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  1. @Kurtis_808 Shadow of the Colossus
  2. #35 - Bound Out Of Bounds (0,65%) A really great game, it has a great art style, wonderful music and a fantastic level design with a lot of shortcuts to discover. I played it quiet a bit but it never got boring and it was always fun to run the levels. The game is actually quiet doable, the 100% run was easier than expected and if the game didn´t crashed two times i would have gotten it on my second try. The really hard and frustrating part for me was the "Cautious" trophy. There are so many places that are pure luck, if the camera is a bit off or in a strange angle you could miss jumps you already did 100 times without a problem. So with that in mind i think the difficulty is a good 8. If the controls were a bit better with edge guard off i would have given the game a 9 in enjoyment. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 8/10
  3. Bound 100% Run (0,66%)Complete the game in less than 01:05:00 and collect every Memory Shard Finally, after game crashes and missed shards i finished the run in 59:50. Had a good run until the last level where i got nervous and lost about 2-3 minutes. But finally done with this. One trophy missing for the platinum.
  4. Damn you Bound, the game crashed now the second time during a good 100% run. I´ll try now also to reinstall it, hope that helps. It would be nice if the game could let met finish a complete run once....
  5. Haha yes, i´ll play it on PS4. I hope i can do it:D AC3 is not that bad, actually i had a lot of fun going for the plat=) @K_Groove_NL A lot of stuff i dont know on your profile, i take your rarest 100%, Time Crisis 4;)
  6. @MIKEY-L-666 The Flame Over Plat. Think i´ll play that soon myself:) Impressive Cabinet.
  7. Sine Mora EX for 5,99€ is a good deal.
  8. @dark69knight Either Batman Arkham Origins or Arkham City, great job.
  9. Play it, it really is a beautiful game=). There are 3 hard trophies, Speedrun in 50 mins, 100%run in 1:05h and complete the game without dying. The 2 speedruns are now easier, because a lot of the unskippable cutscenes (which before counted to your total time) are now skippable so you can save some minutes. The Speedrun trophy i finished first try (after doing all the single level speedruns of course) in about 42 mins. Now i´ve just got the 100% run left. There you need to practice the single levels a bit, so that you memorize the shard placements , but that is not going to be very hard with some practice.
  10. Bound is by far not as hard as the rarity make it seem. Since the last patch it has gotten easier.
  11. Looks really cool, i like these kind of projects. Unfortunately not on the EU store:(
  12. @DynaVita Rise Of The Tomb Raider 100%. Never got around to finish the Co-op Challenges, so i´m sitting at 90%:D
  13. Fantastic, will do so:). Thanks for the tips. I´ll finish up now all misc trophies, and then do Speedrunner first. For the 100% run, did you took notes or had you already memorized all the locations?
  14. Great job. Currently im also going for the plat, really a great game, i like it very much. Do you have any tips for me? Im currently doing all the speedruns, then i thought about collecting all memory shards and going for the 100% run, and then lastly the complete speedrun and the cautios trophy. You think thats a good strategy?
  15. Hey everyone, i quickly wanted to give a small walktrough for the not so skilled players like myself, wo have a hard time with this requirement. There are a bunch of things you can do to make the run a little bit easier (although you´ll still need a lot of practice). I did this on Stage I as it seems to be the easiest. I followed the fantastic Guide on, so read that for more informations. Also thanks to my friend @KaKrackle who gave me a lot of great tips in this game. I also linked the video to my only successful run, so have a look at that for some visual help. Please forgive me some writing mistakes as english is not my native language, General Tipps: The most important thing in my opinion is to practice Kolobok and Matouschka in Boss Training (remember to always use firepower level 1 and Insane difficulty). The hardest things of this run are the parts in between the bosses, so if you know what you are doing there, it can save your run. I actually killed Matouschka, and finished this requirement, the first time i ever made it trough the worm tunnel, so be prepared. Also in some parts of the game it is best to button mash to do some more damage. Part I (before Kolobok) The hardest part of the run. There is nothing you can do to make this easier, except to just kill as much enemies as needed to reach Kolobok. But unfortunately most of the times you´ll kill not enough and run out of time or get hit. If you get hit ONCE restart. After a while you will learn a pattern of enemies you need to kill to make it trough. But be prepared, this will take some hours to lear and also then it will happen often that you get hit. Don´t kill the last enemies as they can drop Score Tokens but after this it gets easier. Also try not to use any reflection. Part II (first Kolobok fight) Immediately fly down to his upper face plate, button mash to do some damage and fly to the upper right corner to dodge his laser. Then back up to the upper left corner, wait for him to shoot his rockets and then fly down and shoot at his face plate while dodging his bullets (best is to button mash if you are confident at dodging his bullets). Then he will make a fast rotation while shooting some rockets, dodge them and destroy his first face plate quickly. Now back up a little bit and wait for his spiral bullet pattern, use some reflection and try to destroy the rest of his face plates. It´ll take some practice, but it is doable (in my video i couldn´t do it, but i got VERY very lucky afterwards). Dodge some more bullets and you´re fine. In the last part you can also get hit without ending your run. Part III (between Kolobok fights) Easy, just watch out not to get hit (you actually can get hit once and still make it to kolobok, but you have to be very very fast to destroy one of his tentacles to get some more time) and leave the last tanks alive. Part IV (second Kolobok fight) Use your first sub weapon, button mash and dodge his bullets. Then wait for his laser, stay over it and shoot at his weak point while dodging his bullets (you can get hit here so no worries). If you´ve practiced this it won´t be a problem. Part V (before worm tunnel) Kill some planes, leave the last five alive, and DON`T get hit, otherwise you have to restart. You should get with 15-20 seconds left to the worm tunnel. Part VI (worm tunnel) For me this wasn´t as hard as i heard from others, just watch a video walktrough, eventually use some reflection and memorize the spawns. And dodge everything Part VII (Matouschka) If you come prepared, with a bit of luck you can do this pretty quick. In my video i got hit the very first moment, but i got lucky and made it to the end. Immediately shoot the big cannon in the middle on the right (see my video), so you don´t need reflection for this side, then every other cannon. When you switch sides, use a bit of reflection to destroy the big cannons in the middle, then the rest. Use your subweapon on the tower to destroy it quickly and also some cannons on the next part. When you reach the big cannon, watch the lights that indicates what it will fire. The first light you can´t dodge, so use a bit of reflection. The other two you can dodge. The next part is easy, just destroy the lower right turret first as it shoots the most bullets. Now the last part, if you have some reflection left you should be fine, use it when the left turret starts firing to destroy it. Then go on to destroy the rest and be done with this terrible requirement. Video Walktrough This was actually one of my worst Kolobok fights in a long time but as i said, sometimes you need to be lucky. The worm tunnel was quiet good i think and also Matouschka was solid, except getting hit in the beginning. As you see i get hit a total of 7 times, so in some parts you have room for error.