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  1. Looks like everything is fixed now. sound is working and i was able to get all the remaining trophies no problem overall really enjoyed this game. Space Diablo
  2. Hi, anyone else came across this? after recent update these trophies are not counting/unlocking no matter what i do. Tried on different characters also. Any suggestions please? Efficient Operative Complete a Priority Assignment on Impossible difficulty or higher. Uprooting Evil Complete 5 Priority Assignments. Hunter of Hunters Kill 5 Boss creatures.
  3. If you struggle to beat them in normal way, just crash or spin their cars, you will get a nice advantage, they won't catch up
  4. It's fixed now guys
  5. did this exact thing from video guides more than 5 times, still no trophy.. anyone else has same problem? any tips from those who got it?
  6. yup looks dead. rip
  7. i cant figure out how to buy spidermans omega prestige, did it for the other 4, but there is nothing for spiderman. any ideas what am i doing wrong or maybe i misunderstood something. i want to main iceman, i can add those 4 omega prestiged characters but spiderman shows locked as its not omega prestiged. nice guide btw, thanks for all hard work nvm, game is dead rip
  8. I am also from ireland and somehow i dont agree with you that gamestop is the only place for games and controllers. Ever heard about argos or smythtoys. For example smyths selling most of new games for 59.99 and you often get 5 eur discount if you preorder. I also bough a v2 controller from them for 49.99. Argos have game discounts often too. If you never checked them you missed alot my friend. Damn even littlewoods is better than gamestop.
  9. I wish someone would have mentioned this earlier so sad now. I don't think there is a way tried everything.
  10. Happened to me now when I decided to come back and finish unfinished game. Anyone knows any solution yet?:( P.s. Noticed the game doesn't have and won't create a save file is that normal?
  11. Thanks very much, that's all I wanted to know I didn't want to have it appear twice with same trophies just different name of the game:)
  12. Hi I had Overwatch origins edition but traded it in some time ago, 16% of trophies done only. Now there is Overwatch game of the year edition on psn, if I would get it Would it create a separate trophy list like in witcher3 or would it be same trophy list? Thank you