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  1. If you are not res capped with your current gear then you should just think about chains of honor for your chest. Otherwise your gear is fine! If anything you will be super over geared. Note worthy from my Smiter: I had tal Helm Used Last Wish not Grief Chains of honor I used a blood belt because I could not find gore riders when I was ready farm ubers Therefore I had a random pair of boots with res on them. And my 2nd ring was just another random ring with some res My amulet was Highlord's Wrath Your gear is more then ready I think Hammers will be faster at farming an SoJ
  2. Thank you for updating. I have managed to get it to work once again now. But the biggest issue I have is step 4 under the "NOW THE DUPE" section. I either don't see the pentagram for minutes (at this point I just close up at try again from step 2) or I get the pentagram but I don't get the 2nd when I save a quit. (Also resort to closing app and trying again). Not sure where my issue is. Got it once though at least. Any ideas on where I'm struggling?
  3. @Rando-Calrisian- Are you able to confirm a step by step what you are doing to get this to work? I have accidently duped an item but I can never get it to happen when I want. Thanks!
  4. If you need to do quick and easy plats to keep your streak alive then what is the point of the steak? Surely it lose all validity the moment you have to concede your streak and "buy" an easy plat to keep it alive. To quote a Binding of Issac youtuber who is known for going on victory streaks - "The best part of losing a streak is getting the ability to start it all over again".
  5. Looking to see if anyone has ever had this issue.. I just got the platinum trophy for maneater.. I saw the trophy pop.. I even have the automatic screenshots and video from the trophies in my capture gallery.. however when I view my trophies I am missing a few.. obviously I have tried syncing again but nothing helped.. any input would be appreciated.
  6. There are a bunch of the "legend" trophies that you can do solo but because there are some trophies that can not be done without 4 players/can not be done with bots I would not suggest playing with any less then that. I still would not let the trophies dissuade you from playing this game! I got the 100% back in September but I still played around 100 additional hours since. I just love it so much.
  7. So me and a friend got this trophy just now. These are both of perspectives. If we timed start the timer at when we drop down to when we got the trophy it took 87 seconds.. So maybe the timer starts on the first chain breaking?
  8. Hello UwU

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      Hello fellow boosting partner and trophy hunter :)

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      Do you think Dio will see this LOL XDDDDDDDDDDD


      Thursday at 01:24 PM

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  9. Took about 15 hours or so to earn.. I ended up deleting my save data thinking it was bugged so restarted it yesterday. Had my controller rubber banded while I was working yesterday and also today. 9 Hours yesterday and 5 hours today.
  10. I have deleted my data and did a full coop playthrough with my friend hosting and got the trophy! I am finally free of this game
  11. Everything is deleted and you go back to level 1 with nothing.. I would sugest saving your data to the PS+ cloud.. Get the trophy the load youer data back.
  12. My friend deleted his save then played coop with someone who had it unlocked and he got the trophy. I am yet to test it myself but he said this worked for him.
  13. Maybe should have posted this 2 days ago when I heard about it but I have a friend who confirmed that after deleting his save and playing the game again he was able to earn the trophy.
  14. If you scroll up in the thread I have uploaded a video of the final 2 levels solo nightmare if thats any help!
  15. This is the next thing I was going to try but needed a few days away from the game beating it on nightmare solo really made to start to get tired of playing anymore. Please let us know how your progress is going. There was one thing I did notice.. When on the main menu you have the option to press Square to "start a new solo compaign" so maybe you don't need to go as far as deleting your data if this option is selected.