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  1. Castlevania Anniversary Collection Game Difficulty: 5/10 Completion Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Complete: 15 hours Thoughts on the game I originally wasn't gonna buy this because it didn't have a Platinum. One day I saw it for sale at a time when I wanted something simple to play after I was done with Persona 5. I also wanted to play a few of the games included, although not all of them. Before this I had only played the original Castlevania on NES. From the games on this collection I only cared about the original, 3, 4 and Bloodlines. I did have to play the first one on Gameboy because it has no passwords, but for the rest of them (2nd one on Gameboy, Kid Dracula and Castlevania 2) I skipped as much as I could. So, how was each game that I played: - Castlevania: Still a fun game. It can get a bit tough at times but it is never too annoying. It would be a bit harder if I didn't cheese Death with Holy Water though. That boss is pretty difficult with the amount of things to dodge with the given mobility, or lack thereof. Other than that the game is mostly fair and has a nice progression in difficulty. The iconic music is also a strong point. - Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse: Gameplay-wise is pretty similar to the original, but with the addition of other playable character that have their own strengths and weaknesses. In my actual playthrough I kept Grant the whole way. He can freely maneuver while mid-air, has a higher jump, is faster and can climp on walls and ceilings, but as his low points he has lower defense, short range attacks and low damage. What makes this one not as good is that they went too far into the difficult side. Stages are more difficult overall, and checkpoints are farther apart. On top of that finding health recovering items is also waaaay less common. AVGN wasn't kidding when he said that it felt like an endurance round. I was indeed begging for pork chops fairly often. Still, the biggest sin this game commits is not having a freaking checkpoint before the final boss! If you die to it (which I think is the toughest iteration of Dracula from the games I played in this collection) you are sent 3 or 4 screens before the final boss arena. And on the way there is a pit you have to cross in which you can easily die. It's also especially easy to die on this fight because on the last phase sections of the floor float around as platforms to reach the boss' face, but in exchange they leave holes which are instant death. Good game, but too hard for its own good. - Castlevania: The Adventure: I knew this one was trash. It's slow, clunky (it ate up inputs often), has no sub weapons and shitty design that does not complement it's crappy movement speed and jumping. If it wasn't for save states I would have been so frustrated playing this one... I'm actually not sure how benevolent the checkpoints are since I abused those save states, but I'm gonna guess that on Game Over is back to the beginning of the stage (and there are only 4...). - Castlevania: Bloodlines: Going into the 16-bit territory, the graphics and sound quality make a big leap. I played through this one as Eric Lecarde because I knew he could attack in most directions. On top of that later into the playthrough I found out that holding down let's him do a high jump which also deals damage on the way up. Difficulty-wise it felt just right, I never felt like I was being robbed. Good thing I played as Eric because the whip dude... ahmm, I don't remember his name, is so boring and basic. - Super Castlevania IV: The one I was most interested in. It's without a doubt the easiest Castlevania game I've played so far, and that isn't a bad thing. What makes this one easier is the fact that Simon is so much better in every aspect. You can attack in all directions, you can jump straight on stair, the whip is long as fuck and you can freely move in mid-air. All of these things, coupled with overall easier stages, makes this one a more pleasant time. At least for the first half of the game... The latter portion of this game doesn't play around as much. I'm not sure about the frequency of checkpoints on the first half since I didn't die that much, but in this second half I could feel the pain with each death... At no moment it felt unfair though, so even while it may have gotten a bit frustrating at times, it was all my fault for getting impatient and rushing it. The only aspect I find a little bit disappointing is the final boss. The continue puts you right there on his door, however it is by far the easiest one. He even drops food sometimes when destroying one of his projectiles. The last phase of the fight kicks in the main theme as you are finishing him off, giving it an epic finale feeling, even when it was easy af, lol. Here is my complete playthrough of this one. Thoughts on the Completion I mean... It's just beating each game once, and beating the ones with extra characters once more for each one. That could have made it annoying but both games that require this (Castlevania III and Bloodlines) have passwords that lets you skip to the final stage. Other than that there isn't much to say about it.
  2. I have been seeing some of these checklists and I thought it could be fun to have a little space to write down what I think about a game I just completed. I'm the kind of person who rather plays fewer games for a longer period of time than lots of little things here and there. I saw from a lot of other lists that I'm much more reserved when it comes to wanting to play something. If I had the time I know I would play many more games but even then I still do like to do a few other things to spice up in variety and not burn out on gaming. I do play mostly on PS4 and Switch, so I will also add my other platforms backlogs here. I mostly play JRPGs but I do also like Adventure, Platforming, Action and Fighting (in that order). My most disliked genre would be realistic Sports (I make that distinction because I do like games like Mario Tennis, for example). Favorite series would go to Zelda and Tales of. Currently playing: Dunno yet PS4 / PS3 Other Platforms Games completed since the creation of this topic (click for my thoughts): 2020 River City Girls - January 1st Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - January 31st Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Remastered - February 5th Mark of the Ninja: Remastered - February 10th Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back - February 16th Pokemon Shield - February 28th Granblue Fantasy: Versus (on Steam) - March 19th Assassin's Creed Origins - April 6th The Messenger - April 8th Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition - April 23rd Final Fantasy VII Remake - May 16th Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal - May 25th Lost Sphear - June 1st Celeste (on Steam) - June 6th Yoku's Island Express - June 8th Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - July 4th Doom (2016) - July 8th (on Steam | Single-player only) Final Fantasy VIII Remastered - July 16th Ratchet & Clank - July 22nd Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - July 27th Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair - July 31st Persona 5 Royal - August 27th Castlevania Anniversary Collection - August 31st Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past - September 6th 2019 2018
  3. Why mash R1 when you can press Triangle once? You don't even need that much. Simply get the Pirate set, max Rush Assassinate, Hero Strike, and focus on crit chance and crit damage. Get Predator Shot to pick off far away weak targets that could sound an alarm and there you go. With that only the very very bulky Polemarchs may survive a hit, in which case you finish them off with Hero Strike.
