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  1. I am playing on model 2 of the base ps4 (don't know the model number). The game was working mostly fine before today, and I played some today before the update installed. Went to work, came back and after the update installed it has started loading but after a minute or two the system just completely shuts off. This has happened twice in a row. Making this post to mainly see if anyone else is having this issue, but advice on how to fix it or work around this would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE: It worked the third time as I was typing this, but still posting in case someone else is having this problem. Mods, feel free to delete this post if necessary, I don't post a lot so idk.
  2. I just started the game today on PS4, with patch 1.04 I believe. Right after the prologue and starting to play as adult Eivor, I explored a bit, got to my first enemy and after killing them earned 2 trophies: "Calling in a Favor" and "Is There Anybody Out There?". From what I can tell, these are entirely unrelated. I don't have too much of a problem with this, assuming it won't mess with my later game and/or trophy progression, but wanted to put it out there and see if this happened for anyone else.
  3. Thanks for the responses, I guess I'll just try it again. I'll also change the title so it's not misleading.
  4. I have played through the game twice, and used the trophy guides on this website both times. (The first time was the full walkthrough guide, the second time was the trophy guide just for the chest trophy.) I just finished the second playthrough on Nightmare, and still no chest trophy. I thought I missed one the first time, but I am certain I didn't miss one this second run unless the guide on this website is missing something. So, what I'm mostly trying to figure out is 1) if anyone else has encountered this problem, and 2) if there are any tricks I could do to retry and see if that fixes it. I have an extra save from before the final dungeon, but I'm not sure if I will try again unless I am certain that the trophy will pop this time. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Is there anybody currently working on - or who would be interested in working on - a guide for Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition? I platted the game and loved it so much, it is one of my favorite games in a long while. While there are many guides out there from the PS3 version that was only in Japan, I'd like to help make an easily readable guide so that others don't have to do an extra playthrough for missing a single sidequest item like I did. 😅 I might try to do it myself, but I'm still pretty new to making guides so I'd appreciate any help I can get.
  6. I've been playing through right now, on my second playthrough currently. You can carry over the progress on the element hunter title if you pick the option to keep learned skills in the grade shop, forget what exactly it is called but I will post again once I find the exact name. For my first playthrough, I did everything optional but ended up switching it to simple to get through the bonus dungeon and the cameo bosses. I don't recommend this, as I did not realize the things that wouldn't carry over. For example, if you choose the option to carry over your Katz spirits, it doesn't actually carry over the opened chests, just the number you have opened. This means you cannot get to Katz Korner without opening at least 30 Katz chests again.
  7. I just found this event, do you have any idea when you will be doing the next one? I'd like to save some games until then so I can participate in the next one.
  8. Fair enough. Re-evaluating your life is an important thing, especially with something as addictive as gaming. Whatever you decide, I hope it works out for you!
  9. Thanks for linking a guide, I'll definitely check it out once I get back to the game!
  10. Cool! That actually gives me more motivation to finish it soon. Not looking forward to the lvl 99 grind twice, considering the gameplay.
  11. Hey there, I'd like to be moved up to Seeker of Darkness! I had (for Guardian of Light): KH, BBS, DDD. To move up, I have also platinumed KH2 and KH3. Now all I've got left is Re:Com (eventually). Also, just for classification since I only have a PS4: Would I be able to get Keyblade Master rank after Re:Com? Thanks!
  12. Hello! I'd like to sign up for the disciple rank. I have these 4 platinums, all on PS4: Assassins Creed II Assassins Creed Brotherhood Assassins Creed Revelations Assassins Creed Origins (Only the platinum, no DLC)
  13. Just wanted to confirm that I could spam dodge for invincibility as well; since I had tried to help on @pheonix_shade 's other post about this. EDIT: I realized that "spamming" was not a good description, as I wasn't just mashing the button. If you time the press with her dodge animation, you get the invincibility.
  14. I clicked on this hoping I could help - since I just recently got the platinum - but having all abilities and using 4 thunder surge and 4 cure worked for me. It still took a while, but I just had to practice knowing his moves, as well as getting lucky with which ones he used. Anyway, I am mainly replying so that I can try to help if I do find some easier method. I'll post it here if I find one, but this method is the best I could find that worked. TL:DR I'll try to see if I can find something, and post it here if I do. Don't get your hopes up though, seems like most people just use the thunder surge strat (#1) w/ regular cartwheel until it works. The only real tip I could give is to be aggressive with this strategy, as dragging out the fight makes it more likely that he will use one of his BS moves and kill you.
  15. This sounds like a cool challenge, I'm in! My current average completion is 66%, I'll make my goal to be at least 75% since I've been in the 60%'s for a while now.