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  1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the greatest video game ever made. Period.

    1. smellslikejavier


      its really well made. naughty dog is definitely one of the best gaming studios out there.

    2. HaSoOoN-MHD


      not to that degree. fantastic game, still.

    3. NEV


      I wish they make more uncharted games for the better future.

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  2. As stated in the title, what is the highest PSN trophy level of your friend's list? As for me it is joury070 and he is at a whopping trophy level of 32! He has 6,935 trophies and 132 platinums!!!
  3. Hey guys, so I was recently thinking about the Ratchet and Clank game that they announced for the PS4 and I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Is anyone excited? It's apparently going to be a re-imaginiation of the very first Ratchet and Clank. What does everyone think that means? As a longtime fan of the series, more ratchet and clank is always a good thing, but at the same time, is this a "reboot" of the franchise (which I deem completely unnecessary. Have they run out of ideas? I get that this game is supposed to tie in with the movie, but still. What is everyone's thoughts on this matter, and hopes for the game etc. For reference: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/06/09/ratchet-clank-announced-for-ps4/
  4. I never planned on coming back to Destiny after putting over 1000 hours into it. I really thought I was done. This expansion has me hooked. Gally is back and we get more Earth content, a new campaign, and A FALLEN RAID. Ugh. Damn you Bungie! Damn you! I'm just a sucker apparently.
  5. So I just platinumed Battlefield Hardline today. I was curiously looking forward to the new DLC and the trophies. I just 100%ed BF4 and completing expansions is something I really enjoy. Thus I looked up the new DLC trophies and according to XboxAchievements, 4 of the 8 new trophies require 10000, that's right, 10,000, 10k, TEN-THOUSAND, kills with EACH class for a total of 40,000 kills. I am extremely pissed off. Battlefield is not COD. It takes longer to get kills. I've put 1.5 days in and am just barely at the 2k kills mark. I'm seriously pissed off, and that's putting it lightly. I try to 100 percent every game I can, and turning my back on this game or putting in days of time are my only options and my life is too valuable. I'm literally outraged at this insane requirement. It's a real dick move by Visceral. If I were to get them it would take years of slow and steady playing. Maybe two years total. Is anyone else pissed off about this?
  6. As the title says, what games on the PS4 use the Vita's Second Screen function, and how does it implement it?
  7. Just buy the Complete Saga on Blu-ray. Going into it with an open mind. All 6 are great and all 6 have their flaws. I love each and every episode equally. People are thankless and spoiled and its cool to hate popular things.
  8. I ABSOLUTELY, 1000000000000% would and am pumped for this! Have wanted a legitimate WW1 game since I was a kid. Like for over a decade! If this is true I'm all for it. Sick and tired of futuristic shooters. Want COD to go back to WW2, and if Battlefield 5 was WW1 (and had a campaign)......I just can't even. So much excitement on my end.
  9. Boring. Terrible trophy images, and the lack of a platinum was expected. Hope the game is good, but from a trophy standpoint its a major dissapointment.
  10. Jonathan Blow's The Witness Leads Self-Publishing Platform On PlayStation 4 by Kyle Hilliard http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/02/20/jonathan-blow-39-s-the-witness-leads-self-publishing-platform-on-playstation-4.aspx Jonathan Blow, the creator of the independent gem Braid, has announced that his next game, The Witness, will lead the charge for PlayStation 4's new self-publishing platform . The Witness is not a new game announcement, but learning that it is coming to PlayStation 4 first is big news. After describing the abstract game, a new trailer was shown giving us the first meaty taste of the Myst-like game in motion.
  11. I like the Walking Dead TV series, and have enjoyed Telltales games in the past, so I checked out the trophy list. OMG It looks SOOO EZ. All you have to do is complete all the chapters in all the episodes, and you get a freaking platinum!!!! This is amazing, now I can actually enjoy the content of the game and worry about nothing else. I shall pick this baby up for sure, and truly enjoy it!!!!
  12. This is great. I couldn't believe the thread title. I sincerely thought Sony was completely done with the Vita. Nice that we arent completely ignored. Seems like Telltale and Traveler's Tales are the only studios that realize that the Vita exists!
  13. Wait the PS4 has a touchpad?!?!?!?!?! No seriously this list is great. Suprised someone took the time for this. Impressive.
  14. Conquest or Rush in BF TDM or SnD in COD Control in Destiny
  15. It was pretty much confirmed when they made the announcement and they had to calm down angry fans. This was expected and is zero surprise. Very true. They should delay this game. The plan is gonna backfire Fallout 4 will demolish it. Also Xbox has almost 10 million less console sales than the PS4. No doubt tomb raider 2 sells way better on the PS4 even a year later. Microsoft's game division is crumbling. They have to pay for timed exclusive titles to have a chance at survival. PS4 is lapping them time and time again. PS4 has all the good 1st party exclusives (Uncharted, Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Killzone, Last of Us etc. etc.) and all the relevant and big time timed exclusive dlc or exclusive content. I.E. Destiny, Call of Duty, Battlefront etc.
  16. Sony just unloaded their guns at Microsoft and left nothing in the barrel. That was the press conferences of all press conferences.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      But MS will have backwards compatibility :( Why would you want new and exciting games when you can play old ones :)

    2. Fierce_DeityX1


      because everyone on this website owns a PS3...

    3. xf22Razgriz


      LOLS @Doc! You never fail to amaze *us (*wait, maybe, just 'me') with your punch lines! :)

      that simply sums up the whole MS conference. :D peace!

  17. I hope so. If nothing changes I won't be wasting my 50 dollars for premium.
  18. I need someone who is commited to working with me towards getting the double barreled shotgun unlocked in BF Hardline tomorrow. This includes boosting ballistic shield coins and reaching tier 4 reputation 10x. I'm on the PS4. Please message me ASAP.

