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  1. Um, what?
  2. This game is a joke, yet it is still somewhat fun. It should be soooooo much more. The story was the biggest slap in the face that I have ever seen. What a fucking joke. Also, I am SOOOOO tired of everything being in the exact same areas again and again and again. Strikes are repeats of story levels. They really dropped the ball on this game, and they better create a game that has an actual story and content with Destiny 2.
  3. This is ridiculous. I'm a level 22 in Destiny, but am stuck there. I've only gotten ONE legendary engram in my entire time playing, and it turned into a blue weapon. This is absolutely maddening! They need to make the loot spawn faster and be easier to get. The game is just not filled with enough content to warrant such a grind.

    1. McJacs2


      The only really good thing I found was a legendary rocket launcher. I did a queen's mission to get a legendary helmet, and I bought legendary gloves and boots with crucible marks. I am 25 with it, but with the standard gear I had I was only 22

    2. Rowdi


      There's some new loot caves, Bunni.

    3. Asuka Langley

      Asuka Langley

      @gwyn: That's not increasing the drop rate, it's only there to increase the chance of decrypting legendaries, and makes sure you don't get greens with blues or blues with legendaries

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  4. I applied to the clan a couple days ago. Can I be added?
  5. I'm sorry, but I think you are the only person that even cares about PS Home. I might actually go back to it for the trophies before it is too late. I could care less about it. Forgot that it even existed honestly.
  6. I'd recommend taking a vacuum head to it, and sucking out the dust from the air-vents. That always worked on my PS3. Personally, I have no issues with my PS4 overheating.
  7. It's a FPS-MMO-RPG Hybrid. It has a little bit of everything, but not all of everything if that makes sense.
  8. On top of the new loot cave, the temple part of the first moon level is a fantastic place for farming engrams!

    1. DanielVT


      They better do that anyway!

    2. Rowdi


      There's a rumor that there's going to be patch to address that stuff at the first of this week. I've been using the new loot cave on earth and I'm still not getting Legendary Engrams.

    3. DanielVT
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  9. Used to (i.e. the few 0%/low percentages I have), but for the past several years absolutely not.
  10. Is this for real? I mean really?
  11. Gonna have to get an HDD upgrade. After installing Destiny, I only have 63 G left!

    1. xf22Razgriz


      This is the time when we, the PS owners, would wish, Our Playstation's can function like a WiiU. Connecting External Drives and saving contents in there are a breeze. Can even use an NAS Drive if u have one. ...sigh...

    2. amebapiko


      ^ There's no issue of just upgrading the harddrive

    3. d3m0nd00d


      the xboxone is the same as the wiiU with the ability to plug in an external drive is such a nice feature. The issue KillCount is the expense and the size limit because of the way sony only allows you one internal drive. It pisses me off that sony limited their customers with the hdd.

  12. Watch Dogs is the best open-world game of this gen thus far. Infamous had better graphics, but Watch Dogs is the better game, and it even beats out the magnificent AC: Black Flag. The story, atmosphere, gameplay, and such are just so stellar.

    1. BlindMango


      Just don't watch the 2012 reveal if you think the story and atmosphere are good in the released game, lol - but I agree that it was a fun game in my opinion! Crushed that they didn't stick to their original exact vision though =/

    2. ChickenExotic


      2012 i was all over this game...then they went ahead and crapped on it. the ol' bait and switch!

    3. Carville87


      The most disappointing game this gen for me

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  13. Madden 25 Plat!!! In case people were concerned, I boosted the MUT trophies, for myself, and I helped 2 other people as well. Not once did I have an issue with mods or get banned from the servers. Don't worry about the rumors. You can absolutely boost this game.

    1. Rubieno


      Maybe they just stopped controlling 25 because of the release of 15

    2. xf22Razgriz
  14. Just dumped a hundred dollars into Destiny Limited Edition (PS4). I hope I donh't regret the purchase. In some ways I'm still on the fence.

    1. GeonoesParan


      Besides the optical disc, what else does it contain?

    2. Carville87


      Quite a gamble of you were still on the fence

  15. I've seen and heard enough. I'll be buying the Destiny limited edition this week. It sounds like the game I hoped it would be. In other words some are dissapointed with the lack of content i.e. its not going to consume hundreds of hours of your time, and as such it greatly appeals to me and seems manageable. Looking forward to playing it. I just never want to get stuck in a game for tooo long.

    1. REDSHIRT64


      You will not be disappointed, I am 25 hours in and my desire to keep playing on grows. I will say this much though, it is much more fun being able to play with friends than solo. And the whole online only aspect is actually needed in this game. Bungie did a nice job on this one!

    2. DanielVT
    3. MatCauthon


      It's a great game. It's a blast and there is so much to do!

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  16. Really enjoying Watch Dogs.....but is it just me or do the graphics SUCK!!!! Gameplay is fantastic, but I swear LA NOIRE had better graphics and it was on the PS3! The graphics should have been as good as when they showed earlier in 2012. Don't tell me open world games can't look that good. I.E. Infamous: Second Son was huge and its graphics are AMAZING. Watch Dogs is pretty sweet otherwise.

    1. ShadowGandalf


      "Suck" might a too harsh, but I agree they weren't as good as they could've been... As they were promised on the reveal.

    2. ZeroXOF


      Well, the graphical versions of Watch Dogs were using a nvidia geforce card not Radeon so the problem started from there.

    3. DanielVT


      Assassin's Creed Black Flag (PS4) ABSOLUTELY looks better than Watch Dogs (PS4). I'm quite irritated with Ubisoft for downgrading the graphics on the PS4. We all know the PS4 can handle incredibly good graphics on open-world games with a steady framerate. I reference Second Son again. There really is no excuse other than that its a multi-gen title. Hopefully the next one is next-gen only, and we get the graphics we deserve. That said, the gameplay of WD is truly stellar.

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  17. This depresses me...........
  18. Attention anyone with the Madden 25 PS4 platinum. Can you trade me your MUT team that you used for the trophies so I can get the trophies myself? Once I'm done, I'll be sure to give them back! Thanks!

  19. Attention anyone with the Madden 25 PS4 platinum. Can you trade me your MUT team that you used for the trophies so I can get the trophies myself? Once I'm done, I'll be sure to give them right back! Thanks!

  20. Oh man, that's brutal! The only suggestion I have is to try to escape with two relics all over again. If not, I have no clue.
  21. The article on kotaku has all the proof you need. This is yet again another failure for the Xbone.
  22. Dude, I'm sorry, what? I don't exactly understand what you are saying, but it sounds kind of cheap and illegitimate.
  23. My mind is officially blown.
  24. Looking to boost Madden 25 (PS4) MUT RIGHT NOW!!!! Let me know if you are game.....ASAP.

    1. REDSHIRT64


      Be careful man there were reports of people boosting MUT teams and having their account locked out because of it