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  1. Ahahaha i will give my best, probably end up with some grey hairs at the end:D @MMDE you should play it, or maybe the PS4 version, it is an awesome game:)
  2. Naaaaa the vita is to precious to break. Altough i will probably loose hair until (if) i finish this:D
  3. Anyone else still playing this?:)
  4. @Ala-Arska Pier Solar And The Great Architects. Awesome:)
  5. Awesome, my Vita arrived the other day so i would like to sign up. Doing Sine Mora hopefully:D
  6. #39 - Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood + DLC 100% (PS3) Julius Caesar (4,07%) I played the game the first time on pc when it came out, so it was a very nostalgic feeling coming back to this. Rome was just a beautiful as i remembered it and the city with all its shops and merchants felt always alive and colorful. The climbing and horse mechanics felt a bit clunky and you feel that it is an older game. The collectibles were not to bad but the faction missions were a bit boring after a while. A few challenging missions but nothing to bad. The Multiplayer was not really hard, level 50 was a bit of a grind and AEOTM needed a bit of coordination. Big thanks again to the awsome team @Roronora_Zoro666, @Brandon-LCF-Heat & Omnia for helping me, it was a lot of fun:) The Da Vinci DLC was very easy since i worked on the "Il Principe" trophy during the main game and got 100% on every mission during my first playtrough. All in all a fun game. Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  7. Thats also one thing i'd like to use, so i don't occupy the TV all the time, and i can stream some games to the Vita. @Super-Fly Spider-Guy I am already buying a Switch for my little sisters for christmas so in any case i will use that sometimes:D But thanks for the idea with the PSP:).
  8. Any offer there in particular that you would reccomend? I am completely new to the vita so i have no idea what to get. I prefer buying it since i am not one for auctions:D This one looks ok?
  9. Thanks for your help buddy:). Ok so i just use your link and make a bid there like on ebay right? Never used this site so sorry for the questions:D Do i need also to buy a memory card right? No idea how to install CFW, however i think i will buy nontheless a Vita2000. Thanks for the game advices.
  10. Hey Guys, i need your opinions and help with a few decisions:). I am thinking about finally getting a PS Vita. I found the only place that sells them still new here in Italy is GameStop (PSVita WiFi + Memory 8GB for 196€). Otherwise i just find them used on Ebay and Amazon in various price ranges and conditions. So my question is, which model should i get and where? Do you reccomend any other site to buy the Vita? I kind of want rather a new one but i am not entirely sure. Which games are a must have? Am i already too late to buy a Vita?:D Thanks for your help guys.
  11. #21 - Assassin's Creed - Revelations + DLC 100% (PS3) The Conqueror (9,24%) I already earned the plat last year in april but never finished any of the DLC. Now i finally have also the 100%. The plat is relatively straight forward like any other AC game but fortunately the single player is not as grindy as AC3. The game itself is pretty fun. I finished the multiplayer for the platinum without boosting and it was actually pretty fun. The DLC on the other hand i think is very hard without boosting. Big big thanks to the awsome team @Roronora_Zoro666 and @Brandon-LCF-Heat for helping me:). The Lost Archive was actually not as bad as expected after the same game mode in the main game. And i finished it pretty quick. I was also afraid of the Warren Vidic trophy but actually managed it after around 4 tries. River Styx took me about the same tries. Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 6/10
  12. Ah ok, damn, need to make an US account then. Thanks:)
  13. Damn, what a shame it got delisted:( Wanted to buy it now that the game has also a great guide. So i need to buy it from the US Store right? No other way to get the EU Version?
  14. The Uncharted 4 - 100%:) Great job.
  15. Awesome, one day i will also try my luck with that game:) Bound Out Of Bounds (0,65%) My rarest plat this year for a wonderful game.