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  1. Almost a 10 year topic. My list would be too big to post. I would have started with Atari 2600.
  2. Damm... Shadow Hearts, would be nice all 3 of them to return.
  3. Love Odin Sphere on PS2 too. DC is very good. I choose Mad World. Red Dead Revolver or Urban Reign ?
  4. I will consider only PS1 games. 1-Gran Turismo 2-Silent Hill 3-Resident Evil 2 4-Roll Away/Kula World 5-Driver
  5. They are counting Remasters as Classic as well, like Bioshock, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted Collection, etc. Yes, it is on available as a Trial in Asia already. You can play by 2 hours, it's the full game with trophies and you can migrate the save if you buy later. Oh yes please, I almost bought the PS1 disc to play on PS3.
  6. Oh sure I wasn't referring to having trophies or not, but the availability of all games shown in PSN Asia at this moment.
  7. I really hope that isn't their excuse cuz is embarrassing at minimum. Love Ape Escape but is trash to play at 50Hz.
  8. Just a reminder for everyone that those Asian lists are for the Deluxe tier, not Premium. Since some regions don't have PsNow(aka streaming service) , it seems the Extra and Deluxe received a compensation. Since I'm from South America I'm very pumped but hold your expectations.
  9. What I saw in other sources, the Bioshock there is Bioshock Collection, the same they game on Plus, with Bioshock 1 & 2. +700 Probably counting PS4 and PS5 separately, I know, BS. Yeah they need to fix this for America's, Ape Escape is running like shit in 50hz, Wild Arms is ok in gameplay but I fear for the music. Tekken 2 on 60hz in other hand runs beautiful.
  10. I believe it will happen eventually fellow Reunion member
  11. Oh yeah, true. I had forgotten those, it's really a pain, takes several attempts, I know there's a good guide only to this mode, with some effort everyone can get it.
  12. You can get it for free of you already bought the game before in PS3 or Vita(maybe)
  13. It was removed from Brazilian store last year by publisher request, you can only find physical copies.
  14. I had a PAL Spyro on my NTSC PSX, it looked like slow motion.