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  1. Based on what I've heard about new Xbox dev kits, Microsoft has made it very easy to optimise across generations, while PS5 dev kits are more bespoke and it does require more work to get a PS game on both 4 and 5. I'm not advocating for Microsoft, just stating a thing.
  2. Stuff like this makes it harder to find the good stuff when sorting by new.
  3. ZeniMax was privately owned. EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc are all publicly traded which would make it harder than it would probably be worth.
  4. I'm excited to play this and wish it was coming out sooner, but it looks like they're putting a lot of work into it, so I shouldn't complain about how far off it is.
  5. Baldur's Gate Seems a little lazy of me to pick because it's at the top of your list, but you're one of three people I've seen with it.
  6. There's a reason why I've been checking these forums less and less lately, and it's definitely the increase in bitching threads lately.
  7. The other scavenging location I was looking for was covered by another map icon that was too close to it. I was freaking out, but now I'm good.
  8. Have the survey crews for all forts and manually verified all of the locations in Chum's territory and I can only find the one more.
  9. I've been playing the game on and off for 5 years, stopping because it's just boring. Anyway, I'm at 189/191 in the Legend menu and at 225 scavenging locations in the stats menu, but can only find one more scav location on the map? I'm at the beginning of Act 3. Anything come up later that I just can't access now?
  10. Everyone saying "Sony buy FromSoftware" doesn't realize that they're already owned by Kadokawa Corporation?
  11. Not evern sure how I'm gonna fit this on my entertainment center...
  12. They were up when the thread was created. They probably will be again.
  13. I saw a Reddit post about a guy who was using a bot to bid on scalped RTX 3080 cards and raise the prices to $9000 or so and then not pay just to mess with the scalpers. Probably happening here too.
  14. Got it through PlayStation Direct. Got the disc console and the Pulse headset. When PS4 came out, I was able to buy physical games at Best Buy weeks before the system launched. I'll see if I can do that again this time just go have the feeling of walking into a store and picking it up.
  15. Cory Barlog had said that at the end of development for the 2018 game he pitched a DLC that was deemed to be "too ambitious". Gotta wonder with the quick turn-around if this is an expanded version of that, or just a stop-gap game.