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  1. People have earned it.. Just no one who is connected to PSNP has..
  2. There is around 50 and 70 people playing the first map and anywhere between 5 and 25 people playing each of the DLC maps at any given time.
  3. Just got this now... Think it's only possible on round 6 with the salt mine method.. Had a few attempts where I tried on round 7 but all failed.. however just had an attempt now where I got the mine open at the end of round 4.. looks like there are only 8/9 pests on round 5 so can't try to get it then.. I'm certain if you try it on round 6 it will work any later and there is a high chance of crawlers..
  4. I got all within maybe 10-15 mins outside of bullring.. that took me a little over 2 hours and even then I almost choked and messed up the ending.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEKI8eJ4kxI
  5. Getting rank 55 took me 12 hours total (in game time) according to the player profile in multiplayer. I did this by playing solo wolfpack only. Also worth noting that all other multiplayer trophies were also earned in that 12 hour period as well. I would suggest playing 1 map over and over again.. For me it was "Santa Lucia" it is fairly small and easy to get between kills and towards the end if you are playing the same map you will begin to learn were alot of the spawns are which will only make you faster. Towards the end I was clearing all 25 waves on average in around 10:xx minutes but occasionally had times in the 9 minutes (9:16 being my fastest) getting around 44k points per game.
  6. The stores not being visited is a bug on the remastered version.. Ignore it.. Also remember there are 3 shops in the frontier which you don't automatically find by scanning viewpoints.. You will need to go up to them to unlock the icon on your map..
  7. Currently in the void she walks is the last trophy I need for plat hoping it is fixed soon and not left broken for months
  8. Looks like nurses blink trophy is now bugged.. blink hits do not count for her daily challenge and no one has got it since 29th
  9. Still working did this last week online with a friend online.
  10. Something to keep in mind with the adept killer trophies is to wait until the monthly rank reset.. at lower ranks the requirement to double PIP is much lower meaning the trophies are easier. If you are having too much of a hard time I'd just say derank to 15 the day before the rank reset (which is the lowest you can go) then you'll reset down to 17/18..
  11. Just wanted to say thanks to Super-Fly Spider-Guy he helped me get the online trophy a few days ago. Really appreciated!!!
  12. https://www.stormshield.one/pve/stats/laptop9 This would be what you are looking for?
  13. Happy to help!
  14. Just one for thing to add.. I was on the latest patch throughout my entire time playing this game (1.3x) so I don't think there is a reason to delete the patch and go back to v1.00.
  15. I managed to get this trophy last night while leaving the game idle while I slept. Just some details leading up to achieving the trophy as the way I seem to have got it was interesting. I had never built the scarecrows or dogs for the entire duration I played this game aiming for the 500 bird trophy. however as I knew the trophy was bugged (guide says to delete the patch which I was planning on doing after 12 expansions) I decided to put scarecrows dogs in all available places to increase my gold income overnight and I woke up to the trophy this morning.. Looks like scarecrows OR dogs scaring birds counts towards the trophy + leaving the game idle with a rubber band around the sticks to avoid the screen timing out. Not sure if this is useful but the trophy is obtainable somehow.. Hope this helps!