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  1. We already have a "Last Movie You Saw?" thread, but it does not cover TV shows. I personally watch more shows than I do movies. So for those that watch more shows than movies or watch both, there is this thread. There really is no need for further explanantion as everyone knows how this works. Carry on!
  2. Folks, for me to write something on a game as long as this article will probably end up, it has to be really really good, or have left a lasting impact on me. As a FPS fan, I was interested in playing The New Order, but didn't pay it too much attention. After it's release I heard positive rumblings, but still never got around to it. As I have plowed through most of my PS4 games with a little bit of clean-up remaining, I found myself turning back to my backlog of PS3 games. After completing many of these, I found myself wanting to get a new PS4 game to tide me over till the big releases come the fall. As such, I locked in on either Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition, or Wolfenstein: The New Order. I asked you guys what one you'd recommend I get, and the answer was definitively affirmative of Wolfenstein. As such, I went on Amazon and bought a copy. My expectations were essentially non-existent. I came into the game not expecting anything good or bad. I didn't know what to think. I even intended on finishing up my trophy cleanup of Crysis 3 first. However, when I got Wolfenstein in the mail, I decided to check it out. After that I was flat out hooked. To be fair, I was not super pulled in by the opening sequence, but after the first level, I was all in. It took me the weekend, but as of now, I have completed the game. I played it every spare second I had till the end. Before I go back and get the platinum trophy, I wanted to write this article sharing my thoughts and love for this game. For starters, I am now supremely confident that this is my favorite game that I have ever played. Period. As most people know about me, when it comes to gaming, I live and breath FPS games. I have had alot of experience and with that said, I have never played a game so beautiful, so enthralling, so captivating, so immersive, so enjoyable, so violent (in a gratuitous way), and so much freaking fun to play. I'm a huge fan of COD but I'd be the first to admit that COD's story, ESPECIALLY Ghosts can't even come close to Wolfenstein: The New Order. It is apparent from the onset that developer, Machine Games clearly put alot of love and passion into making The New Order. The world that they created is beautiful in it's bleak setting. In The New Order, the Nazis have won WWII and taken over the world. There is oppression and depression everywhere. The world has become a concrete jungle thanks to the Nazis' ambitious construction. This may sound like the game is ugly, but it is anything but. It could sound like its a typical WWII shooter with grey being the main color. Yet once again this is not the case. The art design, and colors are absolutely beautiful. I have never played a WWII based game that has looked so crisp, varied, and pretty. Every chapter has its own distinct appearance and nothing in the game starts to seem overly familar. For the entire lengthy campaign (10-12 hours if not more), there is much variety to experience that one can truly be impressed with. Machine Games specifically said they want to created single-player only games and I couldn't support their decision further. I don't want to talk about too many specifics regarding the game to keep spoilers to a minimum, but MachineGames have created the perfect FPS in my opinion. The weapons are fantastic, and the upgrades for them are badass. Every single weapon is useful, and boy are they fun to use! They are all distinct and fresh, and dual-wielding essentially every weapon in the game can be just too much fun. On top of that the PS4 version can handle a crazy amount of chaos on the screen at once. There are plenty of moments when you go blazing into room akimbo, and just tear the Nazis up. The thing about this game is that it has everything. When I say violent, is it ever violent. It makes COD: World at War's violence look pathetic in comparison. Shredding and decapitating Nazis has never been so fun or gratuitous. Is that wrong? lol However, this is not just another mindless shooter, while there is an insane amount of action, the game also has one of the better FPS stories that I can personally remember. This game has emotion and plenty of heart. It's characters are truly fantastic. I at least generally cared for them, and for whatever reason, I was captivated by BJ's love interest, Anya in a way similar to how captivating Clementine was in The Walking Dead....except Anya is a romantic interest and Clementine is more of a daughter. In the campaign I found myself driven to protect Anya. I played the game with a purpose to killing all the Nazis. I wanted Anya to be safe, and I'd do whatever it took to keep her and the rest of my allies out of harm. I'd have been perfectly happy if BJ and Anya ended the game somewhere alone together in the mountains, and away from the Nazis lol. MachineGames created a beautiful character in Anya, and she's someone that I'd have liked to see more in the game. The balance between romance, other human elements, killing Nazis, story, and over the top and insane action is perfectly balanced. The campaign has enough "slow moments" to keep you from getting tired of obliterating Nazi's, and vice versa. If you want to stealth the game, stealth it. If you want to go balls to the wall and blast everyone in the face, you can certainly do that! There are multiple ways to go throughout each level, and the level variety in terms of what you get to do throughout the game is superb. I mean on top of other fantastic moments that I won't spoil, you end up fighting on the moon! How cool is that!? I could literally go on and on about this game, and I may come back and add more to this article, but suffice to say this game is a masterpiece. MachineGames has proved that you can still make a fantastic game and it doesn't have to have multiplayer! This game has it all, love, revenge, a solid story, sex, fantastic set pieces, superb graphics, action, violence, heart, emotion, human elements, weapons, scenery, environment, set pieces, memorable characters, humor, variety in all aspects of the game........what more can I list? I encourage EVERYONE to buy this game and preferably new in order to support the developers. I for one am desperately hoping for a sequel especially with the way the game ended....by far the best game I have played on my PS4 and the best I've ever played. I play games for games like this. 10/10.
  3. As titled, this is the official 2014 MLB discussion thread. With the Red Sox as defending World Series champs, will they repeat? If not, who will dethrone them? Have fun, and keep it friendly!
  4. Retired Trophy Hunter

