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  1. I've been having this problem constantly for the past month now and I honestly don't know what to do at this point. I cleaned the inside of it as well and apparently that did nothing
  2. Its probably because you didn't craft each variant. This video should help explain that
  3. jeez you are such a crybaby. I actualy enjoyed the open world unlike you. Having an open world made Wildlands and this game even better
  4. Jeez my apologies guys, I don't use this website very often. Also forgot to mention PS Plus in the title. It shouldn't be misleading though if people read the description of this post.
  5. If you have playstation plus and don't have this game I highly recommend getting it. Campaign is very good and has the OG feel of old school cods. Don't worry, the game won't expire. Once you download before April 2nd, it will be in your library forever.
  6. Update: Got the trophy yesterday, wasn't that bad of a play-through. The end game boss fight with the Tyrant was definitely a pain in the ass though. Took me a few tries
  7. Too lazy to upload screenshots, here are my results however Leon A - 2:02:51 Claire A - 2:26:25 4th Survivor was around 11 minutes, had some stupid RNG that fucked me up, but I still finished
  8. This is an unrelated question to the topic, but I’ve seen someone on twitch use a infinite minigun and rocket launcher. Do you know the requirements to unlock those?
  9. Anyone know if these can be earned on assisted mode?
  10. Infinity/10
  11. I already posted the whole playthrough of this mode on this thread a few days ago, just saying
  12. Is that fried plaintains at the top?
  13. He had access to the game a week early
  14. @SnowNinjaRaccoon how did you get the game a week before everyone else did?
  15. Just speedrun the game LOL