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  1. So I begun sort off testing out how fast I can get Platinum today, I got the 3 x objective pet within 6 rolls of 5 carriers, so 30 carriers I had to open before it popped Anyway, actually trying to play the game finally, its quite boring, as its still so grindy even with timeskipping. Just dont think I can be bothered with it now, especially when I have more interesting to play. I had to turn off after 2 quests, just couldnt do I anymore
  2. I know right ;), think about I feel, like a right dumbass I spent hours messing abt, sometimes the results were odd. It never clicked that it was because sometimes I would open 1 or 2 lunchboxes before or after, yet the reason was there right in my face Guess the Missus is right when she calls me stupid
  3. True with the 2 x pet, I didnt metion that one as the 3 x pet is 1 x better so that the one we want The thing is with the waiting reroll, is that to fully from the pet, u need it right at the start, starting the game, then not doing nothing for hours waiting or rerolls will get frustrating. Only for those that want to maximise the pets efficiency of course The difference between having it to start and getting it later, can be the difference of 10s of hours. Again, only of importance for those wanting to maximise efficiency, but it was the waiting that was annoying me because its not a efficient way to get the pet But now we now we can reroll it with lunchboxes, those who want to, can get it really early now with little money spent Rather than open, wait 35mins, open, wait 35 mins, open, wait 35mins etc We can now, open 1 lunchbox, open pet, open 2 lunchboxes, open pet, open 3 lunchboxes, open pet etc Much better now the waiting can be avoided
  4. Been having another dabble with this today, started confusing me like always like a few of the mechanics in the is game, but one thing lead to another. I got a idea that something else may by contributing to the variables, went with it and seems there is another variable, one thats much easier to manipulate. (BTW, I keep dabbling with the pets because there is one that provides a 3 x OBJECTIVE COMPLETION bonus, meaning most trophy requirements are fulfilled 3 x as quick. Examples are 100 objectives, 100 quest, 50 raider attacks) So, before, with previous dabbling, I thought there was only one way; Every 30 mins approx off REALTIME (timeskipping won't work), the contents of a carrier and lunchbox would reroll. The above meant you could sort of reroll the contents, but it was very time consuming. Now sometimes, after doing the above, I would get unusual results that didn't add up, I was just marking it as , I obviously really can't get the hang of this. Anyway, dumb for not noticing much earlier, but; EVERYTIME you open a lunchbox or carrier (and maybe mr handy), the contents reroll What this means, is that if I make a save backup where I had 1 lunchbox and 5 pets, made a backup and kept opening in the exact same order; I would keep getting the exact same contents, assuming the 30mins reroll time hadnt been passed. Now if I changed that order to opening 2 lunchboxes before the pets, then the pets would all be different So, if you want to acquire 1 of the 3 x OBJECTIVE COMPLETION pet as soon as you start. Download the free PS PLUS starter pack (onetime use only), as it gives 5 lucnhboxes, a pet and mr handy, redeem them but dont open, and then make a backup save. Then open 1 lucnhbox, then the pet, not what you want, restore the save and then open 2 lunchboxes and then the pet etc It could take a while with 1 pet as the 3 x OBJECTIVE pet has something like a 5% rate off finding, but you are welcome to buy more pets and timeskip for lucnhboxes to find it quicker. Personally, if you want a 3 x as fast plat, as soon as you start the game, I'd download the 5 x pet carriers at 3.99 and savescum those till u get the required pet. Then you could open 1 lunchbox, then all 5 pets, restore save, open 2 lunchboxes then all pets etc Hope this helps EDIT; Just remember all, if anyone wants to save time, but isnt particulary fond off the repitition off savescumming; savescumming the 3 x Pet will not take long, obviously depends on how many pets you are doing ti with at once. At one pet, it would probably take an hr, 5 pets probably about 15mins, but this pet will save you 20hrs+ if you have it from the very start, just something to bear in mind when considering this
