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  1. Glad it's also on PS5 and physical.
  2. Glad to see that they're committing to next gen only. After finishing Ratchet I wanna see more next gen only games to see what devs can really do with SSD and RT.
  3. I've defeated more than five, hasn't popped. I've collected all of the Zurpstones so defeated all of them there, purse the required fights. Even not one of them to respawn and still no. And now after killing the same one 4 times it popped. It was respawning every time I died.
  4. I feel like the ending was open enough to allow it to be a direct sequel. Color me interested. I would also pay and do a physical double dip for a PS5 version of Innocence.
  5. Is this where the good writers were during Borderlands 3's development?
  6. Copies are out at Best Buy as of last week.
  7. I just played the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time in 8 years with the Legendary Edition. There was so much I remembered that I loved, but so much more that I had forgotten about that it seemed like I was experiencing it for the first time, and the new coat of paint was the cherry on top. I had also never played any of the DLC for 3, so that was all a brand new experience for me. Don't dismiss something just because it is a remaster, and if it os something that you weren't a fan of before, maybe give it a try. Some remasters are just cynical cash grabs, but one done right is almost always worth it in my opinion.
  8. I like the idea of War Stories, but the execution was never that great. Can't say I'm surprised about the absence of them in the new game. Guess I'll do what I always do with Battlefield and use it as an excuse to dick around with my brother and C4 jeeping.
  9. Crytek is self-publishing Crysis trilogy. Original releases were through EA Partners, which meant Crytek kept the IP rights and that the publishing term had an expiration. I wouldn't use that as any indication for anything related to EA's plans.
  10. Not at all. It's super quick and easy if you just do it as a golden path run for only the NG+ trophies.
  11. Crytek confirmed a physical release, so I'm all in now. That's the only reason why I hadn't gotten the first game.
  12. Some of the available modes ran better than others, so that may do it for ya.
  13. Physical confirmed. I'm in.
  14. Weird. Have you gone to the one you sided against and had the conversation to try and regain their loyalty?
  15. Yes. Play it on a lower difficulty for your 100% completion, then do a New Game + for Deadly Obsession difficulty. The Cenote section in the middle is a right bitch, mostly due to wonky climbing controls, but its not hard overall.