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  1. "This isn't the Rise of the Tomb Raider. It's the fall." -Brentz (a community memeber from IGN)

    1. DanielVT


      Where did you read this? I have not heard time exclusive once from anyone official.

    2. DarkStar83x


      Fuck Microsoft and Square Enix!

    3. ChickenExotic


      this is NOT a timed exclusive...ITS A REAL EXCLUSIVE same as Dead Rising 3. I hate it that Microsoft doesnt have the talent to make these games and goes around waving their deep pockets full of money and 10+ potential TR fans gets screwed over...not mentioning PC gamers too.

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  2. The Xbox needs their own exclusive and brand new IP's, not buying out a long-running multiplatform franchise. There is a big difference. Sony doesn't buy out games, they own studios that makes brand new and successful IP's.
  3. YESSSS!!!! PRECISELY!!!! The just gave millions of loyal fans the finger. This makes me despise the Xbox all the more and Microsoft as well naturally.
  4. I signed it, and I'm going to make it an article here, so that it gets more attention.
  5. Haha, yeah, understatement of the day. I'm pretty livid.
  6. I woke up to this, and it just pissed me off to no end. This is BS. Call me a fanboy, whatever. I grew up on Playstation, and have owned every console and handheld they have released, and have never been left wanting. The Xbox has never and will never appeal to me. Yes, I actually played the Xbox and when I did I couldn't stand the controller, and secondly I gave halo a shot, and despised it as well. I mean emptying two clips into a guy in mp and then him turning around and instantly killing me was fucking retarded. All this to say I can't stand MS. I really just can't. It made me angry when they made COD DLC timed exclusive (yeah I get that they paid Activision money, but still, I've never disliked Activision for whatever reason). Now this move today makes me pretty much irate, and I hope Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics suffers as a direct result, until they are forced to bring it to every platform (PC and PS4). They are fucking retards. If I'm not mistaken the PS4 is outselling the X"BONE" by a large margin. (VGCHARTZ.com shows the Xbox with sales of 5 million to the PS4's 9.3! Hell, even the Vita has outsold the Xbox nearly 2-1 at 8.7 million handhelds sold!!!) Sony is clearly winning this so-called "console-war". All I heard last-year was how Square was disappointed with Tomb Raider's sales. The only way it made a profit was when they re-released it as a definitive edition on nex-gen consoles. Oh and by the way when they did, the PS4 version outsold the Xbone by a significant margin (170,00 to 460,000 copies) This is a margin of almost 3-1!!!!. So what makes business sense? Oh yeah, fuck over the bigger install base and the larger amount of users on the PS4 that bought significantly more copies of your game and make it exclusive. This is a retarded decision from a business standpoint at the very least. If you add up the totals of Tomb Raider reboot including (XBONE and Xbox360) vs. (PS3 and PS4) the total copies sold are 1.87 million copies on Xbox platforms vs 2.68 million on Playstation platforms. Which means even overall Sony platform users out-bought Tomb Raider copies 3-2. I don't get this logic, in fact, there is none. They are throwing away millions of copies for what? So it can be Microsoft's Uncharted? PUHLEEEASE. Tomb Raider is not a system seller, and yet Uncharted always is. If someone were buying a system based on the new Tomb Raider or the new Uncharted, I'm quite sure most would go Uncharted. There is only one Naughty Dog, and nobody can match the level of their games. If you ask me, everyone tries to mirror Naughty Dog's games because they are so head and shoulders above everyone's games. With all this said, I'll still be getting the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition as it looks like a great game and I'm not going to let my irritation towards a game company keep me away from a great experience. If anything it will be one more copy sold on the PS4. I truly do hope that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix suffers so that they are forced to release the sequel on PS platforms as well, and future games remain on all systems. This series is not, has not, and should not be exclusive to any one platform. This is pathetic on Microsoft's part. They don't have any great and exciting new IP's like Sony's boatload of exclusive's and armada of first-party studios churning out quality titles, so what do they do? They buy out multiplatform games (such as Tomb Raider or Dead Rising) and make them "exclusive Xbox franchises". It shows a lack of creativity and also an act of desperation as Sony has a huge lead in consoles sold. I guess my rant is over, and I hope everyone sees that while angry I've made a lot of points backed up with data. For all my numbers go to VGCHARTZ. They have sales numbers on all games (except for digital copies sold). This is just so so so dumb and only makes me dislike Microsoft all the more.
