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  1. I doubt it'll happen, but I wonder if NISA would skip Kuro no Kiseki 1 and 2 for now and go straight to this?
  2. Also NA physical, launch day console. Do you leave the game open when you put the console in rest mode? I tend to close the app when I'm done playing.
  3. Interesting. About half way through chapter 6, 49 hours in, and have had no crashes.
  4. The announcement for that says that it's based on the PSP version, which already has an English version, so I don't think it would take much work to release outside Japan.
  5. Link to article: Looks ambitious, seems more like Lacrimosa of Dana than Monstrum Nox, and I like that. Probably not gonna see it in the west until at least 2024, hopefully worth the wait.
  6. Ghost Story Games is still under Take-Two though, so they can do whatever they want with it. Seems like they're giving Ken Levine a long leash, but they could still pull it back at any time.
  7. I just saw this video that reminded me that they were putting the restored version up. It gives all of the pertinent details.
  8. And the irony of cutting the song is that critics at the time said that the movie could have used more songs. Sucks that they didn't make the restored version the default on Disney+, but at least we finally have it.
  9. Nope. Paid only.
  10. To put that 50 million Euro budget into perspective, the first game was made for 30 million. Good increase. Also in Remedy's last quarterly earning call the CEO quoted that "we are planning to launch at least one new game per year from 2023 through 2025". Alan Wake II is 2023, I'm thinking Max Payne remakes are 2024, Control 2 could very well be 2025.
  11. First real details on what's improved have been shared by NISA. Better quality textures, improved shadows, increased draw distance, both 4K 60fps and 1080p 120fps options, improved load times, mouse and keyboard support, and all previous costumes and cosmetics, including previously Japan exclusive costumes.
  12. My biggest problem too. Seems to me like weapons should be more durable too. A fire lash breaking after two normal cultists sucks.
  13. February's gonna be nuts.
  14. Some retailers have listed it for December 9th. Some people have asked CDPR about it this week and received the response of "soon". I think the December 9th date is probably true.
  15. I can understand wanting the security of a buyout, but all of these studios going with Meta, who has lost $700 BILLION in market cap is nonsensical to me. RIP Armature and Camoflaj.