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  1. Starting my next batch of games. Some new and some I'm going back to. For the PS3 it's Crysis 3, for the PS4 it's Wolfenstein and Flower, and for the PSVITA it's Tearaway and Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate. Should keep me busy for a week or so.

  2. Two playthroughs isn't too bad.
  3. Hoping for some Vita love!!!!
  4. The last show I watched was NBC's LAST COMIC STANDING. I kind of irritated with the top three. I don't find the lady funny at all, and I find the super awkward guy to be way funnier than her.
  5. I encourage everyone to sign the petition to make Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider multiplatform at Change.org. We, the Playstation community need to make our voices heard. You don't just take a game that has been multi-platform for over a decade, and then say hey screw you the majority of fans on Playstation. We are only releasing the sequel to Tomb Raider (2013) on the Xbone. It's even more ludicrous because they released the definitive edition on the PS4, happily took our money, and now we don't get the sequel!!!! Needles to say, SIGN THE PETITION!!!!!! http://www.change.org/petitions/square-enix-and-crystal-dynamics-rescind-the-arrangement-to-publish-rise-of-the-tomb-raider-exclusively-on-xbox-one-2?recruiter=139303375&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition
  6. 5 years give or take of trophy hunting and I finally got plat #100!!!!!!!!!! Freakin' yay!!!

    1. DanielVT


      Thanks, and no, don't have any interest in stopping. I enjoy trophy hunting, and I do it at my own pace pressure-free with no real goals in mind.

    2. REDSHIRT64


      Congrats bud! And I take the same approach as you do to trophy hunting, my hobby my pace!

    3. DanielVT


      Haha, yes, precisely!

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  7. Just got plat #99!!! (Sly 2 VITA). Now in thirty minutes or so I'll get my 100th in LA NOIRE. I saved one trophy in it as I wanted it as my 100th. My reasoning is that as a history buff the 1900's (specifically the first half-century) is my favorite era in history. LA NOIRE captured classic American perfectly.

    1. Royalredpanda


      Double congrats!

    2. DanielVT


      Haha, I'm content. Although it was kind of abrupt for him to "die" like that. Kind of lame.

    3. DanielVT
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  8. For me it's the following in no order, and I'm missing tons I'm sure. Infamous: Second Son Flower Flow Trine Call of Duty: Classic Medal of Honor: Frontline Resogun Sound Shapes Chronovolt Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves Savage Moon Battlefield 1943
  9. Add me, on my Vita ALLLLLLLLLLL the time.
  10. Hot Rod with Andy Samberg
  11. I haven't platinumed that game and wonder if I ever will because of that. Anyway, I'd be shocked if there is not a feudal Japan or Asia based Assassin's Creed.
  12. There are too many other big games coming out that I'll be buying, but this game looks pretty good and I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.
  13. Glad to hear this!!! Sorry I never saw that you posted this information and I created a duplicate article. Good find regardless. I hate this timed exclusive crap, but look forward to playing the game!
  14. After yesterday's insanity, confusion, and anger, Xbox's head, Phil Spencer confirmed that Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive only. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2014/08/13/tomb-raider-is-timed-exclusive-for-xbox-could-release-on-other-platforms.aspx
  15. That's precisely what I was thinking. Only in Europe I believe. Only in Europe I believe.
  16. I get that the PS4 is center stage, but I am expecting Sony to give the Vita some love next year. It's not dying. It has a fair amount of games and is nearing the 10 million units sold mark. 10 million is not a bad install base. They just need to give it more attention, and it seems they have been distracted by the PS4. I mean the PS3 wasn't even mentioned once and yet they say they are still supporting it, and new games are still coming out for it. I think Sony needs to figure some things out, no doubt.
  17. -I missed the First Light trailer....I'm glad to have seen it, so pumped for that game! -I'm quite excited for The Order! It looks fantastic. -Dead Nation 2.......er Alien Nation......errr....Alienation looks great! -Tearaway Unwrapped looks good, but one less Vita exclusive. -Speaking of the Vita I was yet again dissapointed by the overall lack of games for it, and also lack of focus for the big AAA PS4 exclusive games. I hope they give the Vita more attention next year since the PS4's first year will be completed. I think Sony Bend has a big AAA Vita title in the works. -I want to see more Uncharted at least details. - I like indie titles, but basing your entire show off of them is pretty lame if you ask me. -Far Cry 4 may be something I have to pick up!!! -They spent several minutes talking about a cardboard box in MGS. Are you kidding me?! That was just about the dumbest thing I have ever seen at a game conference. A complete and stupid waste of time.
  18. Holy shittake mushrooms! That is pretty sweet! I already pre-bought First Light, so that is welcome news! I was already really looking forward to the game, but this certainly adds to the excitement.
  19. Nathan and Lara would make a great couple! lol We should have both on the PS4! I hope you are right!
  20. It came out last fall I believe. So it's nearly a year old.
  21. The Vita has sold 9 million units but it gets no love. Sony needs to wake the fuck up and support it some. I mean two big AAA exclusive titles a year is all I am asking.
  22. The PS Vita was at least acknowledged once or twice during Gamescom, it was also shown in some trailers. I really want another big game for it.....I'm pretty sure Sony Bend is working on a big Vita title (due to previous job listings specifically referencing handhelds), hopefully a sequel to Golden Abyss.

    1. DanielVT


      I am highly confident I hear them say Vita. I'm 99 percent sure.

    2. UndreyVITA


      There wasn't an official announcement, there was just a trailer.

    3. DanielVT


      Regardless it will be on the Vita, count on it.

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  23. I just bought it on the Vita. Sigh....one less exclusive Vita title.
  24. #Shocker, but two indie games, Journey and Unfinished Swan are coming to the PS4. As someone who never played either of these games sadly, I look forward to checking these out. It was inevitable, but the official confirmation is welcome. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/08/12/gamescom-2014-journey-the-unfinished-swan-officially-announced-for-ps4
  25. I enjoyed the first game on my phone, then on the PS3, and even more on my Vita. I hope they release the second one on the Vita and such. Regardless, I may give this game a shot, trophies look easy enough.