  4. Persona 5 Royal Game Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 Time to Platinum: 152 hours Thoughts on the game It's been a long time coming. I have pushed this one back several times before because I was not going to do the Platinum. Since I knew it was a long game with lots of missable stuff, and that it required playing it twice, I was simply gonna play it completely blind on an alt account just to experience it. That was what I thought based on the original release. One day I decided to check if Royal's trophy list was different. Holy heck was it different... Not only were lots of different little things streamlined game-wise, the whole trophy list was made leagues more simple. With that in mind I bought Royal digitally since it was on sale (and because the physical version is overpriced due to there not being a regular physical version, only the special one). This is the first Persona game I play. It was definitely a difference experience from most other JRPGs I played, and I played a lot of them. Every little corner of this game oozes with style: the characters, the music, the menus, everything. Right of the bat I was hooked since the game starts of in present time and then transitions into a flashback that takes most of the bulk of the game. The balance between social life and dungeon (called Palaces here) exploration is spread well enough that you are always getting kinda tired of one when it's time for the other. Both of these sections are wholly enjoyable on their own rights. The game story is set-up in chapters that give enough time to develop antagonists and allies so that when it comes time for the resolution of said act it is a satisfying conclusion. Most of these stories are down to earth, so it's easy to relate to them since these events are things that are not that unusual in real life. Although, of course, it's solved in a fantasy way. What I like of the way that Palaces work is that what they are is explained in a way that makes the suspension of disbelief so easy to happen. It's mostly about the cognitive science and philosophy, how we normally understand the human mind. How all this is set-up is intriguing and certainly appreciated. I won't go into detail about each story arc because discovering all this game has to offer has to be done as blind as possible. Experiencing it fresh, learning how the world works, speculating, and drawing conclusions was a big part of the experience for me. Palace exploration is really fun as well. These places are really big, with paths that wind back and forth, leading to shortcuts to previous areas and such. The design of most of them was on point, with the ones that were a 9/10 being very close to also being a 10. Battles are turn-based, however it adds a pretty fun twist thanks to the importance of hitting weaknesses and landing technical hits (attacking an enemy affected by a status ailment with a specific attribute, like using wind on an enemy who is burning). When one of those hits is landed the enemy falls down, giving whats is know as a "1 more" which is basically another turn. The cool thing about this is that you can pass that extra turn to a teammate, giving them a boost in damage, to which then they can down another enemy and pass it to someone else. The 4th one to get the turn gets a massive attack buff and can use a skill for free. Since you can't redown the same enemy you need to plan ahead because not everyone can hit any weakness. This allows to finish battles before enemies even move. Whats even cooler is that to pass the turn the character walks by their teammate all cool and shit and gives them a high five. Yet more things in favor of the stylish presentation. When it comes to regular life exploration there are lots of places to check. Just walking around and checking what the city had to offer I stumbled upon things like an old guy close to my house selling a used DVD player, which then I found the use for when I found a video store in Shibuya which rented movies. There may not be a big ass map like in other JRPGs, but that's okay because there is no need for it. After all, you are living a regular life in the city. People don't go to far away places every day, lol. With so much social stuff, a very important part is the way to interact with other characters. Along party members there are a bunch of other NPCs to build a relationship with. It's not just about learning about them, it's also about getting passive abilities from them to aid in Palace exploration and daily life. Each one of them goes through their own side story arc, so seeing them until the end is a lot of fun. You can also romance almost all of the female characters. Since I have good taste I went with Ann Takamaki, who is the obvious choice =P. I could also see the case for those who are into Futaba, though. You can romance several at once but that probably ends in disaster way later during St. Valentine's day, lol. One thing that I appreciated about romancing a girl is that the interactions with her do not end with the last scene that maxes the relationship. After that there are a few special dates here and there which help to sell the idea that you are dating her. That's something that usually doesn't happen in other games with relationships that I play, like Fire Emblem. They even made going to school interesting. You are sometimes asked questions in class, which then are used during the final exams of the semester. You can obviously cheat thanks to the internet, but I still tried on my own. They sometimes touch on topics that are kinda interesting, like when they talked about Cpt. William Kidd (who's story sounds like was used as the basis for Gold Roger in One Piece), and the founder of Hawaii, King Kamehameha. Now the music, the freaking music. Just like with the game itself, it's very different from other JRPGs. It has this jazzy feel to it, making the style of everything else even more stylish! I especially loved "Life will Change", the theme used when going for the owner of a Palace. It's soooo "anime moment of getting the upper hand on a strong enemy". This game is also sooo long! My long playtime may sound like I was grinding or doing some other kind of repetitive content, but no, that time is all actual gameplay. Toward the very end I was kinda out of things to do during the day since I maxed out the relationships with everyone, but that was a very small portion of it. I lived in Persona 5's version of Tokyo for the last 26 days, and I completely loved it. Experiencing what this game has to offer is comparable to what it would feel to play an Anime. The use of cognitive science, philosophy, and every day things, like social media and mass media, makes the world presented immersive and thought provoking. I may try one of the previous titles at some point, but I will mostly be looking forward to seeing what they come up with for Persona 6 whenever that happens. Thoughts on the Platinum As I mentioned in the introduction, this Platinum was made exceedingly simpler in comparison to the OG list. You only need to max out a single relationship and your social stats, most of the rest of the trophies are one-offs of story related stuff or using a certain feature for the first time. Because of this I don't really have much to say about the road to the Platinum. I did end up maxing out ALL relationships just to see the end of everyone's story. At no point did it feel like I was wasting my time or anything. Every minute spent I was having fun. The only thing that wasn't much fun was gathering all of the stamps in the procedural generated dungeon, Mementos. I was doing that until I checked the trophy about the stamps and it turned out that it wasn't about getting all of them, it was about simply maxing out one of the categories of buffs that the stamps are used for. When I realized that I only went for the stamps that were in my way. There are some important decisions to be made to not get a bad ending, but the game let's you save before the cutscenes involving those decisions happen. So if you fuck up it isn't much of a loss of time. The choices are very obvious, too. Having a simple Platinum actually helps a gem like this. Being required to play the game twice, or using a guide from the get-go would ruin the whole experience. Who knows, maybe one day I will go back to the OG version and get the harder Platinum. Not for a long time though, I need to play some simple, short games for a while, lol. I did record the final boss fight and all of the cutscenes until the Platinum popped. The whole thing took a little over 3 hours. What's funny about it is that the first hour of that is the final boss. The other 2 hours are all cutscenes (and very little walking around for some more conversations with each characters) before the game finally ends!! I couldn't believe how long that took when I checked back the video, lol. Because of this, and not wanting to spoil the final boss and ending for others, I won't be uploading the Platinum pop.
