corner The guides made it sound like you need to finish the game to then go back and do the extra stuff but it's not the case. I made sure complete everything else first and then popper the last 5 or so trophies I had left while going through the last boss =D Popping the platinum (along a bunch of other trophies) by beating the final boss. Since I needed to complete a trophy that require me to have less health at the beginning, I actually have to go through the whole thing with way less health. That was good, though, because it made it a bit more tense =)
  6. That would get debunked by the fact that I got my trophy to pop the second time I died to a boulder (you can check my whole experience in my previous post). My theories are that either you need to take most of the damage from the source that is killing you, or that the game is coded like shit and it simply sometimes does not count your deaths. I'm more inclined to believe in the latter.
  7. Oh, sorry, I wasn't able to listen closely to the commentary because I'm at work, I may have missed it. I tried with the optional fights a few times but I would always get hit by that beast that gets all crazy when you break his armor. From what I could tell from playing I think the score is based on the damage done multiplied by the combo rank. That's why using the EX taunt to start with an S rank before doing any damage can raise the score drastically. Or at least that's what it feels like, lol. This scoring system sucks...
  8. I was curious about mission 8 since that's usually the worst due to the limited points. I found it funny that you act like someone can easily get the 5500 without the No Continue bonus yet you barely miss it even though you held your ground against that stupid tentacle attack that I have never been able to avoid with Nero. It doesn't seem doable without the bonus and you actually reinforced that, lol. Also, against that Fury in the beginning you can cheese him with regular Ragtime (not the charged one). I got 6016 points in that fight from just doing EX Taunt with the 2 berserker dudes and then cheesing the Fury. That could get you the points you were missing on that last attempt you showed. Here's how I did it:
  9. Today I had the pleasure of joining the glitched people. Here's how it happened and when it fixed itself: My only actual Game Over during the playthrough was from falling while fighting the Demonettes. To begin my deaths I went to Cementery Hill and died to: Zombie, Fire, Rock and Lava, in that order. Then I went to The Hilltop Mausoleum and died from spikes and then from falling. That would make 6 deaths since I had already died from falling. I went to Scarecrow Fields and died to the Windmill and the corn monsters. That's 8 deaths and no trophy From here I started going around everywhere. If I remember correctly I tried cannonballs, letting the timer run out in The Haunted Ruins, killing myself with the falling crystals from the dragon boss in Crystal Caves as well as the spinning crystal with the lasers, drowning in regular water and the swamp from the Pools of the Ancient Dead. With all my hopes destroyed I decided to go back to Cementery Hill and repeat some deaths. This time I decided to let the thing that was gonna kill me deal the most damage, since before I was getting my health down with the lava pool. So I did lava, then fire and it finally popped when I died to a boulder again... How this shit works I have no idea. At first I was finishing the levels but for the second time around I was just exiting form the menu because I read a comment on some youtube vid that someone still got it by leaving the level. So my recomendation would be to try the simple ones from the beginning again if you already did every other thing.
  10. Add Tales of Xillia to the cheated list. He used a savefile to unlock like 75% of the trophies.
  11. Hey man, nice collection of plats you have there. I have to say that I'm kinda jelous of your DMC plats =p. I would like to have them in but I just can't bring myself to do them due to not wanting to put the effort because of the difficulty. Having to do DMC2 is a big turn off, too. I'm also surprised that DS2 is your first plat. It's not the kind of game someone just casually platinums. I'm just starting to get into Guilty Gear as well. Since they announced the last one I got really interested so I began to casually play Xrd Rev2 (on PC) to get to know some of the characters. So far having a great time with Ky (who looks fucking badass on GG Strive). If one of these days you want to expand your horizons in terms of game genres, I would recommend trying some JRPGs. Dragon Quest XI is long but easy to plat. Tales of Berseria is more action oriented and it's not that bad of a Platinum.
