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  1. Do you mean clunky controls as in using a controller? If so, first off you can use a KBM on PS4. Secondly, FF14 is actually extremely controller friendly. Like it utilizes the controller better than any MMO.
  2. I would consider myself a completionist and I was actually hoping they added trophies for the update. What frustrates people is when a game like killing floor 2 adds a holiday map and adds a lame collectible trophy for it. Game has been out for 4 years now and at this point it’s just milking it out. Now Sekiro for example is actually a game most souls fans really enjoyed playing and wouldn’t mind going back to for some trophies that are a challenge. There’s a big difference between a game that won GOTY and a game most people tried because it was a ps freebie.
  3. Destiny 2 had a similar trophy list. 11 golds, 2 silvers and the plat.
  4. The free play period beings immediately after logging in, so it's not 96 hours of actual in game play time.
  5. You blew up my response in typical fashion. Also, your response contradicts itself. You say "it is your choice and you should just enjoy playing the game itself" Okay... Then you say "do yourself a favor and try to just enjoy the games" I don't lose a blink of sleep over people who play this kind of game. All I stated was my own personal opinion. I wasn't telling people how to find enjoyment through gaming like you were. It's a pay to platinum game. Just like people who don't agree with pay to win games, I don't agree with this type of game. It's flawed and I would love to see how many people would play this game if it didn't have a trophy list.
  6. I don't think its about people being mad at other people for playing a game. It's the fact that My Name is Mayo is worth 1,350 trophy points, and then a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 is also worth 1,350 points. How does that make sense? Games like this should be worth negative trophy points.
  7. The official twitter account of PlayStation Turkey posted an image of 2 games -Killing Floor 2 -Life is Strange Not a for sure, but the tweet was removed already. Just in case anyone was planning on buying one of these titles, maybe wait another week.
  8. Game is broken in many different ways.
  9. Still haven't received a certified item. If anyone would be willing to trade me one, that would be awesome. It's the last trophies I need and will trade it back to you. Thanks
  10. Yeah a tracker won't help you with any of those 3 trophies anyways. I played since launch and was very active till halfway through round 4. Active Duty took me till round 4, and out of the 4 turns per day I easily averaged manually deploying a war asset in 2-3 of those turns. I played dominion the most and that one also took me till round 4. I suggest using one of the starter heros, because they build renown faster by just killing soldiers. Then A Reservist is just glitched, still waiting on that one myself...
  11. Happen to have any certified items left to trade? I have plenty of turbo crates. Also have a rare crate now
  12. Good point, I actually think I may have also gotten that trophy with less than 5000 soldier kills. I didn't keep track though. Just always did the kill X amount of soldier duties and when grinding for lvl 30 in story mode I would take a bunch of soldiers out.
  13. What trophies are you trying to track anyways? Most will just come from playing
  14. I don't believe their is, to my knowledge anyways. Even so, most of the trophies are glitched so you usually have to go past the X amount required for said trophy. Really your best tracker is to just play the game till the trophy pops.
  15. What ever floats your boat I suppose. I just asked a question about a game and people responded. No one stated they were facts nor were they complaining. Just using the purpose of a forum to post info and discuss.