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  1. Physical copy comes with 70 page art book, soundtrack CD sampler, and a motorcycle license plate.
  2. If real, I'll file this under too little, too late. The genie can never return to the bottle.
  3. It's not as nostalgic for me as Crash or Spyro, but I'll buy it. More 3D platformers is always good.
  4. Based on what I've seen the story is about 1.5 times longer, gameplay is more varied and encounters now have a split "combat or stealth" approach and all encounters are designed to accommodate both, and it's next gen only, so everything is higher fidelity. Price increase seems reasonable to me.
  5. Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon all have it listed for October 4th in the US.
  6. About. Fucking. Time.
  7. I looked at thus tweet and thought, "Who is this guy and who is Dragami Games?" This guy is the former CEO of Kadokawa Games, now CEO of Dragami Games, who is apparently a new publisher that has taken over some Kadokawa Games IPs, Lollipop Chainsaw being one of them. File this one under probably real, I guess.
  8. Well, this looks dumb as hell in the best possible way. Color me interested?
  9. Bottom of this page
  10. Nope. PS Direct exclusive.
  11. I'll agree that $70 is to muchnto charge for this, I think it should have topped at $50, but God damn, I'll still buy it anyway. I replayed Remastered right before Part II came out and it's more than a little clunky. The QOL stuff in this seems like it'll be worth it, and if it's followed by a PS5 native version of Part II, let's go.
  12. Releases Spetember 27, 2022 for PS4 and PS5, priced at $29.99 USD.
  13. Just finished it all through matchmaking. Chapter 1 was a breeze. Chapter 2 was pretty bad until I changed to match with mic players only, then some pros who were running for cosmetics absolutely carried me through it. Chapter 3 was also pretty bad, but after a half dozen quits, I finally got in with a group who ran it in five minutes. This was all done on a Sunday afternoon between about 4 and 8 pm MST. Could be worse, but could be better. Just try what you're okay with trying.
  14. I've been knocking out the multiplayer trophies for this over the last week and have had no problems with matchmaking 95% of the time across story or survival, even at 5 am I can get a full survival gold level game. It's a shared player pool between PS4 and 5, vanilla and DC. I'd recommend just replaying the first story level a bunch until you hit 35 ki before even touching survival bronze. I still have two classes to fully level, so I can help if you want to.