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  1. I was going to, but u guys have reminded me off the bad stuff j was trying to forget lol Gotta other stuff to focus on anyway
  2. Honestly, I just go Stalwart Shell Quick Slash Mark of Pride Unbreakable/Fragile Strength I played with a lot of builds and found this simple build to be the most effective. Keep switching all the time is a pain and in the end, doesn't help much. This build will let you literally tank 80% of the bosses, it's only the double damage bosses that you must learn, but then you must with any build. After all the build testing I did, I came to the conclusion that only 2 builds you should have to be optimal are; A boss build (build above) A exploration build (consisting off quick movement charms, stalwart shell, and geo charms) Thats it, you can still use spells with this build, they are just not as strong, but you will be hitting harder/faster which makes up for it. Problem with spell builds is that you still need to build soul
  3. Bit l8 to the party, but I go for your build, but add in stalwart shell in place of quick focus. Extends your invincibility time after being hit do is good for defence I can literally almost tank every boss with this bar the strong.bosses
  4. Strongly advised yes, the Pantheons will break you, leave it till last To prep for it, you need to first reach the bosses NKG Pure vessel Absolute radiance Once you have encountered them, they will become unlocked in hall of gods allowing you to practice them The others bosses are doable, but these fellas require you to have the skill to beat them with no damage almost, so expect hours practicing on each To practice, best to go max health bars at first and focus on dodging, learning the attacks. Then when you become competent at dodging them, then add in your attacks. Sounds long winded, but u cant jump in with these guys, u need to learn to walk first Yes, they are that bad but........its still a bloody awesome game and requires your precious attention
  5. Im working on something, but its taking a while, should be up by mid Dec though Im currently working on a item map and enemy map, hence the time. There are no enemy maps on the net and I wanted one for the bestiary trophies
  6. Comes with a Darksiders tea mat, printed toilet roll and of course a iron on clothes badge which no collectors edition is complete without In fact, I think by just adding a free iron on badge qualifies the release version as a 'collectors edition'. But yea, 400, id never pay that, but guess some will
  7. Recently got back into it and am finishing off the optimisation of my platinum route. While doing so I have worked out this new way off farming all this xp at a very early build. Required a Bow class and utilises the pre-daimon bloodless stockade Death grind, but the thing that sets this method apart from the rest is that it can be done with poor equipment, at ANY level and we kill him by making him fall to his death, repeatedly. The other guides do this farm with the best equipment, with pawns and they all have you ACTUALLY drain his health completely. Yes, worked out a way to make him consistently fall to his death. And good thing about bloodless stockade is he respawns upon exit/reentering the room pre-daimon. In the vid, I kill him 10 times in 10minutes approx on hard, and then I switch to normal and show it on there as well More info is in the video description, enjoy; I also created this video guide for the best OVERALL farming spot for xp/dp/g all at once and for any build at any level, enjoy again
  8. Whatever floats ur boat Just saying I very much enjoyed it and I have been through the game about 5 or 6 times and have ALWAYS skipped the dialog Just throwing it out there that it can still be enjoyed, saying it cant be is a matter of opinion, depends entirely on the player. I still have no clue on the story and I still plan on.going back into it soon and doing a few more playthroughs I did quite enjoy optimising the free time stuff though, just ignore any dialog/lore/NPC interaction as much as I could
  9. Only takes up time if you allow it too. For example, watching a cutscene versus skipping can be the difference of 10mins. Plus finding ur way versus following a guide can be the difference of 45mins to 2 minutes per day. You could still enjoy this if you follow a guide for the free time parts. Across about 5 playthrough, Ive literally skipped the story EVERY single time and have also always sped through the free time segments. How much real time the free time parts take up is entirely dependant on the individual, unlike the battle parts. You will be spending time building up your compendium for battle segments any how which you may enjoy. Like I say, ive always skipped the story and ran through free time parts, but I still have fun
  10. Hey buddy! Yep formatting and fixing took some time :( , but you were right, the editor is really good here !!! This will actually be my second guide here, first one was Code Veronica X, though it was simplier than this one.


    Thanks for the offer, i would really use some help, although it takes a lot of time and effort to write these guides xD Not really sure how you manage to do that many and with that amazing quality :o!


    1. optimusmart


      My guides are not that great to begin, the Guide Team do a great job at advising you on what you need to do to improve them.


      Its mainly due to them, im always learning new things. Its all in the Trophy Guide writing instructions, but there is so much info in there that you struggle to remember everything ;)


      Yea, I checked your lists shortly after and noticed your RE guide was on here. I will use if I ever get round to CV, there is just so many games to play with such little time!


      Well just get in touch if u ever want me to have a quick look at something for you. Like I say, im sure you're info is top notch, so you may want someone to have a quick look over the formatting for you. Ive been lucky as my 2 most recent guides went straight through.


      Id like to think im learning, but then sometimes the GT fix small mistakes themselves so im not too sure ;)


      Not sure what you were planning do with RE2 when it comes out and.not.sure exactly what im doing with it myself yet, but if you wer considering it, maybe we could work on a TG and TW back to back and help eachother?

    2. angelbless45


      Yeah!! there is just too many games Ive been leaving to dust because of time :( I feel your pain buddy.

      You too modest heheh..your guides are really, really good! Ive been using them since the RE0 (still waiting for the RE1 lol hahaha) and im going to use the Alien and Witcher 3 now :), The GT here is really good and quick too, my short experience here has been nothing but great. Im still waiting for the other site to send me thery corrections about the guide, but its been over a week and no words from them. Makes  me feel anxious.


      And about the RE2 guide, that would be awesome! I easnt considering making a guide about it cause of the time it took to do this one, but RE2 is one of my favorite games of all time. We should definetly keep in touch to work together when the game is released!! 



  11. I think he means he literally died as the pickup animation was in progress, thus it may have affected how the pickup registered It is severely unlucky if it is the case
  12. You have to exit/re-enter, took me about 5 attempts once, at 90secs a pop but would always happen eventually. Sometimes would happen first time or only after once or twice, but you MUST exit/e-enter. If the fairy has already been determined to sing, I've found it will sing almost everytime you sit down without leaving the room. It also works the otherway, if the fairy isn't singing, she will hardly never sing until you exit. Not sure exactly how it works as it is not a absolute certainty, but I found if the fairy sings, she will always sing when I stand/sit, and also the opposite. But exit/re-entering will change that. It seems when you enter, that locks in the action of whether she will sing or not, I found this 90% of the time as occasionally she would do the opposite.
  13. Look in the trophy walkthrough, there is a artifact collection at the end showing every artifact along with where it can be found. Compare tha list to your ingame list and you should be able to figure out exactly what ur missing, where it can be found and then.go from there
  14. And somebody else will say level 40! Its level 5 to be exact, and the chance of her singing is completely random. Your problem is that you didnt know that If she doesnt sing after 90secs, u exit/re-enter and repeat until she sings. Yes, i've tested this, spent about an hr on it
  15. Ur guess is as good as hours, but staying in permanently would sound too good to be true.... But then they are getting new accounts on the site because of it.... who knows