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  1. A blast from the past. Its been years since ive seen your name and your still active here! how have you been mate

    1. ddracarys


      Double post? This is awkward.

    2. Ac3dUd3-


      no @ddracarys i sent it to 2 different people

    3. ddracarys


      @Ac3dUd3- That's what I mean't. They both appeared in the Status Update preview section under the 'Forums' tab, after each other. Just giving you a heads up, not a big deal. Maybe a private message is a better form of communication next time though.

  2. It's probably easier for some to do it solo using this method, I used it to get the last two levels in like 2 hours or so.
  3. Making peace in Father Knows Worst also provides virtue of honor.
  4. Seems like a few of these aren't even related to new content, like Dressed to Kill and I Have A Gwent Problem. Also perhaps that school gear achievement would be tied to the already available ones. Regardless, I'm hyped.
  5. That was a great sig AF, as well as everyone else.
  6. Did you at least tell Thunder to scrap the request before posting this?
  7. I can't wait for Infinite as well. Been waiting for it for like a year now. I have both 1 and 2 and I haven't attempted Survivor on the first yet so I can't really say anything about it, but I do think it is a damn good game. The 2nd one's Survivor is a joke. Its still hard, but its no Cod Veteran.
  8. Ok I see. I earned them during the PSN downtime last year so thats probably it then.
  9. I have a page and a half of trophies (looking at the log) that are dated January 1st, 1970. This also messed up my milestones now as well.
  10. You missed a +1. But it is 21 votes, not 22.
  11. Black Ops Rarity: 13.89%
  12. Its for trophies, average game completed trophy wise.
  13. So, what is your average game completion? If you dont know what im talking about, look at your trophy profile, and it will say there. Mine is 49.51%, I plan on building that soon though
  14. Got mine back around February, either 2008 or 09'
  15. Just got Mass Effect 2, great game.