  5. I think the reason why Bloodborne's plat didn't suffer from inflation in rarity was because you need to beat a boss to get you first trophy. Either the Cleric Beast or Father Gascoigne. The casuals that I know tried Bloodborne gave up very quickly, most of them didn't even get to see a boss. 0% lists do not count toward the total.
  6. Do they? Personally I never had an issue with enemies being damage sponges. Even when they were about 2 or 3 levels above (or whichever it was the max difference before the game decides you can only deal negligible damage). Then again I was playing with a build focused on crit chance and crit damage because I went full assassination. If I got a crit, the enemy was dead for sure. If not, I only needed to add that one combat skill that dealt assassination damage and they were dead. I remember laughing my ass off when I one shot the mercenary that had the poison daggers I wanted. The predicted damage was showing like 1/3 of its HP but I got a crit and he died outright. On topic, I didn't find it boring. Exploring around and completing sidequests was fun (the actual sidequests, not the generic ones). The plat would have been a chore if it asked completion of every little camp, but it doesn't. Maybe if played more like an action game I would have gotten bored quickly. Sneakong around bases and only killing the targets required while remaining unseen was a lot of fun. I also always liked greek mythology, so that alone made it interesting.
  7. It has adaptive difficulty? That's the first time I hear that. I went through the whole hard mode without losing a single battle and I only Cloud died once against Eligor (I was playing blind, I didn't know I was gonna be unable tu use healing spells). I only clenched my cheeks against the lots of dogs in the lab when you play with only Tifa and Aerith (forgot to switch the gotterdamerung). I don't think the game was getting harder while performing well. If you grind to level 50 while getting some materia up before starting hard the games gets super easy. It takes like 30-45 minutes. I got 2 sets of elemental spells maxed out and HP Ups and MP Ups to 3-4 stars (2 HP and 1 MP for Tifa and Cloud, and 2 MP for Aerith, although I ended up never needing that much MP). Then I got the accessory with the basic setup, except I added another Barrier materia to make sure I got the Manawalls in time. Bahamut doesn't need to warn you of his attacks because he follows the same exact pattern. It was like 3 different attacks. The only annoying one being the 2 orbs that are unblockable and kinda hard to dodge as well. When Ifrit got summoned I bursted him down with Cloud and Tifa's Limit Breaks. Pretty simple fight when you have that under control. When Megaflare countdown gets to 1 you cast the manawalls and make sure that Aerith has 1 ATB for a magnified Curaga, which heals all the damage right away. I think the glass cannon strat is cool looking but way harder because one mistake could ruin the whole run.
  8. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Game Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 Time to Platinum: 10 hours Thoughts on the game Last year I finally went back and completed the first Yooka-Laylee game. I didn't like it, but I wanted to complete it anyway. It was one of those rare cases where I complete a game I don't like. This game came out of nowhere. I have played and finished Donkey Kong Country 1 and 3 even though I'm not that much its kind of platformer. I've heard good things about this one mimicking the DKC games so I wanted to give it a go. If anything, it starts off in an original way. Instead of starting in some safe, easy are, this game throws you right into the final stage right away. Of course you are supposed to lose, but that doesn't mean itn's unbeatable at that point, it's just extremely difficult. I got to 4% of the stage then I feel and lost, lol. The whole point of the game is going around rescuing Bees that are going to be your defense when actually attempting the final stage. You can go and try it at any point, as many times as you want, though. The overworld connecting all the levels is very neatly designed. There are secrets all over the place. Also, doing certain things on the overworld can alter the levels, making them into a completely different one. The T.W.I.T. coins hidden in each level can be tricky to find, too. The music is kinda weird, though. Most of the time it's great, but then you can get some tracks that feel like they glitched and are playing on top of each other. I didn't get what the creative idea on those was. In the previous game there was a lot of characterization thanks to the amount of dialog between all the characters. This time around there isn't much dialog, but they are always referencing events from the previous game, even calling it straight up "the previous game". The game is definitely self aware, and it doesn't care. Some of the dialog can be pretty funny. For example, there was this market shopping cart that had built its own sand house. When you destroy it to get to one of the levels he gets all sad and this is what he then says: I wonder if Nintendo would have allowed something like that if this was a 1st Party game of theirs... Then there was this box with a face that is mad at you because he considers it rude of you to be pushing around boxes to solve puzzles. When you bring a box close to him to press a button it breaks and he gets all sad. He rushes in, calling the box "Mark" and fulfilling its last wish of pressing the button for it. Yeah, you are kind of an asshole in this game. It kinda made me feel a little bad, lol. The Tonics are mostly a complete waste of space, tbh. Most of them add wacky effects just for fun, but the ones that alter the gameplay have modifiers that affect the amount of Quills (needed to buy said Tonics) you get at the end of each level. Anything that helps you reduces the amount, making them basically useless since you need those Quills to unlock everything. Most of the hindering ones make the game almost unplayable, so the bonus in Quills is not even worth it either. I ended up only using one called Quillsplosion (makes enemies drop Quills when killed. No effect on the Quill multiplier) and Quill Magnet (attracts close Quills. Again, no effect ont he multiplier). Most of the game is fairly easy. That's why so many people get struck hard when trying to beat the titular Impossible Lair. That place is no joke. Even though I'm pretty good at platformers I barely finished it on my first try with only 5 Bees to spare (from the 48, which means I took 43 hits). In the last patch they added checkpoints to it, but you still need to perform fairly well, even with those checkpoints. Thoughts on the Platinum Not much to say here. Pretty