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  1. Ok, so I've decided to drop everything and get this done finally while also doing my Hollow Knight trophy guide This daily walkthrough will be different to the rest out there as I will give a bit more detail, do it on Safety but add info for all difficulties. I will also implement some uncommon methods, provide negotiation answers, instruct the player how to get EVERY trophy as well as providing Palace guides. Basically the TW will cover everything including Futabas lines. Ive been on/off adding bits to this in the past, ive actually had maps/guides done for each Palace for over a year, its about time I got this one out the way I wil try and get it done for xmas, and all in all, this should allow the user to get a sub 50hr platinum should they wish. Not entirely sure on time yet, but will be sub 50hrs definitely. Putting this out there in case anybody is looking to get into the game soon and may wish to hold out for this. Thanks EDITED 10/05/19 Im in December now and a 1/3 through the 7th palace. All confidants are done, games, books etc. I have 1 more mementos run through. So im almost through it, but......the editing is going to take a while as I have a lot to add to it in the subsections. But having the main walkthrough done will be most the work, so its looking good for a June publish month
  2. After years of waiting, I finally put a video together about this relatively unknown method to complete a event every 30-45secs. Takes 10mins or so to set-up, and then the cycles begin, The steps are all in the vid, enjoy
  3. Recently got back into it and am finishing off the optimisation of my platinum route. While doing so I have worked out this new way off farming all this xp at a very early build. Required a Bow class and utilises the pre-daimon bloodless stockade Death grind, but the thing that sets this method apart from the rest is that it can be done with poor equipment, at ANY level and we kill him by making him fall to his death, repeatedly. The other guides do this farm with the best equipment, with pawns and they all have you ACTUALLY drain his health completely. Yes, worked out a way to make him consistently fall to his death. And good thing about bloodless stockade is he respawns upon exit/reentering the room pre-daimon. In the vid, I kill him 10 times in 10minutes approx on hard, and then I switch to normal and show it on there as well More info is in the video description, enjoy; I also created this video guide for the best OVERALL farming spot for xp/dp/g all at once and for any build at any level, enjoy again
  4. As title says, look here, scroll down the page, there is new DLC on the 5th April https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/04/01/new-on-playstation-store-this-week-constructor-plus-far-lone-sails-more/ You cant view it yet, but HOPEFULLY this will also give the NO WAY OUT cat ears as well because then the hardest trophy will be a walk in the park. Personally, although I have done no way out, it was boring and frustrating af, if the cat ears is included in the DLC above, I for one, would have happily paid for it of the price was reasonable Even if the cat ears are not included, its likely a given that minigun and rocket launcher will be, so at least platinum will be MUCH easier
  5. Thanks bud, I appreciate the comment. Im just finishing up a God of War trophy walkthrough which was unexpected, then I will be getting back to this. I agree with your point, its the same with most video walkthroughs as well. Yes yes, this delay of mine may be good as the announcement comes soon. Depending on what it is or how long away the new release may be, I may hold of for a bit or create the guide in a way that it allows expansion later on
  6. Like I say, im a bit OCD I think, its just having a incomplete trophy record doesnt sit right with me, hide or not, its still incomplete to me. My new account doesnt isnt to complete everything that comes my way, its to keep a 100% account. My old account will used for playing everything that comes my way and I definitely wont be 100% everyone. My new main will allow me to 100% only games I enjoy from trialling on my old account. It can take hours into games sometimes b4 u truly get a feel for them. I just like to.have a clean coomplete.account when I put this much time into gaming, thats all the meaning there is for me personally It would be torture for me 100% my old account as I dont enjoy half the games, but if some gamers can enjoy that then thats great for you, I just wouldnt. I think im in the minority that I just like trophies as a record keeping system, I see I was off topic anyhow
  7. Apologies, for me personally, I thought we were providing opinions on where the trophies could be done better and just provided things I would like changing, apologies for misinterpreting the topic! For the record (pun not intended), I dont care about how my trophies look to others and how many trophies others have, I use trophies as a record system outside of the game, that is all and I just dislike incomplete records.... all there is to it. Just weird how we can easily start a new account and have 100% records, but there is nothing we can do to remove incomplete records on older accounts. All trophies are is a record basically, trophies have meaning to me because it provides a definitive record that will always be around, just like what we have in a game, thing with game data, as soon as you turn the game off or sell it, delete it etc, that record is gone forever. Am I in the minority that I use trophies as a record system as opposed to a competitive system???? I just don't find videogames competitive, but thats just me I guess.
