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  1. Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Declassified, and finally Hannah Montana (I didn't hate it AS MUCH as I thought I would lol).
  2. Well, Gravity Rush 2 is coming, but I'm not sure that Sony is really developing anything else super big. I hope I'm wrong, but I've been researching this extensively this week. Sony has said that there are some pretty big third-party titles in the works and some more great indies coming so who knows. They also said they most certainly have not given up on the Vita but their initial outlook has changed. They are really thinking that PS Now will be a great feature for the system. Who knows. I'm hoping for some big games but I have no clue. The PS3 was doomed at first, but they stuck it out and it eventually passed the 360 is sales, so who knows what the future holds! There are still tons of games that I intend on playing on the Vita and don't see myself running out anytime soon. I hope for more, but I'm relatively content at the moment.
  3. I think you are exactly right with everything you said. SS was a really fun and short game, that absolutely showed off the PS4's graphics. Anyway, I bought the Gold Edition of ACIII that bundled Liberation a long time ago, but never played the Tyranny of Washington. I need to go back soon and actually plat ACIII and play the DLC looks fun and not too hard.
  4. I never had an issue, to what mini-games are you referring to? For money, I just went around going after gigantic ships, boarding them, and then selling their cargo for tons of money.
  5. Once again, I realize that some of these titles are no longer exclusive, but as I mentioned before, they were originally made exclusively for the Vita. As for #9 and #10, and the bonus, they aren't the greatest games which is why they are on the bottom of the list, but they are not terrible either. Me and Parker both really liked Resistance: Burning Skies for instance. I'm open to recommendations, but once again this is a list of exclusive North American titles. Unfortunately, there are not a ton to choose from. See previous response...... For North American games, I'd argue that Killzone is an absolute must play. It's the best FPS handheld shooter in history.
  6. Recently, IE9 has stopped working for this site. As in, it doesn't quote people when I press the quote button, and I can't post pictures into posts either. As such I have had to start using Google Chrome as it works perfectly on this site.
  7. I agree SS was a bit short, but I loved it and don't regret the 60 dollars spent. I have no idea what to expect from First Light, but I'm excited!
  8. I prefer FPS games (my favorite genre), but third person games are awesome as well.
  9. Haha, thanks a bunch!
  10. I was happy when I heard this. This should definitely inject life into the online community.
  11. Hmmm......It says 70 hours for the plat though.............seems like a long-ass time lol.
  12. Separate physical releases tend to mean separate trophy lists more often than not......that's "what".
  13. Nice! Now what to tackle next? This
  14. Coldplay - The Scientist - on Spotify
  15. Yeah, but I hear the gamespy servers are down so you can't track your progress towards 100% in the SP. That really makes me reluctant.
  16. Yeah, man I agree. After Wolfenstein it will be my next PS4 plat.
  17. Yeah, I meant the Vita and PS4 more specifically lol. Should have specified.
  18. Wait, you can do it offline? How long does it take to get all MP trophies?
  19. Each version is getting a physical release including the vita.
  20. 5,500 trophies!

    1. Waffle-Sensei
    2. BlindMango


      That is a lot of trophies! You're gonna need a bigger shelf soon, lol

    3. DanielVT
  21. I advise you plat those three Tomb Raider games you have yet to finish!
  22. Online Trophies that are a grind and online trophies that have the servers shut down. I usually procrastinate on games and then barely trophy hunt for months, and then all of a sudden I go on an absolute lengthy tear where I am completely focused (like right now). As such there are many games that I have gotten around to that I've been screwed out of a platinum so I don't play them anymore, although sometimes I go back and get all possible trophies that aren't online. I.E. here are games that I've been screwed out of and also are way way way way too much of a grind. It has to be a game I really like for me to spend 100 hours on it. Such as Battlefield, Homefront etc. Resistance 2 Killzone 2 Shaun White Snowboarding Avatar: The Game Lord of the Rings Conquest Mag Red Dead Redemption I'll never have a 100% completion rate, but I'd love to be in the 90's someday.
  23. Hmmm.....any reason as to why? I personally think it's a great game and have played through it many many times. In fact it's one of the next games I intend on going back and finishing up.
  24. It's good to see that the Vita is getting support, although most of these titles are Japanese, and only two of the titles (RC Collection and Gravity Rush 2) am I interested in.