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  1. @Spaz Thank you for your advices. I see what you mean about boosting, but I don't boost anything (ever) as for me it's cheating. Is the "Run Like The Wind" trophy for GTA V in the same state on PS4? That's the one that would concern me as I don't plan to play the PS3 version. I will play the game anyway, but I will not start the Multiplayer if there is a chance to get modded by a random player. I heard it could happen in CoD: World at War and unlock all the trophies by just entering a lobby, which is pretty scary I think. So for GTA IV and maybe Red Dead Redemption (not sure if this one is safe or not) I will probably play the Story without even launching the Multiplayer once. Getting your profile ruined just by entering the wrong lobby would be awful.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure where I should post this as it's a global question regarding multiple games and Multiplayer as a whole. Instead of posting a thread on each of them, I thought it would be better to post here and hopefully have more chances to get answers. My apologies if it's not the best place to put it. So, I'd like to ask you guys about the state of some Multiplayer games and by that I mean actual population playing the game. I don't boost anything (ever) and that's why I'm asking this. First, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 2 & 3 and The Last of Us on PS3. I always prefer playing the original games (first) on their original platform, with some exceptions depending on the state of the games, as they are the true vision of their creators (ports and remasters are often handled by different companies so it's never "the same" anymore no matter what). I'm wondering if those games are possible to complete at all in 2018 and if it would be wiser to just play the Definitive Edition, The Nathan Drake Collection and The Last of Us Remastered directly. I'm pretty sure Tomb Raider's Multiplayer is dead on either platform but I might have a better chance on the most recent one. Even at launch I never saw a lot of players anyway. Then, Battlefield 4 on PS4. For this one, I'd simply like to know the state of the player base and if most of the game modes are still alive. I don't think I could 100% it anymore but I just want to know if I could still have a good experience online as it is the heart of Battlefield. Now, about Rockstar. I heard a lot about modders/cheaters/hackers on GTA. While I think I understood that -like CoD: World at War- GTA IV and V (PS3) are infested, is it the case for GTA V on PS4 too? And what about Red Dead Redemption? I'm not planning to play GTA V PS3 anyways, and I wouldn't mind not having (or even start) Multiplayer trophies for the others on PS3. But, I'd like to know if it would be safe to play and not take risks. The only one I really wish to play and work on in Multiplayer is GTA V on PS4, I suppose it's the only realistically achievable and the most healthy. As a final note, are there known Multiplayer games to avoid altogether? I hope some of you can answer my questions. Take care everyone!
  3. @Snow_Miku_2012 Thank you so much for sharing this, this is awesome!
  4. Well for me it doesn't. I did it 3 times using Genji. Every time it was 1 Teleporter and 2 Shield Generators, so maybe you can only get the trophy by destroying 3 of the same type in a game.