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  1. Oh I most definitely agree, and people should always be careful. Thanks. Although, now I'll just play GTA V directly on PS5 as I never started it haha. Never. I kind of forgot this thread existed and it is 3 years old, so if a mod is around feel free to close it! Thank you.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure where I should post this as it's a global question regarding multiple games and Multiplayer as a whole. Instead of posting a thread on each of them, I thought it would be better to post here and hopefully have more chances to get answers. My apologies if it's not the best place to put it. So, I'd like to ask you guys about the state of some Multiplayer games and by that I mean actual population playing the game. I don't boost anything (ever) and that's why I'm asking this. First, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 2 & 3 and The Last of Us on PS3. I always prefer playing the original games (first) on their original platform, with some exceptions depending on the state of the games, as they are the true vision of their creators (ports and remasters are often handled by different companies so it's never "the same" anymore no matter what). I'm wondering if those games are possible to complete at all in 2018 and if it would be wiser to just play the Definitive Edition, The Nathan Drake Collection and The Last of Us Remastered directly. I'm pretty sure Tomb Raider's Multiplayer is dead on either platform but I might have a better chance on the most recent one. Even at launch I never saw a lot of players anyway. Then, Battlefield 4 on PS4. For this one, I'd simply like to know the state of the player base and if most of the game modes are still alive. I don't think I could 100% it anymore but I just want to know if I could still have a good experience online as it is the heart of Battlefield. Now, about Rockstar. I heard a lot about modders/cheaters/hackers on GTA. While I think I understood that -like CoD: World at War- GTA IV and V (PS3) are infested, is it the case for GTA V on PS4 too? And what about Red Dead Redemption? I'm not planning to play GTA V PS3 anyways, and I wouldn't mind not having (or even start) Multiplayer trophies for the others on PS3. But, I'd like to know if it would be safe to play and not take risks. The only one I really wish to play and work on in Multiplayer is GTA V on PS4, I suppose it's the only realistically achievable and the most healthy. As a final note, are there known Multiplayer games to avoid altogether? I hope some of you can answer my questions. Take care everyone!
  3. Good luck on your journey! I'll keep an eye on your progress and reviews. It's always interesting. Take care.
  4. If you are good enough to be first often, then you will get your wins eventually. Taking advantage of something like this is just plain stupid to me. It is as low as abusing the rating system of the game and deranking to get easier wins in my opinion. Same as any kind of boosting, this isn't what I call rewarding, it's cheating. I say don't give up, you'll get wins and you will be proud.
  5. I have the same issue on PS5 as well, here in France (if that matters).
  6. I recommend using @Vergil's method. It worked really well for me once you get the hang of it. You can see the link to his trophy guide in the description of the video. CPU will start getting more aggressive from stage 10, and luck is a big factor to beat this mode for sure. After some tries, I was able to reach Kain most of the time. I would say, for both Grant and Kain, you basically have to not let them breathe. I found that Grant was often hit by the Super, but also often punishes you when you are crouching for too long. Kain usually read everything I was doing and punished me instantly. Once I had the meter (and enough health) when reaching this stage, and put him on a loop he couldn't do a lot. Sure it was really frustrating having to re-do all 13 stages just to get my butt kicked in a matter of seconds by him, but when you are lucky enough to set up him (and get the items you need), you'll see you can beat him like the other characters. It is frustrating for sure, but you'll see that one 13-14 stages run is pretty quick once you have this method. Don't give up! Good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I've been playing with no issues at all for a few playthroughs then I got hit by this bug and now it seems I can't get rid of it. I tried what you guys said but it's still the same, even better sometimes the AI is still insane on the very first match. I tried restarting the game from the pause menu, closing and relaunching the application, I even forced a save in the difficulty option menu by setting it to 8 then back to 1. I'm getting kind of desperate as when doing my playthroughs today everything was going super smoothly and I just have 2 playthroughs left. I've restarted the application so many times, but as soon as I get to the third match it happens again every single time. Edit: After turning off the console completely (not just putting it in sleep mode), I retried and the bug still happened on the 3rd fight but this time when I restarted the game itself (KOF '98) from the pause menu (so not the application) it fixed it.
  8. @Lance_87 Thanks, at least that's something. That's good to know.
  9. Is it known if the updates are on the disc for the Academy Edition? I see the additional content is on codes, but I wonder about the updates. I want to play this game in the future but this is worrying. I hope we won't have a bad surprise in that game updates will go down with the stores. But seeing that we basically have a bad news every day regarding Sony, I guess this would not surprise me ..
  10. It took me weeks to get back here to post an update but I can confirm the avatars are available in France. I started by sending them an email, then they told me I had to call the support directly, after that they asked me to send screenshots and that they will get back to me. After maybe a week I got an email telling me that the rewards have been added to my account. Too bad the new circle shaped avatars have butchered them .. Don't lose hope everyone!
  11. Oh no no no! I will re-do everything haha. Auto-pop really isn't my thing (not judging of course). ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Thanks for the clarification! I feel better now. ๐Ÿ˜…