much get everything, except for the one Tonic that is unlocked by beating the Impossible Lair without the aid of the bees!. If the Platnium required that one, we would be talking about a 9/10 difficulty here, maybe even a 10/10. Tonics need to be found and then bought. By the time every stage is done there are still lots of them to buy, so grinding Quills is needed. Thankfully is a very short grind. What I did was go to Stage 3, its second version, use Spotlight, Googly Eyes, Less Checkmates, and Quillsplosion, and go all the way to the left. There, enemies spawn indefinitely so you can keep killing them to get 5-6 Quills each time. Since those Tonics add up to a multiplier of 3x I added up all the Quills I was gonna need and divided them by 3, then got that amount and finished the stage to get all I needed. It took about 15 minutes to get the 14674 I needed. Since you can't see shit with Spotlight all you have to do is cross the Checkmate when done grinding to "bank" the Quills and then go die. After 5 or so deaths the game will let you go skip to the next Checkmate. From there is a short way to the end of the level) But, of course, the "platinum breaker" is the Impossible Lair. In the current update it isn't as bad anymore, but it still requires some skill. It kinda sucks though that the original Impossible Lair isn't accessible anymore. Now you can only do the checkpoints version with the Bees, or the ridiculous version with no bees at all. Originally there was a "no checkpoints with bees" version, which is what I wanted to do. Technically I ended up doing that anyway, but I did have the peace of mind that if I died I could pick it up from the latest checkpoint, so I wasn't stressed about the chance of losing, which could have made me nervous and play worse. Anyway, here is how my crappy run went. I started extremely bad by getting hit by the very first enemy, lol, but everything worked up in the end. I took so much damage form the boss fights, though D= Popping the Platinum by beating the "Impossible Lair"
  9. Oh, nice! I actually wanted to play this one with trophies. I saw it on PC but I wantes the trophies as well =p. Not sure what Microsoft is trying to do, though. We also got Cuphead a few days ago =o
  10. When I played it on PC the only thing I changed was the Dash to L1. That way you always have the dash available while doing something else. Aiming in place I had on R1 but I don't remember if that's the default. The rest seemed fine. I think it was Circle for specials and triangle to switch weapon.
  11. The last Need for Speed I played was Most Wanted on PS2, it was a time of my life that I found the car tuning kinda cool. The last Gran Turismo I played was 2 on PS1. I do thank this game for one thing, and that thing is teaching me about racing lines. You don't have to worry about the microtransactions. I touched about that on my thoughts, but since is long and I know not many are gonna read it, I will quote myself: Yeah, I was kinda mad. One extra thing I would like to add is that the game never tries to sell you the coins. You have to go out of your way looking for the place to buy them. It's right there in the storefront but it doens't flash or anything like that to call your attention. That's very important to me because I hate when anyone or anything is trying to sell me something. It's a pretty nice challenge for anyone into kart racers.
  12. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Game Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum Difficulty: 6/10 Time to Platinum: 25 hours Thoughts on the game In Ratchet & Clank there are Hoverboard Races. These races a pretty simple, requiring going through the track smashing boxes and doing tricks to fill the boost meter to then use it to go faster. Driving and breaking boxes made me feel like finally checking out the remake of Crash Team Racing. I've had this one since release but never tried it. I played the original back in 1999. I can't say for sure but I think I did get all the Platinum relics along with beating all the time trials. I remember playing it with kids around the summer house and that they were impressed that I could drift everywhere, even on straights. This one and Mario Kart were my initiation into the realm of Kart racers, and since I picked them up when I was still young I did develop an affinity to them. I'm not into other type of racing games at all. Try to make me play Gran Turismo or Need for Speed, which are very different kinds of racing games on their own, and I will get bored within a few races. Kart racers are special because of the items, wacky courses and drift mechanics. In term of mechanics this game is extremely different from Mario Kart. It is definitely a lot more technical. Instead of simply drifting you also have to manually pull off the boost during the drifts. That's just the beginning because then you also have to add the boost pad mechanics which play off of the drift boosts as well. It takes a bit to adjust, but when you get the hang of it it feels really satisfying. At the same time, when you fuck up something it feels really bad, lol. One thing that this game and Diddy Kong Racing have over Mario Kart is the Adventure Mode. While Diddy Kong Racing's is better, Crash Team Racing still tries to tie everything with an explorable overworld. It's not as expansive and filled with secrets as DKR's but it's at least more than what Mario Kart ever tried. This simple addition of a single player mode did wonders since you don't always have people to play with. Nowadays that effects are severely diminished due to internet play, but I still appreciate it. What I don't appreciate is the stupid way to unlock stuff. Collecting coins and buying unlockables is a fine progression loop, but that goes out the fucking window when anything you want to unlock is tied to a stupid Fortnite-style shop... Who the fuck at Activision had this brilliant idea? Sell the stupid coins if you want but let me buy what I want when I want. The prices are not high enough to the point where you couldn't get something by playing normally before the rotation changes, so the system doesn't make sense. The whole idea of limited time items is to trick people into buying currency for something before it goes away. If the time is so long that you can easily grind the coins in a few races the whole thing is pointless. Then there is also this random message at the bottom of the screen of the main menu. Instead of sharing some news related to the game it said some political stuff that has no place in this or any game. I'm not against what the message said, far from that. It's just that stuff like that shouldn't be in a game that people play to relax and forget about the real world. From when the game came out a lot of patches