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  1. So true that.
  2. Hello!

    Can I add you via PSN? xD

    but not now since PSN down where I am now

    1. veemonsticker


      You sure can. I accept anyone. ^_^

  3. I'll give the game a go soon. From what you've said - it sounds like I'd enjoy it.
  4. 5:30 pm to 4 am - InFAMOUS First Light.
  5. Aw don't say that. Your name is perfect and is something you like and that's what matters.
  6. Sony should, by now, add in an option to change our Online ID's. How hard can it be? the CEO's excuse was trolls, yet the CEO hadn't thought about charging and limiting the change, which means the real issue was and still remains technical and makes no sense either cuz his company has the money, they could easily have more IT people payed extra for extra work done to the system. Quite ridiculous but that's Sony for you.
  7. Old post but that name is cool, Parker. lol I think your name is pretty funny and awesome.
  8. Shame there's no music with this.
  9. Red Dead Redemption. Quite difficult and something to be proud of if you have it.
  10. It won't even be allowed.
  11. I need more people on my friends list. Names the same as on here.
  12. How are you doing? :]

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. veemonsticker


      You're welcome, considering we haven't chatted in a while. :)


      I'm good, thanks. Just bored - I'm trying to decide what game to play. I feel like playing some LEGO title mainly, but they're so expensive it makes me wanna puke. I'll probably play Uncharted 4 on Brutal and go for the rest of the extra added trophies for the 100%. How's Horizon? I heard so much goodness about this game and it looks gorgeous in the graphics department.

    3. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      The graphics are indeed stunning. The face expressions are very well detailed.

      You should play Day Of the Tenctacles Remastered. It are easy trophies (^_^ )


      And since you have PS Plus, maybe play some PS plus game from March? I heard that there the selection is very good for this month.

    4. veemonsticker


      Yeah DOTT is good and not a game to miss out on - the point & click style is awesome too but I can't seem to relax playing it. I just feel like taking control of Trevor in GTA V and killing innocent women with a dildo or even t-bagging in cod. God no... the selection is garbage again, it's always indies, nothing popular like battlefield or even call of duty!. No LEGO titles showing and no new games on there, and if we want something new, we gotta pay over 50.00 for it. Atrocious prices and lack of quality on Sony's part.

  13. Tea (British Tea)
  14. You're right, which is why I'm not gonna use it.
  15. I'm thinking satisfaction.