  13. Is the upload/download an action you do in the game themselves like in some cross-save/cross-buy games? I hate auto-unlock and I want to play the game and do everything normally but all my saves are always automatically uploaded to PS+, so I don't want to have a bad surprise when (someday ..) launching the game on PS5.
  14. Good news! I always went for them in all Crash games anyway, trophy or not. ๐Ÿ™‚ If the demo is anything to go by, this will be really hard! I feel like they put a lot of effort to build a genuinely complete game with a ton of content, and relics always bring more exploration, experimentation and depth to the games. I really look forward to jump into this new world. ๐Ÿค—
  15. Do you have their email address? I can't find anything on the website in Europe. I tried to request a Live Chat multiple times on the US site following the link SealedCard posted but it ends instantly. This is annoying.
  16. I'm guessing this isn't available in Europe. If nobody in EU got the email straight away it doesn't look good. When I try to contact the support on the US website it always put me with a bot who just give me links to support pages, and in Europe there isn't any Live Chat anywhere and we just have FAQ pages. Great. u_u'
  17. I got the emails for Marvel's Spider-Man and God of War Platinum avatars without any issues (Horizon too, but I don't remember if it was an email) and I get the usual PlayStation Store newsletters and all, so should I wait a bit more before trying to contact the support? I wonder if the emails are sent in waves. If some of you are still receiving the emails without having to contact Sony, please let us know. ๐Ÿ˜•
  18. @Aranea Highwind That's great! Thank you for letting us know. Hopefully this isn't restricted to some regions and buying the game digitally. I will post if I get the email.
  19. I just hope they won't stop the updates altogether. I guess I should have started this game ages ago. It's crazy how it's like it just stops working for no reason. The support site doesn't even let you pick this game to open a ticket so I'm guessing we'll just have to wait and hope the custom levels work again somehow. :/
  20. Have you got any answer from them? I've been trying to play player levels here and there but I always get an error message telling me the level is unavailable or getting stuck with the background screen forever.
  21. Thank you all for your clarifications. I was hoping it was that simple, and thankfully it is! It would have been a nightmare for people playing the Vita as you know .. a handheld and therefore rarely connected to the internet when you go outside. ๐Ÿ˜…
  22. Hello, I think I understand when missing timestamps happen from reading posts on the forums but I would like to have some clarification. I posted on an old topic so I probably won't get an answer there so I will paste it here if that's ok: I am always syncing my trophies and profile every time I turn on and before turning off my consoles. If playing offline, before turning off the console, do we have to check the trophy list to update it, then go online and check them again to sync them properly? I am currently on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 and the game is broken as hell and you can"t even play the levels in singleplayer. You have to join a lobby, or try to create a private lobby but it very rarely works, then after EACH objective you do, when going back to Freeskate, the game ALWAYS want to research a lobby even when you are in a private one. So basically I could complete the first level fine and was surprised to see many other players, but starting level 2, it take so long to get into a game, complete one objective and pretty much requires to restart the game every time because it locks into an infinite loading/search to get back to Freeskate. I would like to just play the game offline and re-connect the PS4 to the internet at the end of every play session to sync the trophies but I never did that and I don't want to get missing timestamps or ruining everything. I hope someone can give me details on how offline trophies work, when just disconnecting the PS4 from the internet for the duration of a play session (so the PS4 and the profile were up to date and been online before) and then connecting it again to sync the trophies. I'm guessing the clock would stay accurate but I would like to be sure before making a mistake.
  23. Sadly having an achievement working on Xbox doesn't prove the trophy works on PlayStation. Antigraviator has some glitched trophies on PS4 but the achievements work fine on Xbox One. I guess this trophy is meant to be tied to the vision of this game, "simply" having fun riding in a more grounded way where doing a few tricks line is already rewarding - but 40 000+ km is still crazy. I don't mind trophies like that but when it is actually realistic. Honestly I have no idea when the actual active community of this game will even unlock it just by playing the game a lot .. so I should see you guys in 8 years I suppose .. if I ever get it. ๐Ÿ˜•
  24. Hello everyone, I started playing this collection recently and although it's probably not the best way to learn (because of how the CPU reacts) I am doing the games in order of release. Street Fighter (1) was horrible and even though I'm not good at any of them I managed to complete the next ones without too much trouble (apart from facing Ryu right before the bosses) considering how cheap the CPU is when reading your inputs. Now, it was already obvious for each game, but when I started II' Turbo it has become a nightmare. The CPU is like on god mode, read the inputs, is super aggressive, get some crazy combos, always have the priority and all .. as early as the second opponent. I even had trouble defeating the first stage. Anyone knows what is up with that? Am I missing something? I would be curious to hear your thoughts.
  25. Looking for SSX and Need For Speed Most Wanted (Vita) players to add and have fun with for the social/online trophies, no boosting!ย 

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      I didn't play SSX a long time, but i think all my ghost runs are gold. My ps3 won't update, so i can't doย online, but if you want to beatย my ghost runs add me.

    2. ShinVeNNoM


      Sounds good, I will add you. :)