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  1. I'm super happy to talk about this. Most people know that I am a die-hard Call of Duty fan. I greatly enjoy every entry. I think Ghosts had one of the better campaigns in COD history. It was what one would come to expect. Insane and ridiculous action, but it was a blast. I greatly enjoy the extinction mode, but can't decide if I like it more than zombies or not. It's a toss-up. When it comes to Ghosts multiplayer it made some tweaks that I greatly appreciate, such as seeing the scoreboard and your stats on your screen at all times. I enjoyed having to earn care packages and other random rewards the DLC had to offer. The hit-marker detection was arguably the best COD has ever had. However, after hitting max prestige, I am bored to death with the game. The DLC is cool and all, and the extinction DLC is phenomenal, but the maps, while better than the regular games' core maps is just "meh". BLOPS II had some of the best DLC maps ever. Everything about Ghosts is safe and average. The graphics are significantly better on next-gen, there are some tweaks that are appreciated, and once again Extinction is fun, and the campaign is a ton of fun, but other than that the game is overall a step back from the step forward that BLOPS II was. I enjoyed the game, and still play the mp during Clan Wars (a highlight of the multiplayer), but after putting in over 12 days (mp time, extinction, and sp, and platting and 100% both the PS4 and PS3 versions,) I am fairly bored with the game. I am certainly PUMPED for Advanced Warfare. It looks truly next-gen, and could be the best COD ever. Unlike Ghosts, AW is taking risks, and not playing it safe. SO EXCITED!!!! If I had to rank the COD studios I'd have to say Treyarch is the #1 developer, Sledgehammer is a solid #2 and could be #1, and Infinity Ward is #3. It's sad because this used to be IW's franchise. They have kind of fallen off after the legal fiasco. They play it too safe. Their games are good, but after playing Treyarch's it leaves one wanting. That is my opinion at least.
  2. My favorite COD is a tie between BLOPS II and COD 2 and CODWAW. My favorite game mode used to be TDM but has become S&D.
  3. I have never been so excited for a Call of Duty title as I am for Advanced Warfare. This could be the best one ever! On a side note, I've never seen graphics as good as in the recent story trailer. Sledgehammer games might have out-done themselves!

    1. killerJAZZ420


      Nope, i know what i said. Matt Damon had that exosuit movie like 3-4 months back.

      Which i can only assume is the newest CoD game.

    2. BeautifulTorment


      He means crysis:nanosuit of duty: the game

    3. Asuka Langley

      Asuka Langley

      Looking at their Atlus Pro edition there's a "Single Player Upgrade token" i suddenly have small hope that the story isnt linear....

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  4. This looks frickin awesome! I will definitely be getting the PRO edition. I always get all the map packs so it is a no brainer to save money in the long run and get tons of bonus extras and a sick case. #nobrainer
  5. You can add more HDD actually. Just buy a new HDD and install it. You can definitely get a 1TB HDD, but I think I possibly saw a 3TB that would also work.
  6. I disagree with you Glennb. I see the Mass Effect series happening, but I really don't see the others happening. KZ is highly unlikely, and Infamous is the most likely series that is still unlikely.
  7. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!!!! (Ghosts was good, but average, and step back for the series after the masterpiece that was BLOPS2, so I am looking forward to Sledgehammer's take on the series. I need some fresh COD as sadly I'm burned out on GHOSTS, and as a hardcore fan, that is saying something). Battlefield: Hardline Assassin's Creed: Unity The Last of Us: Remastered
  8. Love it or hate it, Call of Duty is no doubt and iconic and immensely popular game franchise. Due to its success there have been tons and tons of various entries. What's your favorite or favorites?
  9. Um, sorry, but I feel this title is a bit misleading. Ever since Sony announced this, the price was $50.00. I came to this thread thinking that it was going to be LESS than $50.00. That's all.
  10. I'm reallly pleased with Sly's Site/Forum rules. It's sad that they are necessary, but they really are. Especially the not creeping on female's part. On a side note, I got pretty angry yesterday. I met this Canadian girl online while playing COD: extinction online. We added each other as friends and then preceded to play black ops 2 S&D. At that point I was truly embarassed with mankind as a whole. The things people were saying to her was completely dispicable. It's li...