  12. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Game Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Complete: 132 hours What's this? I played a AAA game with microtransactions!? Heresy! Joking aside, I have been interested in this game for a while. The reasons for it is that it looked like a fun action RPG and because I like the ancient Greece time period. I was originally gonna buy it on release, but then they showed the microtransactions and I decided to wait. I later found a physical copy brand new for $20 and then I also grabbed the season pass for $25. All this content for $45 is well worth it. The only thing I was concerned about was how intrusive the in-game store could be. Thankfully it is actually not intrusive at all. Sometimes a loading screen could mention it but it would never do some of that shameless promoting by making the menu flash o forcing the player to go to it for something unrelated. So, how's the game? It's a big open world that takes some lessons from Breath of the Wild. I haven't played previous AC games but from what I've heard (and seen in some footage when people mention UI clutter) there ued to be a million icons on the map, making it quite overwhelming. For this one you only get a few icons here and there with the most important information, and a lot of it doesn't show up until you are close to the area. The map is biiiig, however, it is not so varied. The geography can get very samey and a lot of structures, like the whole house of a leader, can be seen repeated all over the world. It can be a spectacle, though. Some of the vistas are awesome. The optimization for a greater draw distance is commendable and it runs fairly well on a base PS4. The biggest hiccup happens when going too fast, which is more common at sea. The game simply stops for a second to catch up with loading. In terms of gameplay there are 3 styles: Hunter, Warrior and Assassin. I love going around undetected and killing bases filled with people, so of course I went for mainly an assassin style. You stll need to some melee combat here and there, but that's easy enough to solve with the one Assassin ability that cam be used to deal damage in combat, Hero Strike. It was one shotting pretty much anything (except monster bosses). With the combination of assassin damage and lots of crit chance and crit damage most things died right away =D. Melee combat is pretty simplistic too, which is another reason why I went for stealth. I remember there were some complaints that the game was gating story progress with levels to encourage people to buy the exp multiplier from the shop. I'm happy to say that for a completionist that's nowhere near an issue. Right at the end of Chapter 3 I just went out to explore the seas in search of the legendary Pirate Set which specializes in crit chance, crit damage and damage with assassin abilities. By the end of my expedition I was well over the level I needed to finish up the rest of the story, lol. Exploring the seas and visiting new places to do these quests was super fun. It makes me imagine how much fun a One Piece game with these mechanics would be. Too bad anime games don't get near close to a budget like this. The story isn't too long, but there is so much else to do. It can get repetitive, though. For me personally it was always fun to sneak around places and killing everyone from the shadows, lol. Sometimes when I just needed to kill one specific enemy or simply steal something I would challenge myself to infiltrate the bases, finish my mission and leave completely undetected. I always liked this kind of "busywork" in open world games. Still, most of it is not required. The same goes for the sidequests. They are all voiced and tell their own stories but a lot are not required for trophies. In terms of the DLC I'm 50/50. The 3 episodes of the Legacy of the First Blade are kind of whatever because they utilize the same map. It's just some extra quests. Now for the Fate of Atlantis is a whole different story. It starts amazingly with Elysium, a beautiful area with all new characters and quests that can have different endings. Then we get to the Underworld, a depressing and ugly area that uses some annoying mechanics to gate progress. You get to see a lot of people who died during the main game. What this one has over the previous chapter is that it has 2 new unique bosses, one at the beginning and another at the end. The last chapter is in Atlantis. It starts very strong but ends up being very repetitive in an area that is also very heavy on the copy/paste. There is also a batch of free DLC that added several sidequests. Some of these are the most fun ones in the whole game, with my favorite being "One Really, Really Bad Day", I laughed my ass off during the whole thing, lol. I came across some bugs here and there. There are trees and ground details that are set too high and do not touch the ground. I went through some walls and structures that I