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      I haven't seen you around here in a while, how have you been?

  5. I'm looking for people interested in getting every dlc trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies. Please message me if interested and I'll work on setting up a gaming session. Need 3 more.

  6. Look to start, I've always been a massive COD fan since the days of Call of Duty back on the PC in 2003. I've played every game, bought every DLC, and sunk way too much time into the franchise. I've never thought a COD game was bad, and I've always been sick of the internet thinking it's cool to attack the franchise just because it is super popular and the best-selling game every year that Grand Theft Auto isn't released. When I first got my PS4 at launch, Ghosts was the big game to play seemingly. I never disliked Ghosts. It wasn't the best COD ever, but I had alot of fun with it. I really enjoyed the bombastic ridiculous campaign, hit max prestige in the mp (absolutely wrecked people), and found Extinction to be fresh and just fantastic. It was far from perfect but the game was unfairly hated IMO. When Advanced Warfare came out I was initially excited, but very quickly I soured. The campaign was great, but I hated the MP with a passion. We all know what is wrong with it. Only two guns were usable, unlimited boost jumps, worst spawns the series has ever seen, ugly maps, horrible kill streaks, and those god-awful supply drops. Zombies wasn't anything special but it was fun enough. On a further note, I absolutely hated the interface, the menus were ugly as hell, and just the general aesthetics of the game were ugly in my opinion. Advanced Warfare was the first COD I actually disliked and see as the worst in the series. Black Ops 3 renewed my hype. It looked infinitely better than AW. It was a more grounded experience with a decent movement system. I played it a decent amount, but the campaign (hated the co-op emphasis) was probably the lamest of the series, and the first time Treyarch didn't do a good job. Zombies was solid, and the MP was decent, but got stale fast. The Supply Drops were once again infuriating and got worse. Overall I still havent finished the trophies in that game, and honestly it was the first time I got burned out massively on the series. It wasn't a bad game. It was a solid game, but it just bored me. As I die hard fan, that surprised me. All this leads to Infinite Warfare. I was never hyped about this game after being burned out. I've longed for a return to boots on the ground and a historical setting such a WW1, WW2, or Vietnam (possibly the Korean War). I pre-ordered the legacy pro edition like I do every year (getting the best edition every year), but genuinely wondered if I'd regret it. The campaign looked ok through E3, and the beta was just a whole big meh. When I heard they were doing zombies instead of extinction I was highly annoyed. When I finally started to play the game, all my whims and concerns vanished. Look this game is really really good, and criminally underated (even with the solid reviews). The campaign is fantastic. Easily the best since the Modern Warfare series. It feels fresh, grounded, believable, and just the whole setting is fantastic. The interface and aesthetics especially the menus are wonderful. Just the atmosphere of the game is great. This is the first time after 3 straight years that I feel a developer got the whole future setting right. Jackal fights are fun, commanding the Retribution is great. You genuinely get attached to the charachters, and Infinity Wards take on space and fighting on different planets is just wonderfully realized. The