  8. Im not really bothered about players having better scores than me or particularly interest in only grabbing trophies per se I guess If I like a game, I will usually plat it because I like it. If I like a game, but the plat is too difficult for me, then I will leave the plat. No matter what happens though, I will ALWAYS have the memory and then experience of playing the game, nothing can take that away from me and that is all it boils down to at the end of the day. Look at Nintendo, there is no system records and it works fine. I just get annoyed, perhaps a bit OCD of me, that if I play a game, then decide I dont like it, I forever have that game as incomplete on my personal records and it bugs me. I worked around this recently by having 2 accounts, 1 for trying games first and then my main, but I wish we could delete trophy logs. If I never play a game again or sell it etc, im basically delleting ALL my play history apart from my owns memories, but then I have a record outside of the game that I cannot touch. The trophy tracker one is a good idea, thats 1 thing xbox have on us that I forgot, we need that defintely, maybe PS5 eh
  9. I think they need to add the feature to delete trophies. This will allow players to easily remove incomplete games they are sick off or are too difficult to complete as well allow players to test trophy requirements better. We're allowed to delete in-game save data, records, feats etc but we are not allowed to delete our gaming records outside of the game, why, all we would be doing is reducing our trophy score basically. I would delete a tonne of trophies if it was made possible and I would also use it to test trophy requirements easier. I think being able to delete would be a bigger plus than what it would a minus!
  10. I see this comparison made quite a lot but I have no idea where it comes from. Watching somebody play a game and playing a game yourself are COMPLETELY different experiences, I cant even work out how some players begin to believe they are the same mediums. This actually applies to literally anything in life, watching and doing are not the same, no matter the difficulty or task.
  11. This, ive been taking my time with the game as im writing a walkthrough, I have the official guide and I have been researching on the net thoroughly. I played through to the end once, spent a few hours on a single valkyrie, I then begun again now I knew the game and began writing. This 2nd time, I planned everything out, 100% the game and saving all Valks till last. Once I was ready to fight them, I killed every Valk 1st time without using a resurrection stone. Even the Queen died first time, but I was close to using a resurrection stone. This was all on easy, but point is, even the Queen can be cheesed. Those that are struggling, you either have a insufficient build or its due to the difficulty. I cant say ow my build woud fare on higher difficulties but guess would still work as I hadnt used the revive stone and also I wastes some runics at the start as I didnt know the queen jumps straight on you unlike the rest.
  12. I know, but it isnt a legitimate option and I think im nervous in case the site ever decides to make things like this flaggable Or I guess any new cool sites that may pop up in the future, dont wanna be flagged on those if their policy was to have things like this flaggable Dont want to risk my new main account just for lame old Conan lol. Yea, think I will probably leave it, sure, site will likely never change rules, but not worth the risk for a few shinys
  13. Will the site see this as cheating though or perhaps will potentially down the line??? I just cant see this as being legitimate which is putting me off doing it.