shouldn't. Some corpses behaved weirdly. Some enemies spawned inside the ground. The usual things on open world games that are not Breath of the Wild, lol. It was a fun time. So fun that I will soon track a copy of Origins to play that one as well. I know a lot of former AC fans do not like this direction the series is taking, but for people like me only now are these any fun at all. Oh, and fuck Kassandra. Alexios is the way to go =D Thoughts on the Platinum and DLC completion For how much the game has it doesn't ask for that much. The only one missable is very hard to miss and the only trophy that asks to complete world objectives only asks for the underwater ones. In the beginning I was completing every single map marker, but shortly after I realized that not everything is required. Haven't I done that I would only be half way done by now, lol. The current version does make the platinum a little more inconvenient because of the raise to the level cap. When the level cap was 50 you could focus all the materials after that on ship upgrades, but since now you need to keep upgrading your equipment there are fewer leftovers. Slowly you actually start to lose on materials because the costs go up faster than you can gather them. What I did was save on some materials until I had enough for all the remaining ship upgrades, I saved the game and then bought all the upgrades to pop the plat and the loaded back to use those material to upgrade my gear instead. By the time I finished the DLC I was completely out of mats and I couldn't even upgrade all my gear. That was at level 81. There is one other missable on episode 1 of the Fate of Atlantis. Good thing I decided to check the guide just in case o.o
  13. Yes, it resets. Even when you are playing in the corresponding difficulty the thing still needs to drop, so it could be that you were very unlucky and didn't get one randomly. I don't remember exactly but I may have had to offer some equipment to the lord of the land to increase the chances.
  14. I would have done the same for Celeste if I was going for the plat. I had that discussion with a friend and we both agreed that is not worth the hassle of not using the assist mode because there isn't an ultra rare yo back it up. Very different from enduring something like Super Meat Boy in which you have the rarity to show for your efforts. So, don't worry about it. I doubt many people (if any) have done it without the assist mode.
  15. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Game Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Complete: 15 hours Thoughts on the game I have mixed feelings about this one... The Legend of Zelda is a franchise that I keep very close to my heart. I have a lot of fond memories even though I started with Ocarina of Time back in 1998. The next game I played was Link's Awakening DX. For the GBC it was a massive game, but now on the Switch, the same console that houses Breath of the Wild, it's hard to feel the same, at least when putting both on equal grounds due to the $60 price tag. It all comes down to that, the price. The remake has a really cute art style and it's pretty much 1:1 reconstruction of Koholint. There are a few changes here and there, like Dampe's Chamber Dungeons replacing the photos hut or the addition of 25 more Secret Seashells and some hearts, but for the most part it is the same game. And that is okay, it's the point of a remake. The thing is that back then it was a $40 game, which was well worth every cent. Now at $60 it's hard to recommend this 12 hour game with some not-so-great design choices. It performs well most of the time, with framerate drops depending on the area. It doesn't look like such a graphic intensive game to me, but then again Kirby Star Allies wasn't either yet it run at 30fps. That's a lot of complaining, so, how's the game itself? It's an interesting tale that can leave some asking themselves questions about their actions. It's impossible to discuss without spoiling it, so here is the warning! How's the gameplay? It's classic 2D Zelda, although I found it a bit odd that movement is locked to 8 directions instead of full analog range. A Link Between Worlds on 3DS was pretty much the same as A Link to the Past yet it had full 3D movement. It was also made easier with the inclusion of Fairy Bottles for extra healing. They did add a Hard Mode to balance it, tough. On Hard damage taken is doubled and enemies do not drop hearts. The music remixes are mostly good, but the glorious Tal Tal Heights theme did not transition as well for some reason, which is especially odd since the version in Cadence of Hyrule was awesome. Some of the songs utilize the old track mixed with more modern sounds to try to capture that old feeling while still improving on it. In short, Link's Awakening is a weird game that, while following the Zelda formula, does some unconventional things. With Mario enemies and a tale that can make people stop and think, it's