  19. Hitman Absolution definitely.
  20. Finally crossed hit and crossed 6,000 trophies today. It's a big accomplishment as my trophy hunting days arent nearly what they used to be.

    1. spazza136


      Nice job man! How long you been playing for? I'm getting pretty close to 6,000 too (Although it has taken me roughly 4 years to do so)

    2. DanielVT


      Um.......not sure. Trophy hunting since 2009 or 10 probably.

    3. Bizz-dono


      IkR! I remember back in 2013 you was really active!

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  21. LA Noire is indeed terribly underrated. So is Spec Ops though, just not as much.
  22. Can someone help me get my platinum on Advanced Warfare (PS4) that already has the map Riot unlocked? I need to get to the bonus zombie wave trophy and I get my plat. Much thanks in advance!

  23. God only knows how much I love this series (have every platinum). Bolt collecting, leveling up weapons, humor sarcasm, quirky, you name it. What's your favorite?
  24. Can't wait. After Ghosts and Advanced Warfare's terrible multiplayer, I'm ready for Treyarch! BO2 was the best MP ever. Period.
  25. I was reading on Fox News (http://www.foxnews.c...test=latestnews), and I saw how Pakistan was removing games that were accurately displaying them as a country harboring terrorists. Check out the story below: Pakistan bans 'Call of Duty,' 'Medal of Honor' for showing country as terrorist haven By Sib Kaifee Published January 22, 2013 FoxNews.com A screen shot from the video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2." (Activision) A screen shot from the video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2." (Activision) This is a screen shot of a scene of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. (Activision.com) Two popular video games have been ordered removed from store shelves in Pakistan, after shop owners there complained that the games portray their country as an incubator for terrorism. “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” and “Medal of Honor: Warfighter” are war-themed games where the player gets to shoot enemies and, according to the shop owners, show Pakistan and the country’s prime intelligence agency, the Inter Services Intelligence, as supporting Al Qaeda and jihadi organizations. The controversial games were removed from shelves countrywide by stores after the All Pakistan CD, DVD, Audio Cassette Traders and Manufacturers Association (APCDACTM) released a notice to boycott both games. 'The problem is that there are things that are against Pakistan and they have included criticism of our army. They show the country in a very poor light.' - Saleem Memon, president of the APCDACTM in Karachi The circular, written in Urdu, Pakistan’s national language, reads, “The Association has always boycotted these types of films and games. These (games) have been developed against the country’s national unity and sanctity. The games (“Medal of Honor: Warfighter” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops II”) have been developed against Pakistan, and the association has completely banned their sale. Shopkeepers are warned and will be responsible for the consequences if found purchasing or selling these games.” Dozens of complaints prompted Saleem Memon, president of the APCDACTM in Karachi, to ban the sale of the games and inform its members. Speaking to a foreign news outlet, he said, “The problem is that there are things that are against Pakistan and they have included criticism of our army. They show the country in a very poor light.” The opening scene of the game “Medal of Honor: Warfighter,” released in November 2012, begins with Task Force Mako, a US Navy SEAL team commissioned to sabotage an Al Qaeda black market arms deal at shipping dock in the southern port city of Karachi, Pakistan. The team plants the explosives on a truck and detonates the bomb, but another explosion destroys the dock, sinking a cargo ship. The plot then reveals a much bigger terrorist threat. From a firefight in the streets of Karachi, followed by a covert mission to investigate Pakistan’s ties with terrorists and PETN, one of the most powerful high explosives known, down to escaping the ISI -- the game centers the story of Pakistan as a jihadi haven. The game was developed with the help of seven Navy SEAL Team 6 members who were part of Operation Neptune Spear to kill the leader of Al Qaeda. In Pakistan, speaking about its spy agency and militant groups in the same breath is viewed as taboo and a topic approached with caution. The Bin Laden raid on May 1, 2011, has left the country in utter embarrassment ; many are only gradually coming to terms that the 9/11 mastermind was living just a stone’s throw away from the Pakistan Army’s most notable training academy in Abbottabad. The CIA drone campaign in Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt has killed much of the Al Qaeda leadership and its soldiers, which Pakistan views as infringement of its sovereignty. A Pakistani security official speaking on the condition of anonymity told Fox News that these games are part of psychological warfare. He said, “These games are an effort to malign the minds of youth against Pakistan.” The security official views these games as American attempts to prepare the minds of Pakistanis to accept reports of Pakistan as a failed state, a place that is harboring terrorists, to justify any future action where youth would accept the killing of Pakistanis. Angered by the CIA’s covert activities, several conflicts between both spy agencies and undeclared foreign intelligence agents in the country, Pakistan clamped down and limited the number of American intelligence officials allowed in the country. The move is further straining relations and leaving the CIA virtually blind on ground intelligence, Fox News has learned. Regarding the video games, “Not only should the original be banned, but the pirated version sales should be blocked also” strictly speaking, the officer said. But the games can still be found in stores. “They are both hot sellers,” said Moeen Ali, owner of Islamabad’s largest game store. He wasn’t aware of the ban, but told Fox News that more than 5,000 copies of “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” had been sold in Pakistan since its release. The number of copies sold does not account for the unprecedented quantity of pirated copies available for just under $2 available in Pakistan. “’Medal of Honor’ would be around the same. My store has probably sold up to 1,000 copies,” says Ali. November 2012’s highest grossing game of the month, “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” focuses on Nicaraguan narc-terrorist Raul Menendez and contains a mission in Pakistan to get intelligence on the villain. “It’s not the first time a game has been banned or boycotted here,” says Ali. “’Assassin’s Creed’ was banned in Pakistan because Muslims found content offensive and I stopped selling it.” Read more: http://www.foxnews.c.../#ixzz2IkjS1f00