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  1. Probably for the same reason the carreer profile stats for console players are still busted. My guess is they don't care, but worry not, everything related to the Shop and the currency works like a charm. Typical Blizzard.
  2. I'm experiencing the exact same thing, I should be around 40 hours on Forspoken and it has been stuck at 6 hours played on my profile. Honestly my times are way off pretty much all the time, this is really frustrating.
  3. Try to use Filter Search and select Safi'Jiiva when searching for an Online Session, there were still lobbies and plenty of players doing it a few days ago. Same goes for Kulve Taroth.
  4. I was struggling on Ixion and came across this: Not sure if the track you're looking for is in the playlist, but it can give you an idea of how to handle the jumps.
  5. Indeed. I just got used to it as it has almost always been how it worked.
  6. I agree, but to each their own I guess so I'm not judging anyone. I just have this thread open as I'm just waiting for the trophies to get fixed altogether, not necessarily the auto-unlock as I don't want to lose my progress and playing on another Epic account. I never auto-unlock trophies but I guess I'm fine with it for online only/live service/MMOs as those games are meant to last for years and you just continue your progress when a new system comes out. I just want to actually be able to play the PS5 version without the eventuality of screwing my progress/trophies even more by starting it (you never know, and with the issue being 6 months old and going, that's not reassuring). What I don't understand however, is people buying/launching a PS5 game just to auto-unlock everything without even playing the game or the desire to actually play it. That's just dumb to me, but again, to each their own.
  7. That's crazy! Thank you so much for that, it worked!
  8. I see, thank you for the clarification. I didn't know they could do that and just assumed the titles were directly from PSN (I never use TrueTrophies). So did they sort the DLCs themselves as well or was that actually updated on PSN? Edit: Just checked again on the PS app and it's still shows as the old way (2 DLCs lists), so I don't know what's up with this website.
  9. So this confirms that the original game's list will be updated. Following the link brings me to my trophies, showed as the updated list and DLC sorting under the name Overwatch 2. I'm disappointed to be honest. I wish the old list would be discontinued, with the arrival of new lists for PS5 and PS4. Now we'll have to just install both and re-launch the PS4 version to unlock the trophies we get on PS5. I don't like auto-unlock, but I'm fine with it for live service games or MMOs where you just continue your progress on a newer system but .. this is useless for Overwatch. I feel it's pretty dumb to keep going back and forth between versions. This new generation sure is interesting ..
  10. Overwatch gave me a lot and had a big impact on me. It took the world by storm, in a good way and I always see this universe as a celebration of all the world's cultures. For me it has a similar feel to big sports event like the Olympics. A place where we all come together, for peace, positivity and hope. That's something I always cherish. See you on the next journey. 👋
  11. @iGGTheEnd Thank you for this. I just came across this topic and I will buy it right away. To see that even on that type of topic there are still arrogant assholes posting is just crazy to me, it makes me sick. I mean .. Seriously.
  12. Having trouble with the app too, and it seems some websites are down too like Twitch (I'm in France). It could be a similar issue we had a while back where a ton of websites went down as there were issues with a software or a server thing most of the big companies are using.
  13. Oh I most definitely agree, and people should always be careful. Thanks. Although, now I'll just play GTA V directly on PS5 as I never started it haha. Never. I kind of forgot this thread existed and it is 3 years old, so if a mod is around feel free to close it! Thank you.
  14. Good luck on your journey! I'll keep an eye on your progress and reviews. It's always interesting. Take care.