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  1. Also to make a brew
  2. Theres 42 bosses or so in the game, the part in question is divided into 5 Pantheons Each Pantheon has 9 or somet bosses u must defeat with only 1 rest break. If u fail, u dont go to the break area, but back to boss 1. The Pantheons basically contain variants of the bosses, but the good news is that u can save once a pantheon is done In a nutshell, u must kill 10 bosses at once 5 times, getting increasingly harder U will find as u play, that each boss can be bloody difficult, but it is just practice practice practice When I played on switch, sometimes I would be stuck on ONE boss for hours lol Sounds fun eh
  3. 'Embrace the Bitching' lol 42 at once, thats crazy isnt it I agree with the speedrun, id have took that over this anyday.... Think I may go for it.....gulp
  4. 42 lmfao, didnt realise it was that mucj Its not that simple im afraid ;(, google the Embrace the Void trophy/achievement
  5. U will wish there was instead of these Embrace the Void trophy Its such a good game though and because its only 1 playthrough if done right, the boss rush MAY still be fun
  6. The last DLC which is contained within features a sort of boss rush area Therr are 5 different rushes, each with its own modifiers Some bosses are already difficult in this game. The rush makes them even worse by adding modifierd such as instant kill, base weapon, no charms etc as well as making the bosses stronger. The rest of the game is perhaps a 4/10, that tiny rush area takes it to a 9/10 May be even harder https://www.reddit.com/r/HollowKnight/comments/9bro0h/embrace_the_void_achievement/ He says its the hardest thing he has done in a videogame, dunno what he plays though This trophy will annoy a LOT of people I see a Embrace The Void or Pantheon of the Gods bitching thread in the future Why did he put that trophy in it ;( It may affect 112% completion as well
  7. Im surprised there are not more trophies and surprised no steel soul or speedrun trophies No doubt it will have its own achievements in the game like the other versions The EMBRACE THE VOID trophy is nails btw, like 9/10 or somet they say. The rest of it is pretty straightforward To be honest, I would have rather speedrun and permadeath trophies than doing the trophy above. Ive got it on switch so not sure what to do now with that stupid hardcore 1 hit kill boss rush trophy
  8. I know buddy, im referring to the glitches a lot are seeing, just scrambling possible variables like others
  9. A guy on a Pro had no glitches, any other Pro plays that can share (Pro can handle it better preventing memory leaks)?? The fact it occurs near the end of the game could be more evidence of a memory leak (being near the end or cleaning up may mean you played for a few hours without turning off/on system. or that area may be more power consuming than others) PC players have reported bad memory leaks, It looks like that to me due to how random the bugs are and that everything seems to be getting affected, Honestly, I dont think anyone will work it out for 100%, best to just wait for a patch, they know apparently so its being worked on
  10. Damn, very bad luck my friend, unfortunately nothing u can do but wait for a patch then Have the 3 games been on the same file so NG and 2 x NG+?? If so, maybe once completionist is glitched, u must do it again on a fresh game. Something saves in the background preventing 100% maps synching again....?
  11. I dont think 100% like that afraid bud The artifacts/maps each have different trackers For the completionist, u have to 100% all maps. Dr Croft, u must 100% artifacts and artifacts ARE NOT SHOWN on maps Whereas the Dr Croft tracker somehow carries into NG+ remaining hidden, but the maps get completely reset back to 0% Seems that way anywhere, I'd say u either need to 100% again, or wait for a patch that will hopefully pop the trophy for u
  12. Im currently writing a optimised 100% walkthrough for Shadow of the raider for a gamefaqs bounty. I plan to simplify it into a Trophy Walkthrough for here once done, but also; I dont usually write Trophy Guides as we get enough of those across the net, but if a TG isnt up here by the time I get the walkthrough done, I will create one for here as I feel I can bring a lot of uncommon techniques into the fold. If 1 has already been done by that point, I will just stick to the TW
  13. Thanks for letting us know, glad it worked out So much random stuff glitching, sure looks like a memory leak. Ive been turning game off/on regularly and not had any problems yet.....he says with uncertainty
  14. Hey all, Im currently doing a 100% walkthrough for this on gamefaqs for the bounty. Its mainly tailored around trophies like most my guides, I just have to.provide more for that site to fulfil the.bounty needs I will tailor a version of it.once done and.bring.it over here in a simpler format. But for.now,if anyone wants to.follow a optimised Trophy Walkthrough, you can find it here, it is a work in.progress though and my updates are not fast https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/235013-shadow-of-the-tomb-raider/faqs/76452
  15. The Offical knife states that there are 2 upgardes for the knife It doesnt matter the order you collect them apparently, but the first pick-up gives you the REINFORCED KNIFE and the 2nd will always be the FINELY-CRAFTED KNIFE Now since you already have the upgrade, in theory you cannot collect it again.......?? Do you remember seeing the words FINELY-CRAFTED KNIFE on screen, thats the upgrade tier that pops the trophy and I believe the text does pop up in your view to notify you of the upgrade? Hopefully it works for you in NG+, keep us posted