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  1. I have the 100% in this game and i liked it a lot. Akumu mode was, except a few sections, very fun and rewarding to play through. The game has quiet a few problems, but i always enjoyed it. I would say go for it:).
  2. It was a very cool game:) i actually wanted to finish sine mora for the event, but it was too risky to leave it unfinished for nearly 2 months, so i cleaned up Day of the tentacle:)
  3. Finished Day Of The Tentacle:)
  4. Ah ok thanks:). How do you like the game?
  5. Thanks:). I honestly don't remember why i stopped playing. While i am not the biggest fan of this point and click (for me Grim Fandango was by far the better game) i enjoyed it. It was pretty funny but nothing that i will remember for a long time.
  6. Ahahaha we are doing the same games, i also just started out after finishing Black Flag. I have also already some podcasts prepared for after i finish the story. I noticed you did already part of the DLC, any reason for that?
  7. Day Of The Tentacle is ready to pop:)
  8. Ah damn, would be cool if the same sale would come also to the EU. Just recently i wanted to buy some of the bewer assassins creed games...:(
  9. Unfortuantely not, i donĀ“t remember the site, but i think i searched in the threads and guides for the minigame and someone commented the site. I am sure you will find one.
  10. Oh, great idea. I completely forgot about Rogue, never played that one. Thanks, will buy that on the next sale:)
  11. Since we are already talking, i have the 100% in Brotherhood, Revelations, III and IV. I really enjoyed all of them. What would be the next best game in the series?:) If the AC3 remaster is a bit different maybe i grab Odyssey with the season pass at one point....
  12. I just recently got the 100% for this game, and honestly, i really really enjoyed it. Yes, i remember one naval contract was a bit of a pain and the completionist trophy a bit grindy. But nothing too bad. The minigames on the other hand i could not win on my own, had to use the AI trick to beat that one:D I would say go for it.
  13. #40 - Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag + DLC 100% (PS3) Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! (5,87%) Man, what an awesome game. I already finished the story back in 2013 but i honestly forgot how great everything looked and felt. I am by far not a big Assassins Creed fan but i have to admit going for the plats in these games was really really fun. Altough i really liked the Ezio trilogy, this one is probably my favorite location and the furthest away from an AC game. If they would cancel out the Abstergo story line, make a few changes to the typical AC formula we would have probably an even better pirate game. The ending was heartbreaking and Kenway an enjoyable character. I also liked the Freedom Cry expansion with the slave liberation mechanic. Returning to the Jackdaw made me feel really nostalgic. I honestly thought the platinum would be harder, but grinding level 55 was fairly quick in solo and never boring. The rest of the single player was also very easy except for that damn "Sharing is caring" trophy. How i hate these random stupid trophies. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 #23 - Assassin's Creed III + DLC 100% (PS3) Master Assassin (5,64%) I actually got this plat back in 2017 but only now got back to it to finish the dlc. I never understood why people found this to be the worst AC, i really really enjoyed Connors story. The dlc was also ok, but felt less alive then the main game, since you are mostly just on rooftops. The plat was another story, pretty grindy and also a few hard missions (naval contracts). The dlc on the other hand was no problem. This finally was the last game of my Assassins Creed backlog:D Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 5/10
  14. The Danganronpa games on the Vita.
  15. Damn, sorry, you are right, you need a full run with primary only. I was thinking about clearing story mode without using a continue, that one you can cheese by doing stage VII without dying. You can do primary only on normal with alternative narration since you get more continues on that run.