  14. I dunno why, but I cant see DLC rewards being included, otherwise its DLC for DLC, hope im wrong
  15. Theres actually zero missables, applies to both versions, every can be gotten endgame This only real concern is that depending on certain actions in the game, you can.make the embrace the void trophy slightly harder
  16. It all depends on you bud and how much you enjoy the game. I spent a lot of time writing one of the guides here so it took away some of my enjoyment long term I guess and couldn't be bothered to do all the records. Thing is, the platinum is fairly straight forward, but getting ALL the records, especially on the DLC is much harder, i'm looking at you 'No Way Out'. With S rank and S+ rank, the only main difference is unlimited saves vs 3 saves max, but the S+ rank gets you a weapon that would make your next S rank MUCH easier, Although S rank looks simpler at first, I think its better to do S+ with Claire, then S rank with leon with the minigun, makes it much simpler, but then I guess that depends how you look at it. Claire's runs are much easier by the way as opposed to Leons, mainly because she has better weapons overall. This is why I think its better to S+ with her, then S rank with leon with minigun, makes his run easier. If you can keep it fun without overdoing it on the playthroughs, you may decide to get all the records but believe me when I say, the DLC records are VERY HARD and frustrating. I got the trophies on the DLC, but f**k doing the records Just jump into it and see how you get on
  17. Ahh, got ya bud, understandable. I would have probably bought the giude if I was getting it, but I seemed to have changed my mind right at the last minute, not like me as I have done all the other From games. Maybe the info will be here once you get to that point, fingers crossed
  18. Ive not got the game, but I keep seeing all these topics asking about endings, weapons etc Surely someone with a official guide has provided this information by now. Thing with trophy sites, people who come here dont tend to buy guides. May be best enquiring for answers on all this stuff on reddit or gamefaqs, u may have more luck. Although ive not got this, ive bought guides for previous From games, and although they get things wrong (just like unofficial guide writers), official guides are always the best sources of information at release.... Surely someone here has got one.....the official guide will have all this info
  19. Hopefully others waiting can keep busy as well as the guide will save them 20s of hours if they can wait Think I will, will be much quicker for me, may add a few hints here and there though for other difficulties. No!! I know what has been said on this, but please trust me, it is MUCH easier on safety, all will be explained in the guide Will get back to it soon as I can
  20. Its been on pause for a while due to the release of RE2, and ie recently bought GoW. I will be getting back to it soon, sorry its taking longer than I thought but I need to keep the process fun as well. I also have a family and busy work life so I cant put as much time into this as I would like. Its DEFINITELY still coming, just hope those waiting can be patient ;). Im thinking abt just doing it all on safety to speed it all up rather than for every difficulty, would that bother many??
  21. Id like to know exactly what carries over Does collectibles? Does abilities? Do you keep all your equipment?
  22. This question looks very odd at first glance
  23. Just typing this all up now, should be submitted in next few days, hope it helps EDIT 13/3/19 pm Submitted...phew....
  24. Hey everyone, this is what I'm working on, I've got a few things done so am ready to just give brief look of what it will contain; It will have fully detailed maps of all characters/scenarios/dificulties as well as advanced tips, boss strategies, enemy mob tips, full no damage walkthroughs plus more; These are just vids and map images by now, but the finished product will have lots of text also, not just vids and maps, and a lot of these will be uncommon methods to make the platinum very easier. If you would like a indication of just how easy I mean, well take a look at my boss guides below, especially G2 and G3, My strats there trivialise the battles and this methods are uncommon at the moment!! All the maps will look like this, this is about 95% off what the finished maps will look like, I just have to tidy up the legend and key, I may make a separate box for them at the bottom of each map. These maps will allow EVERYONE to plan there routes and look ahead WITHOUT needing guides Some boss guides; And some video walkthroughs for now , remember there will be text as well in the finished product; The whole thing is still a while away, im having to play a lot to learn all these niche easy methods
  25. Come to think of it buddy, u could do a half Leons 2nd getting only his exclusives, then do a full run of Claires 2nd getting everything else, thats the most optimal way anyway! To be more specific, for Leon, you can just pickup his 9 EXCLUSIVE files that can all be found in the 2nd Run, with last one being by the sewer crank. 1 of them u start with and the 2 Ada ones are missable, the rest can be backtrack to at any point before Labs. 1st Run has 1 EXCLUSIVE to all, but you will have this as it is unmissable. The other 48 can all be gotten with claire on her 2nd run. She has 14 EXCLUSIVES, 1 of those u start with and the rest will b found in the maps. The 1st Sherry file and the file in the first room you enter when you enter the sewers CANNOT be backtracked to so make sure you get these the first time u pass them. In the Labs as Claire, you will find 9 files altogether I think, so make sure you have 39 files before you engage G2. Think I got all the numbers right as this is all from memory, maps are on my laptop and im on my phone currently. Hope that helps