  7. Don't worry about the length of the article. It does not lose my interest. In fact I read everything in under two minutes. After reading it, there are a couple points I'd like to make. - First of all you made many good points, but I'm not concerned at all. We are not even one year into the PS4's life cycle (which could last another 6 years i.e. the PS3). As such we have seen nothing yet. As for franchise fatigue I don't think it is something to get overly concerned about. I personally enjoyed the hell out of Black Flag (still have to get the plat). I think you would too. It's way more a fantastic pirate game than it is an Assassin's Creed. I personally want there to continue to be yearly iterations of the BIG 3 franchises (COD, BF, and AC). These titles have become the ones that I greatly look forward to and are a staple to my year of gaming. I love those series, and am not burned out yet (Ghosts was hugely mediocre, and a step backward, but I still enjoyed my time with it, and put a MASSIVE amount of time into it. (To be fair, BF only recently became a yearly release, and only since AC III did I start to buy them yearly). As much as the big franchises are continuing to this nex-gen, there are also new IP's being released alongside it. Take for instance Activision. Obviously they are releasing another COD (which could be the best in the series), but also a huge new IP in Destiny. As for Ubisoft, they are releasing another AC, but already released a new IP this year in Watch Dogs. As for two AC games, I have no problem with it. In my mind it would cost way less to simply port Unity to the last-gen, but instead they are spending more money and making Unity a full-fledged and fully focused nex-gen game. Also they are developing an entirely separate and full AC experience for the last gen. I think that is fantastic......yes they are a business, but let's face it, they aren't cutting corners, and not ignoring fans from the last gen or current (nex) gen. As for EA they are releasing another BF game, but I'm pretty sure a brand new IP (that I can't think of). My point is the new generation is not even a year old and already has some older and established franchises on it, and some brand new ones. In my mind it's a good balance at the moment. - You are correct, PSN prices seriously need to be dropped. PSP games are fucking stupidly priced. I've considered getting a PSPGO in order to replay some of the great games it had. (already have a much beloved VITA). However why the heck would I pay 20 dollars for a digital version of a game that came out years ago, and I can get physically for under three dollars at Gamestop? It's ludicrous. All games from last-gen should be significantly marked down. On a similar note, games that are coming out for the last-gen exclusively still should NOT be priced at the full $60.00 that the next-gen games cost. That as well is frickin' insane and dumb as hell. -As for remastered games and remakes, I really don't see the issue. If you don't want it don't buy it. Your money votes. Personally, I missed out on a ton of games that I really wanted to play right before the PS4 came out, but never got around to them. I'm really looking forward to playing Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Metro: Redux, The Last of Us: Remastered, and Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. I have never played any of those games, and while the PS4 library is still at a fledgling state I see no better time to play them. For me it's a win win. A bigger catalog, and better versions of games I've never played. TR, and Metro, and the Last of Us look truly next-gen graphically (ESPECIALLY METRO). I have no issue with these remastered games. I'm sure there are many people like me that missed out on these titles as they were finishing up their PS3 games, and saving for the PS4 console itself, why not get to experience a better and more complete version of these games? Also it gives the developers a chance to earn some of the money that they deserve that they may have missed out on. I really see no issue. The gaming industry is a business after all lol. - I don't play a ton of indie games except the ones that are free on my VITA with PS Plus, so your point is not an issue with me, and not something I feel qualified to comment on. Anyway, these are my thoughts and opinions. Please keep these blogs coming. They are quite thought-provoking and well-written!
  8. Medal of Honor (2010) Medal of Honor: Warfighter Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Resistance 3 Resistance: Burning Skies
  9. Tell me about it, all the hate-wagonners are hypocrites, they say the same old and tired lines of COD hate. I am sick, so so sick of them.
  10. If this doesn't shut the COD hate-wagonners up then nothing will. They've been bitching for years, and they seemed to finally have gotten what they want. All I see is a studio trying new things, and taking risks, and really pushing the series forward similar to COD4. This could and should be the best COD yet. It looks amazing and truly innovative for the series.
  11. I absolutely love my vita. In fact I probably play it more than my PS4 and PS3 combined (I'm waiting for the big titles this fall, and then most of my time will be on the PS4). I have no regrets buying the VITA. I have not yet run out of games on it, and still have more games I have interest in buying for it. I do wish it would receive more AAA games. I know Sony is cutting back and letting third-parties take over, but I'd still like just 2 AAA Sony titles, which I think is reasonable. It would not surprise me if they have at least one or two big name titles in the works.
  12. Just finished the final exam of my last class of my first degree.....Associate's in General Studies. I can't wait to get it in the mail (I'm an online student). My long journey is halfway completed..........now for some trophy hunting to commemorate this accomplishment! lol

    1. Hamburger Helper

      Hamburger Helper

      Liberal Arts, eh? Is there a particular field or occupation you'd like to perform in?

