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  1. Weapons are included, it just depends U need 100% items for that current playthrough, not for the whole game If u didnt save Richard, then for that playthrough, that weapon doesnt actually exist which is why its not needed Say if u did save him, and u left the shotgun on the floor, then it would count Its like on hard, there are less items, but doesnt mean u need those items that only appear on normal. Because on hard, some items wont exist so they are not actually needed For the Trophy, every room needs to be green, thats all iirc
  2. Were u moving sections around a lot? I seem to experience that sometimes when moving sections. I find it annoying when you highlight more than one cell on a table, and it sends u back to the top of the section Its a great editor, one of the best, but its not without some very minor flaws
  3. U can get the base version cant you, and the update normally downloads straight after, u just pause it or stop it I thought I remember u can get base version of latest version no?? Its such an easy game anyway, why are some so worries about 2 playthroughs. U can speedrun the whole game in 30mins
  4. I am Setsuna Trophy Walkthrough is very close to finish Sidetracked for a week creating a TW for another game which was unplanned IaS is all wrote now, just finished creating maps for the dungeons last week. Gotta go through and test the guide now, clearing up any discrepancies, add the maps and some more images then should be done Going to try and get it up before the end of this month Then full steam onto DD
  5. Use my TW on here, I now have 83 extra items added for STORY difficulty players, i.e. Vita IH isnt possible on Vita on Nighmare, there just are not enough items
  6. 20hrs and 35hrs for 100% This is on Story, first ever time playing and just rushed straight for Trophies. Not my only intention, I plan to play a lot lot more, only that first every playthrough is a one time only thing, I wanted to know how fast and how easily one could plat it from the start Basically I plan to do a Trophy Walkthrough for it later in the year amd I wanted to know how everybody would find the game who would use my guide For the type of game, I just cant believe how easy they made it to plat, or even 100% for that matter
  7. Will still pop, I did yesterday. Use home button to pause Yep, dont pick the one up of the boogeyman, and u will have 88 on ur results screen Well thats misinformation for ya im afraid bud Alternatively, I have a TW on the PS4 board here with maps etc as well
  8. Butterflies count towarda IH on PS4, but not on Vita
  9. Oh ok, once the I Am Setsuna TW is up and published, I will get started on the DD:DA TW Sometime while im writing the TW, I will get in touch bud once I feel I have enough info together and we can collaborate if there no TG up before then I will be putting maps/screenshots/videos together to compliment the TW, which some may be helpful to the TG, so I cant really collaborate until I have all that done Dont think the TW will take me that long though so hopefully not too far off. I think the I Am Setsuna one will take longer Am really looking forward to getting back onto DD and writing it though. I briefly jumped back in a few days ago to experiment with that tradeban after a discussion on gamefaqs and it reminded me how fun the game is I will keep in touch, and thanks for the invite
  10. Trophy Walkthrough AKA Gameplay guide But, once it is done, although not initially my plan, I could contribute to a TG I guess. I mean, I've got all the methods down and everything Would you not mind though with some of my methods being different to your PS3 methods. With all the extra DLC stuff, makes getting the Platinum easier I am utilising different methods for almost every Tropjy not Story related
  11. If anybody could manage to create a guide on mobile that meets site requirements (bar the not on mobile rule), they would deserve a cash reward ;n)
  12. Its a Trophy Walkthrough bud, will get user Platinum in 15-20hrs They're just screenshots taken using my mobile. Its not even possible is it to write properly on mobile, the functions dont work properly
  13. Ive currently gone off intended plan slightly, and started making a I AM SETSUNA trophy walkthrough. Shouldnt take long, this is how its coming along so far; I still have some edited to do in these parts, so not the exact way it will all appear, but gives an idea Once this is done, ahould be done in a month I hope, I will then move onto Dragons Dogma DA as planned and give that Trophy walkthrough the same treatment The Editor is treating these guides well
  14. I remember finding this much easier by always having target lock on the boss I did this back at release with poison rain. Targeting each crystal would mess up the camera and sometimes you cant see the boss You keep boss always locked and u will always be fixed on him then, much easier to do as well because u will dodge directly sideways from him. To hit the crystals during it, u just stand behind them with the boss locked on ahead, u will hit crystals instead because they are in your line of fire
  15. No probs, just remember, it wont work for every portal, but will for about 90% of them The game saves during certain time intervals, but, select actions will save as soon as u do it, for example; Portals and Quest completion Luckily, quitting game avoids saving, but not certain actions. That 200 quest tip is very very helpful, currently the best tips on the net willget u that Trophy in about 8hrs and thats on coop. This tip gets u it in 1ht solo All u need to do, get easter event, create a golden egg, but DO NOT take from bench. Now save game, load back up, take egg, close game. Load game back, grab egg, close game, repeat, that easy Just providing bit more info as it wont hurt to have a bit more, happy to help I was a bit hesitant aboit mentioning that quests exploit as well in case developers get wind and patch. Hopefully now its been that long that developers wont pay much interest