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  1. Could also depend on which control setup you're using. I used the classic Nanosuit control option and didn't get it first run. Changed control setup for a second run and got it.
  2. They can, but will they? They can charge $30 for Rick Sanchez and people will gladly pay it.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy and Deathloop for $30 each is tempting.
  4. Free to play and "an ever expanding cast". Smells like some reallly bad monetization is coming.
  5. With a delay announcement video like that, I can't be mad.
  6. We all know that Microsoft is intentionally sabotaging this version so that you just get it on game pass, duh. /s
  7. I love seeing the Golden Boys go to shit.
  8. Source? I would actually consider buying it now if true. Held off due to the issue with this despite being super excited to play it. I'm all physical or bust. Okay, for some reason I thought this info would be harder to find than I thought. What the hell Activision? The Crash N. Sane reprint was easily differentiated. How is it this hard? I'd figure any copies on shelf at my local Best Buy at this point would be the reprint, so I think I'll finally pick it up. Thanks for pointing this out.
  9. The control mapping is very much of its time, the right stick aiming movement is weirdly rigid, and the lack of toggle crouch really sucks, but I think it is very playable overall after playing one or two levels to adjust. I used to play the hell out of the original Xbox version though.
  10. We have this thing called fry sauce where I'm from. That's the good stuff.
  11. I never understood the hype. I got it when it launched on PS4 and thought it was average at best and boring at worst.
  12. Even when the effect is subtle it still makes me smile when I notice every footfall causing vibration.
  13. Greg Miller is a total shit and no one should buckle to him.
  14. Sucks that the physical copy came out just last week and then this is announced. Would've preferred to have them wait and have this pressed on the disc.