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  1. I appreciate your faith in me, but if its really as hard as you are saying i dont think i have the skill to pull it off. But i will absolutely try it since everyone is so hyped here for this game:D
  2. Yeah, not even gonna try going for the plat😂 I don´t think i can do anything harder then Sine Mora....
  3. Yesyesyesyes Unravel, what a surprise♥️Loved the first one, the only game in years i‘ll buy at release:D
  4. #36 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Borderland Defender Round 1.5 (4,30%) Not as good as BL2 but still a lot of fun with a great DLC. I took quiet a long pause to finish the story and the rest of the trophys, but they are relatively easy. Level 50 was a bit of a grind this time and getting 100 kills with Athenas action skill wasn´t that much fun either. Now i can wait for the Borderlands Remaster:D Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5/10
  5. Aside from LOU2 and other big games, i really hope they show something new from Borderlands....
  6. @Stormverse Borderlands The Pre Sequel Plat. Working on that right now:D
  7. Good choice, it´s a beautiful game:)
  8. I remember the option to change the resolution is a bit hidden, but it can be found in the options menu, i just can´t tell you exactly where...
  9. Shadow Of The Colossus PS3:D
  10. Hm, thats interesting. Because the options menu says "Save & Quit" if i remember correctly and i wasn´t sure what it would save so i always quit out. But it could actually work, because if you quit out the game all the other collectibles are saved except the ducks.
  11. I can confirm @Kristycism´s statement. I got the Duck Hunt trophy yesterday and died nearly with every duck:D. When i died i just quit out of the game imediately and started it again. Trophy popped normally after collecting the last duck. I just used the back up save stategy for the mini games, so i play always with internet connection off.
  12. @Kurtis_808 Shadow of the Colossus
  13. #35 - Bound Out Of Bounds (0,65%) A really great game, it has a great art style, wonderful music and a fantastic level design with a lot of shortcuts to discover. I played it quiet a bit but it never got boring and it was always fun to run the levels. The game is actually quiet doable, the 100% run was easier than expected and if the game didn´t crashed two times i would have gotten it on my second try. The really hard and frustrating part for me was the "Cautious" trophy. There are so many places that are pure luck, if the camera is a bit off or in a strange angle you could miss jumps you already did 100 times without a problem. So with that in mind i think the difficulty is a good 8. If the controls were a bit better with edge guard off i would have given the game a 9 in enjoyment. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 8/10
  14. Bound 100% Run (0,66%)Complete the game in less than 01:05:00 and collect every Memory Shard Finally, after game crashes and missed shards i finished the run in 59:50. Had a good run until the last level where i got nervous and lost about 2-3 minutes. But finally done with this. One trophy missing for the platinum.
  15. Damn you Bound, the game crashed now the second time during a good 100% run. I´ll try now also to reinstall it, hope that helps. It would be nice if the game could let met finish a complete run once....