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  1. Pretty funny! Thanks for the share!
  2. While the Vita has evolved into more of a PS4 accessory/indie game device with the occasional big title, there are still plenty of great and fantastic games that make the system worth having. Below are the ten best games that are arguably must-haves/must plays. Note that there are other games and some games that are better than even some of the one's listed below but they are multiplatform. This list focuses exclusively on titles that can only be found on the system, or at least were made originally for the VITA alone. Note: My intention is that this list will continue to evolve and grow into more of a database for VITA games, but at this point, I'm keeping it at the top 10 best VITA exclusives (in North America). Thanks! #1. Uncharted Golden Abyss #2. Killzone Mercenary #3. Tearaway #4. Gravity Rush #5. Assassin's Creed: Liberation #6. Unit 13 #7. Wipeout 2048 #8. Little Big Planet: Vita #9. Resistance: Burning Skies #10. Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate # Bonus. Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified Let me know what you guys think of this list! Obviously it's influenced by my opinion, and I'm sure others might have differing opinions. However, these are the big titles made exclusively for the VITA.
  3. Wolfenstein: The New Order Nothing comes close to as good of a masterpiece as it is. I've played alot of PS4 games already, and nothing was as enjoyable, immersive, and had me as attached to the world and charachters (especially Anya) as it did. I WANT A SEQUEL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly!
  4. For me it is probably the Walking Dead although Season 4 was one of its better seasons. Still some episodes are just flat out terrible.
  5. I need it all to sink in, but Wolfenstein may be my favorite game ever. It is definitely the best game I have played on my PS4. Now to get the plat! I hope to God they make a sequel. This game was fantastic, and I feel sad and empty now that it is over. I want to see BJ and Anya back together again......great game, but I need more!!!!!!! lol

  6. Oh wow! Good to know, I never knew that was possible! lol Thanks!
  7. Of course I do! Yeah, I forgot that the Vita could do that! haha lol
  8. It was briefly mentioned at E3 during the discussion of the new Ratchet and Clank movie. AGREED! I want a brand new trilogy as well. As for SAC, I have pondered buying a PSP again, just to play that and Size Matters again. They were so good.
  9. Okay, I know I can play games bought from that account on my actual account on the PS3, but does it work that way on the PS4 as well?
  10. I'm starting to agree. Black Flag was the best game in the series IMO, and Unity looks good, but still if they start to milk it with an MMO, I promise you I won't play it. You mean how I wrote A instead of An? Yeah, that bothers me, and I noticed it too, but I can't change the titles of threads unfortunately. Only a mod can.
  11. Yes, but I want brand new adventures on the PS4, not the first game re-made. Still, it is Ratchet and Clank with PS4 visuals so I can't complain much. lol and YES!!!! Sly 5 on the PS4 would be sick!
  12. I had no idea regarding this either, I thought everything was region free. With that said, how do I get versions of other games from other regions. Such as Sound Shapes for instance. I have seen people with plats of every single region and version of the game on one account. How is this possible?
  13. In my case, I got traded for the orignal with a friend, but never got around to starting it. When I heard it was coming to the PS4, I decided to wait and experience it on the best version.
  14. Maybe it's weird but in the game Wolfenstein, I find myself very protective towards Anya. Kind of like how the Walking Dead Season 1 made you feel towards Clementine (minus the part that Anya is a romantic interest and in the Walking Dead Clem is more like a daughter).

    1. DanielVT


      BUwUNY you are weird lol, and to the rest of you thanks lol!

    2. Kuzagi_PT


      Thank you. Thatz why i like you :'c

    3. DanielVT


      Haha...okaaaayyyyyy lol

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  15. Agreed, no game should call itself remastered unless it is truly and significantly upgraded as the Metro games appear to be. I was quite impressed with what I saw. It looks like true love and care was put into the games instead of a cheap cash in.
  16. I was going to say sure it's worth a shot, but after your negative opinion of it (and good points), I'll say keep it on the PC! lol
  17. I guess I'll do it then. It's pretty pathetic people are trying to find girls there. #fail
  18. On the PS3 it came with flow and flower. You can import Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty, and Infamous: First Light physical copies from Europe.
  19. I'm halfway considering doing the trophies.
  20. Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the best shooters I have ever played. It's a true masterpiece.

    1. Masamune


      Cool, I may have to try it then, thanks.

    2. simula67


      Be on the lookout for some classic easter eggs, including a secret level.

    3. DanielVT
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  21. I think it would be impossible....literally. If the game keeps creating new worlds, it's probably unlimited.
  22. It has been forever....since it came out at least. Is anyone actually using PS Home? To me it seemed like a waste of time, and unsurprisingly, they did not bring it to the PS4. It does have trophies though lol
  23. I personally really like the blue, but more customization options are never a bad thing!
  24. Wolfenstein: The New Order just came in the mail! I'm going to spend my first playthrough not worrying about any trophies, and then I'll do another easy playthrough and get all the collectibles, and then I'll use the work around on the final level on Uber difficulty. Can't wait to start this game.

    1. DanielVT


      Yeah it already downloaded so I'll have to delete it when I do the last level on Uber.

    2. snakebit10


      Enjoy, I did my first play through on Uber and it really wasn't that difficult than did chapter select on easy to clean up. Never tried any of the other modes.

    3. DanielVT
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  25. Yeah man, Gravity Rush 2 is seemingly the biggest first-party game coming out that I am aware of.