happened. It got worse with the stupid storefront but they did also patch in some quality of life stuff. For example the ability to choose any driving style regardless of the character being used and improvements to the loading times (which are still fucking atrocious, btw) I bought it on release because of the price point. Not only did they remake the original tracks, they also remade the PS2 game tracks (and I didn't even know there was a PS2 Crash Team Racing, lol). It released with 32 racing tracks and like 8 battle mode tracks, then they added a few more (like 6) racing tracks at some point, which I guess were free because I had them. That's a lot of content for a racing game. I didn't try the online because I don't have PS Plus, although I will guess that it's probably not as fun as Mario Kart for the casual player. With so many advanced techniques the good players can easily completely dominate a casual one. Not like winning in Mario Kart is harder, but the skill gap is still shorter. Even with the money-grubby parts Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is still a package worth the price. Thoughts on the Platinum Another one of those you hear horror stories about. Thankfully for me I have quite a bit of experience on this kind of thing, so I didn't struggle at any point. I think the thing that took the longest to beat was the final boss of adventure mode on Hard, that probably took a good 10 minutes worth of attempts. Now that I think about it... I think what took me the longest was winning the battle mode that you earn points by hitting enemies with items. I set it to easy against 7 AIs and I kept losing by a few points, lol. I was terrible with the items. For the other battle modes I reduced the amount of AIs. What people usually cite as the hardest part is the Time Trials. Having to play each track once to unlock N.Tropy's ghost and having to beat it to unlock N.Oxide's ghost may sound like a chore, however, it is not. The first one can be used as a reconnaissance run to refresh the track. Then the N.Tropy one can be used as the warm-up. What does suck is that if you have a better time already by the time you unlock Oxide's ghost, you still have to race him. I did have him beat beforehand for like 75% of tracks, so it did feel like a waste of time. In terms of time spent in each track it went as low as the track length, since I beat a lot of them first try, and up to about 6 minutes. Also for some (like Hot Air Skyway and Thunder Struck) I did restart even though I was gonna beat it because I didn't like how it looked, lol. I have to note that I did spend about 10 minutes of the no ghost trial in Sewer Speedway developing a strategy to guarantee the shortcut. After N.Oxide another time trial ghost is unlocked. The times for that one are ridiculous! It isn't unbeatable, sure, but you would need to drive perfectly, utilizing all of the advanced techniques to have any chance at all. If the Platinum required beating those I would give it a difficulty of 15/10. Suffices to say that I wouldn't have even tried it. I completed all the trials on the same sitting (although I did take a break to eat something and take a shower) and I recorded each race against N.Oxide individually, from about halfway through the loading screen until I selected "Change Level" after the successful attempt, although I did take away 15 seconds from the time spent to somewhat account for that. Here's the detailed list, along with what driving style I used (the timestamps are for the video at the end and can also be found on the video description if checked straight on Youtube): I'm not gonna say it's easy, because it isn't, I did have to play for real for at least half of those. I think one big mistake people make when they start playing this game is going through Adventure Mode on Easy. I did it on Medium because I didn't want to have to relearn the game straight on Hard, but I did finish the few miscellaneous trophies I had left on Easy. On Easy the AI doens't even try, at all... They go soooooo slow it's insulting. By getting used to that people probably get complacent and don't practice their drift skills while going through the Adventure Mode, so then they get hit by a bucket of cold water right away when they try their first Time Trial. One of the advanced techniques that was super useful to keep boosts going was U-Turn (Ultra Turn). This technique requires pressing diagonal back to the left or right along with the brake to do sharp turns without losing speed. Since I was playing with the stick I couldn't do this reliably. To solve that I used the console's Accessibility options to change L2 do Down on the D-Pad. With that I could simulate I was pressing down and then simply turn with the stick. That helped a lot to easily pull this technique off. Another bit of advice I would share is to not be afraid of jump turning. Even without any advanced technique inputs, plain ass jump turning can help a lot with not hitting walls, which is imperative since touching anything takes away all speed and all the boost reserves built from drift boosting. If I was asked which are the hardest tracks, I'd say: 1) Dragon Mines: The time is fairly strict and the spiral turn can be a bitch without boost built and U-turning. 2) Crash Cove: The time is pretty strict, so keeping the boost from the boost pads at the end of the lap and drifting close to walls is important. 3) Deep Sea Driving: The saws at the end ruin the track. It's not that hard because the time is pretty lenient. I think you can hit the saws every lap and still make it. I still found it super annoying. Without much else to say, here is the compilation of my wins against N.Oxides times for all the Platinum-required tracks: Popping the Platinum by completing the Time Trials. Please excuse the manly choice of character and kart color . A few recommendations to watch: Hot Air Skyway, N.Gin Labs, Cortex Castle, Electron Avenue and Tiny Temple (timestamps in the spoiler tag above).
  13. I see what the problem could have been now. You see, game stores over here didn't carry a single legit game. The console may not have officially released either. I remember seeing ads on TV about Zelda Wind Waker and Mario Sunshine, but nothing PlayStation related. The bigger toy stores that usually had all the legit toys always had Gamecube kiosks with the demo discs and they sold GC games as well. When it came to PS they had the console and like 3 games, lol. They knew they weren't gonna sell shit. I don't think they even sold many consoles because theirs were not pirated, so people didn't want them. Renting games wasn't a thing anymore starting that gen due to piracy as well. Gamecube games weren't pirated but so few people had that console that it wasn't worth the investment.
