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  1. Lmao I was wondering how long it would take for someone to catch that. I noticed that before the posting, but figured it be funny to someone. Quit being loose, tighten up & get gud! Lol
  2. My dude, I hear you on jump showdown. My win rate is pretty high on that one, but it’s always a huge 50/50 gamble playing that one on a streak. The day I had my 1st 4 streak I had to quit 4 jump showdown finals in a row!!! Sucks because I guarantee a couple or more of those could have easily been the 5th. I’ll play jump typically with 1, 2, or 3 wins. 3 only if I have a party teammate or two with me to help. Can be a such simple win but also completely screw you if someone gets grabby & lucky.
  3. Figured I’d make a fun thread to see how many times people have not only lost their 4 win streak going for that coveted 5th, but also the most ridiculous way & how bloody close you came to the win. The games full of glitches & randomness so feel free to rant & share! My stories below... The two 4 streaks I’ve lost are not really super exciting stories. 1st time I just quit slime climb because of the hoard of people I was stuck in. Got back to the main menu & watched the kudo’s go up right before my eyes. Had been working up to 4 & going for that 5th for 4 hours straight. 2nd 4 streak L was a 6 person hexagon, with me & 1 guy left below me on the bottom floor. I had the high ground 1 floor above & had my 2 buddies spectating keeping me calm & guiding me. Bottom blue floor had tons of tiles available & I was in the perfect position to drop & cut this guy off with next to nothing left for him to stand on. Ended up dropping & not cutting him off to play it safe & take my own route. My thumb slipped from all the sweat hitting the x button. Didn’t jump & the next jump fell short & I bounced off the single gapped tile leading me to a huge patch of blues all to myself. Pure choking disappointment ;( I’ve lost a ton of 3 streaks from silly glitches & server lag. Worst one I had actually won the last 3 games in a row. Played a fall mountain (my best game finale) My character is literally holding onto the crown in the screenshot before this other guy even made contact with it. Boom eliminated. Even on the eliminated screen my guy was still holding the crown with other guy still just barely into his jump. Worst part is I won the next game after & that would have been an easy 5 right there.
  4. Yeah I’m about over it at this point. I can’t quit roll out now without the kudos going up automatically. Despite quitting at the very beginning without moving or even getting in a safe spot. So i’m stuck playing that one no matter what now. I would have quit playing weeks ago after getting everything else had the leave exploit not existed. The dev’s are little ass hats who think the amount of people upset about the trophy is hilarious & I can almost guarantee they’ll patch it at some point, give zero f***’s & keep laughing. Best bet would probably be to get it sooner then later at this point. Unless they add in duo’s or 3 or 4 person team winning where your whole party gets a crown/win everybody’s screwed. Good luck to you & anyone else reading this. I highly recommend any OCD completionist or trophy hunters not come anywhere near this game. I can live with a 91% personally, but many can’t & this game will drive you insane lol.
  5. Been at this infallible trophy for weeks now well over 50 wins & despite having the skill to at least obtain it via the leave show before elimination screen I always end up getting kudos somewhere on a 2, 3 or 4 streak. Lost track at this point of the amount of 2 streaks I’ve lost. I know all the tips and tricks what games are less forgiving when it comes to quitting on time etc, but my game doesn’t seem to function the same as my friends or anyone else posting here on the forums. I’ve quit team games 10 seconds before via leave show, come back to the main menu, seems good then after a 5-10 second delay my kudos just magically go up. I have quit roll out’s and block party’s the moment they start & got kudos. Tail tags, royal fumble, fall balls, egg scramble, tip toe, you name it & I’ve gotten kudo’s while on a streak despite quitting 5 or typically more seconds before the end. The only 2 games I can say with confidence I never get kudos on despite quitting at the very last second are Fall mountain and Hexagon. Played with a friend for weeks now who will literally hold a streak for hours quitting with 1 second on the clock or when they get pinned on a jump show down finale or team jump. Same with block party, roll out fruit match etc. They never get kudos or loose their streak as long as they don’t get the straight eliminated screen. I know realistically this an exploit & the trophy was meant to be earned by actually getting 5 wins a row, but holy crap it’s such a bummer at this point having put so much time & effort into the game just to always loose my streak due to the servers deciding the count my early quit as a loss.
  6. Creating a group for war party add silent_strike777 & I will add you to the group msg chat of everyone that's down to help. If we can get enough tomorrow, Sunday 4pm central time we can give it a shot. If not then we can schedule for next Saturday 1/28/17 around the same time!