    2. DanielVT


      Liberal Arts? I don't recall saying that lol. I'm considering law.

    3. Hamburger Helper

      Hamburger Helper

      Liberal Arts and General Studies is practically the same thing :P I guess it's just where I'm located where that is prominent. Law as in actual judicial practices or enforcing the law?

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  13. I have to disagree. This is by no means the worst game ever made. In fact it's pretty good. No offense, but perhaps your FPS skills are perhaps not super refined/honed? Or more likely, maybe your internet speed isn't very good as that could certainly cause bad mp online quality and tons of irritation. I hope you figure it out!
  14. $9.50 and too many runs later I'm done with Jetpack Joyride. It drove me up the wall not having it done so I literally paid for coins to get the 100%. I got suckered into it since the game was free. STAY AWAY FROM IT FOLKS. It takes roughly 600 runs plus or minus (less if you buy things). MAJOR GRIND unless you spend real money for coins.

    1. DanielVT


      Haha DarkStar, at least you knew what you were getting into after the first go-round. Did you buy tons of coins or something?



      I only bought coins on vita version.

    3. simula67


      I enjoyed it. I did pay for the coin doubler thingie though.

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  15. Haha, fair enough. It did seem a bit too strong, but I get what you are saying. I've been playing online for years and years, and overall my experience has been quite positive whilst trophy hunting. I hope yours remains that way as well!!!
  16. Max Prestige....took like 8 days in playing time. I have like 9 or so in the MP now, but I only play during Clan Wars anymore.
  17. Anywhere and everywhere.....at home, in my room, in bed before I go to sleep, sometimes during bathroom breaks, on long drives (where I'm not the driver lol), outside on the deck etc. I use it all the time, best handheld ever made, it just needs more AAA support. I know Sony is cutting back, but I'd be happy with just two big titles a year, especially another Killzone and Uncharted.
  18. I'm always up for helping others with trophies and getting help with trophies although I'm less inclined to if I already have the trophy. However say there is a big grind co-op/mp trophy, and there are easier trophies to do along the way that I've gotten, I'll gladly help. Obviously I don't share my account with anyone. Personally, I don't really see what your point of this article is. I'm not trying to cause an issue here, but I think you are making a big deal out of nothing. For instance in BLOPS 2, I had all trophies but the last easter egg. I had done most of them with a friend, but he gave up after multiple tries (he already had it). I didn't try to get it by myself as I wasn't interested in re-planning. We had already organized who would do what step and it worked. As such, I waited several months till he was up for giving it a go, and eventually we got it. I didn't try without him, but it made sense not to.
  19. Hannah Montana.....duuuuhhhh!!!!!
  20. Tired of waiting for the big releases like COD and Destiny and I want another PS4 title. Should I get Wolfenstein the New Order, or Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (which I've never played). I'm intereseted in both.

    1. DanielVT


      Me too! I just ordered it.

    2. Cassiopria


      Nice have fun with your new game :)

    3. DanielVT
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  21. THANK GOD!!!! I may be getting both Unity and Rogue then instead of just Rogue.
  22. These are FANTASTIC! Can't wait to finally play this game soon!
  23. I'd personally recommend you don't get obsessed about 100%ing every game. Do as many as you can, but don't stress if you have a 0% or so because you didn't like a game. It's no big deal. I personally play tons of games at once across the PS4, PS3, and PSV. I do what I feel like doing. Sometimes I'll go hard at game, and other times I'll leave a game for two years (like I did with LA Noire), and then come back and finish it (like I am doing now). Right now I'm in the mood for cleaning up some of my backlog, other times I don't trophy hunt for a month or two. For me it is an organic process. I used to go crazy worrying about everything, from boosting etc. but that takes the fun away. Now I just play what I want when I want and get the trophies in whatever way saves the most time (outside of hacking!!! WHICH IS FRICKING LAME!!!!), time is too valuable to screw away over-obsessing. That is just my opinion.
  24. I disagree, I could not be happier with how Sony has handled the IGC. PS Plus is a steal, it really is. No complaints. I would not play Indies if it weren't for PS Plus. While I still mostly play AAA games, I have enjoyed the indie games that I have been introduced to, Still waiting for bigger games on the Vita, but I'm content-ish for the time being.