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  1. FIFA 20. Have fun lad hahaha a fun but stressful platinum especially when it comes to online.
  2. I would love to enter this but It's legit impossible to find all of them in stores nowadays
  3. Thats something to be glad about, can't wait to grind these three platinums
  4. I'll be sure to post the list as soon as they are leaked/announced
  5. Thanks to everyone that has been discussing their thoughts on this topic! Didn't really expect so many great responses from all of you
  6. It seems a little too much if there were to be around 90 trophies for each game. Yeah I know, I'm going to be devastated if this is the case... I would love to earn 3 platinums in a game I actually would love to grind.
  7. I would legit flip out if that was the case... :l They better keep it traditional like they did with the Nathan Drake Collection
  8. Sorry for the inconvinience... Just edited the title so people don't get mad at me for my rookie mistake hahaha
  9. Oh crap, sorry about that! I'll rename the title right now, I didn't even realise :l hahaha
  10. I was a little curious as to how the trophies will work on the new Crash Bandicoot collection on PS4 being released in June??? What type of trophies will there be to collect throughout the game? Will there be seperate trophy collections for each game? Lets discuss about it... I'm super keen about this remaster either way no matter the situation. Definitely one of my favourite game series of my childhood. PSN: joshdaviees <- if anyone wants to collect trophies sometime or needs help doing so
  11. There are quite a few games that are cheap right now on the store under 15 pounds. I just purchased Bully of there which seems like a fun and easy game to platinum. Also consider the GTA titles on sale if you wanted something old school. Would love to help with any other games you pick up if you need any assistance! PSN: joshdaviees
  12. Good old Toy Story 3, gotta love it haha