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  1. no problem, they are all great games : ) I am a little nervous to go after Infamous, those freaking 350 shards are intimidating! how hard is it to collect those?
  2. Yeah I am a member, but thats pretty silly of sony lol.......but ps plus IS awesome! it pays for itself super-fast
  3. Oh, they don't seem too bad there, but Davey can be an arse! lol
  4. I think this update is awesome (as I will be getting a Vita), but you are SOOO right 3.00 was SICK!!!!! Also what's up with the PS plus in the XMB? It always dissapears when I sign in!
  5. I can't get the picture to post, but, my last trophy was from Uncharted 1, it's Charted! -Hard
  6. What can I do to become a moderator? I am an active gamer and would love to help with this site! I could use some training though LOL Yes! The PS3T (.org) moderators are real douschebags!!!!
  7. You can't die, you would have to play them and platinum them, after that you could die! LOL Otherwise I agree with you, I would love a R&C HD collection, also a collection of the COD PS2 games (Finest Hour and Big Red One), and a Medal of Honor collection (Rising Sun, European Assault, etc.) P.S. I forgot to mention i would like to see the first killzone on the PS3 as I have never played it!
  8. Once again you have proven your awesomeness Sly! It's epic what you have done with this site!
  9. My vote is for Modern Warfare 3. I played many of those titles, but I have spent the most time with MW3!
  10. I don't if you like games that are not RPG's or JRPG's but, I would highly recommend the Uncharted series, Assassins's Creed series, and also the Infamous games. I hope that is a good suggestion for you
  11. I liked the Prehistoric Moves game, but never played the first one much. I suck at building levels and there is no way i was getting the hearts and likes. With that said, I'm not sure if I will bother with this game.
  12. Yeah, hacking trophies is PATHETIC (so is boosting for that matter). I'm looking at you Socom: Confrontation 2min achievers!
  13. These PETA guys are arrogant, liberal, assholes. For this I am going to kill that rat again and again on BF3!!!!
  14. MMMM I want some lol this is the most dead thread EVER not that im complaining
  15. I do a mixture of both. For the majority though I keep but if i have played a game like Resistance over 3x and got the platinum I tend on selling it. I keep games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty....those are just a few examples.
  16. how about a milestone for every 500 trophy?
  17. i don't get your point....what are you trying to say?
  18. i agree i dont want a system that does not use physical games
  19. i really like DLC i just wish that some developers would not be losers and complete it before the game comes out and sell it seperately
  20. The latest thing I bought non-video game related is the MW3 labeled Moutain Dews. I got those this afternoon and DAMN are they good! The latest video game related thing I got was a $20.00 PSN card do I could renew my PS Plus subscription. The latest video game I got was Transformers 3 but I returned that to Gamestop within 3 days for a full refund after I platinumed it.
  21. MODERN WARFARE 3 + BATTLEFIELD 3 (yes, I love them both... impossible right?)