  14. Oh I was pretty much into PlayStation. Just like what happened with PS1, PS2 was heavily pirated over here. I had a Gamecube first, but since games were expensive I only had a few of them. A pirated PS2 game went for about $3. I just don't seem to remember ever seeing them along stacks of other games. The same goes for Sly Cooper and Jax & Daxter. Maybe the stores around my area didn't care about having those because they were seen as "kiddy" when the console was seen as the one for the "cool kids". You could always find PES, God of War, Dragon Ball, Naruto and boring games with guns, but for the more niche stuff it was tougher. I remember I had to ask in the same store several times for Tales of the Abyss until they finally decided to have it 😑
  15. Ratchet & Clank Game Difficulty: 3/10 (on Normal) Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 Time to Platinum: 25 hours Thoughts on the game With the announcement of the PS5 game I got curious about this series. I don't think I ever heard of it back in the PS2 days. I think it wasn't until the PS3 game or collection happened that I knew of their existence. I'm definitely not that much into shooting things. I've been trying a few FPSs lately and I can't say I feel much for them. My only experience with 3rd person shooters was with Gears of War 3 (a friend had a 360. I played Horde mode with him once). Since Ratchet & Clank looked a bit more into the mascot platformer with silly weapons I wanted to give it a shot (on top of finding a new physical copy for $7). Thanks to the cartoony characters and dumb humor I did enjoy it much more than other games about shooting stuff. The style of humor is much like Pixar movies. It wasn't as charming as Spyro the Dragon on the remake, but it did the job. The story also felt very much like something I could have seen in a Pixar movie. Ratchet wanted to be a ranger because he has heart, but he wasn't accepted because he lacked the... everything else, or so did Captain Quark say. Exploring each stage reminded me of Spyro, too. It's a small area with a main story path and a few side areas to explore. Going for the side objectives was actually required at times because it yielded new equipment needed to advance in later areas. I had heard that the weapons were inventive but most of them felt fairly standard to me. The only ones that I would say are wacky and interesting are the Sheepinator (transform enemies into inoffensive sheep. Later when upgraded it can transform them into goats that fart transforming power into other enemies to transform them as well) and the Groovitron (makes enemies dance, which doesn't let them attack and makes them take increased damage). The others can be easily described, such as: "a pistol", "a rocket launcher", "a grenade", etc. That's how you can easily tell which ones are creative and which ones are standard. The game is called Ratchet & Clank, however poor Clank kinda goes underutilized. He has a few areas that only he can access, which are puzzle oriented, but these are very few and far between. One way to give him more presence would have been to make him comment more often on whatever Ratchet is doing, especially if some snarky or smartass comments are the choice. Kinda like how Kazooie is always shitting on Banjo in Banjo-Kazooie. I wouldn't put this game on any top list of mine but I enjoyed what I played. I may or may not pick the PS5 game on release. That will depend on what else is up for grabs at the time (looking at you Spider-Man). Regardless, I will be checking the new one out at some point (probably when I can find it for a good price =P). Thoughts on the Platinum I checked the guide before starting, so I knew what difficulty was given to it. I still was surprised on how easy the "Challenge Mode" was. I guess that with a name like that instead of simply "New Game +" I expected a bit more. I actually had an even easier time during Challenge Mode. Still, not everything is fun and games for everyone here. I've read the thread about the Groovitron related trophy, and not everyone had it as straight. The trophy in question requires making every enemy dance with the Groovitron. There is no way to track this so the easiest way is do it with every single enemy during the 2nd run (you don't get the game until after a few stages, at which point some enemies had already been lost). I immediately started using it when I got it because it's OP af, and then I got the trophy during the Challenge run on the... ahmmm... 4th or 5th stage when I used it on some fish. I was a bit nervous about that trophy so after it popped I steamrolled over everything else in my way. Grinding bolts for weapon upgrades was not necessary thanks to completely annihilating everything. In Challenge Mode you can get a multiplier for killing enemies without getting hit, with the maximum being 20x. I could get there and maintain it for a good while, on top of also having it at around 11 to 15x other times. By the time I got to the final boss I was 1m over the required amount to buy everything. I did have to rethread the final area one more time for enough Raritarium to unlock every weapon perk, though. The one thing that I had to grind for was character and weapon levels. Weapons are really easy because smacking the final boss increases their experience super fast. For the character levels I sat on a high ledge in Rilgar where some amoeba-like enemies infinitely spawn. Since I already had all weapons maxed out I activated the unlimited ammo cheat along the faster game speed (which I wish I discovered sooner. Faster speed makes it more fun). You can't collect what the enemies drop so every 5 minutes or so I had to Quit and reload because the performance starts to tank, making it a slower grind.
  16. I would never dare to play this on console. I played it on PC for about 2 years. It has some of the best action combat of any MMORPG. I played as a Sword Master and I also delved quite a bit into Force Masters (best mage-type combat of any game I played, not just MMOs). It is a very nice waifu maker as well. It gets extremelly grindy when you get to end-game, that what made me stop playing. The reason I wouldn't dare playing this on console is because moving and aiming with a stick would feel miserable. Plenty of times you have to turn 180° to use a backdash that has iframes by pressing back twice. Enemies get behind you and there is a lot of reaction based mechanics. IIRC all skills are targetted but a lot of them can't be used unless your pointer is on the target. The gameplay focused on iframes and how to access said iframes is the main problem I see. Knowing how long it took this company to localize the game, I wouldn't think they would ever be interested in a console port. Their business is usually make new f2p games, squeeze them dry, and then move to the next thing.