a fun game but hard to recommend at the $60 price tag. Thoughts on the completion The added Pieces of Heart and Secret Seashells do give some more content to go through, but some of those new shells are in stupidly obscure places. For example there is one that requires playing a song in a specific place for a walrus to give it to you. That song is used in that place as part of the story, but to get the shell you need to stand in a fairly specific spot. Then another one wanted me to thrown a bomb inside a hole that was surrounded by a wall... the bomb just happens to ignore the wall... The good thing is that collectibles are now marked in the map, so it's easy to check online and get whatever is missing. The thing that I didn't complete were the Chamber Dungeons. In this mode you need to create dungeons using the dungeon rooms you've seen while following some sort of rule. I only completed what was needed for the hearts and shells, but there is one final tier of challenges that only reward Rupees. Still, with everything else done I only clocked around 15 hours... The Media Corner I recorded and uploaded my full commentated playthrough. It's in spanish and I do share some stories here and there from other games and the previous times I played the GBC version. Here is the playlist:
  16. Dragon Quest VI Game Difficulty: 5/10 Time to Finish: 50 Hours Thoughts on the game I haven't skipped IV and V... well I did skip V because for some reason it doesn't run on my phone, even though it uses the same engine as IV and VI. I did play IV first before any of the other phone ones but I didn't intend to write about it until I had the urge to after finishing I and II. So basically, I'm behind on my writing =P. Dragon Quest VI is an interesting game. I will be very spoilerish, so avoid if you don't want the whole mistery of it spoiled. The premise is pretty clever. There are 2 worlds, the Real one and the Dream one. People's dreams from the real world populate the dream world. For example you can find an old man living in the middle of nowhere who would tell you he always dreamt of starting a trading town where people from all over the world came to sell their region specialties, so when you go to the same place in the dream world there is a trading town just like the guy always dreamed about. This is a common trait all throughout the game. The mystery begins right off the bat when you are sent to beat the "final boss" just as you start, in what seems to be a premonition. Later you find out that it isn't. You and your friends get their real and dream personas split apart and are left wondering what the hell is going on. Slowly while going through the story all of this starts to make sense. It's an interesting tale that I found charming, my main issues with this one is the difficulty curve. Close to the beginning, in one of the first few dungeons, some ridiculous enemies start showing. I'm specifically talking about some bird/gargoyle looking dude that has a good amount of HP and can cast Sizz (or was it Sizzle?), which at that point is like 1/3 of the party's HP, and they can come in groups of 2!! The rest of the enemies in that area ar complete wimps in comparison. This enemy keeps showing up until like half of the game, and it's still one of the strongest enemies then as well... When you are finally strong enough to not care about those anymore a genies looking enemy that uses Swoosh (again, about 1/3 of the party HP in damage) starts showing up, and these can come in groups of 3 along other enemies!!! These assholes infuriated me even more that the others because they were pretty fast and used that magic very often... Is at this point when I had to remove my dear waifu, Ashlynn, from the party. She has a terrible HP growth and at that time I had her as a Mage which has a negative HP multiplier as well (like 0.5x HP or something). She had 75 HP and the genies dealt 50 with Swoosh... At this point I was kinda sad because I couldn't keep using her, but I was determined to have her in the main team so I left her in reserve until she mastered Mage and I could change her to the next thing. I also fed her most of the Seeds of Life and Resilience that I found. Why I was so hell bent on having her in the team? Well, I simply like how she looks and talks =). I loved the hairstyle and the overall simple design. She talks in the most simple way a girl would talk, which funny enough is an oddity the world of Dragon Quest. I talked about mastering Mage and whatnot before but I didn't mention the Vocation system. I don't know if it's a new thing from VI or if it was first introduced in V, but basically is a class system in which you master different classes to learn abilities and spells to then advance to better ones. Mastering specific base ones unlock advanced ones, so there is some planning involved. I like Job systems, my issue here is that the amount of battles to master each is too high. By the time I was on the