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  1. My game glitched then. I have that trophy, but no Bowler hat... EDIT: And there it is. Did the golf course again and this time he gave me the hat. First time he only gave me the Robot Parts. Platinum obtained!
  2. @Leo_the_Lion25 How do you find all the pieces of the Formal Wear outfit? Last trophy I have to get. I have the monocle and the bow tie, but can't find any other pieces of the set.
  3. That's really everything? Man, guess the whole coconut is the only one I haven't made. Wish there was more stuff to make.
  4. To eat the maggots, move your head to them. Make a milkshake by shooting the milkshake machine in the right side of the burger joint. Does anyone know if there is a full list/guide of where each of the stars are? I can't find any comprehensive lists anywhere online and am frustrated with a couple I can't find (one in the burger joint, for instance).
  5. This is a great guide that was worked on in collaboration with the development team at Catch & Release to offer a number of gameplay tips on unlocking the secret ending.
  6. To clarify this point as a Senior Editor for a MetaCritic approved site, we can't push our reviews to them. They automatically grab our reviews within hours of publishing without any work done on our end. To be on Meta, we have to be approved by them, and then it's pretty much hands off from there on out. I'm not certain of the full process, but I know that while every Tom, Dick, and Harry can indeed publish reviews anywhere online as they see fit, MetaCritic themselves have certain approval criteria such as site views, as well as issuing "weight" to certain outlets' scores (ie. big names have more weight towards the average and smaller outlets that meet their approval requirements have less impact).
  7. I finally got frustrated and just picked it up from Autoplay and held down forward and X for five minutes or so. Eventually Explorer popped for me. For those looking for This is It, I finally got it. Just collect a few thoughts, go into the Golden Gate, collect tons of thoughts from inside the Golden Gate (as tons will pop up if you have a few already), and then clear your mind. If it doesn't pop, rinse and repeat. I think that the trophy is about the number of total thoughts purged, so the more you can add to your bank before purging, the closer you'll get to whatever number the game has set to pop the trophy.
  8. I'm down to just This Is It for Plat. Apparently it has something to do with clearing your mind to escape the Golden Gate, with hit and miss results. Some people are saying yes, others are saying they've tried 20 times and never gotten it.
  9. I'm just looking for Explorer and This Is It. No idea how I missed Explorer when it seems fairly common, been running Everything for about 15 hours total now, traveling all over, over 1050 Things discovered... still no Explorer Trophy.
  10. Might be easy once the trophies are figured out, but some are bizarrely vague and tough to decipher exactly what you need to do.
  11. Glad to hear the issue wasn't just with me. My saved data corrupted last year and I've never bothered to go back.
  12. This is levels 1, 2, and 4 of the regular game, selling as a separate, pared off VR version of the main game. I don't understand why they didn't just sell the main game and include VR functionality...
  13. I didn't find any repair kits, but I did find two wooden toy weapons. No idea what those are for. Also only found the two broken weapons you mentioned.
  14. Just get The Walking Dead and Life is Strange completed already!
  15. Highly recommend Travelers on Netflix. Show about time travel.