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  1. Um no seems like a terrible idea. Ive put thousands of hours into my account from the ps3, vita, ps4, and then the ps5. I dont see a remotely good reason to scrap 10k trophies 200 plus platinums for a new console. I've always loved the carry over across generations for my account. I hope it stays that way for as long as playstation is a thing.
  2. I would delete every single game that 100 percent is unobtainable or I don't have the motivation to finish. Would need a passcode or something secure so that not just anybody could mess up years of your life.
  3. Ive played grindy games before........this may not be the worst but its fucking terrible. Like the sheer lack of shit to do at the end is terrible. I'm bored to tears of playing the same level 1 over and over and over and over again. Developers that add stupid pointless grinds for no reason are pathetic and this is coming from a huge fan of what machinegames has done with wolfenstein.
  4. 19.55 seconds. At first I didn't think it was possible.
  5. It was a joke on recruit! lol Haha I tried that first but it auto respawned all the enemies.
  6. Can someone be my hero and drop the DLC weapons for the last 3 DLC packs and let me get some quick kills? You would be a Godsend and it wouldn't take too long. I really don't feel like grinding this shit out lol. https://psnprofiles.com/session/202905-battlefield-1

  7. Honestly they might as well not make the inevitable Last of Us 2 Remastered edition on the PS5 like I was waiting for and simply release this on the PS5. It's close enough anyway (unless the PS5 also gets delayed).
  8. Ok, thanks! So to review, if I start the very last mission on recruit and then save and exit after the first checkpoint it will be recruit on the museum?
  9. MW2R was fun but I'm ready for MW3R and [email protected]

  10. So I just completed the campaign on Veteran. I immediately went to the main menu and started the Museum. I'm getting destroyed on it because the difficulty is clearly Veteran. How on earth do I get the difficulty down to recruit? There is absolutely no difficulty select button from what I can see in the menu or from the pause screen while in the Museum. Any help would be great. I'm sick of trying with this dumb Museum. I didn't like it in 2009 and I don't like it in 2020. lol
  11. Thanks for this. I just finished the game on Veteran and was concerned I had to play the entire game without ever dying or restarting. I'm relieved.
  12. I will definitely buy the PS5 at launch. I have a coworker whos like you should wait a year for the bugs to be ironed out but I got the PS4 at launch and literally played the hell out of it for like 5 years till it fell apart. As such I have no concerns about jumping on board day 1. That is if they ever freaking reveal it! Ill honestly be annoyed if they do that. I also think they possibly wont since backwards compatibility will be a thing and its releasing like 5 months before the ps5 comes out.
  13. Yeah it popped for me as well. Guess I had nothing to worry about. I only really care about the avatars and the last theme lol.