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  1. Maybe if we all ask Colin Moriarty really, really, really nicely, he'll actually tell us...
  2. Pretty sure I made it at some point in 2008 on my PSP. Didn't get my PS3 until Dec. 2009, didn't play my first trophy enabled game on it until Jan. 2010.
  3. Overwatch, because Blizzard is China's bitch.
  4. Borderlands 2
  5. Don't Facebook, don't see anything on Twitter at all. The only "date" I see is "Autumn 2019" when I look.
  6. Looked around and I can't find it. Links?
  7. Just tried to update the application, and nothing is actually out yet. PS Blog says tomorrow. Edit: and for sure no new menu options. Should be tomorrow for sure.
  8. You should be able to look at the list if you disconnect your console from the internet. It will ask if you want to view local data if you go to your trophies after disconnecting.
  9. I'm new to the game, but will keep this in mind when I get it. Thanks for this.
  10. Man. The sense of entitlement in this community hurts me sometimes. The game looks good. Just play it and don't worry about your completion. Just play it on an alt account.
  11. Final Message The 25th Ward: The Silver Case You have to replay the final chapter of the game 100 times and pick a different ending from a list of endings each time. Each time replaying the chapter was like 8 minutes. Is it hard? No. Just super annoying.
  12. It's listed for $41.94 on Amazon, $8 off MSRP right now.
  13. Ordered the Ultimate Collection. Seems like the platinums get easier as the games go on. Looking forward to playing all 4 of them.
  14. I'd be in for it.
  15. 3 Baldur's Gate games, each with a platinum, 174 total trophies, and only $50 US? I'm sold.