weapons are great, the gadgets and gear are as well. I love the side missions, and the general direction of the game. Mutiplayer and Zombies has genuinely surprised me with how enjoyable they are. Alot of people are are saying its BO3.5. I understand it plays it safe in alot of ways, but I genuinely think zombies may be better and less hardcore than Treyarch's zombies (blasphemy I know). I genuinely am enjoying the MP far more than BO3 (although I can't pinpoint why). Map design is great, maps are pretty and unique, guns and gun balance is surprisingly decent so far, and the kill streaks are finally good again. The only massive negative is the supply drops and how they keep being further integrated as the years go on. I hate supply drops with a passion, but they seem to be here to stay. I'd happily pay $2.99 for a gun or something like that, but spending hundreds of dollars trying to get a random gun is fucking stupid. Anyway to wrap this up, I've found Infinite Warfare to be rejuvenating and worthy of attention. I know most are burned out on the future, but I totally believe that this game could become a genuine sub franchise in the series. I think with 3 developers there is room for a future sub-franchise. I'd like Infinite Warfare to be it. Sledgehammer won't be doing AW2 I don't think. I'd be stunned if we don't get a historical boots on the ground game, and hopefully Treyarch is done with the solid but needing to be finished Black Ops series. I'm sure Infinite Warfare will sell less than Black Ops 3 because its a brand new sub-series, and has gotten negative attention simply because it's future setting. Look this game is genuinely great and deserves a shot. Hopefully Activision sticks with it and allows Infinite Warfare a chance to breath and get a sequel. We need variety in the series, and IMO Infinity Ward has earned the right to the future era of the series. I'm very interested in others's honest opinions and not simply "COD sucks blah blah blah."
  7. This is probably the one of if not the best first-party franchises ever, and perhaps one of the greatest franchises of all times. Uncharted has changed video games for the better and I think has been instrumental video games finally receiving some respect. I hate to rate these, as I don't want the last place ranked game to seem like a negative. Each title is fantastic in its own way. Simply put, there is no such thing as a bad Uncharted game. Anyway without further ado: #1: Uncharted 4: A Thieves End (Quite possibly probably the greatest video game ever made. Wrapped everything up so well. Utterly gorgeous, captivating, and moving.) #2: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The spectacle, the action, the story). #3: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Underrated, but not quite as stupendous as Among Thieves which set an impossible bar only to be exceeded by A Thieve's End) #4: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Impossible to forget the start of it all). #5: Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Criminally underrated and underplayed). #6: Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (Not a bad game, but uh.....it's a card game. Nuff said).
  8. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the greatest video game ever made. Period.

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      its really well made. naughty dog is definitely one of the best gaming studios out there.

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      not to that degree. fantastic game, still.

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      I wish they make more uncharted games for the better future.