  17. I wish I could have played the shit out of OoT but N64 games were too expensive so I could only rent it. The PS1 was so heavily pirated that everyone had it because games cost like $1. Due to this I ended up playing way more games on PS1. I think I only had like 6 games for N64, the rest were all rentals. Later, as an adult with a job, I bought all the N64 games I loved from my childhood (Paper Mario, OoT, MM, Smash, Kirby 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, and a few others). I was the only kid with an N64, too. I'm gonna guess we are both in our 30s =p
  18. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Game Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 Time to Platinum: 39 hours Thoughts on the game I was supposed to play this remaster way back when it came out. I was recording it with live commentary and stuff but I didn't feel like keeping that going, so I waited. I also wanted it to be a milestone but the 75th Plat was so far off at the time. Without noticing I got to 74 plats so I had to do it. Final Fantasy VIII is a game a hold very close to my heart. It was the game that got me into RPGs. The game that showed me that there is more to games than just jumping on shit or killing stuff. One would think that that game would be Final Fantasy VII, however for some reason I missed that one back then. I remember walking into a game store and buying this only because it came in 4 fucking CDs (which was something new to me) and because the dude looked cool af (I'm of course talking about Squall). As anyone who has played FF8 can tell: my username comes from this game. While Squall's last name is actually Leonhart, his best sword is called Lionheart, and his strongest attack is called Lion Heart. I'm also a Leo who loved Saint Seiya when he was a kid, and from there comes Aioria who was also cool af. All of this stuff made me gravitate toward lions. I haven't played this since around the time I created my Youtube account, which was... lemme see... May 9, 2006. My first video uploaded was "8-Hit Renzokuken to Lionheart" (yes, Lion Heart is not spelled right) on September 21, 2006. I remember I was playing it on an emulator that could run games off of CDs. It's been 14 years, and holy shit did I not remember A LOT of things. The first time I played it I was like 11, the second time I was 17. I loved it since the first time I played but I certainly didn't know that much english, so the story flew over my head. I thought I read all of it when I played it at the age of 17 but I guess I didn't. This time though I got fully invested in it and I will hopefully not forget so much again (I should probably play it more often, too). I can now see why people think this game is not that good. The story can be kind of a mess at times, as well as kinda dumb. I will not hold back on SPOILERS, btw. To begin with, all the time compression shit explains something and nothing at the same time. All that made up stuff that conveniently works as some guy theorized is a bit much. On top of that all the party members (except Rinoa) happened to grow up in the same orphanage? like what are the chances of 5 people all being raised in the same orphanage only to then get separated and end up finding each other to fight for the same cause? The whole thing of Squall not wanting to be close to people just because when he was a kid he got separated from the person he loved the most and suffering from it is also kind of dumb. It's fine logic for a young kid, but not for an adult. His coldness does get into dumb territory at points, too. Like when Rinoa ends up in a coma and he is desperately doing everything possible to get to be with her again because he realized he loved her, but then when she is finally on her feet again and asks him for a nice and cozy hug he acts all cold. Then she wants to sit on his lap to be close to him but he keeps trying to get her to sit on her seat. I know he is supposed to be this guy that can't read the situation when it comes to human interaction but holy hell, man, he got on my nerves a few times, lol. Rinoa is pretty much the reason why I have a preference for women with long black hair. Funny enough when I was 15 I had a girlfriend that wore something similar to Rinoa's blue... coat (is that called a coat?) to our first date, however this girl's coat was yellow. Now that I got to understand more of the game I liked her even more. She is playful and naive at time, but she is always doing her best to accomplish her goals. I also learned she had something going on with Seifer a year prior to the events of the game o.o Since I played this before, I wanted to try something different this time around: a "Low Level Game". It's basically not leveling up throughout the whole game. To anyone that doesn't know how this game works this could sound like a difficult task when it's quiety the opposite. Enemies level up as the party does, but they scale waaaay harder. The difference in stats has to be made through the junction system. When you don't level up, the enemies stay weak, yet you can still attain max stats through different means. Here's how my Level 7 Squall looked: I didn't even have to go that hard on min-maxing. I was gonna only do it for Str, but then the RPG perfectionist in me kicked in and I ended up going around the world getting most of the best spells for each stat. I have to say that battles do get ridiculously easy and pointless. It was still fun to see enemies go boom, especially the superbosses. Talking of superbosses, here is my epicly long and arduous battle against the strongest superboss, Omega Weapon: I didn't intend on it going like this, tbh. That was the first time I ever attempted this boss because I never found him back in the day. Technically I only finished the game once before because I would normally get all the way to the end of the third disc and never go to the final dungeon. That's something I always do with Paper Mario as well. Most of what I wrote is more like personal experiences than thoughts... but to go a bit more into what the game offers: I know that a lot of people hate this one for a few reasons. One is because it is not Final Fantasy VII, that was a tough act to follow; the other is the junction system, which incentivizes not using strong spells to instead junction them to stats. Spells are also not even as good as physical attacks. Squall with 220 Str was doing the same damage with a regular attack as Rinoa with 230 Mag was doing while casting an Ultima... I still built Rinoa for Mag yet I never utilized the idea I had of using the Triple buff (casting 3 spells in one turn) along the ability that only uses 1 stock of the spell while using Triple. Not like anything matters much when you have an optimized Squall in a low level game. One of the things that is universally praised, though, is the music. The tracks may be MIDI, but all of them are bangers. Force Your Way, the boss battle theme is my personal favorite, although the final boss themes (yeah, all of them) are amazing as well. The thing with those is that you only get to hear them that one time, though. Back then with a 14" TV the game looked amazing. The pre-rendered backgrounds along with the big character models made it look way better than anything else at the time. Now with higher resolutions the backgrounds look like crap. Since