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  1. Trophies appear to autopop if you look at the timestamps of the person who had it and popped all but a handful instantly. He platinumed the game in 3h 30m. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13143-star-wars-jedi-fallen-order/Zango123
  2. I thought this was going to be a sarcastic post! I'm literally stunned that Sony reversed this. I can't believe how happy I am at this news. To be fair I was all set and had made all my purchases but to have indefinitely more time (although I'm still suspicious) is just absolutely wonderful news. I was legitimately starting to sour on Sony after being a fanboy since the PS1 and exclusively having their systems. This is a big freaking deal to me. All hail Jim Ryan. I respect he feels he made a mistake and can admit it! Thank God my Vita can live on (no pun intended).
  3. I think they have a real opportunity to make ps now much bigger. Many would happily pay 10 a month or more for the back catalog of games or at least most of them.
  4. It's a less than great move by Sony and I think they've made alot of mistakes recently but I also get it from their perspective. I'm not jumping the Playstation ship either. I'm not mad but I sort of understand those who are. Look, we all die someday. Nothing lasts forever. We've had these gens for a long long long time and to be fair we can still play physical copies and get trophies (and access previously purchased stuff on them. 15 years is a helluva long time to have the ps3 store and it really is beyond time to move onto the ps4 at least. Also, we always get the trophies to remember the moments. I know Sony has screwed up alot recently but trophies are linked to accounts and they understand the importance of trophies to alot of people. They wont get removed as long as Playstation is around. Anyway I bought everything I had wanted or dlc I needed to finish on ps3/vita tonight. Only had to spend 70 dollars. Once I finish that PS3 backlog which is shrinking I'll move on fully to the rest of my ps4/ps5 backlog (which I consider the same thing since the PS5 is essentially the PS4 Pro Pro. I'll always play vita games since I predominately buy physical, and hopefully PSNow gets more of an influx of PS3 games. Here's to the memories of an underrated gen of gaming. This will be my last year playing PS3 games for trophies. Cheers. Hopefully the PS5 will finally get some worthwhile games lol. Oh and I think the lesson is clear. ALWAYS buy physical when possible!
  5. Hi, so I need help and advice. I decided to go back to finish some PS3 trophies on Advanced Warfare however when I went to play the DLC, it gets to the loading screen and then endlessly loads, when I quit the game, it shuts the system off and restarts. It's all dlc that does this......mp and zombies. I have restored the file system, restored the hard drive, completely 100 percent wiped the PS3, I have deleted and reinstalled the game data and all the DLC's 3x already. Absolutely nothing works. Can a PS3 or tech savvy person help me figure this out. It makes no sense and its very very frustrating. All my updates for the system and game are up to date. Just ugh.
  6. Guess from now on when there are two versions I'm only playing ps5 from now on
  7. I know, I've been scouring the internet for days and nobody seems to be saying a word about it one way or another.
  8. Can anyone confirm if you play miles morales on the PS5 FIRST and then go back to the PS4 will it autopop? Can someone try that? If not I'm only playing the 5 version. Thx
  9. I've never stored a console vertically and my ps3 and ps4 are still horizontal, but there was no way the PS5 was gonna be anything but vertical. Its standing next to my TV stand. Its literally made to be an art piece. I freaking love it.
  10. I totally agree. Literally who cares about the value of a platinum? I play tough games, I play 15 min plats and I play 150 hour plats sometimes. Everyone knows the difference. I respect a platinum even if we know not all platinums are created equal.
  11. I've seen that thread and I understand it depends. However everyone is talking about PS4 to PS5. I'm talking about PS5 to PS4. I haven't heard anyone talk about that and I don't see a way to make it work which is really odd. I'm just gonna stop playing both versions of games from now on if thats the case cause I want to experience the latest and greatest version of a game and going back and not getting auto pop isn't worth the time. I want more experiences not repeats. So this autopop situation is disappointing. Sony should have absolutely made PS4 and PS5 games share a list. It fucks with my OCD.
  12. Hes absolutely wrong. There are two lists. They load based on your game version.. Period. I can't confirm if anything autopops or not. Trying to get that info somewhere.
  13. Can someone please answer this question? I want to know too!
  14. Day 1 buy absolutely......can there be a cross gen upgrade? I want a PS5 copy too......need some ray tracing on my mayo jar!
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can go back and forth across the PS4 and PS5. The games that you can autopop seem to be PS4 saves transferring to the PS5 version of the game but has anyone been able to or figured out if you can say play Cold War on the PS5 and then take your campaign progress back to the PS4? For instance if I want the Miles Morales autopop do I have to play it on PS4 first or no Autopop if I play it on the PS5 first? I'm a bit confused.