area before the last one I was halfway through the second base vocation that would then unlock an advanced one. I had too grind quite a bit at that point. Thay brings me to the next point, grinding. At 3 different points I had to stop to grind because the boss was waaaay stronger than the enemies in his area. The second time was the more silly because after the boss (the last one of the Dreadlords) all the enemies in the following areas became a joke. Regular battles could sometimes be a chore until I discovered the beauty of the confusion status effect. While Ashlynn was in the back I had Milly as a Dancer. At some point she learned Fuddle Dance, an ability that costs 0 MP and can confuse a group of enemies. The chance of working are extemely high (100% in a bunch of enemies) unless the enemy is immune to it, which isn't common. Confusion in this game is OP as fuck. Not only does it stop the enemy from attacking you, it makes them attack themselves or their allies very often as well. On top of that if they snap out of it they are not allowed to act on that turn, allowing you to reconfuse them if needed. Because of this I also made Ashlynn become a Dancer until Fuddle Dance, lol. Mages get a the Fuddle spell which does the same thing but costs MP. Normally I make my character a melee fighter but this time around I made my dude go through the caster classes, just like I did for Ashlynn. I made this decision because my boy, Carver, was a physical beast. He could cover all the physical damage an army of 300 dudes could only wish they were able to. He probably dealt 80% of all damage during my playthrough. My party vocation routes were: Me: Priest -> Mage -> Sage -> Hero Carver: Martial Artist -> Warrior -> Gladiator -> Dragon Ashlynn: Mage -> Priest -> Sage Milly: Dancer -> Gadabout -> Luminary Nevan: Thief (until Padfoot/Nose for Treasure) -> Priest -> Warrior -> Paladin There is also Terry and the Slimes (which are optional). Terry joins too late and I didn't give a shit about the Slimes. Exploration is open... too open. The game wants you to wander around and stumble upon new things so very few directions are given. This was fine until the 3rd world map came into play, the ocean floor. It doesn't have it's own map to check where you've been and where you haven't. At that point I started to check a guide because I was tired of going around having to fight random battles. I'm fine with exploring, the problem is that this game took it too far. To finish off I wanted to talk about my dissatisfaction with the ending: All of this combined ranks this one fairly low for me. It's not a bad game but it can get frustrating a bit too often, taking away from the enjoyment too much. The original version was grindier, I can see why DQVI is usually not remembered fondly. Ashlynn will always live in my heart, though =(. A few screenshots
  17. The covenant items are super simple. I'd say the worst are the 10 thingies from Harpies in Ariamis, not due to the drop rate but because when they die they tend to fall down holes and shit. That takes like 30 minutes. The sunlight medals are easy because the bugs don't attack and get one shot. The covenant that requires humanity is simple because by the time you do it you should have well over 30 humanity items safely in your bags. The thing that took me the longest were probably some of the weapon drops from regular mobs. The staff from the mages in the library is easily the longest and most boring one. Then there are the weapons from the different varieties of "knights", but those are more plentiful so you are likely to get a few of them through regular playthroughs. One last thing that you should consider is that there is a very useful skip to go to the last boss. This avoids a lot of bosses that you don't need to fight again if you don't want to (the ones that you need the souls from come before the part were you can perform this skip).
  18. I don't know... I always find myself with something to play. It is true that several big companies are complete shit and have been tainted by the mobile gaming greed, but there are still plenty of good games to play. From this year I didn't play that many games (Sekiro, DMC5 and Fire Emblem Three Houses, Bloodstained) but they've all been awesome. I will be playing Medievil and Luigi's Mansion 3 soon, so thats 2 more games that I know will be good. From there I filled the holes with whatever I felt like playing and I'm still way behind on releases. My only fear with the bs that's going on is that it will corrupt other companies due to how much money shit companies are making off from crappy half-assed games. It is already ruining Pokemon...
  19. The worst part is that some people are gonna pay it, enabling them to continue doing stupid industry ruining shit like that.
  20. The King of Fighters XIII I would like some KoF plats but they are all either super grindy or very hard. XIV is especially bad with the 100 party mode battles.
