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  1. Yeah, hacking trophies is PATHETIC (so is boosting for that matter). I'm looking at you Socom: Confrontation 2min achievers!
  2. These PETA guys are arrogant, liberal, assholes. For this I am going to kill that rat again and again on BF3!!!!
  3. MMMM I want some lol this is the most dead thread EVER not that im complaining
  4. I do a mixture of both. For the majority though I keep but if i have played a game like Resistance over 3x and got the platinum I tend on selling it. I keep games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty....those are just a few examples.
  5. how about a milestone for every 500 trophy?
  6. i don't get your point....what are you trying to say?
  7. i agree i dont want a system that does not use physical games
  8. i really like DLC i just wish that some developers would not be losers and complete it before the game comes out and sell it seperately
  9. The latest thing I bought non-video game related is the MW3 labeled Moutain Dews. I got those this afternoon and DAMN are they good! The latest video game related thing I got was a $20.00 PSN card do I could renew my PS Plus subscription. The latest video game I got was Transformers 3 but I returned that to Gamestop within 3 days for a full refund after I platinumed it.
  10. MODERN WARFARE 3 + BATTLEFIELD 3 (yes, I love them both... impossible right?)