  5. You need 35 more right, if you start a new vault, it will take a few hours AFK to catch up to that and you will lose all weapons and levels etc I'd advise, backing up your save, this why when you're done you can restore it and your vault will be back in that state, even the time will be. Now remove all your Dwellers bar 14 and keep your Mr Handys. Smash all your rooms, except any single unupgraded quarters/diner/water/power which i doubt you have anyway. then make two floors with everything on to carry the vault, but only single rooms ununpgraded. You will find you may have to add some quarters before you remove your current ones though For 14 dwellers, you will need about 2 of each resource (single unupgraded), put your best dwellers in each, Mr Handy on each floor, equip them with best weapons, and you are good to go AFK. You will need to alternate rooms so they don't merge obviously (ITS VERY IMPORTANT you have single unupgraded rooms. Otherwise incidents will be last longer and be stronger so Mr Handys/dwellers may die or die quicker and you can only revive them yourself) You are much better downgrading it all than starting again, think its the best way for all to be honest. We just crack on through the game, then last of all, you donwgrade and AFK for this trophy At 35 Attacks left, think you are looking at about 10hrs AFK, get ready for when you go sleep or something
  6. Molerats start at 32, did you experience a Molerat yourself happening at 30 or have you just read it somewhere??? If you look across the net, Raider Attacks are apparently suppose to begin at 16, but it is actually 14, that is the accuracy we are dealing with surrounding this. For the record, the reason I am standing by 32, is because I have left the game on at 30 for about 4 hours, and the same at 31, MOLERATS NEVER OCURRED. As soon as I increase to 32, Molerats popped up within 2 incidents. All I have read somewhere is that they MAY appear earlier from a failed rush, thats all I made this thread to eliminate misinformation, but it is still popping up, even in this very thread. Unless of course I have been severely unlucky and your testing data says otherwise?? Its not too much, but then Raider attacks may not be as frequent due to a few more incident entering the incident pool. Decrease to 31 or lower, but for the easiest time, decrease to 14 as the resources to manage will be much lower, for food/water anyway. I cant comment on power because I dont know what rooms you have or plan on leaving
  7. Does not carry across vaults. You will be best backing up your save, then evicting loads until you have 14-31 dwellers. Easier at 14 because obviously less resources will be needed, then just bear in mind info in OP so no mistakes are made.
  8. We mean without closing ur vault, the tracker for the trophy only tracks while the vault is open. Close it and reopen and it resets, obviously a bug Its up to u if u want to timeskip, either let time pass itself, push the time forward urself or buy Colas to put the time forward at a price. Doesnt matter, either way but as u know, the system clock needs to move forward as a lot of mechanics are linked to it so jus leave the vault open, system in rest mode with game suspended when u are away until u have fulfilled the requirements
  9. How long did it take u to get the required cola? To be honest, when I said, I didnt realise it cost 27 colas
  10. It does, the only way to pause the game is to suspend it
  11. Its got lots of benefits my friend, the biggest one is the amount of time it saves Fair enough if u dont think it has any though, u dont have to use it
  12. Shouldnt be too much of a problem, will take an hour tops starting from fresh Follow the 'Unlock every room in 30mins' guide on here. Then craft a weapon/outfit from lunchbox junk, and craft a theme using cola Should work, I havent got past messing about with Incidents , pets and timeskipping variables yet, but in theory, the above should work, keep us posted
  13. Ur not stupid m8, its easy to be misled on videogames, especially with this one as the time saving tips are all over the place. And even then sometimes the are not explained right If incidents were occurring when u went AFK, but then stopped, what could have happened, is one of ur resources went red for whatever reason, and then the incidents bugged out. As I mentioned in the OP, incidents stop once a resource hit 0, but they can bug out earlier. And sometimes when the resources climb back up, the incidents will start again, but sometimes they wont. To be safe, u want either a vault with single rooms, not upgraded, or very very strong dwellers. That way ur resources would always be green when AFK And just because the production rate is high above consumption rate, doesnt mean they will rarely go red. U could have a incident that could soon drain ur resources if rooms are big/unpgraded and dwellers weak Incidents will always work to begin after reloading ur vault, no matter ur time or date, changing time during is what can bug them. Glad u got it finally, but it can be a bloody grindy game cant it. When I look a it, I just cant see any satisfaction in playing other than getting plat. I mean there is no endgame is there EDIT; Seems the mysterious Stranger will glitch also. Resources were 0, brought them back up, nothing happened. Reloaded vault, stranger appears within a minute, incident 5mins later As stranger is more frequent (and seem to begin appearing when u have 8 or more rooms or so, if he hasnt appeared for a while, prob safe to say incidents have glitched as well and a reload is needed. The mysterious stranger occurs more frequent (similar to the incident rate on survival) because I assume he has no cooldown stage, because he isnt a danger