  11. No doubt. I'd love this if they truly upgrade it the same way they are upgrading The Last of Us. To me that is a true upgrade while past (HD remakes) barely show any effort seemingly, or rather any real change or update in the games visuals. With this said, as an Uncharted fan, I have always said that I despised the Uncharted MP and the MP trophies. I would buy the remakes in a heartbeat under two conditions. First that they were truly updated and given the love and passion that The Last of Us: Remastered is being given. Secondly, the original DLC trophies cannot be required to get the platinum. The platinum trophy requirements must remain the way they were on the PS3. Otherwise I will not subject myself to buying games I can't platinum as I will NEVER waste my life on those terrible random U3 DLC trophies.
  12. Hmm....looks pretty good, but surprisingly, I am probably the only person alive that is still on the fence regarding this game. I'm arguably the biggest FPS fan in the world, but I just don't know what to make about this game. I never liked Halo, so if it's anything like it, I'm tepid.
  13. Alright, let me know when you want to do it.
  14. I'm seriously considering going for this platinum. Are there still enough people boosting this? I'd have to start at the beginning as I've only done the campaign.
  15. I need an EXTREMELY experienced Resogun co-op partner for the 1cc trophy.

  16. 'need co‐op partner to go through the entire resogun campaing without losing all lives i'd like to start in around an hour who is with me?'.

  17. So I stayed up till 8am ET to platinum Infamous Second Son (GREAT GAME) and then woke up at 2pm ET and started and then 100

  18. Can anyone help me boost Jet kills in BF4? Its the last thing I need to do for the Assignment trophy in the China Rising DLC and I hate flying jets.

  19. You seem to be the only one with the issue, sorry. I've had no issues on the PS Store whether on the Vita, PS3, or PS4. Obviously I'm in the US, but still, no issues to report.
  20. Just dished out the dough and bough, GOW and SLY Cooper Collections for the Vita, Linkin Park: The Hunting Party, a USB receiver for my keyboard, and Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty: United Offensive, and Call of Duty 2 for the PC. To me, those are the best COD games. They are classics in my mind, at least before COD went all bombastic since COD4/MW2.

    1. StrickenBiged


      I'm tempted by those collections too, but have such a backlog right now that I'm going to be good and only buy them if they go on sale.

    2. Naoto Shirogane

      Naoto Shirogane

      The amount of money you spent x.x I have been planning to buy two of those collections someday. I have not played any Call of Duty games before CoD4.

    3. DanielVT


      COD 2 is the best WWII game ever made, period. You have to try it. Yeah, I dished out around 100 dollars, but got around seven games and a cd etc. (3 games in Sly Collection) (2 in GOW collection) (2 in COD Deluxe) and Cod 2

  21. As titled, this is the official NBA playoffs discussion thread. Everyone in the whole world knows that King James and his crew are vying for a historic three-peat. Can anyone dethrone the back-back-defending champs? Will the Spurs get the rematch they so desperately want? Will the Nets' "win this year" plan succeed? Only time will tell. As always, keep it friendly!
  22. Well, that is awesome if it's true!
  23. As titled, this is the official 2014 NHL playoffs discussion thread. Will the Blackhawks repeat? Will the heavily favored Bruins be halted in their furious quest for revenge? As always, keep it friendly, and remember, it's all about the Cup!
  24. Ah the series that's always wanting to be as big as Call of Duty. Also the series that proves destructibility is the name of the game. A AAA series that has simulated a real war all out multiplayer experience better than any other. What's your favorite?
  25. It looks like it has the potential to be easy. However I'll wait for a trophy guide to come out before I decide to get this game for the trophies.