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  1. I've never played either, so I'd buy if it's available physically.
  2. That's an... interesting direction...
  3. Amazon doesn't charge until your order ships, so it wouldn't be an issue if you don't have the funds available when you pre-order a game. As long as it's there when your order ships, you're good.
  4. The Australian Ratings Board gets all the best leaks...
  5. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Really fun action, and Falcom games always have the best music.
  6. Remastered, yes. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
  7. Has anyone said Past Cure? Looked promising ahead of launch. Was interested because it was a supernatural third-person action shooter from an 8 person indie team that looked to be punching above their weight. They weren't. The voice acting is God awful. The story makes no sense. The combat is horrendous, shooting isn't responsive and the powers are mostly useless. The stealth mechanics are garbage. The level design is some of the worst I have ever seen. The final boss arena is so frustrating. I really just ended up finishing it because I wanted to be the first person to 100% the NA trophy list. Pretty dubious honor. Not sure it was worth it for that game. I I've heard that there have been some major patches since, but it's probably still an absolute travesty.
  8. They're older, but I haven't seen anyone mention inFamous Second Son and First Light. Both really fun with (mostly) enjoyable easy platinums.
  9. What a tragedy. I was looking forward to this game.
  10. The Mandalorian: Chapter 2 Off to a solid start. Genuinely curious about what will happen next. Great musical score.
  11. Well, they wrote themselves into a corner with 3, so I fell like the only way to go would be back. Something pre-Shepard. I may have liked Andromeda, but I feel like "the community" wouldn't get behind an Andromeda sequel.
  12. It's not that I want to be able to take advantage of duping or modding, and I don't. For me it's just about the reliance on that online connection to even function. I don't like the idea of it for any reason. Server outages happen and it kills preservation.
  13. I refuse to buy any games that require a persistent online connection on principle. Making a change(dot)org petition is gonna do nothing at all. I'll just live without this game.
  14. Probably Tekken 7. I was kinda interested in it when it launched, but never got around to getting it and now I don't really care anymore.
  15. Probably third-person action games. Mostly of th games that I think look interesting pre-release fall under the genre, and I just like playing them.