  9. As stated in the title, what is the highest PSN trophy level of your friend's list? As for me it is joury070 and he is at a whopping trophy level of 32! He has 6,935 trophies and 132 platinums!!!
  10. Hey guys, so I was recently thinking about the Ratchet and Clank game that they announced for the PS4 and I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Is anyone excited? It's apparently going to be a re-imaginiation of the very first Ratchet and Clank. What does everyone think that means? As a longtime fan of the series, more ratchet and clank is always a good thing, but at the same time, is this a "reboot" of the franchise (which I deem completely unnecessary. Have they run out of ideas? I get that this game is supposed to tie in with the movie, but still. What is everyone's thoughts on this matter, and hopes for the game etc. For reference: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/06/09/ratchet-clank-announced-for-ps4/
  11. I never planned on coming back to Destiny after putting over 1000 hours into it. I really thought I was done. This expansion has me hooked. Gally is back and we get more Earth content, a new campaign, and A FALLEN RAID. Ugh. Damn you Bungie! Damn you! I'm just a sucker apparently.
  12. So I just platinumed Battlefield Hardline today. I was curiously looking forward to the new DLC and the trophies. I just 100%ed BF4 and completing expansions is something I really enjoy. Thus I looked up the new DLC trophies and according to XboxAchievements, 4 of the 8 new trophies require 10000, that's right, 10,000, 10k, TEN-THOUSAND, kills with EACH class for a total of 40,000 kills. I am extremely pissed off. Battlefield is not COD. It takes longer to get kills. I've put 1.5 days in and am just barely at the 2k kills mark. I'm seriously pissed off, and that's putting it lightly. I try to 100 percent every game I can, and turning my back on this game or putting in days of time are my only options and my life is too valuable. I'm literally outraged at this insane requirement. It's a real dick move by Visceral. If I were to get them it would take years of slow and steady playing. Maybe two years total. Is anyone else pissed off about this?
  13. As the title says, what games on the PS4 use the Vita's Second Screen function, and how does it implement it?
  14. Just buy the Complete Saga on Blu-ray. Going into it with an open mind. All 6 are great and all 6 have their flaws. I love each and every episode equally. People are thankless and spoiled and its cool to hate popular things.
  15. I ABSOLUTELY, 1000000000000% would and am pumped for this! Have wanted a legitimate WW1 game since I was a kid. Like for over a decade! If this is true I'm all for it. Sick and tired of futuristic shooters. Want COD to go back to WW2, and if Battlefield 5 was WW1 (and had a campaign)......I just can't even. So much excitement on my end.
  16. Boring. Terrible trophy images, and the lack of a platinum was expected. Hope the game is good, but from a trophy standpoint its a major dissapointment.
  17. Jonathan Blow's The Witness Leads Self-Publishing Platform On PlayStation 4 by Kyle Hilliard http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/02/20/jonathan-blow-39-s-the-witness-leads-self-publishing-platform-on-playstation-4.aspx Jonathan Blow, the creator of the independent gem Braid, has announced that his next game, The Witness, will lead the charge for PlayStation 4's new self-publishing platform . The Witness is not a new game announcement, but learning that it is coming to PlayStation 4 first is big news. After describing the abstract game, a new trailer was shown giving us the first meaty taste of the Myst-like game in motion.
  18. I like the Walking Dead TV series, and have enjoyed Telltales games in the past, so I checked out the trophy list. OMG It looks SOOO EZ. All you have to do is complete all the chapters in all the episodes, and you get a freaking platinum!!!! This is amazing, now I can actually enjoy the content of the game and worry about nothing else. I shall pick this baby up for sure, and truly enjoy it!!!!
  19. This is great. I couldn't believe the thread title. I sincerely thought Sony was completely done with the Vita. Nice that we arent completely ignored. Seems like Telltale and Traveler's Tales are the only studios that realize that the Vita exists!
  20. Wait the PS4 has a touchpad?!?!?!?!?! No seriously this list is great. Suprised someone took the time for this. Impressive.
  21. Conquest or Rush in BF TDM or SnD in COD Control in Destiny
  22. It was pretty much confirmed when they made the announcement and they had to calm down angry fans. This was expected and is zero surprise. Very true. They should delay this game. The plan is gonna backfire Fallout 4 will demolish it. Also Xbox has almost 10 million less console sales than the PS4. No doubt tomb raider 2 sells way better on the PS4 even a year later. Microsoft's game division is crumbling. They have to pay for timed exclusive titles to have a chance at survival. PS4 is lapping them time and time again. PS4 has all the good 1st party exclusives (Uncharted, Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Killzone, Last of Us etc. etc.) and all the relevant and big time timed exclusive dlc or exclusive content. I.E. Destiny, Call of Duty, Battlefront etc.
  23. Sony just unloaded their guns at Microsoft and left nothing in the barrel. That was the press conferences of all press conferences.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      But MS will have backwards compatibility :( Why would you want new and exciting games when you can play old ones :)

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      because everyone on this website owns a PS3...

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      LOLS @Doc! You never fail to amaze *us (*wait, maybe, just 'me') with your punch lines! :)

      that simply sums up the whole MS conference. :D peace!

  24. I hope so. If nothing changes I won't be wasting my 50 dollars for premium.
  25. I need someone who is commited to working with me towards getting the double barreled shotgun unlocked in BF Hardline tomorrow. This includes boosting ballistic shield coins and reaching tier 4 reputation 10x. I'm on the PS4. Please message me ASAP.