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  1. Ok, good to know. I was missing one last map square in the magma chambers which contained the sight potion recipe.
  2. I have a complete playthrough except for three small square rooms with a map marker but no apparent chest. Has anyone else encountered this? Am I missing something? One of them uses lion holes on the wall, and I filled one, but can’t fill the second?
  3. There is a nightmare (behind glass, but scannable) in the Typhon Containment area in Pytheas Labs. I can't help with the other without a picture or something.
  4. @Hartgroove Yes, completing the last KASMA order will lock you out of further simulations for story reasons, so finish any trophies you want first. Cryptomancer is for finishing the last KASMA order and the story with at least 50,000 points unspent (not 50,000 in one life or one simulation, as I originally thought). You do not have to find all 6 books in one run. As far as I know they are always in the same place. I think machine mind is either turrets, operators (standard and corrupted), and maybe the recycling robots. Also there are a few places neuromods always show up. I farmed new runs to the Pytheas Labs entering cell 5 for 3 neuromods, running up to the office upstairs for 3 more, then resetting by dying. This is easily the most time-consuming trophy.
  5. Great job! This is so much nicer than my version.
  6. Get all the collectibles from the museum now and do other cleanup before the "judgement house".
  8. Or just change difficulty to easy, with no consequences.
  9. No, there are definitely just 5 locations, 1 in each afterlife location and 1 in the overworld (where the main path intersects the desert).
  10. Maybe I got especially lucky with the miner minigame, but it didn't seem that difficult. My strategy was waiting for a lucky start obtaining a monokuma, then proceeding carefully from there. You don't need every hidden skeleton.
  11. For the record, I just earned it with Runner, double perfects in all stages of world 1 (the boss stage doesn't show exclamation points or have a bonus level).
  12. There can be a very large number of possibilities for Hard 4 and Square 4, especially if you were unlucky in puzzle generation, so the program probably keeps computing without finding a solution. All I can offer without overhauling the program is to make sure you list the row and column constraints in decreasing order, then if it's still not fast enough, try initially arranging the values based roughly on the row sums and column sums (larger sums use larger values, etc.)
  13. You need to install java and a development environment to help run it. Or wait for WallaceErick2 to make it more user friendly?
  14. Yes, feel free.
  15. WallaceErick2, my default value for solutions was 1000 to indicate the algorithm didn't find a value for it. Here it's because there's no constraint involving position 5. Of course, position 5 just takes the remaining number that doesn't show up in any other position. LucasDiasC, there must be a bug somewhere preventing it from considering all cases. If it continues to be a problem I can debug further. However, when I rearranged the constraints from smallest to largest ({0, 7} first for example, and of course move its sum to the front of the sums, then some 3-length constraints, etc.), it quickly finds a solution. Position 0: 0 Position 1: 1 Position 2: -8 Position 3: 4 Position 4: 5 Position 5: -4 Position 6: -1 Position 7: 8 Position 8: 2 Position 9: -3 Position 10: -2 Position 11: -2 Position 12: -3 Position 13: -1 Position 14: 0 Position 15: -5 Position 16: 8 Position 17: 4 Position 18: 7 Position 19: 1 Position 20: -2 Position 21: -6 Position 22: 0 Position 23: -2 Position 24: -8 Position 25: -6 Position 26: 2