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  1. Ahh, got it. Its a shame these guys dont reveal little tricks they found to get everything quickly, im not bothered, but some would like the tips. I know there is a trick in Bloodborne on day one patch that u can grind to over level 100 before any trophies pop in under an hr
  2. I know that, its not what I mean, for example; is there a levelling exploit that can be used without popping any trophies because that way, the time it takes levelling will not affect the platinum time recorded here as that time will be voided because it was done before you had any trophies. I know its simple if you know what your doing, anything is, I'm saying can the trick I mentioned be applied to shorten the recorded platinum time here???
  3. And the platinum time recorded here doesnt start until you pop your first trophy, so you can delay that first trophy and do your prepping beforehand An example is a trophy for playing a game for 30hrs. Lets say every other trophy can be acquired in and hr, if I boot the game up for the first time and just leave it on for 29hrs. Then proceed to get the other trophies and an hr later the 30hr trophy will pop. It will look like I did the impossible and got a 30hr trophy in an hr, but I actually did do it legit. I did something with Bloodborne once where I glitched to level 100+ before I had even acquired the first trophy using that 1.00 levelling exploit. Not sure what could be done here, guess a friend could gift you all the best gear, all the weapons needed but one so no trophies pop and perhaps level up to a high level near the start using a exploit. So then once the first trophy pops, its all plain sailing I hardly remember this game though so not sure what you can get done before you pop the first trophy
  4. I got the vid up now and made a thread for it, here's a link if anyone was waiting. Hopefully the method now gets around more to save players hours
  5. After years of waiting, I finally put a video together about this relatively unknown method to complete a event every 30-45secs. Takes 10mins or so to set-up, and then the cycles begin, The steps are all in the vid, enjoy
  6. The walkthroughs up, im not making a TG for it, im burned out on this game, but if u ever decide to I can make some maps for u etc if u need them. Thanks dude, it is a huge weight of my mind, the game is awesome, but that last pantheon tests ya patience!
  7. Omg, I did it on my first run after hours practise, thank god luck was on my side. I literally spent like 10 or hours practising AR and even then I could still only beat it 1/3 due to the luck that is involved with that fight. Well got it all recorded, I can finally upload the final part and part this trophy walkthrough to bed. Will finish it off and submit it today or tomorrow. Its such aas relief when u do that last pantheon geez
  8. When I did my testing way way back in 17, I had dabble with coop, both online and local and I found it would indeed affect the trackers. Local for one, some things were not tracked for the guest, dont really remember much else. But there are quite a few ways things could be tracked between hosts/guests and we have no idea how it is synched when u exit, think thats the problem. When I make the vid, I may record it all the way up to 200 quests offline, I will just speed it up 500 or so % to pass the time. Just to show it works for all quests. Thing is, between 50 and 200 quests, there is a lot of time for something to.glitch.
  9. So seems glitchy no matter jow u do it, do u know if coop was used in any way for these players that had it glitch?
  10. I will make a vid on tuesday and will show a trophy popping as well to confirm it works
  11. Just an update as I know im behind: Im been working on it recently, ive got april and may done so getting there, im pleased with how its looking Theres detailed maps for everything, ive even been cutting out the personas to use in a compendium. Update here with how its looking, think some things may be changed still tho
  12. I give it a 10/10 My trophy walkthrough is all done except about adding the last gauntlet info. Ive been trying to do it today, it is hard as nails I have probably attempted this boss 300+ times, im starting to get the odd kill now so im getting there, but its took me literally like 10hrs just practicing one boss Id have given up by now, but ive gotta get it done for this walkthrough
  13. Bit of l8 response, but considering its now free on PSplus, thought maybe now I should have a deeper look into it. This alternative way you have done it, I think that was how I did it all along. So it had never been patched, its just I had forgotten the steps. I looked back to my trophy images, for the events it seems there were all the way back in the middle of 2017, im using that as my excuse for forgetting ;). My trophy images from that date show the 50 event trophy popping as soon as I BEGUN crafting the egg, so that hasnt changed. You just have to begin crafting it to finish the event, not finish crafting it. And my 200 event trophy popped with the eggs and crafting table on the floor, so I was indeed breaking the table to get items back, just as u said here. Not sure how I forgot these VERY important steps, maybe closing the application down stuck in.my head as I used it for a few other mechanics to exploit them. Reference the time, its better to put your clock back for the seasonal events, not forwards. Going fowards messes it all up sort off, just change back a year, do event, forward a year do event, back a year etc etc. So, for new players, if you want to do the 200 events in an hour solo, this is what you do: 1. First complete the game and get the majority of the other trophies. 2. Once ready, put your clock back 2 year to April 2016 (think it must be between March 26th and April 21st or somet). 3. Load up your game and you should now see a Easter Egg event. Go to this level and collect all the eggs and the crafting table requires to craft the golden egg. 4. Once you have everything, begin crafting the egg to complete the event, then break the table before the crafting completes to get the egg and the table back. 5. Now quit back to title screen, and move clock forward a year to easter 2017. 6. Load same character back up, go to easter event level in universe. 7. Now you already have the eggs and table, quickly begin crafting the golden egg to finish the event, then break the table, grab the eggs and table then quit to title screen. 8. Now put your clock back a year to easter 2016. 9. Repeat steps 5-8, its that simple. Takes about 15mins to setup, then it wil be like 30sec cycles or something Will try to get a video up
  14. Ah, I dont know how helpful it all is or not, I plan on getting the game, with RE2 coming up though and 1 or 2 guides ive gotta finish I wanna stay away till afterwards, hopefully pick it up in a sale I gotta buy move controllers yet anyway Will be sure to provide info once I get it. Im REALLY looking forward to playing this, its just going to have to wait
  15. I have no idea, I just mean its not as simple as a direct port so somethings may be harder or easier Defo know nothing on skills, but apparently teleporting can make battles easier as you can teleport out of danger and obviously slow mo.makes things easier Some new skills affect these new mechanics as well, not sure how. Do you know how this new features/skills helps or are you asking because you don't know. Its hard to tell because you believe the trophy to still be a pain in the ass and ur new post seems sarcastic....?? If your question is genuinely then I honeslty cant answer, was just making you aware that there are new mechanics/skills that may help