the source code for this game was lost there isn't much that can be done without fully remaking everything, something that we all know will never happen. Another loved aspect is the best mini-game in an RPG, Triple Triad. It's a fairly simple card game, but the fun of it is going around the world collecting all the cards. When more rules are added it does turn into something more similar to chess. The way to win is baiting and outplaying your opponent. I had never completed that before, so I took the time to do it this time, even though it is not required for a trophy. Here's proof =): Along with getting all the cards I learned about RNG manipulation. Different regions of the world utilize different sets of rules. Most of them are fine expect for "Random". This rules makes it so the cards picked for playing are random. This means playing with shitty cards, which of course makes winning a lot harder. With RNG manipulation people found ways to ensure that Random is abolished when a region is mixing rules with another region. It's kind of a long and boring story, so I won't go into details. Just know that I had fun learning to do it. Overall I ended up learning lots of new things, especially things that allow to completely break the game. Even if the story is not the best the game offers a lot of freedom for those who like getting into the nerdy parts of RPGs. Suffices to say that I always recommend this one . Thoughts on the Platinum This list was dialed down from the original Steam achievements soooooooo hard. It used to ask pretty much 100% of everything. Now it asks for the bare minimum + 2 end game sidequests. For me the worst part was getting the 1000 enemy kills. Since I was doing it without leveling up I was avoiding every non-required battle. By the time I only had the final dungeon left I was way off that 1000 number. Thankfully the game does count Carding enemies (using an ability that transforms enemies into cards, which makes it so regular enemies don't give Exp but still give AP for summons to learn abilities) as kills. I noticed this because when I checked everyone's kills I saw that Rinoa had over 200 (she was the one who Carded enemies). I also had 250 kills with Seifer from the first mission (another strategy in low level playthroughs). The Platinum time could have been way shorter if I didn't spend time min-maxing Squall and getting the best weapons for my 3 main characters. I'd say 30 hours should be more accurate. 25 if using God Mode the whole time. As I mentioned before, I wanted this one as a milestone because the name of the plat is "Lionheart" =). Since lately I've been placing images and videos along the previous sections I see no point having a section for media. So I will simply start placing the platinum pop videos at the end of the Platinum thoughts section. The whole final stretch of the game, including all cutscenes and battles. All of this went horribly from what I had planned. First I got super bad luck with the random initial party, so I killed the useless people. Then I didn't remember the battles all happen without interruption, otherwise I would have casted a Triple right off the bat on Rinoa. Then I didn't even know what Curse did (it makes it so you can't use Limit Breaks, apparently), so I waste time trying to get a Limit Break when it's not possible. Then I forgot to use Aura on Squall before making everyone invincible (with an Aura it's easier to get a finisher). And finally, at the very end I didn't know that when the boss starts talking it means she has no more HP, I read about that after doing the fight. If I knew I wouldn't have showered her with Renzokukens, lol.
  19. Definitely not picking this up on release because it looks unfinished from what I could see from previews that came out yesterday. These games also go into deep discount territory in like 6 months, so no reason to rush. By that time there will also be efficient methos for affinity grinding, which I hope isn't as boring as Hollow Realization.
  20. From my personal experience I gave the game a 3/10 in terms of difficulty. If you can beat it then the rest for the plat I gave it a 2/10. I wrote about it in my backlog thread. The DLC is included.
  21. Just one level. However a few levels may require not being seen through certain sections for one of the 3 in-level challenges. Is not as bad as it sounds because if you are seen you can pause and restore to checkpoint, which undoes the moment you were seen. Definitely go for this plat. It's really fun. It takes like 10 hours.
  22. No, no need for Reprieve or Revival Earrings. All you need is one character with Barrier materia. When Bahamut counts down to 1 cast Manaward on everyone and the damage drops to 5000. Cast a magnified Curaga right after and everything is fine again. I had 2 characters with Barrier just to be safe and get to cast all the Manawards in time. There was no need since there is plenty of time. You could also start casting them at 2 since a single target spell lasts pretty long.
  23. I swear I made a report that looked pretty much like that, lol. So, since it wasn't the same person I checked the list. Tbh, other than the Collector and Monsters list trophies I don't see anything especially weird. The list I reported had a time of like 25 seconds between those torphies. This guy takes about 1 minute, which isn't unrealistic. The "all titles" trophies can pop close together if the last title is getting to level 100. The guy said he did like 6 playthroughs, which is extremelly innefficient but can make it so people like Regal, Presea and Genis get their last titles along the others. So, in conclusion, the timestamps are technically possible. Sorry for assuming the guy was someone else I reported.
  24. Oh, I remember making that report. It's been a while. I don't remember what we discussed on the previous topic but the timestamps are indeed strange. When you load a completed savefile I'm pretty sure you have to go through each character status page for the system to check for title completion, so you can space them out to make it look legit. About Nova's Caravan, I have never seen it anywhere else than at Triet at the end of game.
  25. I didn't find the bosses overtuned at all, tbh. I barely had any ocassions where anyone's HP dropped to red. The only death was from Cloud one single time against Eligor because I didn't know the gimmick was gonna be that we get Reflect casted on us so that we can't heal with spells. If I knew I would have brought Chakra and Pray. I was actually surprised at how fast the bosses were dropping. If I had to guess I'd say I was killing them about 3 times faster. I was mostly using my generic setup and just changing around what element I had tied to the Elemental materias. I played the game one month later so I had been reading comments like yours in this forum before playing on Hard. I almost didn't do it but I tried out a few chapters to at least see what people were talking about. What in my opinion made it fairly easy was Steadfast Block Materia. I would have stopped if it wasn't for the fact that was much easier than anticipated. It wasn't that much fun without a story to experience along the way, but it was easy enough to be worth finishing the platinum. I also don't like having to replay games on higher difficulties, it feels like such a waste of time.