  14. Some good tips bud, I will try to elaborate on them a bit I did mention the pet, but I didnt mention the savescumming u mentioned (that I posted in another thread a few days ago), because I didnt want to go too much into that, even though it greatly helps. From my experience when testing with the pets, I found there are like 100 or so variants, unlucky players could be savescumming for ages. U were lucky, but really, I would advise to buy the 15 pet pack and savescum with that. And for anyone reading this, lunchboxes/pet carriers content will change over time while in the collection.l list, BUT, it is not calculated of the system clock. The PS4 seems to have another clock behind the scenes, which is what the Trophy times are taken from (expains why trophy times will always be correct no matter what). The lunchbox/pet timer is taken from this, and because we have no access to this, it means we must ALLOW real timetime to pass. Basically, every 30mins or so realtime, PS4 on or not, anything in the collection list, the contents will change. If u want to exploit this, just be sure u ALWAYS backup save again BEFORE just before opening pets/boxes. Restoring a save before whatever realtime had passed, will reset contents back to the state at the time the backup was made So like this if u want to savescum for pets; 1- Get some pet carriers so they are in the collecrion tab but not opened (either from quests or the store) 2. Backup ur save 3. Open, not what u want, restore save again 4. Wait 30mins 5. Backup save 6. Repeat 3-6 until happy Really, if u are bothered about the pet., u want it at the VERY START of the game as it gives 3 x objective completion on everything, not just Raider attacks. It would bring the 100 count down to 33, the 100 objective count down to 33, the Raider count down to 17, the legendary count down to 7, the theme count down etc etc I didnt want to explain everything as then I am making a game guide ;), Ive tried to stick just to incidents Rather than inform everyone how to get a strong vault that can survive u being away which I wasnt looking to do here, I have just used phrases like, 'make sure ur vault is selfsustaining' and that 'the vault can survive u being away' A point on ur resources going red though while away, u will find that if u are on normal, and u only have single rooms, not upgrades, then each incident will have very pow health and safety cleared quite quickly with minimal danger. Dweller health replenishes over time and with 8min intervals between incidents, its only really the Mr handies who would suffer Of course though, the larger your rooms and the more upgraded they are, the stronger and.better equipped ur dwellers need to be I found, when creating a new vault and speeding to 14, making 2 floors off resources, single rooms, Mr handies, weapons from lunchboxes, some good some bad, leaving on would pose little problems For the easiest time AFK, have only single rooms, not upgraded The game may detect u being AFK, but there are no penalties, its a natural thing to do in this game. Maybe u hadnt disabled all power saving options, but NO incidents at all points to a bug When incidents happen rarely or dont happen at all, its because they have bugged. Best to close ur vault and reopen to refresh if before AFK, then wait 15mins to make sure incidents are working correctly If ur resources ever go red, I found that can sometimes bug incidents If in doubt anyone, quit to main menu and reopen to refresh, and make sure incidents are working right before u AFK If anybody wants to do their own testing with incidents, its much easier on Survival as incidents happen much more often And an incident should occur at least every 15 mins on normal, and at least every 5 mins on survive. If they are happening a lot less than this or a lot more, then they have bugged out. When refreshing ur vault, the intervals become more consistent, I found with skipping time and stuff it would mess it all up
  15. I think its the best way, u could spend hours in game changing little things under the belief ur speeding it up, but u just cant. Just bloody RNG misleading u, misled me for ages until I finally caved admitting it cant be controlled here It will prevent the headache bud, just get the vault to a selfsustaining layout, then leave open overnight. Hopefully Trophy will be yes by morning, if not quite on 50, leave little longer