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  1. You need 2 controllers, like batman 2, to plat this game?
  2. hi guys! is it still possible to plat this game? and what's up with that trophy that requires 4 controllers?
  3. Any tips for this? In the options of the game where you choose if you want to play only races or also qualifing it says if i choose only races i can choose 1 or 2 races per weekend but i cant find that option
  4. Need someone to help me to get MX1 Elite Trophy plz... only need 33 points in 2 races PS: Done
  5. Does anyone else think this game is "impossible"? I've been trying the challenges(time trial and so) and i can't win a single one... The only time i managed to win was on the quick race mode and still i dropped down to 3th cuz of penalization 😑