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  1. Like I said, you do not have to work on this right now, you will get this surely while going for all the harder achievements (so as you get better you will surely get some S ranks during that). But of course it is all practice, so it doesn´t really matter that much. In addition there is also a guide here on PSN Profiles, for some extra info. I would focus on replaying the story first to unlock all the stuff there, and then move on to Score Attack (there you will learn how to approach each level for the Arcade runs).
  2. Like @Baker said, the best is to follow Thanatos Ninjas Guide, I did the same.The PS3 Version is identical to the Vita, minus the Challenge Modes that are not available on the Vita (So no Step 4 from the guide). I would not bother with any specific requirement right now, since you will probably get most/all of them on your way to the final requirements. Like for example "Finish any stage on the highest rank". You will get that 100% while working on other achievements. The perfect run you mention without sub weapon or capsule is the hardest thing in the game, so I would not think about that for now and leave it until you have memorized the game and finished all the other hard requirements, like completing every stage with an A rating, completing Arcade with every pilot and completing Arcade without a continue. Lots of fun there:D Just work your way up the guide, you will get there=). If you have any specific question just ask, and I will help where I can. I did the same, the guide is great.
  3. I did both versions 100%, first the PS4 version and then Vita. I find them both similar in difficulty, PS4 version is generally easier but has that terrible Insane Stage no pickup achievement where I nearly gave up. The Vita one is just all around hard, for the Primary only Arcade run you will need to practice a lot since it is soooo unforgiving. But it is very doable, since I am absolutely not a very skilled player and I finished it. It took me around 30-40h for both versions. Let me know how you are doing, nice to see some love for this great game again=)
  4. Ahaha sorry for the late answer. I can confirm, no hair loss because of sine mora, just due to aging:D I see you are playing the game too, how is it going?:)
  5. Awesome, great job:)
  6. I honestly don‘t remember, but I think you can rush through Domus and don‘t need to destroy the lasers (hopefully). You just need to destroy the ships in the minefield. Maybe @KaKrackle remembers?
  7. I remember now what i read in the guide, here: Complete every stage with an A rank (S.A.) - The next ridiculously hard requirement. Once again, A rank cannot be achieved without a 90% hit ratio and <= 4 penalties. Stage 6 - WARNING: THIS STAGE CAN ONLY BE DONE WITH KOSS OR MULLER. The only way to reach 90% hit ratio is to destroy the ships that appear on the left side of the floating minefield, so you need subs that dodge walls and hit behind you, which are only found in these two pilots. Prequisite score is 66 million, trust me. Since Muller is exclusively on the Vita you need to use Koss for Stage 6.
  8. Good luck man, let me know how Insane went:). I uploaded a video and a short guide here on the forum, maybe some parts can be useful for you:)
  9. Will do:). Hm, the hardest for me are stage 4 and 6 I would say, although I also struggled a lot on stage 2 because if you don‘t get enough firepower in the first part you have a much harder time later on. So it is a bit luck dependent I’d say. Stage 4 is just in general difficult and stage 6 has Domus which can be a pain (I always practiced him until i could do the path consistently). You also need a specific pilot for stage 6 to kill enough enemies in the minefield before domus for the A rank. However the hardest part by far was the insane run for me, that really pushed me to my limits:D
  10. I don't play a lot but i will shoot you a friend request=). Also thanks for the tipp, will do that.
  11. I kind of think i saw them in a guide when i did Sine Mora, but i can’t find them right now. I had the same problem, i restarted the run sooo often, and then i finished a not so good run an got the A ranking. But just think about it as practice for the Arcade and Insane run:).
  12. I just started this game, man thats a lot of stuff to learn:D. I feel like i am playing totally blind even though i read some beginner guides... ahahaha:D But it is already pretty fun.
  13. Already playing and got my first trophy:D So happy about this dlc
  14. This sounds very reasonable. Now we just have to farm all new gear on level 80:D. 1000 runs in The Dust to Gettle incoming for perfect Lyudas ahahaha
  15. I was thinking about that too today, no idea how they will handle that? Maybe op8 will be level 90 when you are 80? Hopefully i don’t have to go trough digistruct peak again. Damn i will have to get new gear.....:D