  21. Most people have a really hard time differentiating between remake, remaster and enhanced port. Yes, this is a Remake. They had to make the game again, hence the term "remake".
  22. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Game Difficulty: 2/10 Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Platinum: 20 hours Thoughts on the game Since I have been away from my PS4 due to Fire Emblem: Three Houses taking over all my time, I wanted something simple and fast to do. I have had this downloaded for a while so I gave it a go. The Senran Kagura series is no stranger to spin-offs. This time is some sort of 3rd person team shooter. While I'm guessing it was meant to be played online I don't really care about that. Everything can be done in single player (and most trophies are indeed about single player stuff) so that's good. I actually wouldn't have even gotten close to this if it had ANY online trophies. Anyway, I can comment anything about the story because I always skip it in these games, lol. I've played 4 Senran Kagura games with this one and I have never wanted to spend time reading through the story. One of the main reason is because it is presented in such a boring way... The "curscenes" are all made with the characters looking at the screen in using the same 3 animations over and over again. The player has to fill in the other 90% of the cutscene with imagination I guess. There are some illustrations here and there but you can just buy them from the shop and look at the pretty girls without having to slog through all the text. The gameplay is pretty fun, actually. The only other team based shooter I can compare this to is Splatoon. Splatoon is better in every single aspect (except for the boobs, I guess), but I still got some flashes of it while playing this. Like how you can slide around super fast or that you use guns that shoot a liquid, lol. There are 10 types of weapons which all function pretty different from one another. I used the Twin Handguns because I like dual wielding stuff and because the way it shoots super fast goes well with my deck of cards which consisted in getting me to the infinite ammo mode. It's pretty thin on content, so there is a lot of doing pretty much the same but with different characters. The only unique part that I can think of are some of the bosses, although even there one of them is kinda recycled to be used in 2 of the stories. Most of the missions are either beat all the mooks, extinguish all the fires or beat the enemy team, all of that in like 5 different arenas. There are like 3 more arenas but those are rarely used for some reason. We all know, though, that most of what the game is doesn't matter and that we are all here just for the boobs, and you will of course be right. Without them this would be just a mediocre 3rd person shooter, although to be fair the same applies to the main game in the series, without the girls those would be boring and generic hack 'n' slashs. The main art for the girls is too good and misleading, though. They are drawn so sexy in those but the in-game models are way off in the body type part. On top of that there are over 800 cards to collect, all with images, with the rarest ones always including the more interesting drawings. In other words, plenty to look at for the run of the mill weeb. Since all the girls work the same (except for the rarely used melee attack) my waifus of choice were: Yomi (for some reason she was made way too cute looking), Rinka (a DLC character. I saw her for like 2 dollars one time and bought her for the good memories from Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni-), Minori, Murakumo and Murasaki. Here is a simple image showing their characters art so you can see why I'm sad that the 3D models don't follow these more closely: From left to right: Murasaki, Minori, Rinka, Yomi, Murakumo My biggest complaint would be that the performance is ass. It works fine until a 5v5 battle starts, then it dips like crazy to like 15 fps or so. Overall the game fills its usual niche: lots of sexy anime girls in skimpy clothing with some excuse gameplay thown in the mix, although this time around the gameplay portion is kinda fun, too. Thoughts on the Platinum These games are always easy to complete, this one is no exception. The only problem, though, is that there is pleeeenty of grinding to do. I'd say that I had to grind about 8 hours for different things, and that is by using a time saving exploit (the usual use your stuff to pop trophies, then revert the save to use that same stuff in other things). We have to thank that they didn't ask for ALL character to get to max level, because that would have been a serious grind... Other than that is just finishing the story and one other mode. The side stories are not needed this time around but I completed them anyway. The best grinding spots are on the last missions in some of those side stories, so I would have had to complete a few regardless. Those unlock some illustrations so they were still worth doing just for the sexy CGs. The Media Corner I was following the guide here on PSNP but I changed the order of the roadmap because I want to leave something more fun to look at for the Platinum pop instead of the boring grinds. Popping the Platinum by winning the "hardest" tournament. There is plenty of sexy content in that video, so viewer discretion advised, I guess. I would have made the thumbnail MUCH more interesting, but what I had in mind might have been too much for Youtube's policies. The loadout for my played character. Basically cards that increase the Soak Gauge, which when full gives infinite ammo for like 30 seconds. The loadout for my other 4 supporting characters. Basically cards that reduce enemy reload speed, big team healing, reduce enemy damage from guns and melee attacks and a defensive barrier. Weapon of choice for them is the Gattling Gun because the guide said so, lol.
