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  1. Ahh, got ya bud, understandable. I would have probably bought the giude if I was getting it, but I seemed to have changed my mind right at the last minute, not like me as I have done all the other From games. Maybe the info will be here once you get to that point, fingers crossed
  2. Ive not got the game, but I keep seeing all these topics asking about endings, weapons etc Surely someone with a official guide has provided this information by now. Thing with trophy sites, people who come here dont tend to buy guides. May be best enquiring for answers on all this stuff on reddit or gamefaqs, u may have more luck. Although ive not got this, ive bought guides for previous From games, and although they get things wrong (just like unofficial guide writers), official guides are always the best sources of information at release.... Surely someone here has got one.....the official guide will have all this info
  3. Hopefully others waiting can keep busy as well as the guide will save them 20s of hours if they can wait Think I will, will be much quicker for me, may add a few hints here and there though for other difficulties. No!! I know what has been said on this, but please trust me, it is MUCH easier on safety, all will be explained in the guide Will get back to it soon as I can
  4. Its been on pause for a while due to the release of RE2, and ie recently bought GoW. I will be getting back to it soon, sorry its taking longer than I thought but I need to keep the process fun as well. I also have a family and busy work life so I cant put as much time into this as I would like. Its DEFINITELY still coming, just hope those waiting can be patient ;). Im thinking abt just doing it all on safety to speed it all up rather than for every difficulty, would that bother many??
  5. Id like to know exactly what carries over Does collectibles? Does abilities? Do you keep all your equipment?
  6. This question looks very odd at first glance
  7. Just typing this all up now, should be submitted in next few days, hope it helps EDIT 13/3/19 pm Submitted...phew....
  8. Come to think of it buddy, u could do a half Leons 2nd getting only his exclusives, then do a full run of Claires 2nd getting everything else, thats the most optimal way anyway! To be more specific, for Leon, you can just pickup his 9 EXCLUSIVE files that can all be found in the 2nd Run, with last one being by the sewer crank. 1 of them u start with and the 2 Ada ones are missable, the rest can be backtrack to at any point before Labs. 1st Run has 1 EXCLUSIVE to all, but you will have this as it is unmissable. The other 48 can all be gotten with claire on her 2nd run. She has 14 EXCLUSIVES, 1 of those u start with and the rest will b found in the maps. The 1st Sherry file and the file in the first room you enter when you enter the sewers CANNOT be backtracked to so make sure you get these the first time u pass them. In the Labs as Claire, you will find 9 files altogether I think, so make sure you have 39 files before you engage G2. Think I got all the numbers right as this is all from memory, maps are on my laptop and im on my phone currently. Hope that helps
  9. What I'm saying is, go through 2nd Runs collecting EVERY file, quickest way if you are unsure (you cant check my maps yet as guide isnt up) I will be able to provide accurate numbers once get guide up, just gonna take a week or so now to add the text
  10. Do you have inf weapons unlocked?? You're best bet is to quickly go through 2nd Run with both characters and grab EVERY file to be sure. 1st RUN only has 1 exclusive and it is story related anyhow so you will have it. 2nd Runs have everything else! I've just added ALL my maps to the guide and have added all the weapon images etc, just gotta do the typing now and add vids. Did you post here because you wanna view the maps or something?? This is what the final maps look like:
  11. I may think have deleted the old drafts as my imgur is getting cluttered but fear not because I am still working on this and will have a full gameplay guide up with it all in Its just.....taking a while, Im just optimising the final runs now before I begin typing, but optimising runs can take a LONG time Optimising my Frugalist, Minimalist, Small Carbon Footprint all-in-one run for a EASY ROUTE on 2nd run took me almost a day yesterday
  12. Beginners route here for a platinum in under 10 hours, or fastest time for a beginner I guess Parts 1 to 3 are done which is the main meat of it, have yet to finish 4 but it is only no item box/recovery items on assisted and collect Claires 2 x files on 2nd run This is the final batch of vids I am doing, then will begin writing the guide for here
  13. Keep an end save on each playthrough, that way, if you find out u have missed a file when done, it will be easier to load each end save and check what u havent collected Update on my main.post: Ive got all maps done for Claire, and almost leon, most videos are recorded. Im just recording a beginner friendly platinum in 10hr route now as I will also include this, along with a text checklist to.go with it. Then will finish leons maps and begin writing, think the finished piece is a few weeks aways
  14. Hiya 1. Unfortunately not, I know, its annoying. 2. To be ultra safe, I would keep everything fresh, even the character and only change the date when you are on the title screen.
  15. Hi, sorry, somehow missed this reply U probably know by now, but just in case: There is a single file as Sherry that is highly missable, its just before u climb out the window into the nursery, u CANNOT reenter. Also as Claire, when u first enter the sewers, there is a file on a whiteboard in a save room, after you drop down from this area, you CANNOT return. As Leon, when you control Ada, the collectibles during her sequence are highly missable and cannot be returned to. Anything else can all be found up to when u enter the Labs, at which point you CANNOT backtrack further. For 2nd run, cant answer there as I havent done it yet, ive been playing through 1st run multiple times to find the easiest routes for everyone! Thanks, I will add the completed 1st run maps this weekend along with Leons S+ hardcore easy route