  23. I mean, why pay for QA staff when you can CHARGE people $60+ to test your game? It's a no brainer for Ubisoft.
  24. You are probably too far into the story and cannot complete/get those quests anymore. Do not worry, though, after finishing the game you can go back to any point in the story to complete anything you missed. The chapter select even shows you if you can or cannot complete said quests when picking the chapter. You also get to keep going with whatever you already have at the moment, it doesn't revert it back to what you had at that time.
  25. Dragon Quest III Game Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Finish: 40 hours Thoughts on the game We made it to the end of Erdrick's Trilogy. I was really looking forward to this one because it is a prequel to the previous games. Sadly I have to report that the prequel part is severely downplayed. You start in a world completely different from before and there is no relevance to the connection to Alefgard until like 4/5ths into the game. It starts pretty much like DQ2, although this time you can get a full party of 4. Still, there is an issue with that. There are really no party members, you create them yourself. Due to this they do not have any agency and are just as plain as the silent Hero we play as. To give more variety to the way to raise characters a class system was introduced. You get to pick from a few ones, learning their spells and abilities, and can later change into other ones to learn others as well as to keep increasing stats through level ups. I only change each of my guys ones (the Hero cannot change class), which was enough to do the regular final boss. There is a powered version of the final boss but that requires a bunch of grinding and preparation which I was really wanting to do. For my party I made Airi, the Thief; Himari, the Priest; and Touko, the Mage. Later I change Airi to a Martial Artist (she gained good speed as a Thief. Martial Artist gave her Strength and a high Crit Chance. Himari and Touko both became Sages (a class that has access to all Mage and Priest spells). If you are like me and like finding every chest in every dungeon and every hidden item in towns then start with a Thief. They get the Nose for Treasure skill which allows them to tell you how many more items are in the current area, that saves a lot of aimless walking. On top of that they learn Padfoot, which severely reduces the amount of random encounters, perfect for treasure hunting and to reduce the high kinda high regular encounter rate. They also learn their last thing at level 20, which is the first level at which you can switch classes, so it is perfect as an initial class. DQ2 had the perfect mix of linearity and openess. DQ3 takes openess a bit too far. It opens up way earlier than DQ2 did and gives fewer directions to where to go next. Several times I had to consult a guide to know what to do because I couldn't find out myself. There is plenty more world to explore, as well as more time needed grinding out (especially when someone changes class, which puts them back to level 1). The time spent played was way longer than with DQ2 but most of that was actual exploration, so do not worry about the grinding part too much =P. The story is pretty much the same as usual. You have to collect 6 orbs to then be able to reach the area with an important story boss. This boss was the worst part and required the most grinding. I originally reached him at like level 24 and I got completely destroyed by his high AoE spells. I figured I needed my priest to learn Insulatle (reduce damage from Ice and Fire) to stand a chance. I checked a guide to see at which level they learned it and found out I had to grind up to level 32 for it! This took like 3 hours of grinding in this dungeon (Liquid Metal Slimes spawn here, and the regular enemies do also give good experience). I tried again at level 32 with Insulatle and it took a while but I beat him. The next part spoils the whole plot, so spoiler tag it is: Overall it is pretty similar as DQ2, just a lot bigger and a bit easier. My biggest complaint is without a doubt how unimportant the whole prequel aspect ended up being =(. A few screenshots below: